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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Shocking new allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz

Tonight: How Donald Trump's takeover of the Republican Congress just ended generations of conservative rule. Plus, we finally have the plea agreement for that close associate of Matt Gaetz who admits in court that he and "other adult men" engaged in "commercial sex acts" with a minor. Then, new calls for action as video of the QAanon congresswoman shaking down AOC’s office surfaces. Guests: Sarah Longwell, Benjy Sarlin , Jose Pagliery, Garrett Haake, Olivia Beavers, Rep. David Cicilline,...


Leaked video shows right-wing group bragging about drafting GOP anti-voter bills

Tonight: how the MAGA crowd is running your 2021 Republican Party. Then, new reporting on the right-wing group coordinating the state by state effort to rollback democracy. Plus, the activist sting to try and trap FBI and Trump administration officials trashing the 45th president. And the latest on the nightmare in Gaza and Tel Aviv. Guests: Jacqueline Alemany, Carlos Curbelo, Ari Berman, Harry Litman, Rula Jebreal, Lisa Goldman


Republicans try to rewrite history during Capitol riot hearing

Tonight: Just how far is Liz Cheney will to go to stop Donald Trump? Then, former Trump officials finally face tough questions over the January 6th attack—and what we learned about the President's order for the military to protect his mob. Plus, how one state's vaccination drive just became a lottery Guests: Sam Seder, Mickey Edwards, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Ro Khanna, Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, Sec. Miguel Cardona


Report: Over 250 corporations want to “move beyond” Jan. 6

Tonight: While Democrats were trying to nudge voter protections through the Senate, Arizona's Republican governor signed a law to purge the early voting list. Then, the vote to remove the number three Republican in House leadership for not pushing the big lie. Plus, reports of a new effort to move past January 6th and to get corporations to start donating to Republicans again. Guests: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Elie Mystal, Mona Charen, Olivia Troye, Judd Legum, Ben Rhodes, Dr. Peter Hotez


House Republicans formally move to purge the truth

Tonight: Kevin McCarthy's letter calling for the purge of Liz Cheney, and new reporting on the origin story of the big election lie. Then, the fierce urgency of now for the Biden agenda, why Republicans are closer to controlling Congress than you think. And are we all good with Jeff Bezos buying a half billion dollar yacht while Amazon pays little or no taxes? Guests: Jon Swaine, Michelle Goldberg, Dahlia Lithwick, Irin Carmon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Jane Mayer


How Mitch McConnell is keeping his ‘Grim Reaper’ brand alive in 2021

Tonight: the abject Republican surrender imperiling Democracy. Then, why Mitch McConnell is actually feeling heat after his brush with honesty. Plus, how did the Federal Elections Commission let Donald Trump off for the criminal conspiracy that sent his lawyer to prison? And why there is genuine alarm for the economic recovery from the pandemic after today's bad jobs report. Guests: Barbara Comstock, Benjy Sarlin, Hayes Brown, Betsey Stevenson, Ellen Weintraub


Deplatformed Trump tries to sneak back on Twitter in disguise

Tonight: Liz Cheney's replacement records a Big Lie demo tape as the Republican project to forget the attack on America moves forward. Plus, as Donald Trump tries to sneak back onto Twitter, did federal regulators just put an end to his latest financial swindle? And Sen. Sherrod Brown on the bold Biden agenda and the faux populism of his Republican colleagues in the Senate. Guests: Brian Mann, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Laurie Roberts, Shane Goldmacher, Sen. Sherrod Brown


Giuliani team calls on Trump to pay legal bills

Tonight: The Republican push to purge the truth breaks out into the open. Then, Rudy Giuliani asks for Trump money to fund his legal defense as prosecutors seek a "special master" to review evidence. Plus, the surprise announcement from the Biden Administration that the U.S. will move to help vaccinate the world. And an exclusive interview with DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the border, refugees, and his investigation into domestic violent extremism within the government. Guests:...


Republicans move to purge Liz Cheney—and truth from their party

Tonight: Former RNC chair Michael Steele on why Liz Cheney is no longer welcome—and why it's a massive problem for the country. Then, the anti-anti-racism movement now defending the three-fifths compromise to own the libs. Plus, as the Mar-a-Lago MC gets his own blog, is Facebook about to ban Trump for life tomorrow? Guests: Michael Steele, Rep. London Lamar, Michael Lewis, Adam Conner, Evelyn Douek


Big trouble for Republicans who reject Trump’s Big Lie

Tonight: How Joe Biden is thriving and the fierce urgency of holding onto power for Democrats. Plus, why are national Republicans still silent over the latest Matt Gaetz bombshell? And new reporting on what's motivating people who refuse to take the Covid vaccine. Guests: John Podesta, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Abby Livingston, Linda Chavez, Derek Thompson, Jennifer Nuzzo


