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An AARP Take On Today is news you can use about health, work, money, aging, entertainment and more.








[165] What is the 'COVID Reset'?; Finally, Drug Pricing Relief for Older Americans

For more than 60 years, AARP has been fighting to make prescription drugs more affordable for older Americans. Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP's CEO, weighs in on the recent signing of the Inflation Reduction Act. We also dive into new findings from AARP Research. Some people have experienced a shift in their social habits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings from AARP survey, “The COVID Reset” revealed that many adults age 50 plus have changed their perspectives on social connections. The study surveyed more than 1,900 adults ages 50 and older from across the United States on the importance, effects, and value that is placed upon social connections of different kinds due to the pandemic. Here to help us unpack the findings of the "The COVID Reset” is Patty David, Director of AARP research.


[164] Women's Mental Health in the Face of Discrimination

Every year, AARP conducts the “Mirror/Mirror Survey: Women’s Reflections on Beauty, Age and Media.” The most recent findings reveal that women are facing discrimination on a daily basis. The study surveyed more than 65-hundred women who are 18 years old or older. Here to help us unpack the findings on how discrimination affects women’s mental health is Dr. Sherry Blake, Clinical Psychologist and author of numerous works on improving health and happiness.


[163] How Older Americans Are Redefining Health and Happiness

While people recognize some of the challenges that come with growing, many older Americans have an optimistic outlook and expect their lives to improve. A survey conducted by AARP and National Geographic found Americans are redefining health and finding more happiness through shifting priorities as they grow older.


[162] A Primer on the Primary Elections

Americans across the country are ready to begin selecting their representatives in Congress and other elected offices. But some new state voting rules and restrictions are making ballot casting more complicated in much of the country. To help confront this challenge, AARP has published guides to voting in this year's primaries and general elections in every state, plus Washington, D.C, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We sit down with Khelan Bhatia, AARP voter engagement director, and Dan Gilgoff, executive editor for For more resources, go to


[161] Exposing the International Scam Machine

As you probably encounter every day, scammers are trying to reach you around the clock. Our personal information is more vulnerable than ever. In response, AARP Bulletin conducted an investigation into the inner workings of the global fraud machine. The result was the five-part cover story that you may have seen in the April issue of the Bulletin called “The Bad Guys: Who They are And How to Stop Them.” Discussing some behind-the-scenes of how this project came together is the Deputy Editor of AARP Bulletin and AARP The Magazine Neil Wertheimer.


[160] All About the Earned Income Tax Credit

The tax filing deadline is fast approaching, and there is a benefit that's new to the 2.8 million adults over age 65. It's the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC. Those who quality could receive up to $1,500 on their federal return when they file their taxes. This week, we discuss everything you need to know about the benefit with Jackie Lynn Coleman, a director at AARP Foundation who helps lead the team on expanding access to tax benefits for older adults who are living on low income.


The Do's and Don'ts of Robocalls

This week, we’re bringing back a segment from episode 42, “Cracking Down on Annoying Robocalls,” which originally ran on May 30, 2019. Kathy Stokes from AARP's Fraud Watch Network points out the crucial distinctions between legal and illegal robocalls – and discusses how to reduce them altogether. An estimated 48 billion robocalls came into the United States last year, and according to a recent AARP survey, nearly half of U.S. adults receive seven or more robocalls per week. Tune in to hear how to fight back against the flood of annoying robocalls. Visit for more information on protecting yourself from scams.


[159] The Passage of the Fraud And Scams Reduction Act, PLUS: A Digital Tool to Get Your Finances Back on Track

Scams targeting seniors have increased during the pandemic. Today, we’ll hear about new legislation called the Fraud and Scams Reduction Act, which AARP endorsed. To discuss what exactly the bill entails, we sat down with Cristina Martin Firvida, AARP Vice President of Financial Security and Consumer Affairs. We also heard from AARP's Mary Liz Burns about AARP Money Map, a new digital financial tool for all ages to build a budget, save money and manage unplanned expenses. For more information: AARP's Fraud Watch NetworkAARP Money Map


[158] Two Years of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

The pandemic cast a light on long-standing problems in nursing homes, such as staffing shortages and poor infection control. Although the COVID case rates are falling, nursing home advocates such as our guest, AARP Public Policy Institute Vice President Susan Reinhard, say that these problems will not disappear without intervention. For more information: AARP Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard Blog -- COVID-19 at Two Years: Lessons for the Future Plus: Register for AARP Celebrates You! It's a free online festival with friends old and new. This free online event will be filled with celebrity chats from your favorites like Dolly Parton, James Patterson, Ty Pennington and Sanjay Gupta. You'll hear an exclusive concert with the legendary Sir Rod Stewart, see an iconic movie introduced by Gary Sinise, join in a live dance party with Gloria Gaynor, the Commodores, and DJ Jazzy Jeff -- and so much more. Go to to see the full 28-session lineup.


[157] Yale Settles Suit Over Employee Wellness Program

In July of 2019, AARP Foundation filed a class action lawsuit against Yale University. This month, after almost three years, the case was finally settled. The lawsuit alleged that certain university workers and their families were required to participate in the school’s employee wellness program. Some employees faced fees of $1,300 per year if they did not participate in the program. We discuss the conclusion of the lawsuit with Dara S. Smith, senior attorney for AARP Foundation. Plus: Register for AARP Celebrates You! It's a free online festival with friends old and new. This 3-day virtual event will be filled with celebrity chats — Tina Fey and Amy Poehler; Dolly Parton, James Patterson and Louise Penny; Valerie Bertinelli; Sanjay Gupta, M.D.; and Ty Pennington, a special screening of the movie Forrest Gump, and a live Motown dance party with the Commodores, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Gloria Gaynor. Reserve your spot today – and get ready to party with AARP!


