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The Old Codger: playing 78 RPM records like they're going out of style!

The Old Codger: playing 78 RPM records like they're going out of style!


East Orange, NJ




The Old Codger: playing 78 RPM records like they're going out of style!






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He's a blowhard. And the drunker he gets, the harder he blows. from Mar 4, 2021

Horace Henderson Orchestra - "Kitty on Toast" Fats Waller - "Spring Cleaning" Gus Bodenheim - "Gas Station Brand Hot Dogs™" Helen Kane - "Don't Be Like That" Alec Wilder Octet - "Dance Man Buys a Farm" Maxine Sullivan - "Who is Sylvia?" Maurice Chevalier and Genevieve Tobin - "Three Times a Day" Greta Keller - "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" Flip the Frog - "The New Car (1931)" George Formby - "With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock" Harry "the Hipster" Gibson - "Hey, Stop that...


He never drinks between 10 and 11 am Mondays just to ensure he's not addicted to the stuff. from Feb 25, 2021

Layton & Johnstone - "All of Me" Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers - "Original Jelly-Roll Blues" George Formby - "The Window Cleaner (No. 2)" Wilmoth Houdini - "Hot Dogs Made Their Name" Mildred Bailey & the Ted Dale Orchestra - "It's a Woman Prerogative" Lee Wiley - "Sam and Delilah" Euneeda Bodenheim - "Lenten Remembrances" Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang - "The Wolf Wobble" Jimmie Rodgers - "Miss the Mississippi and You" Fred Elizalde - "Rhythm Step" Whispering Jack Smith - "Me...


He owns two revolvers and his brother owns at least a dozen, though neither of them has fired one since the close of the Liberty Bond drives. from Feb 18, 2021

Helen Kane - "I'd Go Barefoot All Winter Long (If You'd Fall for Me in Spring)" Cole Porter - "I Do" Gus Bodenheim - "Rebuke to the Old Codger's slanderous remarks" George Formby - "It's a Grand and Healthy Life" Frantic Faye Thomas - "I'm in Town" Hartman's Heartbreakers - "Grandma and Grampa" Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five - "Pettin' and Pokin'" Gus Bodenheim - "The Gus Bodenheim Literary Guild" Flip the Frog - "Circus (1932)" George Formby - "When I'm Cleaning...


Leading the fight to raise the wages of sin to $18/hr. from Feb 11, 2021

Ambrose & His Orchestra - "Deep Henderson" Barney Kessel - "Bernardo" Ruth Etting - "I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You)" Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy - "Mary's Idea" Hilo Hattie - "Becky I Ain't Comin' Back No More (Yiddish Hula Boy)" Hadda Brooks - "I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town" The Three Keys - "Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins" Flip the Frog - "Laughing Gas (1931)" Sugar Chile Robinson - "Numbers Boogie" Wilmoth Houdini - "Moan, People, Moan" Edmond Hall - "Celestinal...


Gus Bodenheim services the Old Codger's listenership this week. from Feb 4, 2021

Tommy Todd Trio - "Chloe" Minnie Wallace - "The Old Folks Started It" Mildred Bailey - "Where Are You?" Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage - "Twilight on the Trail" Willie "The Lion" Smith - "Morning Air" Marais & Miranda - "Animal Cries" Jimmie Rodgers - "Mississippi Delta Blues" Paint Your Wagon (original cast) - "They Call the Wind Maria" Paul Robeson - "River, Stay 'Way from My Door" Ethel Waters - "Bread and Gravy" The Pan American Chamber Orchestra (Nicolas...


He has that certain je ne sais what? from Jan 28, 2021

Billy Murray - "He's a Devil in His Own Home Town" Helen Kane - "I Have to Have You" Gus Bodenheim - "Gross, But … Bars™" Blind Blake - "Too Tight Blues No. 2" Billie Holiday - "Miss Brown to You" Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra ft. Bix Beiderbecke - "Three Blind Mice" Desi Arnaz y Su Orchesta - "Impromptu" Ruth Etting - "Me!" Stuff Smith Trio - "Desert Sands" Alphonse Kamullolo - "Bolingo" Babs Gonzales - "When Rigor Mortis Sets In" Lloyd Glenn - "Ugh" Flip the Frog - "Stormy...


For decades scholars of karmic justice have been debating how he's managed to evade the gallows. from Jan 21, 2021

Romeo Nelson - "Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing" - Where Are Thou? Blind Blake - "I Was Afraid of That (Part 2)" - The Blind of Best Blake Desi Arnaz y Su Orchesta - "I Come from New York" - Artist Unknown George Formby - "Under the Blasted Oak" - Formby's Finery Mildred Bailey - "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" - The Album That Wasn't There Cleo Brown - "Man, Be on Your Way" - Cleo and Leo do Rio Hartman's Heartbreakers - "No Huggin' or Kissin'" - Hartman's Heartbreakers...