New revelations lead to calls for Matt Gaetz to be removed from Judiciary Committee

Tonight: What we're learning about the Giuliani investigation, and where it could be headed. Then, a bombshell letter that appears to implicate Matt Gaetz. Plus,outrage over a new Florida election bill designed to keep Republicans in power. Guests: David Jolly, Jennifer Rubin, Harry Sandick, Jose Pagliery, Rep. Ted Lieu, Dr. Syra Madad, Ari Berman, State Sen. Shevrin Jones


Rudy’s downfall: Giuliani being investigated by the same office he once ran

Tonight: 100 days into office, how Joe Biden, and his predecessor, just ended the Reagan era—leaving Republicans with nothing. Then, what we're learning about what's at the heart of the Rudy Giuliani investigation, and a look back at just how far Rudy has fallen. Plus, Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison on police reform as George Floyd's family comes to Washington. Guests: Michelle Goldberg, Brian Deese, Betsy Woodruff, Joyce Vance, Michael Daly, Keith Ellison


Dr. Fauci on new guidelines for wearing masks

Tonight: Dr. Fauci is here to explain the brand new CDC guidelines—and why you don't need to call the police on children in masks. Then, another major move by the Department of Justice to reform policing in America. Plus, what exactly is going on with the DHS investigation into “domestic violent extremists” within its ranks. And Harris County Judge Lena Hidalgo on the push to curb voting in Texas cities. Guests: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Vince Warren, Ryan Devereaux, Marc Elias, Judge Lina...


Arizona GOP conducts election ‘audit’ fueled by Trump’s Big Lie

Tonight: Why Republicans just can’t let go of the Big Lie, as Arizona tries to audit the 2020 election results from Maricopa County. Then: The Justice Department now expecting to charge 500 people in connection with January 6th—including the man who boasted about storming the Capitol on a dating app. Plus, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine cleared by the FDA and CDC, as Senator Ron Johnson campaigns on a pro-Covid platform. Guests: Laurie Roberts, Rick Hasen, Elizabeth Neumann, Ben Wikler,...


Biden vows to cut U.S. emissions in half by 2030

Tonight: The White House goes big on climate—and why they might actually be able to deliver. Then, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on the new Democratic offer to begin a January 6th commission. Plus, how one major American city has made big strides in reforming its police department. And on this Earth Day, Jacob Soboroff on Los Angeles' new push to turn toilet water into tap water. Guests: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Mayor Ras Baraka, Michelle Goldberg, Jacob Soboroff


Chris Hayes: Why the Chauvin verdict is the exception, not the rule

Tonight: how Derek Chauvin got more justice than just about any American ever does, and the renewed push for big change. Then, Senate Republicans confront reality by way of Stacey Abrams. Plus, Ben Rhodes on what our president can do about the Russian president as protesters swarm the streets for Alexey Navalny. And Steve Kornacki and his big board break down where we are after 200 million shots in 92 days. Guests: Rep. Cori Bush, Damon Hewitt, Sen. Cory Booker, Ari Berman, Steve Kornacki,...


Derek Chauvin found guilty on all counts

Chris Hayes discusses the jury verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin trial in George Floyd's death. Guests: Nikole Hannah-Jones, Sherrilyn Ifill, Ibram Kendi, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Phillip Atiba Goff, Patrick Skinner, Sen. Raphael Warnock


Jury begins deliberation in Chauvin murder trial

Tonight: The lawyers have all made their cases, and now the whole world waits as a jury of Derek Chauvin's peers will decide his fate. Then, Rep. Ilhan Omar on justice for George Floyd, the Biden refugee cap, and why Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the “America First” caucus. And as all U.S. adults become eligible for a vaccine, why it's no longer the lack of supply that will hurt us—but the hesitancy. Guests: Jelani Cobb, Katie Phang, Jake Sherman, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Dr....


“Oath Keeper” agrees to cooperate with feds in Capitol riot plea deal

Tonight: The Big Lie that spurred the insurrection is a Republican campaign slogan. Plus, a founding member of a militia group pleads guilty to breaching the Capitol. Then, another horrific mass shooting, another reminder of the exceptional violence in America. And the new "America First" caucus in Washington with what sure looks like an outright white nationalist agenda. Guests: Jaime Harrison, Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, Josie Duffy Rice, Jia Lynn Yang, Adam Serwer


Chris Hayes: The cost of right-wing media's Covid lies

Tonight: From wild ranting in Congress to vaccine skeptics on cable, the right wing industrial complex harming America's pandemic response. Then, today's big hearing about the failed response to the Capitol attack. Plus, more protests in Minnesota as the man charged with George Floyd's murder remains silent. And Sen. Ed Markey on his new bill to restore balance in the nation's highest court. Guests: Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Sarah Cahlan, Antonia Hylton, David Henderson, Senator Ed...