[156] The Myth of Age-Related Weight Gain

Many of us struggle with weight gain as we age. You may be eating healthfully and exercising just as much, but you’re still gaining weight. Science has learned that this happens not because your metabolism is slower – something else is going on. On today’s show, Stephen Perrine, author of new book The Whole Body Reset, explains how extra protein eaten at the right time could be the solution that can keep fat off and muscle on.


[155] Take Command of Your Digital Clutter! Plus: An Update on the 3G Shutdown

The same approach that you would take to decluttering your closet can be applied to your smartphone applications. Today, Ed Baig, a contributing writer for AARP and co-author of the book “iPhone for Dummies,” explains why people should want to organize their phone applications and provide us with efficient ways to do it. We also provide an update on the shutdown of 3G across the country. If you have a medical device, home alarm system, medical alert bracelet, older cell phone, or a GPS navigating system, you may lose service without realizing it. Or you might have lost it already. For more information: Phasing Out of 3G, an online discussion forum led by Senior Planet AARP article:Phone companies to end 3G service AARP article:6 Tips to help you organize your apps


[154] Balancing the Stresses and Joys of Caregiving

Caring for a family member is one of the most important roles you could take on. But it comes with many conflicting feelings. Reports tell us caregivers’ positive emotions often coexist with feelings of isolation or stress. Not to mention financial strain. Still, many feel that the role gives them a sense of purpose. In this episode, Rita Choula, the Director of Caregiving for AARP Public Policy Institute, shares her experience as a family caregiver with a special eye toward the lives of African American caregivers.


[153] 3G is Ending Soon -- And Millions of Medical Devices, Too

You might have seen advertisements from cell phone providers to switch and upgrade your network to 5G. It is an upgrade that will bring better service and faster download speeds on mobile. However, the carriers plan to shut down 3G networks to make room for the upgrade this year. Millions of devices, such as smoke alarms and personal emergency response systems, continue to depend on 3G, leaving countless older adults potentially without service. Today Bill Signer, a lobbyist for the Alarm Industry Communications Committee, explains how this change will negatively impact millions. We'll also hear from AARP's Danielle Arigoni on what you can do to prepare. For more information:


[152] Sharing a Moment of Joy with the Cupid Crew

Valentine's Day is almost here! It’s become a tradition to spread love to socially isolated older adults in the community come February through the Cupid Crew, a project by Wish of a Lifetime from AARP. Girl Scouts of the USA, volunteers and schools across the country join what’s known as the Cupid Crew. They write heartfelt messages on personalized greeting cards, and send them to socially isolated older adults. The goal is to deliver a quarter million cards this year. On today’s show, we sat down with Cupid Crew founder, Olympic gold medalist Jeremy Bloom to discuss how his organization is warming hearts letter by letter. We also hear from Girl Scout member Kayla and Troop Leader Karen on how the Girl Scouts and Cupid Crew became involved. Learn how you can get involved: Cupid Crew - Wish of a Lifetime


[151] Is It The Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle?

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of job openings in the U.S. was over 10 million at the end of 2021. Some are calling this trend the Great Resignation. And some are thinking about it differently. We caught up with AARP Vice President of Financial Resiliency Susan Weinstock to discuss how exactly older workers fit in and what they can do to improve their chances in the job market.


Coronavirus Teletown Hall: Variants, Boosters & Self Care, Part 2

The continued spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant, coupled with the start of flu season, is increasing concerns for many older adults. This live event addressed the uncertainty surrounding boosters and how to keep you and your family safe from other breakthrough infections. The Experts: Steven C. Johnson, M.D. Jane Strommen, Ph.D. Nancy LeaMond


Coronavirus Teletown Hall: Variants, Boosters & Self Care, Part 1

Originally recorded live on September 23, 2021 The continued spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant, coupled with the start of flu season, is increasing concerns for many older adults. This live event addressed the uncertainty surrounding boosters and how to keep you and your family safe from other breakthrough infections. The Experts: Steven C. Johnson, M.D. Jane Strommen, Ph.D. Nancy LeaMond


[150] Your Inflation-Busting Options for Retirement Savings

It’s hard to miss the effects of inflation. Whether you’re at the gas pump or at the grocery store, you’ve probably noticed goods are getting more expensive. We turn to John Waggoner, senior writer and finance journalist. He covers all things financial at AARP, and he says there’s plenty you can do. On today's show, we discuss some ways you can help improve the value of your money. Not only that, but we go over what might not work. For more information: A Primer on Inflation from AARP Series I Savings Bonds from the U.S. Treasury


[149] Betty White on Ageism: “Get Over It!”

Betty White was ready to celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17th. But on New Year’s Eve, she died peacefully in her sleep. She lit television screens, and made us laugh in her seven decades as an actor and comedian. For us here at AARP, Betty White is also a she-ro of sorts. She embraced aging with positivity, and with humor. This week, we sat down with AARP film critic Tim Appelo to discuss the ways Betty White rose above Hollywood ageism.