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Come behind the scenes in the Guardian Australia newsroom

Come behind the scenes in the Guardian Australia newsroom
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Come behind the scenes in the Guardian Australia newsroom




Introducing Breathless: The Death of David Dungay Jnr

Indigenous man David Dungay Jr died in Sydney’s Long Bay jail after a disagreement about a packet of biscuits. Our new podcast explores the questions his death raises about the use of medical restraint and tranquillisers Listen to Breathless, episode 2: Brothers Listen to Breathless, episode 3: Life Inside


How did we start Guardian Australia? Behind the lines podcast

In 2012 Katharine Viner’s editor, Alan Rusbridger, took her aside and proposed starting a branch of the Guardian in Australia. A few months later she met the people who would become her first local journalists: Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy. In this special podcast Taylor talks to Viner – now the Guardian’s global editor-in-chief – and the founding chief executive of Guardian Australia, Ian McClelland, about the first five years of Guardian Australia


Tim Winton on men, boys and writing 'with my heart in my mouth' – Behind the Lines podcast

In a speech recorded in March at The School of Life in Melbourne, the Australian author explains how writing The Shepherd’s Hut got him thinking about the boys that get left behind • Tim Winton on how toxic masculinity is shackling men to misogyny


Introducing Common Ground – Behind the Lines podcast

Gabrielle Jackson introduces you to our latest Guardian Australia podcast: Common Ground. Lenore Taylor and Rebecca Huntley bring four very different Australians together to find out where their views come from


Brigid Delaney on wellness: yoga, colonics and 'the commodification of spirituality' – Behind the Lines podcast

The Guardian columnist Brigid Delaney talks with Gabrielle Jackson and Bonnie Malkin about the highs and lows of the years she spent researching her new book Wellmania. Delaney talks about how retreats and yoga have worked for her … but bird-poo facials not so much. She says she has become alert to the ‘savage and savvy business people’ in a ‘multitrillion-dollar industry’ but recommends the value that being quiet and disconnected from the phone can bring. ‘It’s definitely made me more aware...


Sexual assault and Australian universities: how big is the problem? – Behind the Lines podcast

‘This is not a feminist issue. This is a public health issue,’ says Amy Ziering on the prevalence of sexual assault on university campuses in the USA. She was speaking on a panel to discuss her 2015 documentary, The Hunting Ground, which will air on ABC2 this week. But is any of the film relevant to Australia? A panel including Karen Willis, Allison Henry, Mariam Mohammad, Anna Hush, Katie Thorburn and Gabrielle Jackson talk through the issues


'Trump can't stop progress on climate change' – Behind the Lines podcast

With action in countries around the world and on the ground at a state level in the US, is Donald Trump’s position on climate change irrelevant? Martijn Wilder, from Baker & McKenzie and Greg Bourne previously the regional president for BP Australia and the CEO of WWF Australia join Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor to discuss the future of the energy market. Has the market already leapfrogged political debate?


Black Lives Matter: 'We're trying to re-imagine humanity' – Behind the Lines podcast

Calla Wahlquist talks to Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and Aboriginal activist Latoya Rule, whose brother Wayne Morrison died in custody in South Australia last year. As the Sydney peace prize is awarded to the Black Lives Matters movement, Cullors discusses the formation and philosophy of the movement while Rule explains how the group has influenced campaigns for Indigenous justice in Australia


Katharine Viner and Lenore Taylor: Does the truth matter? - Behind The Lines Podcast

The ABC’s Mark Colvin joins Guardian’s editor-in-chief Katharine Viner and Guardian Australia’s editor Lenore Taylor to discuss the changing face of journalism. They examine Donald Trump’s presidency and the difficulty the media has in holding him to account, as well as the rise of social media networks that provide mass audiences to media organisations while taking increasingly large amounts of advertising revenue. What will the future of the Guardian and journalism be?


Thomas Frank: Donald Trump is right but a hypocrite – Behind the Lines podcast

When the US president talked about ‘the forgotten men and women of our country, people who work hard but no longer have a voice’ he connected with voters. After his winning pitch to the working class have the Democrats lost their relevance? And did Barack Obama miss the chance to create true change?


