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The Hit List: Boys Will Be Boys and other Weak Sauce

Welcome to the Hit List: Katie & Ronit murder concepts like “Boys will be boys,” “Now let’s hear from the sexual predator,” and “Talking about this stuff is the real problem - it’s so divisive!” Time to put “boys will be boys” to bed.Jian Gomeshi, John Hockenberry, Woody Allen and--bonus--Sean Penn convinced major publications to publish their unchecked whining. It must be so hard to live without unchecked power over women! And Katie and Ronit endorse donuts. And chips. And eating. Learn...


Respect is not Obedience

Respect is the word du jour, between Colin Kaepernick’s posture, Serena Williams’ catsuit, and things kids yell in the grocery store. When we say “respectful,” do we really mean obedient? Is the definition of respect being appropriated by bigots? Is it ever okay to tell someone, “Shut up and stay in line?” PLUS! A new quiz: “IS THAT DISRESPECTFUL” and Ronit has a very narrow-minded idea of what constitutes pizza (I’m Katie and I endorsed both this message and potatoes on pizza.) Learn more...


Asia Argento: The #metoo is Coming from Inside the House

Allegations that Asia Argento sexually abused a minor force Katie and Ronit to ask some big questions about what the #metoo movement is, what it’s perceived to be, what what it needs to become. PLUS, Monica Lewinsky continues to make self-actualization look freaking rad, Ronit’s kombucha looks like sick lemonade, and Katie has a spiritual dream connection SHUT UP it’s a thing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


FFS Let Her Wear Clothes

Forget Serena’s catsuit, what’s up with tennis skirts? Seems like the only way to avoid being punished for wearing tennis clothes is to NOT play tennis? Plus, it’s back-to-school time and uniforms are afoot except girls are much more likely than boys to be accused of violating dress code and shamed for having...well, bodies. Plus Katie and Ronit take a walk down humiliating middle school memory lane and Ronit finally makes peace with leggings. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


While the ladies are away . . . (We have a best-of show)

Ronit and Katie have left Seattle for the week to escape the smoke, so producers Tina and Sarah are here to the rescue with some of our favorite clips from past shows! Your regularly scheduled episodes will be back next week, we promise. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Missing White Woman Syndrome

Hundreds of thousands of Americans go missing each year, but the media pays special attention to a select few... and they have a lot in common. Does Missing White Woman Syndrome help or hurt when it comes to missing persons on the news? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Don’t Believe the Hype

Gendered insults are real and so are Ivanka and Melania’s cheap and complicit tricks. Ivanka and Melania are working overtime to scramble our eggs but Katie and Ronit want that ish hard-boiled. Plus, Mouthy Messy Mandatory is throwing an expletive party, but leave your gendered insults at the door! Plus! Hungry4Justice is coordinating a nationwide rolling hunger strike in solidarity with separated families. Don’t mess with hangry mamas, people....


Missions Impossible: Maternal Trauma & the Ethics of Bad Tipping

Injustice is everywhere as Katie and Ronit discuss dirt bags who don’t tip, the shared labor of a camping weekend, and the disproportionate trauma suffered by black women in childbirth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Real Beauty Billionaire

Katie and Ronit are here to celebrate Pat McGrath, self-made beauty industry billionaire and iconic NYC artist, who (no shade to Kylie) needs to be on the cover of Forbes. Plus, does Katie have a thing for Tom Cruise and other unpopular opinions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Curse of the Pink Tax

Katie and Ronit unleash their fury on the prices women have to pay because they’re, um, women. It must be because women are made of money! Plus, manly smells, one night stands, and Caprese sandwiches! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Her body, his choice?

Is it ever okay to tell a woman what to do with her body? Katie and Ronit have the answer plus Roe, Griswold, and what Kavanaugh’s appointment could mean for sex-loving American women everywhere. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Patriotism is Messy

Katie and Ronit like fireworks and grilling out as much as the next patriot but this 4th of July they’re celebrating America by refusing to ignore what’s wrong with our country. Plus, an MMM quiz about the power of activism to change the course of history. Hint: It doesn’t involve being polite, giving up, or merely hoping for change. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Big News

Katie and Ronit announce Smart Mouth, their collaboration with TYT Network and Larj Media. Smart Mouth is a new weekly show on TYT’s YouTube channel featuring news, politics, and back talk, now with lipstick! Seriously though, going on camera gave Katie and Ronit a lot to think about, like does looking good on TV matter? What does being “polished” even mean? Can a woman be taken seriously in a schmata? And more good news, Mouthy Messy Mandatory is moving to Tuesdays! Learn more about your...


Make Some Noise

Starbucks has hopped into bed with Nestle for a cool $7B. We’re generally hella chill about partnership choices but in this case, YES. We are judging. How effective are boycotts when consumers want to force corporations to act right? Plus, you know how some animals use their farts to distract predators so they can escape? Find out how our current President is channeling Planet Earth with a similar strategy in Ohio. And Chloe Dykstra’s Medium essay reminds us all that emotional abuse is real,...



Katie and Ronit struggle to keep paying attention to the news in the face of heartbreaking family separations. It’s easy to want to walk away, because it’s so ugly and it feels unsolvable, but immigration issues are LOCAL, and there are things you can do to help in your neighborhood. PLUS, hilariously “historic” “documents” from “world leaders” “Trump” and “Kim.” And it’s Pride month! But not all rainbows are created equal… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bad Robots

So many questions about Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Does she owe the sisterhood any help? How does her sex impact our perception of her character? And where does she feel things? PLUS, Jordan “Incel-Daddy” Peterson is the Obe-Wan of baby-men… but should we be calling him “dangerous”? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


1:29 The Thin White Line

Katie and Ronit’s blood rushes from their brains to their fists as they take down folksy racists like Roseanne, Jeff Sessions, and the NFL. Plus, Ireland quenches our thirst for good news and Malian superhero Mamoudou Gassama gets French citizenship as a reward, which makes us wonder “What makes a good immigrant?” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


1:28 Can We Come Back Yet?

Katie and Ronit celebrate Georgia’s Stacey Abrams, the first ever black woman to win a nomination for governor! And McDonalds and Walmart get their minimum wage arses handed to them by #TimesUp and Fight for $15. And our very first Dirtbag check-in: Where are they Now? Featuring Louis CK and R Kelly. Advice to everyone: unless they’re specifically requested, put those penises away! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


1:27 Choose the Future?

So many chances to choose the future instead of the past lately… we’re throwing a benefit, should we pick Bill Clinton or Monica Lewinsky? Georgina Chapman is alive, should we punish her for her past or let her get on with her life? Kristen Stewart is walking into the future barefoot because she is not here for old-ass dress codes at Cannes, and in the Lena showdown we are Team Waithe (#FutureLena), not Dunham (#PastLena). Um, and it's Laurel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


1:26 We Need a Hero

New York AG Eric Schneiderman was a progressive superhero… until an explosive New Yorker article outed him as a serial violent abuser. We pull apart what this means for progressive politics & whether Schneiderman’s exit is evidence of Democratic doom… or a union struggling to evolve. PLUS, a new hero emerges in Stella Nyanzi, a Ugandan activist and bona fide X-Woman, and we talk about This Is America and how we can engage with black art while staying in our nice white lady lane. YOU...