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94 - 52 in 52: Tarzana

Tarzana is a little beautiful neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. It’s named after a famous star—Tarzan! The Tarzana Community Cultural Center on Ventura Blvd. is a museum that honors Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs. We caught up with Helen Baker who founded the center almost 20 years ago. In this podcast we also talked to residents about their concerns with homelessness and chatted with Councilmen Bob Blumenfield who addressed some of the issues residents are facing and what the...


93 - 52 in 52: Downey

The city of Downey is nestled in-between Los Angeles and Orange counties and is often times considered part of the gateway cities. What makes Downey so interesting is it’s the birthplace of the aerospace industry—home to the Columbia Memorial Space Center. Another fun fact—it’s also home to the oldest McDonalds restaurant. In this podcast we speak with Carol Rowland with “Keep Downey Beautiful” who talked about the city’s history and culture. We then met with the President of the Columbia...


92 - 52 in 52: Carson

The city of Carson was incorporated in 1968 and was created on land that had gone from farms, to oil derricks to waste disposal facilities, all utilizing the city’s wide open spaces. If you drive past Carson on the 405 Freeway you might notice the iconic Goodyear blimp. The airship plays a pivotal role in the city’s history. In this podcast with speak with Priscilla DeCapua with Goodyear who gave Hal a tour of the blimp. We also talk with one of the founders of the city of Carson and its...


91 - 52 in 52: Yorba Linda

The team of What the Hal? podcast is hitting the road and we’re taking you with us. In our new series ‘52 in 52’ we’re visiting 52 different Southern California cities to bring you local stories that matter. Each week we’ll highlight a city and explain what makes them so unique. This week we head to Yorba Linda to meet one of the youngest mayors and visit the iconic and historical Nixon Library. Located in Orange County, Yorba Linda became a city in 1969. One of its most famous residents was...


90 - Get to know Matt Atchity with Moviefone

Matt Atchity, the general manager of Moviefone, talks to us about some newly released movies, how movie critics work, and his top picks for the Oscars. Hit the subscribe button on this podcast and connect with me on social: Facebook.com/HalEisner (https://www.facebook.com/haleisner/) Instagram.com/HalEisner (https://www.instagram.com/haleisner/) Twitter.com/HalEisner (https://twitter.com/HalEisner)


89 - Award winning songwriter Diane Warren

Diane Warren has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well as won a Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe so much more. She's been nominated 11 times for an Oscar and yet still trying to get that first one! Warren sat down with us to talk about her career, how she started writing and getting into music, who she’s worked with and how she’s hoping to grab her first Oscar Award for her hit song "I'm Standing with You" in the film Breakthrough....


88 - Latin Country singer Dianña Parro

She’s combining the worlds of country and Latin music together – and taking the world by storm. Dianña Parro (https://www.facebook.com/pg/DiannaLatinCountryMusic/posts/) is a singer and songwriter who began her career in her early teens. She began with gospel music then jumped to rap then rock and now country with a mix of Latin. She sits down with Hal Eisner for a one-on-one interview and gives us a look back on her life, music career and who inspired her. Hit the subscribe button on this...


87 - Music Education: Meet LAUSD's top performing high school band

Being in a high school band is a great after-school activities, perfect way to make friends and of course gain new skills by playing an instrument. In this podcast we speak with a bandleader and the LAUSD music director about its nearly 400 member band and how students benefit from music education. The band performed in the Rose Parade and will be performing in the upcoming Martin Luther King Day parade. Our guests include bandleader Ramon Mendez and LAUSD Music Director Tony White. Hit the...


86 - Braille Institute helping those who are visually impaired master technological devices

Smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices can be a mystery to those who can't see very well. But the Braille Institute has classes to help those who are visually impaired learn how to use new devices and certain mobile apps. In this podcast our guests include Jack Follman with the Braille institute instructor Nutsiri Kidkul and student Delores Mann. Hit the subscribe button on this podcast and connect with me on social: Facebook.com/HalEisner (https://www.facebook.com/haleisner/)...


85 - Learning about the game of pickleball

It's one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., but still a lot of people have never heard of it. It combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong and is a game that appeals to all ages. Joining us in this podcast is Bill Green who runs Sports Tutor-- which gives pickleball lessons. With him are Peter Martinez and James Napikin- who are here to explain a little about this new craze. Hit the subscribe button on this podcast and connect with me on social: Facebook.com/HalEisner...


