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014 The Forgotten Neighbour

On July 1, Mexicans head to the polls to elect a new President and Congress. But here in Canada, where you'd be forgiven for thinking that NAFTA is a bilateral instead of trilateral negotiation, you'd hardly know it. In this special edition Mexico Election 2018 episode, in partnership with Comexi, we’re talking about our forgotten neighbour, Canada’s fifth largest trading partner, and Donald Trump’s other favourite punching bag: Mexico. Host: Carlo Dade Guests: José Carreño, journalist,...


013 Canada's secret weapon on trade

From reopening NAFTA to America First and musing about implementing tariffs and border taxes, U.S. President Donald Trump has thrown out the rule book on trade, and with it, everything Canada was accustomed to in dealing with the U.S. Canada’s best hope in dealing with changes in the U.S. isn’t Ottawa, it is on the ground between provinces and states. In this episode, we’re talking province-to-state engagement. Host: Naomi Christensen Guests: Jim Eldridge; Jim Horsman


012 Talking About Talking About Carbon Taxes

In this episode, we’re talking about talking about carbon taxes. What do people know about carbon taxes? What do they think about them? What is it like talking about them across the political divide? Host Nick Martin talks with Mark Cameron from Canadians for Clean Prosperity, former policy director for Prime Minister Harper and a conservative who supports putting a price on carbon. Then he sits down with Dale Beugin from the Ecofiscal Commission to talk about the public perceptions of...


011 Get your budget fix here

Brace yourself – it’s budget season. Here in the West, which province actually balanced its books? Where is the debt-to-GDP ratio highest? Who is lighting up the ledgers with legal pot sales? And about that carbon tax… In this episode, we dive into the provincial budgets of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And, spoiler alert, there might be some Sir Mix-a-Lot involved. Host: Jamie Gradon Guests: Naomi Christensen, Nick Martin, Sarah Pittman


010 Between Two Giant

China and the U.S. are diving deep in to a trade war, with no signs of turning back. As our two largest trading partners beat their chests at each other, where does that leave Canada? In this episode, Sarah Pittman sits down with two China experts to talk about Canada’s place between the two giants - and what Canada’s next move should be. Host: Sarah Pittman Guests: Gordon Houlden, Director of the China Institute, University of Alberta; Carlo Dade, Director of the Trade & Investment...


009 The one with a bobsled

Welcome to a special, Olympics-sized episode of What the West. In this episode, we fling ourselves headfirst into the debate over whether Calgary should bid for the 2026 Winter Games. And then, we fling ourselves down the bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park… Canada West Foundation….we have a bobsled team? Host: Sarah Pittman Guests: Stephen Wenn, Brian Pincott, Dale Oviatt


008: How not to freak out over NAFTA

Host: Naomi Christensen Guests: Sam Woods and Carlo Dade The next round of NAFTA talks take place later this month in Mexico. Talks so far have lurched from apprehension to optimism and back again. Western Canadian businesses are wondering what our future relationship with the U.S., our biggest customer, is going to look like. Many business owners are taking a wait-and-see approach. But there some ways businesses can be ready if the U.S. does withdraw from NAFTA. It’s not too soon to get...


007 NEB: What is it good for?

Pipelines are controversial. In fact, it seems any type of infrastructure is controversial – especially in the energy world. From pipelines to wind turbines – nearly no one wants these things built near them and many people don’t want them built at all. At the same time, for many others these projects represent their livelihoods. With the federal government set to announce reforms to the National Energy Board and the federal environmental assessment process, this episode will explore how...


006 Above the tree line

Canada and the U.S. have been trading lumber since the 1800s – and fighting about it for just as long. In November last year, the U.S. Commerce Department slapped Canadian exporters of softwood lumber into the U.S. with permanent duties averaging 20%. As the dust settles, it's becoming clear that among those getting burned in the latest softwood fight are American consumers – people just saving up to buy a house or finally do a renovation. In this episode, we're joined by David Logan, a...


005: 8 for 2018

Welcome to 2018. The eggnog has gone stale, the trees have been composted or burned for warmth. And our thoughts can now turn to the future. Will this year be as tumultuous as 2017? Will North American trade cease? Does anyone really care about the Commonwealth games? Will Canada go see its tailor? Our research team has the answers to these questions and more in our look at eight things you need to know for the year ahead.


003: Is carbon pricing the end of the world?

Carbon pricing. Most economists think it’s the best way to reduce climate-change causing emissions. But it hasn’t exactly won over politicians to the same degree. Or the public for that matter. In Canada, the federal government has said every province must set a price on carbon. But Saskatchewan has vowed to fight it until the end. Manitoba went ahead with a price, but only after trying to avoid it. In Alberta, the opposition party promises to repeal the carbon levy, if elected, on Day 1....


002: The Trump Administration's Worldview on Trade

The Trump era's winner takes all, America-First trade strategy is almost a return to the 1980s era – a time when the U.S. said "Jump," and the rest of us said, "How high?" Things are different now. Canada is on board with the revived TPP, China is a major factor, and with NAFTA talks becoming more precarious, there's growing unease among business on both sides of the border. What's the Trump Administration actually thinking on trade, and will it work?