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Episode 106 - The Lurking Indictment

As the Israeli attorney-general is expected to announce his decision regarding the possible indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu on corruption charges, Tipping Point hosts two leading experts for a discussion on the legal and political ramifications. In this episode, Dr. Emmanuel Navon (Kohelet Policy Forum) and Dr. Guy Lurie (Israel Democracy Institute) try to make sense of what’s about to come: What are the different charges Netanyahu might be faced with? (03:00) What possible timeline...


Episode 105 - Reaching for the Moon

As the first Israeli spacecraft headed for the moon is set to be launched this week, Tipping Point hosts Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL. After understanding how long it will take until “Beresheet” completes its mission (02:35), we learn how Yariv and his partners came up with the idea, and how much alcohol was involved (05:27). Is there a scientific aim to this mission or is it just a competition (08:44)? Is this a one-way ticket journey (10:01)? What are the operation’s chances of...


Episode 104 - It's Education, Stupid

With just under two months to elections, Israelis are asking themselves if life is good here. Tipping Point sits down with Prof. Dan Ben David, head of the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research, for some insight. In this episode, we learn about the current status of the domestic economy and whether this trend can be maintained (01:46). We wonder if Israel’s “culture of shortcuts” is a recipe for a future economic crisis. (05:22) Also on this episode: Are the Ultra-Orthodox and Arab...


Episode 103 - Do the Polls still have a Pulse?

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest election edition, in which veteran pollster, Professor Camil Fuchs, shares his experiences surveying Israelis over decades of elections (01:43) and takes us back to the “too close to call” vote of 1996. (03:00) We also drill down into opinion poll methodology and examine whether polls in Israel are biased (05:47), how have they changed over the years, and if they are impacted by social media. (08:08) Also on this episode: How do exit polls work (10:19) and...


Episode 102 - The Haredi Spring

As election season heats up, Tipping Point takes a look at Jewish Ultra-Orthodox politics and tries to measure the sector’s influence in Israel. In this episode, we host Dr. Gilad Malach of the Israel Democracy Institute and Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer to understand how Haredi parties became kingmakers in Israeli politics (02:07), why recent polls show a decline in their power (03:44) and whether there is a chance that Shas and United Torah Judaism will join forces in the current campaign....


Episode 101 - Explaining The Holocaust to Millennials

Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Tipping Point hosts two young Jewish Israelis who discuss what the “Shoah” means for them. Eli Teplow (26) and Batya Medved (22) explain how their generation consumes information about the Holocaust. (02:00) More on this episode: Do Americans and Israelis react differently when visiting the Yad Vashem Museum? (07:01) What’s the best social media platform to get millennials’ attention (08:49) and are they even interested in hearing about the...


Episode 100 - Celebrating 100

Marking Tipping Point’s 100th episode, Talia Dekel & Dor Kaidar host Tal Shalev, Neri Zilber and Lior Weintraub for a conversation on the latest developments in Israel. What does this week’s escalation between Israel and Iran mean (02:03) and why did Israel move from ambiguity to a “show and tell” policy with regards to its actions in Syria? (06:13) Also on this episode, our panelists bid farewell to the outgoing IDF Chief of Staff and evaluate the challenges facing his replacement. (10:45)...


Episode 99 - Primary Concern

As Israeli political parties begin to formulate their lists of candidates for the upcoming election, Tipping Point hosts Prof. Gideon Rahat, (Israel Democracy Institute), and Dr. Emmanuel Navon (Kohelet Policy Forum) for a conversation on the pros and cons of the primary system. Did political newbie and former IDF chief of staff, Benny Gantz – who had until now kept his views on the low – make a beginner’s mistake as he chose to dedicate his first public comments to the Nation-State Law?...


Episode 98 - Generals’ Elections

With a growing number of former senior IDF commanders entering politics, Tipping Point hosts Tal Shalev, Lior Weintraub and Neri Zilber to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Can Benny Gantz win the elections without saying a word? (03:19) Can army generals be good politicians and is the experience acquired as IDF Chief of Staff sufficient to become prime minister? (09:32) In this episode we look at the various generals who tried their luck in politics and evaluate the odds of military...


