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David Winston on Searching for Significance, Pivoting for Purpose, and Living with Balance

In this episode, we talk with leader, speaker, and innovator, David Winston, about significance, shifting your plans to make room for your purpose, and balancing family life within your work. David reaches thousands daily through social media and his growing influence and positive messages are allowing him access to inject faith, empowerment, and purpose to the mainstream consciousness of society to help change lives with lasting impact.


Boise Holmes on Audition Mastery, Life as the Lion King, and Finding Your (Own) Voice

In this episode we catch up with actor, singer, and writer, Boise Holmes (www.boiseholmes.com), on the other side of globe in Hong Kong while on tour with The Lion King. In our very first international podcast we talk about how he mastered German in two months, perspectives on the often challenging audition process, why he drove a truck while pursuing his dream and how he honors his craft. We will reveal some of his non-negotiable habits that fuel his success like spiritual devotion, avid...


Marquis Hill on Music, Mentoring, and Monk

This episode is for you. Why? Well, you don't have to be an audiophile or avid listener to understand the universal language of the art form. Music often sets the stage to experience the beautiful harmony of purpose and performance. We invite you to open your hearts along with your ears to our engaging conversation with musician, Marquis Hill. Marquis Hill is the 2014 winner of the illustrious, Thelonious Monk International Trumpet Competition. Showcasing his immense talent in front of jazz...