84 - Raising awareness about human trafficking

January is Human Trafficking Prevention month. It’s a time that shines a light on the issue and raises awareness. In 2018, 10,949 cases of human trafficking were reported to the Polaris-operated National Human Trafficking Hotline. According to statistics from Polaris (https://polarisproject.org/human-trafficking) these cases involved 23,078 individual survivors; 5,859 potential traffickers and 1,905 trafficking businesses. Human trafficking is still one of the most under reported crimes and...


83 - Keeping yourself safe from illnesses while onboard cruise ships

A vacation on a cruise ship is relaxing, fun and enjoyable but within the past few months fears of infections on local cruise ships have rose. In November four people were hospitalized after getting sick aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship that had docked in San Pedro. On December 1st several other people became ill after returning from their cruise, also on a Norwegian ship. The illnesses were identified as being the norovirus. Despite that cruise line's bad luck -- we've seen that the...


82 - Red Cross volunteers making a difference in the world

From responding to house fires, natural emergencies and even the Rose Parade, volunteers with the Red Cross are always out in full force helping the people in their community. In Los Angeles there are roughly 8,000 volunteers and many help both in the local community as well as other states and overseas. In this podcast we speak with two volunteers who discuss what they do, why they do it and the satisfaction that comes with the job. Our guests include Red Cross Los Angeles Media Relation...


81 - A local firefighter’s fight against ALS

Los Angeles firefighter Eric Stevens is now in the fight of his life against ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Stevens was diagnosed in August, just a month after his wedding. As shattering as that diagnosis was, Stevens and his family take comfort in the support of his fire department cronies and the public. In this podcast Stevens discusses his journey with ALS as well as clinical trials currently in the works that has helped a number of people. Our guests include Eric Stevens, his...


79 - LA City Council President Herb Wesson's search for his son

Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson is opening up about his son’s struggle with drug abuse, mental illness and homelessness. Wesson recently put out a campaign ad featuring his search for his homeless son. The ads feature his wife narrating as the councilman searches Skid Row. In this podcast Wesson discusses the emotional and personal ad and his reason behind it. He also discusses the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and what is being done to help. Hit the subscribe button on this...


80 - Stop the Bleed

Knowing how to stop the bleed can help save a life. Launched in October of 2015 by the White House, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and a call to action that encourages bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. Our guests include Melissa Barnes a trauma nurse at Providence Holy Cross medical Center and Doctor Richard Moore a trauma surgeon at Providence Holy Cross medical Center. In this podcast...


78 - How to avoid holiday scams

With the busy holiday shopping season many consumers are online or at malls across the nation hunting for the best deals and gifts. But while finding that deal many people can fall victim to scams. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says many of the scams his office sees include stores selling recalled items, counterfeit items being sold online, people obtaining fake credit cards, identity theft as well as those pesky robocalls. In this podcast City Attorney Mike Feuer discusses the common...


77 - Discussing fire trends and new tools with LA City Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas

While urban sprawl and changing weather conditions have made firefighting more difficult in the city of LA, the department has grown and adapted to meet the challenges. LA City Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas is a 35-year-veteran with the Los Angeles Fire Department and has served as chief for five years. In this podcast Terrazas discusses how firefighting has changed in the city as well as discuses new tools, equipment and future programs for the department. Hit the subscribe button on this...


76 - Meet Officer Byrd with the LAPD

Michael Simonsen and his “partner” Officer Byrd, a green macaw, have worked together with the Los Angeles Police Department since the 1970's. Officer Byrd and Simonsen help teach kids about safety like stranger danger as well as lift up their spirits during school visits and charity events. Simonsen talks about the PSA’s that aired back in the ‘80’s on channel 11, which were intended to protect children and teach them good behavior as well as how he and Byrd have helped children who were at...


75 - Saugus Strong: Students, parents reflect on deadly school shooting

Students from Saugus High School are still on extended break from classes after a gunman opened fire on campus—killing two people before turning the gun on himself. It was a shooting that rocked the whole community, many still in disbelief. In this podcast we talk to some of the students and a teacher who were running for cover and barricading inside a classroom as chaos erupted on campus. We also talk to some parents who describe what it was like the morning of November 14 as they received...