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Cincinnati Edition covers topics from regional government to business, education, health, technology and the arts.

Cincinnati Edition covers topics from regional government to business, education, health, technology and the arts.


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Cincinnati Edition covers topics from regional government to business, education, health, technology and the arts.






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Republican Revision Of Jan. 6 Insurrection And More To Discuss With Ken Rudin

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins Cincinnati Edition for a full hour.


Is Poison Ivy Getting Stronger? And More To Discuss With Gardening Experts

On Cincinnati Edition 's monthly gardening show, live at noon Wednesday, we will take your phone calls at 513-419-7100 and emails at for the full hour. One current area of concern is the possibility that climate change is "super-charging" poison ivy.


Eco-Anxiety Over Climate Change Is A Growing Problem, But Help Is Out There

For the past year the world has been gripped by a global pandemic. Face masks and social distancing have become a part of daily life. But for much longer, the world has been impacted by another crisis that also impacts daily life and threatens our health and the well-being of future generations: the climate crisis.


Netflix Series 'Amend' Features Jim Obergefell's Landmark Case

The landmark Supreme Court case the made same sex marriage legal in the United States is the focus of one episode of the new Netflix documentary Amend . And the plaintiff in that case - Jim Obergefell of Cincinnati - shares his story in the documentary, along with his lawyer Al Gerhardstein.


COVID-19 Cases Rising Due To The Delta Variant

With vaccination rates flat and COVID-19 cases rising, due in large part to the more highly transmissible Delta variant, the CDC is thinking about changing its guidance on masks for people who are vaccinated. New cases of COVID-19 have doubled over the last two weeks, and surges are concentrated in areas where vaccinations remain low.


Traffic Calming, A New Park And New Development Planned For Westwood

Cincinnati's largest neighborhood has seen significant private and public investment in recent years to bring new development to the community. In Westwood, the Madcap Productions Puppet Theatre moved into the historic former Cincinnati Bell Telephone exchange in 2018. An old Rambler dealership became the new home of West Side Brewing in 2017, and the Nation Kitchen and Bar took over a former firehouse. Additionally, the Great Parks of Hamilton County has plans for a 22-acre park and urban...


How Has The Pandemic Impacted Those Experiencing Addiction Issues?

Almost one in 10 residents in Greater Cincinnati reported they know someone who has relapsed into addiction or suffered a drug overdose during the height of the pandemic last year, a new study suggests.


CPS Uncertain On Masks, HB 6 Fallout Continues And More Top Stories

On Cincinnati Edition's weekly news review Friday at noon:


Feds Charge FirstEnergy In Bribery Scheme Tied To HB 6

Federal investigators on Thursday charged FirstEnergy Corp. with conspiring to commit honest services wire fraud. The company has agreed to pay a $230 million monetary penalty.


Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Underway For Children As New School Year Approaches

As parents and students gear up to go back to school next month, there is uncertainty about whether public schools will be able to require vaccines against COVID-19.


Open Records Keep Government Transparent. After Local Corruption Scandals, Are They Working Here?

The right to know how various government entities conduct their business is a cornerstone of democracy. That's why each state in the U.S. has laws stipulating that local governments must divulge most public records in a timely and complete manner.


President Biden Visits Cincinnati Wednesday

President Joe Biden makes his first presidential visit to Cincinnati on Wednesday. He'll speak at a CNN town hall at Mount St. Joseph University. The president is expected to cover the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy. This is his third trip to Ohio as president and many will be watching to see if infrastructure will come up in his talk as our region deals with the failing Brent Spence Bridge.


The Push To Expand Doula Access For Ohio Mothers

Ohio lawmakers have drafted new legislation that would provide greater access for mothers to doulas during the birthing process. Could this new bill, H.B. 142, be another step in preventing infant mortality statewide, particularly among families of color?


The Checks Are Arriving And It Could Cut The Child Poverty Rate Nearly In Half

American families are starting see their first monthly checks as a result of a historic expansion of the child tax credit. The expansion in March means that families will now be eligible to receive up to $300 a month per child. It could have a major impact on the child poverty rate nationwide.


Latest Jobs Report Shows Economy Picking Up The Pace

The June jobs report is out and the U.S. economy added 850,000 jobs last month. It's an encouraging pickup from the slower pace of jobs growth over the past three months and a sign that overall economic growth is tracking stronger than in the first quarter of the year.


How The Pandemic's Work-From-Home Trend Could Take A Bite Out Of City Budgets

You see it come out of every paycheck — that small deduction for local income taxes. But where that money goes could change soon, and that might have big implications for budgets in cities like Cincinnati.


Two Ohio Judges Argue For Better Sentencing Data

In many states including Ohio, our courts lack comprehensive data on criminal sentences. This leaves judges with no way to evaluate their sentences against similar cases says Ohio Supreme Court Justice Michael Donnelly and Hamilton County Court of Appeals Judge Pierre Bergeron, and it gives judges largely unrestrained sentencing power.


Braun Family Farm The Next Chapter For Longtime TV Anchor Rob Braun

Rob Braun is hard at work on the farm. The longtime former WKRC-TV anchor is raising cattle and growing kale and lettuce with his family in Pendleton County. Braun hung up his suit jackets for a white cowboy hat in 2019 when he left Local 12 News after decades on the anchor desk, and he isn't looking back.


Film Explores Cov Cath's 'D.C. Encounter,' Rand Paul Faces Challenge & More Top Stories

On Cincinnati Edition's weekly news review, live Friday:


After A Decade Without A Grocery Store, What Will Avondale's New Market Look Like?

Avondale, one of Cincinnati's most populous neighborhoods, has been without a dedicated grocery store since 2008. That's earned it a designation as a "food desert" and sparked calls for help from those in the community.