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Episode 120: Combating Anti-Semitism in the Field of Ideas

With reports of anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe and the United States, Tipping Point sat down with Charles Asher Small, the head of ISGAP – an organization empowering scholars and communities to fight racism. Who is responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism – the Left or the Right? (02:09) Why is academia afraid of teaching contemporary anti-Semitism (09:06) and how much of an impact can talking about it in a classroom actually make? (11:52) Is hatred of Israel and hatred of the Jews one...


Episode 119 - Divided We Stand

Will religion & state be at the center of the election campaign in Israel? (02:56) Who benefits from putting this topic at the top of the agenda? (03:50) And are we on the brink of a cultural war in Israel? (05:06) On Tipping Point’s latest episode, with Prof. Yedidia Stern (Israel Democracy Institute, Bar Ilan University), we find out. Is there any hope that the disagreements over religion and state will be resolved after the September elections? (07:14) How will demographic changes in...


Episode 118 - A Reporter’s Notebook on Israel

What is it like covering one of the most contentious regions on the globe? In this episode, Tipping Point gets the unique opportunity to ask outgoing Bloomberg bureau chief, Michael Arnold, about his experiences working for the biggest international economics news agency as the boss in Tel Aviv. What is the greatest challenge for a Jewish journalist working in the foreign press, does Israel get a fair shake in the international media, and what should newbie journalists keep in mind when...


Episode 117 - Is Bipartisan Support Slipping Away?

As the US approaches its 2020 election, and with Israel coming up on more than one occasion on the Hill, does Israel need to worry about the “Day After Trump?” In this episode of Tipping Point, Dr. Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky, a research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, explains why the polarization of US politics, mixed together with a growing divide between American Jewry and Israel, is a recipe for damage to Israel’s position in the world. She shares her advice on what...


Episode 116 - How I Got Madonna to Eurovision

What brings one of Canada’s most successful businessmen to invest in some of Israel’s most bombastic PR projects in the last few years? In this episode of Tipping Point, Sylvan Adams explains why it was so important for him to get Madonna to perform at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in a deal finalized just hours before the pop icon took stage. He also reveals why the Beresheet spacecraft, which he helped fund, was actually harder to launch into the moon’s orbit than land on it...


Episode 115 - Our Man in the Eurovision

At 27, and with expectations high after last year’s win, Israeli singer Kobi Marimi will take the stage this Saturday to represent Israel in the Eurovision song contest taking place in Tel Aviv. Days before the biggest moment of his life, he sits down with Tipping Point for a conversation on the weight on his shoulders, his hopes for the future and his personal journey from being an unpopular kid to a celebrity in Israel. May 13, 2019


Episode 114 - Reflecting on Memorial Day

Tune in to Tipping Point’s special episode marking Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism. In this episode, Dor Kaidar & Lior Weintraub share their personal stories and discuss how this day shapes the Israeli identity. May 8, 2019


Episode 113 - It's Gaza. Again.

600 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israeli communities in less than 30 hours, but this is hardly anything new, as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad initiate another round of violence with Israel every few weeks. But is this time different? Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Brig. Gen. (res.) Assaf Orion, former head of the IDF General Staff’s Strategic Division, and currently a senior research fellow at the INSS. May 5, 2019


Episode 112 - Fighting Anti-Semitism in America

Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day and following the deadly shooting attack at the synagogue in Poway, San Diego, Tipping Point hosts two prominent Jewish journalists to talk about the state of Anti-Semitism in America and what can be done to combat it. Tune in to our latest episode with Amir Tibon (Haaretz) and Ron Kampeas (JTA). May 2, 2019 Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash


Episode 111 - Forrest Gump in Israel

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Michael Wardian, an American ultra-marathoner, who ran across Israel and set the fastest-known time for Israel’s National trail. What’s it like running over 100km per day and when does one squeeze in a shower and a bathroom break? How did he end up have an entire group of runners following him in a scene that resembles the famous Hollywood motion picture? And does he have a “normal” day job? All that and more in our latest episode. April 17,...


Episode 110 - Social Media’s Impact on Israeli Elections

In this episode Tipping Point hosts Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler of the Israel Democracy Institute to measure the extent Israeli elections are influenced by digital campaigns. Why did Prime Minister Netanyahu decide to pop by for a surprise interview with Israeli television? (02:19) How should media outlets in Israel prepare themselves for “fake news” campaigns (04:08) and how has the digital spehere become the “Wild West?” (06:10) During this episode, we ask our guest what she thinks about...


