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🎧 The Answer to School Shootings, Trusting Kim, Credit Israel & Mueller Madness on Viewpoint

The Answer to School Shootings - This past Friday marked another day when we awakened to the news of another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas, a suburban community about 30 miles south of Houston. This time the numbers are 10 dead including nine students and one adult. This is a pattern that has been building for decades and seems to be getting worse and not better... The reality is we have a crisis on our hands, our children are scared to attend schools, we have parents who are...


🎧 Middle East Uprising, Morality at the CIA, Iran Deal, North Korea Moves Forward

Middle East Uprising - Israel launches strikes against Iran military installations throughout Syria causing major damage. Hamas plans to breach the border with 100,000 people as Israel celebrates its independence and recognizes the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, will Israel use all force necessary to repel this invasion? Is this conflict ready to explode as it is becoming a powder keg? Five senior leaders of ISIS were captured in a joint operation involving U.S. and Iraqi forces. Ilana...


🎧 Investigation or Entrapment, Crisis Behind Immigration, Iran, North Korea & the Boy Scouts

Mueller vs Trump: Investigation or Entrapment - What started out as investigation of potential Russian interference in the 2016th presidential election has now evolved into a battle between special counsel Mueller and the President. A Virginia federal judge - District Judge T.S. Ellis DEMANDED to know how a decade-old bank and tax fraud allegations against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort could relate to Russian election interference. Where does the investigation go from here?...


🎧 Peace on the Peninsula, Trump Obstructionism & The Casual Hatred Against Cops

Peace on the Peninsula & Israeli Border - One of the dominating stories of recent weeks has been the efforts by President Trump and now Secretary of State Pompeo along with the Chinese President Xi to bring Kim Jong-un to the Peace table. North Korea has vowed to remove nuclear weapons and materials from the Peninsula if the South Koreans do the same, is this an empty gesture? What kind of role does the UN play in these efforts? Hundreds of Palestinians converged on the Gaza Strip's border...


🎧 Sessions Fires It Up, North Korea, In the Mind of a Terrorist, Syrian Mischief & Israeli Clashes

Sessions Fires It Up & North Korea - "Yes, it will be investigated," AG Jeff Sessions surprised the establishment with the news that the Justice Department will investigate potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Inspector General Horowitz issued a criminal referral of the previous number two man at the FBI, Andrew McCabe. North Korea shocks the world with the announcement that they are halting nuclear and missile tests. Welcome news for the world community; but...


🎧 Syria & Chemical Weapons, Comey, Mueller vs Trump, Military Readiness & Economy

Syria & Chemical Weapons - The Pentagon says these strategic attacks have set back the Syrian chemical capabilities for years. President Trump declared “mission accomplished” after U.S. military forces carried out missile strikes with Britain and France against Syrian chemical-weapons facilities. Do we have proof that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against the population? What do we gain from involvement in Syria? Has or will this evolve into a proxy war between the US and the...


🎧 Trade, Tariffs & Borders – Focus on Middle East – Roundtable on Viewpoint

Trade, Tariffs & Borders - What a week it’s been! Masses of Insurgents streaming through Mexico headed to U.S. border; China adding more tariffs; markets in seamingly free fall one day then reversing the next without reason. Now President Trump has ordered troops on the southern border, changing our policy, and a look at how all this “Chaos” as the MSM likes to call it is impacting Europe. Leaders of the Baltic nations were just in town; questions of oil, gas, energy, are all part of new...


🎧 Gaza Riots, Amazon Tweets, Trade Tariffs & America the Beautiful on Viewpoint

Gaza Riots, Amazon Tweets - CHAOS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Mass marches are being led by Gaza’s ruling Hamas group and touted as the launch of a six-week-long protest campaign. Israel says it will expand response if Gaza clashes go on. Trump demands that the Washington Post register as a 'lobbyist'. In a series of tweets early Saturday morning designed to needle Amazon, he says the internet commerce giant maintains an advantageous relationship with the U.S Postal Service amounting to a "scam"...


🎧 Budget, John Bolton, California Spotlight & Deep State Dumpster Diving on Viewpoint

Budget, Bolton & Buzz - George McClellan and Tom Lipscomb discuss President Trump’s signing of the Omnibus Spending Bill and the summation of a week in foreign policy that included a $1B arms sale to the Saudis, the appointment of John Bolton, progress on trade agreements, and what new foreign issues bandwidth is opened up by the stabilizing affairs in other parts of the world. The segment concludes with a discussion of the buzz surrounding Facebook’s data mining by Cambridge Analytica....


🎧 McCabe Fired, White House Shuffle, North Korea Update, Sessions & Elections on Viewpoint

McCabe Fired, White House Shuffle - Days before his formal retirement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fires the former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. The right is ecstatic that justice has a slight glimmer once again. Although many would say this is a far cry from TRUE JUSTICE. The left has a different take on this. Rumors continue to percolate on more senior level changes forthcoming at the White House. All this while confirmation hearings are set to begin for Pompeo to replace...