Episode 97 - Election Series: Party-Hopping

In our new series of weekly elections podcasts, Tipping Point hosts IDI President Yohanan Plesner and Prof. Abraham Diskin for a conversation on the latest political developments. In a week that saw Ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked separating from their party, while Zionist Camp leader Avi Gabbai dramatically terminated his partnership with opposition leader Tzipi Livni, we asked our panelists which event will have the biggest impact on the election (01:17). Also, the panelists...


Episode 96 - Ready, Set, Vote!

With early elections in Israel set for April 9th, Tipping point hosted political analyst, Prof. Abraham Diskin, for an in-depth conversation on what may be Netanyahu’s last campaign. How would a possible indictment against the prime minister impact results? (03:02) Which party will pivot in the upcoming elections? (07:17) Will the political stars be able to meet the high threshold needed to enter the Knesset (09:25), and how does this threshold actually harm the larger parties, contrary to...


Episode 95 - Breaking the Ice over Bad Coffee

Israel’s former ambassador to Washington, who served under four prime ministers, shares stories of his time with Israeli and American statesmen, from Ben-Gurion to Netanyahu and from Bush to Trump. Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Zalman Shoval, who finds no contradiction in his move from the Left to the Right of Israel’s Parliament (02:15). The former financier turned intelligence officer, who led an extensive career in Israeli politics and diplomacy, explains what brought him...


Episode 94 - The Life & Legacy of George H.W. Bush

Tune in to Tipping Point’s special tribute to the United States 41st president, who passed away last week at the age of 94. In this episode, American presidential historian, Professor Gil Troy, analyses the long-lasting impact President George H.W. Bush had on Israel and the Middle East. From the Gulf War to the Madrid Conference – what will Bush 41 be most remembered for? Would he stand a chance if he had run for president today? And what is it like to be a presidential historian in the...


Episode 93 - The Jewish James Bond

What brings an IDF naval ops veteran to write a spy novel on a female Mossad agent in English? Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Australian immigrant Jonnie Schnytzer, who insists that Jews are lacking an espionage hero to look up to (05:10), and addresses the storyline of “The Way Back,” a tale of smugglers, spies, Israel and the Middle East. Also on this episode, behind the scenes of the Israel-Asia Center’s work to bridge gaps and whether Israelis are taking this continent as...


Episode 92 - Between War and Elections

Tal Shalev, Neri Zilber and Lior Weintraub rejoin forces to sum up an intense week in Israel. How were early elections in Israel avoided last minute and how long will this government last? Who are the winners and losers of the latest political drama, which new figures are expected to shine in the next elections, and will Ehud Barak make a comeback? On Gaza (starting at 27:09) we discuss whether Israel lost its deterrence following last week’s intense fighting and controversial cease-fire...


Emergency Podcast: Episode 91 - Gaza-Border Flare Up

As over 400 rockets are fired towards Israel, Tipping Point speaks to Haaretz’s military correspondent Amos Harel, and to Gaza-border resident Adele Raemer, to hear about life on the ground and where things are headed. November 13, 2018


Episode 90 - The Saint of Syria

Shadi Martini, former general-manager of an Aleppo hospital, had to flee his country when the Syrian civil war broke. Since then, he has led efforts to bring humanitarian supplies into Syria, recruiting a variety of people to the cause – including some he considered his enemies – now his most trusted partners. November 1, 2018 ***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.


Episode 89 - Ink in Israel

How can tattoos and graffiti be used to overcome PTSD caused by war & terror? What doesn’t the pro-Israel community get about artistic boycotts? And why is Banksy, whose work has been extensively covered as anti-Israel, just getting a bad rap? Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Artists 4 Israel CEO Craig Dershowitz. October 24, 2018 ***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.


Episode 88 - The Negotiator

Mickey Bergman works behind the scenes to release American hostages across the world. From Otto Warmbier in North Korea to finding the remains of Westerners beheaded by ISIS in Syria. Does his Israeli identity serve as an advantage or a liability and is there a regime with which he will simply not negotiate? Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode. September 20, 2018 ***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.


Episode 87 - Jewish in the Corbyn era

With British politics in a twist, Tipping Point hosts Jed Novick, a journalist and life-long supporter of the Labor party, currently fighting an internal battle on anti-Semitism among its ranks. What’s it like being Jewish in the Corbyn era? Will he vote Labor again and can events across the pond serve as a lesson for America? September 13, 2018 ***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.