Episode 109 - Israel and the Democratic Party at the Crossroads

A lot has been said, written and tweeted on attitudes towards Israel within the Democratic party in the United States. On today’s episode, Tipping Point hosts former American ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, for a fascinating conversation. How did we get the crossroads between the two sides? (03:32) and are we at a point of no return? (04:40) Can Israel and the US avoid interfering in each other’s election campaigns? (05:56) What do Israelis don’t get about the Democratic party in the...


Episode 108 - The Israeli-Arab Vote Explained

In this episode of Tipping Point, Talia Dekel hosts political analyst and campaign advisor Mohammad Darawshe, for a conversation on the Israeli-Arab vote ahead of next month’s general election. Is there a glass ceiling for Arab parties in the Knesset? (02:40) What are the biggest issues for Arab voters (03:57) and how does the Palestinian-Israeli conflict factor into the average voter’s considerations? (06:49) How did Shas and Liberman manage to receive votes from this sector in the previous...


Episode 107 - Campaigning in the Shadow of Corruption Charges

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode to hear from Tal Shalev, Neri Zilber and Lior Weintraub, on how the Israeli attorney-general’s decision to indict Benjamin Netanyahu will play out in the election campaign. Is this a game changer? (01:41) What’s the atmosphere in the Likud party? (04:05) Have Israelis become accustomed to their leaders being investigated? (09:35) Also on this episode, we go back in time to see how investigations against top candidates have impacted their success in...


Episode 106 - The Lurking Indictment

As the Israeli attorney-general is expected to announce his decision regarding the possible indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu on corruption charges, Tipping Point hosts two leading experts for a discussion on the legal and political ramifications. In this episode, Dr. Emmanuel Navon (Kohelet Policy Forum) and Dr. Guy Lurie (Israel Democracy Institute) try to make sense of what’s about to come: What are the different charges Netanyahu might be faced with? (03:00) What possible timeline...


Episode 105 - Reaching for the Moon

As the first Israeli spacecraft headed for the moon is set to be launched this week, Tipping Point hosts Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL. After understanding how long it will take until “Beresheet” completes its mission (02:35), we learn how Yariv and his partners came up with the idea, and how much alcohol was involved (05:27). Is there a scientific aim to this mission or is it just a competition (08:44)? Is this a one-way ticket journey (10:01)? What are the operation’s chances of...


Episode 104 - It's Education, Stupid

With just under two months to elections, Israelis are asking themselves if life is good here. Tipping Point sits down with Prof. Dan Ben David, head of the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research, for some insight. In this episode, we learn about the current status of the domestic economy and whether this trend can be maintained (01:46). We wonder if Israel’s “culture of shortcuts” is a recipe for a future economic crisis. (05:22) Also on this episode: Are the Ultra-Orthodox and Arab...


Episode 103 - Do the Polls still have a Pulse?

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest election edition, in which veteran pollster, Professor Camil Fuchs, shares his experiences surveying Israelis over decades of elections (01:43) and takes us back to the “too close to call” vote of 1996. (03:00) We also drill down into opinion poll methodology and examine whether polls in Israel are biased (05:47), how have they changed over the years, and if they are impacted by social media. (08:08) Also on this episode: How do exit polls work (10:19) and...


Episode 102 - The Haredi Spring

As election season heats up, Tipping Point takes a look at Jewish Ultra-Orthodox politics and tries to measure the sector’s influence in Israel. In this episode, we host Dr. Gilad Malach of the Israel Democracy Institute and Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer to understand how Haredi parties became kingmakers in Israeli politics (02:07), why recent polls show a decline in their power (03:44) and whether there is a chance that Shas and United Torah Judaism will join forces in the current campaign....


Episode 101 - Explaining The Holocaust to Millennials

Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Tipping Point hosts two young Jewish Israelis who discuss what the “Shoah” means for them. Eli Teplow (26) and Batya Medved (22) explain how their generation consumes information about the Holocaust. (02:00) More on this episode: Do Americans and Israelis react differently when visiting the Yad Vashem Museum? (07:01) What’s the best social media platform to get millennials’ attention (08:49) and are they even interested in hearing about the...