Keep your beard out of his soup. from Jan 14, 2021

Mary Lou Williams - "Boogie Misterioso" - Mary Lou Williams 78 Hadda Brooks - "Swingin' the Boogie" - Hadda Brooks 78 rpm disc Gus Bodenheim - "Hardly Hamster™" - Gus Bodenheim's Commercial Scams Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers - "Smoke House Blues" - Jelly Roll Morton stack o' shellac Bo Carter - "I Keep on Spending My Change" - Bo Carter 78 rpm disc Cleo Brown - "Tramp" - Cleo Brown circular 78 pressing Maxine Sullivan - "Who is Sylvia?" - Maxine Sullivan platter Euneeda...


In a new poll, his approval rating has edged up to 5% (with a margin of error of 6%). from Jan 7, 2021

Ruth Etting - "Let's Talk About My Sweetie" Red Norvo & Mae Questel - "The Broken Record" Gus Bodenheim - "Delbarton Solutions™" Desi Arnaz y Su Orquesta - "Tico Tico (No Fuba)" Trix Sisters - "I'm Crazy Over You" Helen Kane - "Do Something" Alan Holmes and the New Tones - "Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus" Whispering Jack Smith - "Sunshine" Duke Ellington - "Swampy River" Bessie Smith and James P. Johnson - "Lock and Key" The Pebbles - "I Mean, It's Just Too Bad" Roy Johnson's...


His New Year's resolution—same as last year's—is to change the sheets. Only this time, HE'LL DO IT! from Dec 31, 2020

Alma Gluck & the Victor Orchestra - "La Colomba" Tammy Faye Bodenheim - "Blue Skirt Waltz" Gus Bodenheim - "Beyond Water™" Nick and His Creole Serenaders - "Salee Dame #1" Wilmoth Houdini - "Uncle Joe, Gimmie Mo" Sophie Tucker (with Ted Shapiro) - "Extraordinary Man" Marion Harris - "We Love It" Flip the Frog - "The Office Boy (1932)" Big Jay McNeeley - "Insect Ball" Adrian & His Tap Room Gang - "Got a Need for You" Euneeda Bodenheim - "Whimsy While You Work (Winetta's Whimsy...


Do you like worms? He's about to open a large can of them. from Dec 24, 2020

Hearty White - "The Night Before Codger's Christmas" Milt Herth - "Satan Takes a Holiday" James P. Johnson - "Jungle Drums" Marion Harris - "My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes" The Bodenheim Triplets - "Going Going Gone" Clarence Pinetop Smith - "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers - "Beale Street Blues" Romeo Nelson - "Dyin' Rider Blues" Jabbo Smith - "Let's Get Together" Gus Bodenheim - "Things for Tots" Irving Berlin - "Follow the...


The Codger is like a hole in the ground. He's a vacant space, but he can break your leg. from Dec 17, 2020

Earl "Fatha" Hines - "Rosetta" Harry McClintock - "Ain't We Crazy" Euneeda Bodenheim - "Winetta's Whimsy Shed™" Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra - "At Your Beck and Call" William Jennings Bodenheim - "Yiddish Hula Boy (Becky, I Ain't Comin' Back No More)" Lil Armstrong & Her Orchestra - "I'm on a Sit-Down Strike for Rhythm" Billie Holiday - "The Very Thought of You" Marion Harris - "Afraid of You" Gus Bodenheim - "Gas Station Brand Hot Dogs™" Flip the Frog - "Room Runners...


His testimony before the Mills Commission in 1905 clinched Abner Doubleday's acclaim as the inventor of baseball. from Dec 10, 2020

Earl "Fatha" Hines - "Child of a Disordered Brain" Fats Waller - "Until the Real Thing Comes Along" Gus Bodenheim - "N.E.B.U.C.H.A.D.N.E.Z.Z.A.R. (Part 1)" Lil Armstrong & Her Orchestra - "It's Murder" Cab Calloway & His Orchestra ft. Dizzy Gillespie - "Pickin' the Cabbage" Kenny Dorham Quintet - "Bebop In Pastel" The Cats & the Fiddle - "Mister Rhythm Man" Gus Bodenheim - "N.E.B.U.C.H.A.D.N.E.Z.Z.A.R. (Part 2)" Django Reinhardt - "The Man I Love" The Mississippi Mud Mashers -...


