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Stories from Inside Energy, a public media collaboration covering America's energy issues and the space where people and power connect.

Stories from Inside Energy, a public media collaboration covering America's energy issues and the space where people and power connect.
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Stories from Inside Energy, a public media collaboration covering America's energy issues and the space where people and power connect.




Invisible Leaks: Where "Clean" Natural Gas Falls Short

A natural gas boom in the U.S. is changing the power sector in the country. It's credited with bringing down American carbon dioxide emissions more than any other factor. But, one difficult to control component of the natural gas industry threatens to undermine those gains. This audio special from Inside Energy explores the serious and persistent problem of methane leaks.


Tax Reform's Impact On Western Energy

Tax reform is going to impact renewables, oil and gas, and energy overall in the western U.S. Now that the President has signed the final tax bill into law, what does it mean for western energy? Inside Energy helps unpack.


2017 Continuing Coverage: Firestone Explosion

Four stories chronicling the growing conflict between oil and gas drilling and suburban development, in the aftermath of an April 2017 natural gas explosion in Firestone, Colorado that resulted in the death of two people. Submitted in the "Continuing Coverage" category for the 2018 RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards.


Clean Coal: Folly or the Future?

President Donald Trump has used the term “clean coal” a lot lately, but what is clean coal? Well, it can mean a lot of different things, depending who you ask. For some, it's history. For others, it's a fantasy. And for still others, it's a necessity. But could it become a reality that helps bring back coal and helps stop climate change? Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck digs deep.



An increasing number of cities are claiming they will go it alone to meet the emission reduction targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. This comes in the wake of President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris accord earlier this year. Just last week, mayors from more than 50 North American cities signed a formal agreement to reduce greenhouse gases in their communities. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce looks at how they’re doing in trying to reach those goals.


Trump Admin To Shrink Utah Monuments

President Trump is set to announce a plan to shrink the boundaries of two national monuments in Utah: Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monument, the latter created by President Obama one year ago this month. Trump’s action will mark an important milestone in the story of these two red buttes which has become an outsized symbol for a slew of western issues. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports.


Nervous About Electric Vehicle Road Trips? You’re Not Alone

The American West is known for its wide open spaces. That can make for some pretty epic road trips -- unless you have an electric vehicle and you’re stuck hours away from a charge…. Sales of E-Vs are climbing and some forecasters predict half of the vehicles sold worldwide will be electric by 2040. But, in present day, a lack of charging stations is still holding back this transportation revolution. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce reports on an agreement between Western states to try and calm...


Energy Dominance A Theme In D.C.

It’s been a busy week for lawmakers in the nation’s capital pushing their bills that fall in line with the Trump Administration’s energy dominance agenda. Congresswoman Liz Cheney is working to make it harder for federal agency’s to unilaterally approve a federal coal leasing ban. Congressman Evan Jenkins is seeking to do away with the Obama-era social cost of carbon calculation. E & E Reporter Dylan Brown walks us through what happened and why it’s important.


Cowboys, Badlands and the Meaning of Conservation

If Ryan Zinke is modeling himself after the Conservationist President, Teddy Roosevelt, then why is he making headlines for rolling back land protections? There's more of an answer there than you might think. This half-hour Inside Energy special is hosted by Leigh Paterson and reported by Dan Boyce


Oil Patch Growth Creates A Funding Nightmare

Oil Patch Growth Creates A Funding Nightmare by Inside Energy


A Potential Leader in Wind, Wyoming Holds Back

Wyoming has the sixth highest wind capacity potential in the country, but it sits at 15th in actual production. With new transmission lines and soon-to-end federal subsidies, now could be the time for Wyoming to take a leap forward in wind investment. But several barriers block the western state’s way from becoming a leader in this renewable energy.


Oil & Gas Dollars Pour Into Broomfield Ballot Fight

The oil & gas industry is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into local politics in a Denver suburb, fighting a measure that could give the town more control over drilling. This ballot question is part of a much larger fight over health, safety, policy, and state law that's playing out in towns across northern Colorado as oil and gas development moves in. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports.


The Teddy Roosevelt Legacy At Ryan Zinke's Interior Department

The Department of the Interior is outlining potential steps aimed at increasing energy production on federal lands. Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, says boosting production of resources like oil and gas creates jobs and enhances the nation’s energy security. It’s another pro-industry headline for a Secretary touting himself as not only an avid outdoorsman, but a follower of the conservation ideals of the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce...


Big Solar Projects Fear Looming Tariff

Big Solar Projects Fear Looming Tariff by Inside Energy


Another Court Agrees, Coal Companies Must Consider Climate Change

When a coal company wants to dig on federal land, the Bureau of Land Management figures out an environmental impact statement for them. They look at how exactly the new development will affect the environment. But not until recently did these documents start to include how they might affect climate change. A federal appellate court is moving the US a step closer to figuring that out.


Absent CPP, CO Plans To Keep Cutting Carbon

Today, the Trump Administration kicked off the formal process of repealing an Obama-era rule called the Clean Power Plan. But many in Colorado think the state will stay the course on reducing carbon emissions. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports.


Wyoming and Japan's Carbon Connection

Wyoming and the country of Japan are working out a relationship over coal. Wyoming wants to export that coal, and Japan wants to buy it. Both want to figure out an affordable way to clean up coal emissions. Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck reports on how this mutually beneficial relationship is facing challenges on all fronts.


Former EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Reacts To Changes In New Administration

Since January, President Trump has ordered systematic rollbacks of Obama-era environmental regulations. He’s voiced an intent to focus on energy development and jobs over environmental regulation. Many of these rules were crafted by Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency under Gina McCarthy. She was E-P-A Administrator during his second term. They focused on taking strong steps against climate change. For Inside Energy, Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim spoke with McCarthy during her...


Rural Wyoming Warms To Wind

Over eighty percent of new wind power last year went up in states that voted for President Donald Trump. It may sound strange when Trump’s aim is to bolster coal, not wind, but what red states usually promote is individual choice and a smart use of money. Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck reports that wind power - both large and small - is literally changing Wyoming’s energy landscape.


Sage Grouse Back On the Agenda

Future development on vast swaths of western land is uncertain now that sage grouse is back on the agenda. The well-being of this chicken-like bird was the focus of a hard-fought deal- a compromise, between nearly a dozen states, finalized a few years ago. Now the federal government is asking for changes to that deal with energy development and jobs in mind. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson teamed up with Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim to report on what it all means for compromise on...