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In the Pacific Northwest, we don't live to work... we work to live! Produced by the Southwest Washington Central Labor Council, Working to Live in Southwest Washington gives working people in Southwest Washington and around the world discussions with decision-makers and everyday folks who help make the lower left corner of the Evergreen State a great place to live... and work!

In the Pacific Northwest, we don't live to work... we work to live! Produced by the Southwest Washington Central Labor Council, Working to Live in Southwest Washington gives working people in Southwest Washington and around the world discussions with decision-makers and everyday folks who help make the lower left corner of the Evergreen State a great place to live... and work!


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In the Pacific Northwest, we don't live to work... we work to live! Produced by the Southwest Washington Central Labor Council, Working to Live in Southwest Washington gives working people in Southwest Washington and around the world discussions with decision-makers and everyday folks who help make the lower left corner of the Evergreen State a great place to live... and work!






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What Is ”Redistricting” And Why Should We Care? With April Sims

#LaborRadioPod Something is happening right now in Washington state (and around the country) that is going to change the political landscape for the next decade. It's called "redistricting," and it might have a major impact on working people's lives - but they may not be aware it's happening, or even know what it is. Thankfully, Washington State Labor Council ( Secretary Treasurer April Sims, who also serves on our state's Redistricting Commission, is here to explain...


Why Does A Hollywood Strike Matter To Southwest Washington? With Special Guest cdavid cottrill

#LaborRadioPod About 60,000 members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, or IATSE ( - including some here in the Pacific Northwest - are voting on whether or not to authorize a strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers or AMPTP ( A strike, if it happens, would severely impact movie and TV production in the united states... but what would that mean for us here in Southwest Washington? IATSE Local...


Who‘s Next? Voices From The Nabisco Strike

#LaborRadioPod The Nabisco Strike is over - Why did Nabisco workers go on strike in the first place, though, and what were they fighting for? Shannon and Harold sit down with Mike Burlingham and Jesus Martinez, two BCTGM Local 364 ( members, to talk about the conditions in the Portland Nabisco plant and the reasons they...


What‘s In Your Kit?

#LaborRadioPod Happy Labor Day, working people! Unfortunately, we aren't able to gather at our annual Labor Day picnic this year (though we ARE holding a virtual #LaborDay celebration - find out more about it at A few local working people are still getting together and talk about what they do and how they do it, though. A stage hand (IATSE Local 28 - - member Jane Chorazy) An educator (Evergreen Education Association -...


Rest In Peace, Brother - We've Got It From Here... Remembering Richard Trumka

#LaborRadioPod The unexpected death of AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka sent shockwaves through the American Labor movement. Three Washington Labor leaders - IBEW Local 48 ( Business Rep. and Southwest Washington Central Council Vice President Bob Carroll, UA Local 290 ( member and Southwest Washington Central Labor Council Secretary Treasurer Randall Friesen, and AFM Local 105 ( president and Secretary Treasurer of the...


What Do We Mean When We Talk About "Equity?" With Kasi Perreira and Shellea Loutsis - Allen

#LaborRadioPod It's been a year since the death of George Floyd, and working people in Southwest Washington and across America are having hard conversations about how members of marginalized groups are treated here in the United States. Thankfully, the Washington State Labor Council ( is here to help with those conversations. WSLC Director of Racial and Gender Justice ( Kasi Perreira tells Shannon and Harold what her department is all...


Can Your Boss Really Do That? Is It Even Legal? With Diana Winther and Daniel Hutzenbiler

#LaborRadioPod Far too many people feel mistreated at work, but when is that mistreatment because of a "bad boss," and when is it actually a violation of the law? Shannon and Harold talk to two Labor attorneys to find out where that line is drawn, and what recourse working people have under the law. First they talk with Diana Winther ( General Counsel for this episode's sponsor, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48,...


A Historic Legislative Session For Working People With Rep. Sharon Wylie, Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Monica Stonier

#LaborRadioPod Washington's 2021 Legislative session closed on April 25th, and it was called "historic" by a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. The most obvious reason is that the Legislature couldn't meet in person at the state capitol in Olympia because of the Covid 19 pandemic. The session was also historic because of the groundbreaking laws and policies the legislators passed to help working people during the pandemic - and long after it's over. State Senator Karen Keiser...


Why Do ALL Working People Need The PRO Act - with Senator Patty Murray and AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler

#LaborRadioPod It's May Day, or International Workers Day! Shannon and Harold couldn't think of a better time to talk about how working people can come together and work towards fair treatment in their workplaces... and about the PRO Act, which will make it easier for them to do that when it passes the Senate! One of the authors of the Protecting The Right To Organize Act, Washington's own Senator Patty Murray (, calls in to tell them why she created the...


