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A daily dive into the top story across metro Detroit. The podcast will feature WWJ reporters, newsmakers and experts to quickly, thoroughly and entertainingly take us through the story.


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A daily dive into the top story across metro Detroit. The podcast will feature WWJ reporters, newsmakers and experts to quickly, thoroughly and entertainingly take us through the story.




Michigan’s sturgeon population is on the rise. So why is the federal government talking about coming in and taking over?

In the 1800s, the largest fish population in the Great Lakes was sturgeon. Then, they were almost fished out of existence. Now, thanks to conservation efforts, the sturgeon population is again on the rise in Michigan. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark explains why the federal government may step in. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Tornadoes and a 50 degree temperature swing in February — Is it time to change the way we think about winter in Michigan?

Snow and ice used to be the norm this time of year -- not thunderstorms and tornadoes. But yesterday, Michigan had not one, but two tornadoes after the temperature topped 70 degrees. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark wonders if what we call "winter" is even "winter" at all anymore. (PHOTO: Michigan State Police Second District)


What’s driving the drastic rise in the number of kids and young adults who are using antidepressants?

A new study published by the University of Michigan says that since March of 2020, the prescription use of antidepressants has grown 64% faster among people aged 12-25, and 130% faster in young women aged 12-17. On this Daily J, WWJ's Brian Fisher explores what has caused this increased growth rate, and whether antidepressants are the solution. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


How can someone be 40 years old and 10 at the same time? We'll find out this Leap Day

At first glance, it takes 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun. But, in reality, the journey around the sun takes 365.25 days. So, we add a day every four years to fix that. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark meets some Leap Day babies and wonders what would happen if we didn't do Leap Day. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Michigan's Presidential Primary: What it means for Trump and Biden

Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off in the 2020 Presidential election and are the favorites to meet again this fall. But before that, Michigan voters will cast primary ballots. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark wonders if this month's election even matters at all.(PHOTOS: Alex Hicks Jr./USA Today | Josh Morgan/USA Today)


The first 3D printed home in Michigan is now for sale. Is it the answer to the housing crisis?

Michigan is short about 200,000 homes, which is a massive number. Materials are expensive and so is labor. Can technology be used to solve the problem? On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark searches for the answer at the state's first 3D printed home in Detroit. (PHOTO: Zach Clark/WWJ)


What's the deal with all the fish fries in Metro Detroit? People line up by the hundreds to indulge during Lent

On Fridays during the Christian observance of Lent, those in the faith do not eat red meat. So, this time of year you'll find numerous Fish Fries at churches and social clubs. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark headed out on a Friday night to get dinner and to see what makes these events so unique. (PHOTO: Zach Clark/WWJ)


In the wake of the Kansas City shooting, what's being done to assure 300,000 people are safe in Detroit during the NFL Draft?

In the midst of celebrating back-to-back Super Bowl championships, terror struck as gunfire rang out in Kansas City, leading to one death and over a dozen injured. As all eyes shift to Detroit for the NFL Draft, WWJ's Brian Fisher wonders what is being done to ensure attendees have a fun and safe time? (Credit: David Rainey/USA Today)


"This is the best person you're going to get and this is what happens?" -- Will Dr. Devon Hoover's brutal murder ever be solved?

Dr. Devon Hoover was one of Detroit's most well-respected doctors who lived in one of the city's most beautiful mansions. All of that came crashing down last spring when he was found brutally murdered inside of his house. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Christy Strawser and Zach Clark dig into the quest for justice for Dr. Hoover. (PHOTO: Ascension Michigan; Eric Seals/USA Today)


School threats have skyrocketed in Metro Detroit. Is it up to parents, schools or kids to put a stop to it?

Last week, there were three identical school threats at three separate schools across Metro Detroit. The frequency has made the threats feel routine. But as WWJ's Zach Clark finds out on a new Daily J, there is nothing routine about these threats -- they are a HUGE problem. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Gen Z-ers say they're having a hard time finding love. Have dating apps ruined dating?

Valentine's Day is a day for showing love and appreciation for that special someone in your life. But if you're like some from Generation Z, finding love hasn't been easy. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark swipes right to find out how dating apps have turned the dating world on its head. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


Your Michigan state tax form is going to ask you to become an organ donor

Last year, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the 'Check Your Heart Act' into law, allowing residents to opt-in to becoming an organ donor on their state income tax forms — and it goes into effect this tax season. On this Daily J, WWJ's Brian Fisher explores what inspired this, and why? (Credit: Getty)


'This is like the Super Bowl of the donut world' -- While the world observes Fat Tuesday, it's Paczki Day in Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit is dotted with little donut shops. But on Fat Tuesday, you'll be hard pressed to find a donut anywhere. We eat paczki on Fat Tuesday. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark dives into the deep-fried sugary goodness of Paczki Day. (PHOTO: Zach Clak.WWJ)


From Montgomery to Michigan: The incredible story of how the Rosa Parks Bus ended up at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn has one of the most impressive historical collections in the world. One of the highlights is the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in 1955. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Annie Scaramuzzino and Zach Clark learn about the journeys of both Mrs. Parks and her bus from Alabama to Michigan. (PHOTO: Advertiser file, Montgomery Advertiser via Imagn Content Services, LLC)


How did the 'Macumb Daily' become Metro Detroit's very own version of The Onion?

Satire is one of the oldest forms of comedy in existence. Websites like The Onion have made news parody a habit. Metro Detroit has its own satire news site in the Macumb Daily. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark sits down with Michigan's 'Meme Lord'. (PHOTO: Zach Clark/WWJ)


A jury found Jennifer Crumbley responsible for her son shooting and killing four classmates. Should parents be worried?

Following an intense two-week trial, the mother of the Oxford school shooter was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark takes a look at the landmark case and what it means for parents going forward. (PHOTO: Mandi Wright/USA Today)


Michigan's safe storage law takes effect on Feb. 13 — What does it mean for gun owners, and how are people reacting?

On Feb. 13, the one-year anniversary of the deadly Michigan State University shooting, a new set of gun reform laws will go into effect in Michigan, including safe storage requirements. On this Daily J podcast, WWJ's Brian Fisher takes a look at what exactly is in the law, what it means for gun owners and how they feel about it. (PHOTO: © Mike Cardew / USA TODAY NETWORK)


Earl 'The Twirl' Cureton is the godfather of basketball in Detroit. And now the community is left without its greatest ambassador

Earl Cureton is a Detroit basketball legend, coming up through St. Cecilia's and then playing for Finney High, the University of Detroit and the Detroit Pistons. Cureton died suddenly over the weekend. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark reflects on the legendary Detroiter's life and career. (PHOTO: Junfu Han/USA Today)


Michigan's roads are in rough shape. To fund repairs, is a road usage charge the answer?

Few things, if any, are more discussed in Michigan than the condition of the state's roads. The goal is always to fix them, but that always seems just out of reach. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark looks at a new road funding option. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


As President Biden visits Michigan, his popularity is cratering. Is there anything he can do to turn things around? Or is it too late?

President Joe Biden's approval rating is hitting generational lows. Which, for Democrats is concerning with an election in 10 months. On a new Daily J, WWJ's Zach Clark wonders if there is anything the president can do to help himself as he stops in Metro Detroit. (PHOTO: Josh Morgan/USA Today)