How 'alt-right' ideology leaked into mainstream Australian politics – Behind the Lines podcast

Guardian columnist Jason Wilson explores the rise of the ‘alt-right’. In conversation with Bridie Jabour and Gabrielle Jackson he describes how Richard Spencer coined the term to represent a ‘big tent’ for dissident rightwing thinkers. Wilson argues that the line between the far-right and mainstream conservatives has since become blurred in Australia


The lighter side of 2016 – Behind the Lines podcast

We look at the biggest news stories of 2016 that were ‘not really news’. From Harambe’s rise to meme stardom to Pokémon Go and Taylor Swift, Guardian staff discuss some of the year’s cultural phenomena


Ms Dhu: how an Aboriginal death in custody unfolded – Behind the Lines podcast

Calla Wahlquist explores the timeline of Ms Dhu’s detainment and how she was misdiagnosed. We also hear from Ms Dhu’s grandmother and uncle on the impact of her death and why it’s important for everyone to watch the footage of what happened to her • Ms Dhu endured ‘inhumane treatment’ by police before death in custody – coroner • Ms Dhu’s inquest shines spotlight on failures but will it prompt change?


What is your teenager doing online? – Behind the lines podcast

We talk to teenagers about what they were doing on the internet in their formative years and how their parents trying to protect them led to them using the internet in secret. How can parents protect their kids without being resented?


'We need a moratorium on all coalmines': Naomi Klein in conversation – Behind the Lines podcast

On a Sydney Peace Prize panel moderated by Guardian Australia editor Lenore Taylor, the author Naomi Klein, anti-Carmichael coalmine campaigner Murrawah Johnson, climate action leader Maria Tiimon Chi- Fang, Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Nadine Flood and GetUp! human rights campaigner Shen Narayanasamy discuss the need to transition to a post-carbon Australia. Naomi Klein at the Great Barrier Reef: what have we left for our children? – video


'All they see is your race, because that is what's written on your body' | Christina Ho

It’s impossible to talk about rising pressure in education without addressing the elephant in the room, that is, the prevalence of children of Asian background working overtime for their excellent academic outcomes in our schools, particularly our selective schools. People are reluctant to address this head on, because invariably an accusation of racism – or actual racism – will follow. Lucy Clark spoke to Dr Christina Ho from UTS about her latest research in a Guardian Australia Behind the...


Pauline Hanson voters speak: 'I'm utterly disappointed in the way our country is run' – Behind the Lines podcast

There has been plenty of speculation about why One Nation supporters voted the way they did in the 2016 federal election. Bridie Jabour asks the voters themselves for the Behind the Lines podcast and the answers are complicated – and surprising • Meeting Pauline Hanson’s voters: silent screamers find their voice • Comprehending Pauline is not the problem. Engaging constructively with Hansonism is | Katharine Murphy • First Dog on the Moon | A cartoon about Pauline Hanson voters. What are...


David Marr at Fodi: can we solve the asylum seeker crisis? – Behind the Lines podcast

Could a simple change to the law make a difference for asylum seekers in Australia? Or do we need to stop acting as though there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ types of refugees? David Marr, Shukufa Tahiri, Jane McAdam, Daniel Webb and Geoff Gilbert explore alternative solutions to the current situation for asylum seekers in Australia


How Guardian Australia broke the Nauru files story – Behind the Lines podcast

What’s it like combing through thousands of reports of abuse? Bridie Jabour talks to Paul Farrell, Helen Davidson and Nick Evershed about the investigation, how the project came together and why reporters used to covering immigration and child cruelty cases still found themselves shocked by what they read. ‘If this happened in an institution on the Australian mainland it would be shut down the next day,’ Evershed says


Dr Munjed Al Muderis' journey to Australia – Behind the Lines podcast

Dr Munjed Al Muderis lived very comfortably in Iraq but what led him to leave as a traitor? Today he is an inspiring doctor who specialises in crafting new limbs for amputees but to get here he risked a dangerous journey by boat and a long stay in detention. He tells the story behind his Dear Australia video