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Episode 27 - SCOTUS Maximus

This week! The drama in the Supreme Court as Justice Kennedy leaves an open seat, which is also an open wound for the left. Not-so-coincidentally, searches for RGB's health were on the rise. The boys also dig deep on Solo and the unfolding Iger-Kennedy situation under the Disney umbrella. Grab a beer and have a seat! Let's talk this week's crazy!


Episode 26: Babies on the Border

This week! Brent has a puckered butt, kids in cages on the border, and... Well, that's mostly it. We dive into Time's fake child crisis photo scandal and the outrage that accompanies the situation. Of course we cover the actions of President Trump during the whole shenanigan. Grab a beer and buckle up! This one's a ride!


Episode 25 - Primary Instincts

This week! The crew discusses the results of the California Primary elections, the new California water usage caps, Conway and the "commander of cheese", Alice Marie Johnson's release from prison after the Kardashian meeting, a high speed tank chase, and... Howard Schultz for president? Grab a beer and strap in!


Episode 24 - The Stars and Barrs

This week! Roseanne bamboozles herself and other celebrities jump in on the hodgepodge in attempts for their own publicity. The boys talk the NBA finals. President Trump signs the Right to Try bill and more! Grab a beer and sit down for Episode 24 - The Stars and Barrs!


Episode 23 - Tiny Little Controversies, Part 2

This week! Our expectations for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the new NFL no-kneel rule, the latest Twitter ruling over President Trump, and more on Episode 23 - Tiny little Controversies, Part 2!


Episode 22 - Tabloids and Trash Heaps

The tabloid nature of news and politics is pretty much the story of politics throughout history, but in our current era it's in overdrive. From Stormy Daniels to Twitter blasts, it's constant craziness. For every significant achievement, or major potential moment, there's a media frenzy. And, while some of this is the fault of the president, some of it is the obsessive media frenzy. There's an obvious objective within the media to play at politics. This episode also includes an update on...


Vignette 3 - California Solar Panel Policy

A new solar panel policy is being put forward in the golden state. It would require new homes to be outfitted with the technology beginning in 2020. Should the state of California involve itself further in the solar panel market? Only 15-20% of new homes are currently including solar panels in their construction process. Is it morally responsible to force that percentage to increase on behalf of environmental and energy efficiency concerns? Should California bureaucrats be increasing...


Vignette 2 - Sawant Your Money, Jeff!

Vignette 2! Seattle City Council member and vocal socialist Kshama Sawant continues to push for a head tax against Amazon. She drives the narrative in a press conference held in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood. Sawant is met by vocal and passionate construction workers looking to drown out her message with their "No head tax" chants. While Sawant claims to be on their side, Boozed & Bothered's own Daddy claims she's out of touch. Grab a beer and dive right in to the second episode...


Episode 21 - B-Yeezy

This week! The boys are joined by Rosé Rob! The savvy socialist and newest friend of the show! They boys dive right into Kanye's latest philosophical roller coaster, Michelle Wolf's correspondence keynote at the White House, the ever developing story of peace (hopefully) on the Korean peninsula, and some unplanned, but juicy debate. We get boozed, we get bothered, we stay saucy, and Johnny and Rob go head-to-head in a debate that we think should be a model for discourse in America. Grab...


Vignette 1 - Mueller Over It

In our first single topic vignette-cast, Adam joins Johnny from West Hollywood over the phone to talk about the investigation into the Trump presidency and the suspected Russian Collusion.


Episode XX - Airstrikes and a Coffee Black

This week! We're joined by our first lovely lady guest, Shanna (finally)! We dive into the Starbucks controversy, the airstrikes on Syria, Trump's denuclearization talks with Kim Jong Un, and the death of Barbara Bush. Grab a drink and saddle up for episode 20, aka, EP XX of Boozed & Bothered!


Episode 19 - The Zuckerberg Trials

This week! Johnny and Sean dive right in with the latest development in the latest try in splitting up California. They also discuss the Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Capitol Hill in D.C., the ongoing confusion in wanting to pull out of Syria to now wanting to bomb it (probably Bolton's need to flay men), and, as always, beer. Grab a brew and saddle up for Episode 19, The Zuckerberg Trials!


Episode 18 - Drinking on the Edge of a Bridge to Nowhere

This week! More ranting about the ongoing gun control narrative in America, the recent shootings at YouTube HQ, we list off and talk about our favorite Democrats as a tribute since we often find ourselves railing against the Dems, term limits or the lack thereof, America being ready for a female president, Trump's desires and actions in regards to protecting the border with the National Guard, and more!


Episode 17 - Barr and Barrel

This week! The boys are joined by another friend of the show this week, Anthony. While the Hogg roast in Florida continues to cook up controversy and nonsense, the crew talks about Roseanne’s return, brew tours, guns, and yes…we even touch on Hogg-warts and his bully pulpit. Join us for rambles and rumbles, revelations and revolutions, all with beers in hand.


Episode 16 - I-5 and the Red Army

This week! Johnathan and Sean are joined by Brent, another friend of the show. The boys dive into healthcare, the latest BLM protests in Sacramento on I-5, socialism, the GOP spending bill and Senator Rand Paul's opposition to it, the latest privacy controversy with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and the fight between Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden.


Episode 15 - Teen Spirit and Daddy Lamb

This week! Johnathan, Matt, and Sean discuss the recent push in the gun control narrative with the student walkouts and spend some time discussing the newest representative in the house: Conor Lamb (D-PA),


Episode 14 - Oscar’s Grouchy, and He has Four Nuts

This week! The boys discuss the Oscars, the continuing Russia Probe, North Korea's peace talks with South Korea, and their favorite and least favorite films of the year.


Episode 13 - The Bros and Cons of Social Justice

This week! The experiment continues. As we iterate over our form this week, we're happy to say that the whole gang is in! Johnny, Sean, Rob, and Matt talk about some of the news and then delve into their feelings and ideas on the multitude of social justice movements along with the rise of cost of living around the nation's urban centers.


Episode 12 - So, What You're Saying Is...

This week! A pivot! Our original mission here at Boozed & Bothered was always to bring discourse into a positive light. It's okay to disagree and still be friends, neighbors, even lovers. So, we ditch the news and rustle each others' jimmies in some debate! The topics this week are military occupation and invasion along with gun control... sort of. Tune in for the sarcasm, the jokes, the beer, the jerky, and the army of straw men (or straw "people", as Trudeau says), as Johnny, Matt, and...


Episode 11 - Dragons and Dum-dums

This week! We are joined by our newest correspondent and guest, Matt! The Vatican's controversial warming of relations with the Chinese as the Pope begins to accept Chinese government appointed clergy members, the politics of the Olympic games, Trump and Stormy sitting in a tree, Rob Porter, DACA drags on, and Trump brings his budget late to the game. Buckle up, Boozers. It's our longest one yet.