🎧 Trump Says YES! AG Sessions Sues CA, NRA Sues Florida on Gun Law on Viewpoint

Trump Says YES! - The invite came from a most unlikely place...North Korea. Kim Jong un extends an invite to Trump to meet and with one word the President changes the entire narrative to a crisis that had the world on edge. South Korea says it’s "like a miracle". Now the questions; what is the motivation and the sudden change of temperament from the North Korean leader? He has done these fake head-turns many times before, what makes this time different? Ilana Freedman and Dennis Santiago...


🎧 Russia on my mind – Putin Threats, Government Corruption Needs Cleanup & PC Culture of Broward Massacre

Russia on my mind - Putin Threats - "Russia remained a nuclear power but no one wanted to listen to us," said Putin. "Listen to us now." The newly developed hypersonic missile unveiled by the Russian leader in his state of the nation address in Moscow received worldwide attention. Is this an actual leap in technology that presents a new threat - or more bluster from Putin? Did this come as a surprise to the Pentagon, as the dictator claims or did they know? A top-tier panel of expertise...


🎧 2022 Utopia Gun Ban, Congress New Role is Investigative Reporters & School Security TOWN-HALL on VIEWPOINT

2022 Utopia Gun Ban - It’s 2022 a new Liberal Utopia - the Left won in 2020, took over Congress - all guns have been banned, and collected in door to door searches. Latest news report on CNN and MSNBC. “The latest of too many schools shootings has spiked the interest of Congress and President Biden and Vice President Warren, once again this violence rocks the nation, the question is for how many days. While this may seem a callous assessment it has been the pattern of this administration....


🎧 Democrats Cry Foul, GOP Sellout? Stock Market Volatility & White House Under Siege on VIEWPOINT

Democrats Cry Foul - Democrat operatives and politicians alike are out in full-force with a message for the Trump White House...'Release our Memo'. Representative Adam Schiff claims President Trump is blocking the memo because it refutes claim of ‘vindication’ in the mysterious Russia probe. Mark Warner, the leading democrat in charge of the Russian investigation and Clinton pal - texts have now emerged between him and a Russian oligarch, discussing a document. “This is just between us…”...


🎧 The MEMO Explained, SOTU, 4 Pillars, California Dreaming NOT + More on VIEWPOINT

The MEMO Explained - Has the DOJ and FBI been weaponized for political purposes? That is the billion dollar question... here are the details - So the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign take phony opposition research (from British agent Christopher Steele) and create a dossier to bring to a FISA court along with some article on Yahoo that was created from this phony dossier to obtain a WARRANT to spy on the Trump Campaign. AND this did not happen in Venezuela, Havana, Moscow or even Istanbul...


🎧 A Memo of Consequences, FBI Weaponization, SOTU Predictions + More on VIEWPOINT

A Memo of Consequences - House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes rocks the boat with the so called MEMO! It’s being labeled as “Watergate on steroids” by some - the dems say it is making mountains out of molehills - get over it! What is up with the liberal media? Have they completely lost their minds--provided they ever had one! Word has it, the CLASSIFIED House Intelligence committee report is a Russian plot to overthrow the government!?! Col Jim Waurishuk is retired from USAF,...


🎧 Shutdown Blame Game, Release The Memo Gains Steam & Historical Times on VIEWPOINT

Shutdown Blame Game - The Blame Game has begun. In the end they couldn't come together and get it done. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that DACA be part of the budget--a change of heart for the New York Senator from his previous position of a clean budget with no strings attached. America has been budget-less since 2007, so why the shutdown, why the drama? Many questions... Why is DACA the sticking point? What do most Americans really think of the shutdown? Who is being impacted by...


🎧 Immigration Truth, North Korea in Olympics, Iran Protests, FISA, Fusion & Twitter Uproar on VIEWPOINT

A jam-packed program on VIEWPOINT this week. The SUNDAY NEWS MAGAZINE continues to break new ground. Join us--Join the movement and share with your world of brilliant people out to save the nation! The Truth Behind Immigration - There is more to this story friends and we'll unveil some truths, as we reshape the talking points on Chain-Migration, the VISA Lottery, DACA and that elusive WALL. We've assembled the best minds to do what the politicians in D.C. never do - SOLVE THE IMMIGRATION...


🎧 Fire and Fury Consumes Media, Investigate the Investigators & Clinton Orange on VIEWPOINT

If you like some TRUTH with your news, you'll love this SUNDAY NEWS MAGAZINE that moves quick and gets to the point! A stellar panel of experts provide analysis and opinion on the top leading stories of the week. (For safety, wear a seatbelt while listening to prevent injury to head and body) Fire and Fury Consumes Media Oxygen - More FAKE NEWS or IS THIS THE REAL DEAL? So the White House gremlins invite the original WOLFF in to snoop around. The Wolff has access to all the pickings from...


🎧 Jihadi Camps In America? Marijuana 2018, Trump’s Deciding Moment on VIEWPOINT

Jihadi training camps in America may be one of the most underreported stories this past year. Is the threat real? Does Washington have a strategy in place to deal with this growing threat? Cannabis legalization takes center stage in California this week. Is it just a matter of time before we see the legalization nationwide? "The World is Watching" says President Trump. The President put Iran on notice in their response to protesters. In our final show for 2017, Ryan Mauro is in for Malcolm...


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