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An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.



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Ahead of Biden & Trump's first 2024 debate, our Nightcap crew compares the campaigns' progress

With less than one week to go until the presidential candidates' first debate, our Nightcap roundtable looks at where the campaigns stand right now. Plus, the real impact of Louisiana's law about the Ten Commandments in schools. And - everyone gives their MVPs of the week. Mary Carillo, Susan Page, James Carville, and Eddie Glaude join.


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Democrats rush to block pathway for national abortion ban

Democrats are pushing to address an 1873 law they say could be used to create a national abortion ban if Trump wins. Plus, new details on the first presidential debate. And new reporting on what colleagues told the judge overseeing the Mar-a-Lago documents case. Evan McMorris-Santoro, Juanita Tolliver, Tara Setmayer, Amanda Carpenter, Joyce Vance, David Gura, and Peter Spiegel join.


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Starkly different messaging from Biden & Trump campaigns on Juneteenth

On this Juneteenth, the Biden-Harris campaign is out with a new ad focusing on African-American contributions to the nation, as Trump's team releases a five-line statement starting with "All Slaves are Free!" Then, a new warning about what far-right wants to see in a future America. Also, the White House responds to Netanyahu's accusation that the U.S. is "withholding weapons" from Israel amid its war with Hamas. Vaughn Hillyard, Molly Jong-Fast, Symone Sanders Townsend, Tim Miller, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Heather Cox Richardson, and Michael Allen join.


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Biden announces new immigration protections as first debate approaches

Joe Biden announces a new policy shielding undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens from deportation and says he'll let Trump's tax cuts expire for the wealthy if elected. Plus, Putin arrives in North Korea amidst Russia-Ukraine war. And Trump campaigns in Wisconsin, denying negative comments about Milwaukee. Peter Baker, Raul Reyes, Ali Vitali, Charlie Sykes, Cornell Belcher, Michael McFaul, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and Nathan Halverson join The 11th Hour.


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Maryland Gov. Wes Moore issues historic mass pardon for marijuana convictions

Maryland Governor Wes Moore makes history with an order to pardon some 175,000 marijuana convictions. Also, the Biden campaign launches a $50 million ad campaign that includes a focus on Donald Trump's criminal convictions. Plus, the new rules for the upcoming presidential debate include muted microphones for both candidates. And Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy calls for tobacco-style warning labels on social media platforms. Wes Moore, Charles Coleman Jr., Jon Allen, Yamiche Alcindor, Matthew Dowd, Chuck Rocha, and Jonathan Haidt join The 11th Hour.


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Our Nightcap recaps a big week in the 2024 campaign

President Biden was in Italy for the G7 following his son’s guilty verdict, while Trump returned to Capitol Hill. Plus, the Supreme Court’s big rulings on abortion medication and gun access. And of course the MVPs of the week. Hayes Brown, Gillian Tett, Alex Edelman, and Katie Benner join The 11th Hour.


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Supreme Court maintains access to abortion pill

The Supreme Court rules against restricting access to abortion pill Mifepristone - while Senate Republicans block an effort to protect access to IVF. Also, Trump promises business leaders he'll cut taxes and roll back regulations if he wins in November. Peter Baker, Jennifer Palmieri, Conor Lamb, Mark Joseph Stern, Anthea Butler, Ron Insana, Brian Schwartz, and Jared Huffman join.


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Biden travels to Italy for G7 Summit amid concerns about Trump

President Biden is in Italy for the G7 Summit, where he plans to assure allies about America’s ongoing support for Ukraine. And, Trump is set to huddle with Republicans in his first visit to Capitol Hill since the Jan. 6 riot. Evan McMorris-Santoro, Molly Jong-Fast, Max Rose, Basil Smikle, Mike Madrid, Dan Nathan, David Gura, and Ryan Holiday join The 11th Hour.


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Hunter Biden convicted in federal gun case

A Delaware jury unanimously found Hunter Biden guilty of three felony counts in his federal gun case. And, Donald Trump plans to weaponize U.S. spy services for "retribution" against domestic political opponents, warns his former national security adviser. Plus, why there's a sudden silent pushback against pride month. Susan Glasser, Mike Memoli, Harry Litman, John Bolton, Juanita Tolliver, Michael Steele, and Sarah Kate Ellis join.


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Biden admin eyes negotiating deal with Hamas to free 5 American hostages

The Biden administration considers potentially negotiating a unilateral deal with Hamas to free 5 Americans hostages taken on Oct. 7 if current talks including Israel fail. And, Trump met with his probation officer remotely from his Florida resort, benefitting from what he refers to as a "two-tiered system of justice." Plus, Steve Kerr talks about his recent endorsement of Biden for the 2024 presidential election. Charles Coleman Jr, Sam Stein, Carol Leonnig, Peter Baker, Mark McKinnon, Brian Tyler Cohen, and Steve Kerr join.


