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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Supreme Court ends constitutional right to an abortion

Guests: Melissa Murray, Rebecca Traister, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, State Sen. London Lamar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Northup The Supreme Court ends the right to an abortion. Tonight: The unprecedented decision from the Court, the states that are already banning abortion access, and the battle to get it back.


Arizona's Rusty Bowers says he would vote for Trump again despite coup plot

Guests: Mona Charen, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Sen. Chris Murphy Tonight: He refused to break the law for Trump and in return he got the mob. Yet in spite of the threats, and in spite of what the ex-president tried to make him do, this January 6 witness says he'll vote for Trump again. Plus: what we'll learn tomorrow about Trump's attempt to use the Justice Department to hang on to power. Then, Senator Chris Murphy on a big step forward for gun safety.


Partner of fallen Capitol officer: Trump to blame for deaths of Jan. 6 victims

Guests: Michell Goldberg, Azi Paybarah, Harry Litman, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Sandra Garza The MAGA threat to other Republicans—and Donald Trump's role in stoking the violence. Tonight: Jan. 6 committee member Zoe Lofgren on the growing danger. Plus, Harry Litman on the difficulties of prosecuting the ex-president. And Sandra Garza on Trump's culpability in the death of her partner Officer Brian Sicknick.


Proud Boys document shows detailed Jan. 6 plan to occupy government buildings

Guests: Ryan Reilly, Danya Perry, George Conway, Rep. Adam Schiff, Parker Molloy A blueprint for the attack on the Capitol. Tonight: The new document from the Proud Boys detailing their plan for January 6. Then, how one of the rioters got a tour of the Capitol from a Republican congressman the day before the insurrection. Plus, the planned hearing tomorrow focusing on Vice President Mike Pence. And the real-life consequences of the big lie on a local election in New Mexico.


Chris Hayes: How ‘Team Normal’ enabled Trump and his Big Lie

Guests: Denver Riggleman, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Steve Kornacki, Sen. Chris Murphy They all knew. And didn't say anything at the time. Tonight: What we're learning about the complicity of the people surrounding Trump as he peddled his Big Lie. Then, a big endorsement for the bipartisan gun proposal. Plus, it's election night in America—and another big test of the Trump brand.


Here’s everything we learned from the first January 6 hearing

Guest: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ari Melber, Danya Perry, Ben Collins, Charles Blow The January 6th committee tells the world: Donald Trump led the attempted coup. Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on the big new things we learned on night one—and what they say about Donald Trump's consciousness of guilt. Plus, what the incredibly focus on two Trump militia groups says about what's to come. And how Trump's propaganda TV network keeps finding new ways to launder a coup.


News from Chris: How to Listen to The January 6th Hearings

Chris Hayes will be contributing to MSNBC’s special coverage of the January 6th Hearings this month, beginning on Thursday, June 9th. Good news: you can listen to the full hearings, plus the team’s analysis before and after each hearing, as podcasts. The episodes will be dropping into The Rachel Maddow Show feed. Head there now and hit “follow” so you don’t miss a moment:


He won’t talk to the Jan. 6 panel. So why is Mo Brooks talking to Chris Hayes?

Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Norm Eisen, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, Claire McCaskill, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Jill Wine-Banks, Keith Ellison Tonight on a special edition of All In: One year, five months and three days ago. It wasn't a protest that spun out of control. It was the violent culmination of an attempt to steal the presidency. This week, for the first time the nation will hear the evidence live in primetime. And tonight we’ll talk to the people on the frontlines...


Chris Hayes: Why Fox News doesn’t want to air the truth about Jan. 6

Guests: George Conway, Steve Kornacki, Jocelyn Benson, Sen. Amy Klobuchar Tonight: Why the Fox News channel has chosen to shield viewers from the truth about Jan. 6—and what it means for American democracy. Plus, why Michigan state police are investigating voting machines as the probe of system breaches by Trump allies widens. Then, a high profile appeal for federal action to curb gun violence on behalf of a grieving community. And as polls begin to close, Steve Kornacki is here with all...


Proud Boys leader, 4 top members charged with seditious conspiracy over Jan. 6

Guests: Barbara McQuade, Ryan Reilly, Noah Bookbinder, Marc Elias, Mayor Aftab Pureval Brand new seditious conspiracy charges against Proud Boys leaders as Proud Boys take over the Republican party in a major American city. Tonight: What we know about the widening DOJ case—and how the forces of violence and authoritarianism continue to take hold in America. Then, three days before the first primetime hearing, how the January 6th committee is building the case that Trump committed a crime....