Went out to buy arugula and quinoa, came back with bourbon, chewing tobacco and ammo. He really needs to get new glasses. from Dec 3, 2020

Earl Hines - "Tantalizing a Cuban" Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra ft. Mildred Bailey - "I Like to Do Things for You" Gus Bodenheim - "Beyond Mouse™" Eddie Lang & Carl Kress - "Pickin' My Way" Don Redman & His Orchestra - "Chant of the Weed" Fats Waller - "The Minor Drag" Nick and His Creole Serenaders - "Mo Pas Lemme Ca #2" Sol Hoopii - "Fascinating Rhythm" Flip the Frog - "Africa Squeaks (1931)" The Happiness Boys - "That's a Lot of Bunk" Sophie Tucker (with Ted Shapiro) -...


Scratch his breech and he'll claw your elbow. from Nov 26, 2020

James P. Johnson - "Sweet Lorraine" Marion Harris - "Singin' The Blues" Betty Hutton - "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun" Cats & the Fiddle - "We Cats Will Swing for You" Victoria Spivey - "One Hour Mama" Hartman's Heartbreakers - "Give It to Me Daddy" Bessie Smith - "Take Me for a Buggy Ride" Flip the Frog - "The Village Smitty (1931)" Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - "Jack the Bellboy" George Formby - "The Lancashire Toreador" Bo Carter - "Backache Blues" Big Bill Broonzy - "Hey...


Old enough to remember the Dead Sea when it was just sick. from Nov 19, 2020

James P. Johnson - "Liza" Nick and His Creole Serenaders - "Salee Dame #2" Frankie Newton & His Uptown Serenaders - "Cause My Baby Says So" Clarence Williams - "A Pane in the Glass" Ruth Etting - "I'm Nobody's Baby" Cole Porter - "A Picture of Me Without You" Fats Waller - "Valentine Stomp" Flip the Frog - "The Village Specialist (1931)" Hartman's Heartbreakers - "My Southern Movements" Lil Johnson - "My Baby (Squeeze Me Again)" Ambrose and His Orchestra - "Message From...


His home is a quack's sanitarium for nervous diseases, treated with medicines of high alcoholic content and "doctor"-prescribed, whiskey-based potions. from Nov 12, 2020

Fats Waller - "African Ripples" Nick and His Creole Serenaders - "Les Ognons" Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra - "Small Fry" Edith Piaf - "Correqu' et reguyer" Maxine Sullivan - "Molly Malone" The Georgia Jumpers - "Ukulele Benny" John Kirby Sextet - "Close Shave" Gus Bodenheim - "Maxwell Bodenheim's Classic Poetry" Ernest Butcher - "Peaceful Street" The Four Clefs - "I Like Pie, I Like Cake" The Cats & the Fiddle - "That's On, Jack, That's On" The Mighty Sparrow - "Give the...


Kicking off Lumbago Awareness Month from Nov 5, 2020

Flip the Frog - "The Flip the Frog Theme Song" Blind Willie Dunn & Lonnie Johnson - "Deep Minor Rhythm" Kenny Dorham - "Bebop In Pastel" The Brox Sisters - "School House Blues" Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra - "Washboard Blues" Ruth Etting - "Funny, Dear, What Love Can Do" Nick and His Creole Serenaders - "Creole Blues" Gus Bodenheim - "Sly Weasel Bourbon™ ("Feel the Clench!")" Flip the Frog - "Jail Birds (1931 film soundtrack)" Albert Whelan & the Jay Wilbur Orchestra - "My Brother...


He has a lamp fashioned in the shape of Sophie Tucker's thigh. from Oct 29, 2020

Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang - "The Wild Dog" Django Reinhardt & Beryl Davis - "Undecided" Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon - "Hannah Fell in Love with My Piano" Blind Willie Dunn (Eddie Lang) & Lonnie Johnson - "Deep Minor Rhythm" Euneeda Bodenheim - "Rancho Malariettes™ cigars for ladies" Sophie Tucker - "Sophie Tucker for President" Fats Navarro - "Fat Girl" Judson Fountain, Sandor Weisberger & The Old Codger - "The Nasty Roomer! (script by Don Brockway, engineered by Irene Trudel) - Recorded...


A talkative footnote. from Oct 22, 2020

Arthur Fields - "I Love to Stay at Home" James P. Johnson - "A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid" Noble Sissle's Swingsters with Sidney Bechet - "Characteristic Blues" Tadd Dameron Sextet - "The Chase" Art Blakey's Messengers - "Groove Street" Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - "Jordan for President" Dizzy Gillespie - "The Champ (Parts 1 & 2)" Gus Bodenheim - "The Sears Poutin' Shanty" Olive Kline - "The Japanese Sandman" Ruth Etting - "Lonely Little Bluebird" Joseph Moskowitz -...