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BONUS: Season 2 of “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra”

As a bonus for listeners, we’re sharing a special preview of the second season of the award-winning original series, “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra.” In the chart-topping second season, Rachel Maddow returns to uncover the shocking history of the ultra-right’s reach into American politics. Listen to the entire first episode now, and follow the show to get the whole series: You can also subscribe to MSNBC Premium on Apple Podcasts for early access to every episode the Friday before it drops, and ad-free listening to all episodes of Ultra seasons one and two.


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On the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, President Biden warns about the threat to democracy

The president observes D-Day's 80th anniversary in France and calls on U.S. allies to defend Democracy. Plus, Steve Bannon is ordered to report to prison to serve time for contempt of congress. And, a cross-country trip in an RV to find out if America is really as divided as it seems. Mike Memoli, Luke Broadwater, Nayyera Haq, Amanda Carpenter, Max Rose, Garrett Graff, and Francis Barry join.


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Trump and allies call for 'revenge' on Democrats after his conviction in NY

President Biden visits France to mark the 80th Anniversary of D-Day as Trump and his allies call for revenge after the guilty verdict in his New York trial. Plus, a look at how Republicans in Texas are all but endorsing Trump's Project 2025. And Charlamange Tha God on the dangers of avoiding "real" conversations. Glenn Kirschner, Evan McMorris-Santoro, Molly Jong-Fast, Robert Downen, Charlamagne Tha God, Reed Galen, and Jennifer Palmieri join.


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Biden brings Trump's felony conviction into his 2024 campaign

Biden speaks out on Donald Trump's recent criminal conviction, calling the former president a "convicted felon" at a fundraiser. Plus, a presidential executive order imposes new restrictions on migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. And, a look at the potential impact of A.I. on the 2024 presidential election. Jeremy Saland, Hans Nichols, Susan Glasser, Mark McKinnon, Tim Ryan, Larry Sabato, and Josh Tyrangiel join 11th Hour tonight.


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Donald Trump calls on the U.S. Supreme Court to annul his guilty verdict

After being convicted in a historic criminal trial, Donald Trump continues to lead Republicans in attacks on the verdict. Trump is also now asking SCOTUS to intervene and cancel the jury's decision. Meanwhile, a jury was seated in Hunter Biden's federal gun charges trial. And, a look at major companies bank rolling lawmakers who spread 2020 election lies. Charles Coleman Jr., Hugo Lowell, Yamiche Alcindor, Tim Miller, Christina Greer, Noah Bookbinder, Dan Nathan, and Ron Insana join.


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Our Nightcap roundtable weighs in on Trump's criminal conviction

In this week's nightcap, our roundtable discusses the impact of the first U.S. president to ever be convicted of a crime. Plus, what does Donald Trump's conviction mean for his donors, and will it sway voters. And, what is everyone watching for in the coming weeks given the monumental news. Danny Cevallos, Tim O'Brien, Katy Tur, and John Fugelsang join.


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Jury deliberations begin in Donald Trump's New York criminal trial

The jury in Trump's New York criminal trial spent four and a half hours deliberating on Wednesday. Plus, officer Harry Dunn and fellow Jan. 6 officers are campaigning for Joe Biden. Dunn joins us to discuss. And Trump and Elon Musk are said to be forming an “alliance.” What each could gain in this election year. Harry Litman, Catherine Christian, Jeremy Saland, Molly Jong-Fast, Dan Nathan, Ron Filipkowski, and Stuart Stevens join.


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Closing arguments take place in Donald Trump's New York criminal trial

Donald Trump’s criminal case could be in the jury’s hands by Wednesday midday. Plus, the Biden campaign is getting more aggressive against Trump. Hugo Lowell, Kristy Greenberg, Joyce Vance, Susan Glasser, Hans Nichols, and Matthew Dowd join to help us get smarter.


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Nikki Haley says she will be voting for Trump in 2024 presidential race

Nikki Haley has come out publicly to say she will vote for Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race after attacking him during her GOP primary run. Plus, we breakdown Trump's threats to the FBI and what another term with the former president could mean for political violence across the U.S. And, what the future of AI could mean for education and personalized tutoring. Ankush Khardori, Molly Jong-Fast, Dave Aronberg, James Comey, Matthew Dowd, Robert Gibbs, and Salman Khan join.


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An exclusive interview with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as ICC seeks arrest warrant

Trump's lawyers rest their case in the former president's New York criminal trial, without putting Trump on the stand. Plus, an exclusive interview with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on his reaction to a potential arrest warrant from the ICC. And are there some good signs in the fight against inflation? Steph speaks with the Fed’s Austan Goolsbee. Glenn Kirschner, Susan Glasser Jon Meacham, Reed Galen, and Christina Greer also join.