Pence aide warned Secret Service of threat against VP posed by Trump: report

Guests: Olivia Troye, Rep. Joe Neguse, Ari Melber, Jeh Johnson One day before January 6th, the vice president's chief of staff warned security detail that the president was going to publicly turn against Mike Pence and put his personal security at risk. Tonight, former Pence aide Olivia Troye on confirmation of her worst fears. Former impeachment manager Joe Neguse on why we didn't know this during the impeachment trial. And former DHS secretary Jeh Johnson on what this means about how...


The Biden push for action against gun violence

Chris Hayes reacts to President Biden’s national address calling for action on gun control.


Mass shooting in Tulsa 8 days after Uvalde school shooting

Guests: Julia Ainsley, George Conway, Heidi Przybyla, David Wallace-Wells The obscene blame game in Uvalde devolves again. Tonight: How law enforcement got it wrong when they blamed a teacher—and why this investigation remains so chaotic. Then, shocking new reporting on the Republican plan for Election Day chaos in a key battleground state. Plus, George Conway on the new memo a judge ruled was part of a criminal effort to overturn the election. And as Republicans gather to prepare to launch...


What other countries could teach Ted Cruz about solving a gun crisis

Guests: Jelani Cobb, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Luke Broadwater, Danya Perry Canada boldly goes where America refuses. Tonight: What we know about how to stop the American gun crisis—and what's being done about it. Then, is justice finally catching up to a man who all but admitted to plotting a coup on national television? The big new sign that the Department of Justice is escalating their Jan. 6th investigation. And as the right's counter-Mueller probe goes “poof” today—how the Republican...


Chris Hayes: NRA’s ‘good guy with a gun’ theory failed in real time in Uvalde

Guests: Mike Collier, Tim Mak, Rep. Lucy McBath, Michelle Goldberg, Andrew Exum The architects of the system that failed celebrate guns in Houston before facing the truth in Uvalde. Tonight: What we now know about the police failure and the policy failure that led to mass murder in a Texas school.


'Enraging': Chris Hayes on dystopian call to ‘harden the schools’ after shootings

Guests: Dana Goldstein, Ken Dilanian, Kerry Sanders, Marq Claxton, Sen. Tammy Duckworth Massive new questions about the timeline of the school shooting as dystopian distractions to actual solutions continue. Tonight: What we're learning about what actually happened in Uvalde. How school security—ramped up in the wake of previous mass murders—continues to fail. Why law enforcement concerns about more guns keep getting ignored. And as the architects of America's gun crisis meet at the NRA...


Why America's gun problem is worse than any other country, by the numbers

Guests: Julian Castro, Suzanne Gamboa, Ryan Busse, David Hogg The President announces a visit to Texas as we learn the names and see the faces of the children and adults shot and killed in an elementary school. Tonight: As the NRA heads to Texas, the uniquely American crisis of guns in this country. Plus, a former firearms executive on what he calls his “battle against the industry that radicalized America. And David Hogg on the possibility for progress.


Pence campaigns against Trump-backed candidate for Georgia governor

Guests: Ian Bassin, Amy Gardner, Tim Miller, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Cecile Richards As Republicans prepare to go to the polls in Georgia, it's Trump versus Pence. The former president backing one candidate for governor and the former vice president backing another. Tonight: Why the future of election integrity in Georgia is on the ballot—and why for Trump it’s personal. Then, the impact of the threat to abortion as Texans head to the polls. And new reporting that the January 6th committee will...


Ginni Thomas pushed Arizona lawmakers to work to overturn 2020 election

Guests: Dahlia Lithwick, Adam Serwer, Marc Caputo, Mark Follman Tonight: New evidence that the wife of a Supreme Court Justice was intimately involved with Trump's coup using a fringe legal theory endorsed by her husband. Then, Adam Serwer on the stunning right-wing defense of a racist conspiracy in the wake of Buffalo. Plus, jaw dropping new data on the explosion of hand guns in America. And ahead of the next big primary in Georgia, how the disgraced ex-president is chucking an old friend...


Hayes: If Dems are doing anything right, billionaires should be voting Republican

Guests: Robert Reich, Eric Holder, Ivo Daalder The Republicans blaming Biden on baby formula while voting against a bill to address the shortage. Then, as yet another Republican congressman gets called before the January 6th committee, Eric Holder on the threats to American democracy—and who should be held accountable. Plus, the dangers of redistricting in the Democratic party. And the "Welcome to NATO" party at the White House.