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The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most diverse places on the planet, yet dialog between culture creators and change makers is often limited - until now. Tune in to 360BayArea as we dive into headlines, hashtags and colorful voices from all around the Bay!

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most diverse places on the planet, yet dialog between culture creators and change makers is often limited - until now. Tune in to 360BayArea as we dive into headlines, hashtags and colorful voices from all around the Bay!
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The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most diverse places on the planet, yet dialog between culture creators and change makers is often limited - until now. Tune in to 360BayArea as we dive into headlines, hashtags and colorful voices from all around the Bay!




The Ambassadors Circle invites you to...Join the Circle!

In 360BayArea’s Season 1 finale we highlight our new focus for 2018, what it means to become an Ambassador, and formally invite you to...Join the Circle!


Press Play On Your Passion

Make your mark, build your legacy - whatever you want to call it, it’s time to get inspired to take your passion project to the next level.


Ambassadors Go One-on-One with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

In Part 2 with Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, Ambassadors pose questions about leadership, immigration, police relations and where to party in San Jose!


Finding Home: The Veteran Reintegration

In honor of Veterans Day’s 100th anniversary, US vets speak on the challenges of reintegrating with us... and what we can do to help.


Beyond The Pink

Three breast cancer advocates get personal with 360BayArea, sharing their journeys and the hard discussions that happen beyond October.


The CEO of San Jose: Mayor Sam Liccardo hangs with the Circle

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo sits down with Ambassadors about the future of the Capital of Silicon Valley in Part 1 of a 2-part interview series.


A Cure for Societal Blues

To cure our societal blues, we escaped to 826 Valencia to hang with GenZ for a day of volunteering, storytelling, pirate gear, and inter-generational bonding.


#DoMoreGood, dammit!

With floods, fires, and the insanity in Washington, we brought in Kyle Parsons, Sid McNairy, and Benita Robledo to inspire us to #DoMoreGood, dammit!


Hella Bay: Protecting Culture, Perfecting the Hustle and Keeping our Cool

Gentrification has been sweeping the Bay Area for years now, so does that mean that local culture is getting completely choked out? On this episode we talk to three Ambassadors for total originality and Bay pride: Evan Kidera, McKenzy Germain, and Martin Luther McCoy. Evan Kidera, founder of crazy popular Filipino-Mexican fusion food truck Señor Sisig, dishes the details of his delicious vision to continue his family’s heritage through food. McKenzy Germain - otherwise known as The...


#heARTofTheCity - Artists trying to get your attention

While artistic murals are getting painted over, plays are fighting for their lives, and sculptors are still being asked “What does it do?” around this circle we still believe artists are the heart of any city. The independent films, one man plays, art-lined sidewalks and innovative creatives are major parts of what make our region so cool and yet, slowly but surely, the cultural climate is pushing them away. We talk to actor/director Richard Harder, filmmakers Ezra J. Stanley and Michael...


#BeatsGeekChic w/ DJ Amy Robbins, DJ Shai’La + Shaina Evoniuk

It’s the season for dancing the nights away and for finding the perfect soundtrack to go along with it, so it only makes sense that we’d kick it off by talking to musicians who help make that happen. In this episode, we dive into the worlds of female DJ Amy Robbins, DJ and model Shai’la Yvonne, as well as aerial violinist Shaina Evoniuk. These rad ladies share their stories on how they found their way into living their passions and what working as creatives means to them.


#AlohaWarriors Pt. II feat. Maui Brewing Company and Maui’s Yoga Hot Spots

On this podcast episode, we invite you to look even further beyond Hawaii’s tourism-centered image in this final installment of our #AlohaWarriors series. We connect with influencers that made the move from the mainland to the island after falling in love with “Aloha.” We kick it off with Garrett Marrero, co-founder, of the Maui Brewing Company who with his wife Melanie, were recently named the National Small Business persons of the year, by the U.S. Small Business Administration. He takes...


#AlohaWarriors - Pt. 1

Ahhhhhh Aloha. That sweet word that sweeps you away to the blue waters and green palm trees of our beloved Hawaii. The beaches. The mai tais. The sunsets. Yet there is so much more to learn and explore. On this first episode of our “Summer of Aloha” series, travel with us as we check in with our Ambassadors living on the beautiful island of Maui and uncover the strength and sovereignty of our #AlohaWarriors. You’ll never view Hawaii the same again. Aloha!


The Legacy Builder: One on One with Steve Nash

Before Bieber and Drake, he was a kid from Canada with a big dream and one shot. Steve Nash, the 2-time NBA MVP, 8-time NBA All-Star and Santa Clara University graduate, set the league on fire with his agile style of play for 19 unforgettable seasons. Recently, as he celebrated his induction into the SCU Athletic Hall of Fame, Steve sat down with 360BayArea and reflected on life as a Bronco, falling short of a championship ring, doing good with the Steve Nash Foundation, and ultimately,...


Fearless Fashionista Takes On #FairTrade

So you’re all in on the #FashionRevolution and want to buy ethically and sustainably - where do you start? In this episode, we introduce you to a fearless fashionista, Monica Rojas, founder of Belvele. Monica not only had the courage to change her shopping habits, but had the grit to start a business to supply us with clothing from designers and artisans that have been Fair Trade Certified. Follow her journey from fashionista to boss lady by pressing play now!


#FashionRevolution: Made In America!

There’s a lot of talk these days about making America great and bringing jobs back to the good old US of A. But have you looked at the labels lately? Production is still taking place outside of the US (especially by the people who complain the loudest about jobs overseas). But there are those in the fashion industry who are fighting the good fight for sustainable, American made, fashion. From the cotton seed, to shearing sheep, to factories in the Bay Area, our guests have embraced what it...



We’ve asked before and now it’s time to find the answer. #WhoMadeMyClothes? A simple question that highlights the interconnectedness of all of our lives and sparked a revolution across the globe. A young lady in Cambodia with the same hopes and dreams as an up and coming designer in New York City. Economic security. Safety. A livelihood for her family. These are the themes we explore in this episode when we journey to Cambodia, one of the epicenters of the fashion supply chain. On this...


Survivors Speak

Some may call them victims of crime. We call them survivors. It could be your family member, a friend, co-worker or neighbor. These crime survivors are putting their experiences at the center of policy conversations and advocating for change. We learn from David Guizar, who shares his very personal family story as a crime survivor, as well as Director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice’s, Anna Cho Fenley, about their role in supporting survivors in casting off the stigma, shame and...


The #FashionRevolution Wants You!

It’s Spring and once the rain rain goes away, some of us will be clearing out our closets and stocking up on new clothes that have the sun in mind! But when was the last time you asked yourself #WhoMadeMyClothes? This simple question can move you even closer to gettin’ down with the movement that incorporates combatting pollution, promoting sustainability and gender equity, all while still slaying on the runway of life. Press play now for a lil’ spring cleaning inspiration and also hear...


The Art of Sex Work

The Bay Area is filled with art. Whether found on the street murals, chic galleries, or museums, we’re lucky that we have made our home amongst the creatives. And with our support, the indy galleries and artists can tell rarely told and fascinating stories. But as the cost of living rises, the disparity between those who make art and those who buy art widens. This was made painfully clear from the Ghost Ship fire, where many artists lived and worked, in an attempt to find a workaround to...