Don't Look Back - Move Forward And... What Do Nurses Need At PeaceHealth SW?

#LaborRadioPod It's been a while, huh? Now that she's back and ready to podcast, Shannon takes charge and focuses on all the great things happening for working people right now - including: The American Rescue Plan - The PROAct - The American Jobs Plan - And... a president that's not afraid to say GOOD things about...


Financial Stability In The COVID Era With Special Guests Patrick Town and Ross Wolf

#LaborRadioPod It's always difficult for working people to get their finances in order, but it's especially difficult in this COVID-19 era we've all been living through. Shannon and Harold talk to two financial experts - Ross Wolf, President of Pacific Financial Advisors ( and Patrick Town, founder and Executive Director of Union Home Plus ( - about the pressures working people are facing, and what they can do to start on the road...


Sharing Your Views With Your Government (The RIGHT Way) With Special Guests Monica Stonier and Annette Cleveland

#LaborRadioPod Washington's 2021 Legislative session opened this week against the backdrop of political violence at the nation's Capitol, and new restrictions because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Washington has a lot of very important issues to be dealt with during this session, and it's crucial that working people engage with their legislators... but between increased security and legislators' absence from the state Capitol in Olympia, how are they supposed to do that? Shannon and Harold dig...


Oh What A Year It's Been With Special Guest Larry Brown

#LaborRadioPod You don't need us to tell you that 2020 has been a ROUGH year... and you don't need us to tell you why! With everything that's happened, though, there have been some major victories for working people! Rather than dwell on the bad things that have happened this year, Shannon and Harold decided to talk to the people involved with some of those victories, including - Clark College Association for Higher Education ( President Suzanne Southerland, who...


Labor's Helping Hands For The Holidays... And All Year Round!

#LaborRadioPod Organized Labor is always there for working people in our region - but particularly during the holiday season when so many people impacted by employment issues aren't able to provide a happy holiday for their families! With that in mind, Shannon and Harold talk to several people in our local Labor community about what they're doing to support working families this season. First, they talk to Myka Dubay from the International Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union Local 5...


What Do The New Covid Restrictions Mean For Classified Staff (And For YOU?) With Special Guests Temple Lentz and Julie Olson

#LaborRadioPod Vancouver School District classified employees have been furloughed for months, and they're struggling. Barb Plymate, president of the Vancouver Association of Educational Support Professionals ( joins Shannon and Harold to talk about the district's justification for these furloughs... and the fact that it has the money to put these people back to work! Find out more at the Washington Education Association Riverside Uniserv Council's Facebook page:...


Who Are Shannon and Harold?

#LaborRadioPod We're doing something a little different this week! Shannon and Harold recorded their intro on November 6, before the US election had been called for Joe Biden, and they thought you working people out there might need to take a break from being glued to the news and "Doom Scrolling" - so, this week's guests are... Shannon and Harold! You know we're a proud member of the Labor Radio Podcast Network. A few weeks ago Empathy Media Lab ( producer...


Get Out And Vote!! With Special Guest Carolyn Long

#LaborRadioPod After what seems like a political season that's lasted for years... election day is almost here! It's FINALLY TIME TO VOTE! Because Washington is a 100% Vote By Mail State, you can still drop your ballot in the mail - or drop it off in an official ballot drop box ( - by 8:00 PM on Tuesday, November 3rd! Washington State Labor Council ( Political and Strategic...


Getting Support In Difficult Times With Daniel Smith and Tanisha Harris

#LaborRadioPod Daniel Smith ( and Tanisha Harris ( aren't just running for the Washington State Legislature in the 17th Legislative district... they're also social service providers who work on the ground in Clark County. Daniel and Tanisha sit down to talk about the struggles working people are facing during this very difficult year - and where they can go for help with domestic violence, legal issues, mental health support, and...


Dealing With Political Bullies with Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Troy Price

#LaborRadioPod Shannon and Harold have said it plenty of times: "it's getting crazy out there!" This week that "crazy" hit close to home when a woman right here in Vancouver, Washington was accosted on the street while canvassing for her preferred political candidate. The six minute video she shot spread rapidly across the internet, and made national news. Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Assistant Chief of the Vancouver Police Department Troy Price join Harold and Shannon to talk...


Telling Fact From Fiction Online With Special Guest Donna Sinclair

#LaborRadioPod As the election gets closer, the misinformation - and DISINFORMATION - getting passed around through social media seems to be at an all time high. How is a working person supposed to tell when something is true... or false? Three media professionals - KGW ( reporter and SAG-AFTRA Shop Steward Tim Gordon; former Columbian ( reporter and administrative officer for the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild (