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Dave (mottey) brings you a action packed full hour of the best garage punk rock from all around the world!! Straight outta cincinnati!!

Dave (mottey) brings you a action packed full hour of the best garage punk rock from all around the world!! Straight outta cincinnati!!
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Elizabethton, TN


Dave (mottey) brings you a action packed full hour of the best garage punk rock from all around the world!! Straight outta cincinnati!!




Mottey's Garage 335

crap: I Love crap immortal lee county killers / revolution summer the stat!t / hiding in the shed the entbl / rocker the living end / 10:15 saturday night ty segal / the loner problem child / platform obits / i cant loose cheater slicks / refried beans pennymart / snacks th dixxx / in your face devious ones / trouble seems to find me burning peppermints / a ghost named milk sports bar / never coming home dark webb / alien vacation oeter zaremba and Paul Johnson / cross the walker the cramps...


Mottey's Garage 334

Bunch of Stuff Today 144 buddy Holly / rip it up groupies / I'm a hog for ya baby the lonesome billies / God Dmn it bill tav flco's panther burns / red headed woman jon spencer / i got the hits husku du / books abut ufo's the screws / shake it baby hasil adkins / shake that thing robert nighthawk / someday Ruler / jeanie jeanie jeanie Ruler / (its not) saturday night errol flynn / lily of laguna not sensibles / i'm in love with margarot thacher laughin nose / crash street kids rock n roll...


Mottey's Garage 333

gino and the goons/she was crushed gino and the goons / early retirement phone jerks / get jerked phone jerks / revolution the control freaks / i hate your face the contro freaks /mhatelist pychotic youth / johnny too bad rocket 808 / mystery train the bitty / something else the bitty / what do i get puppy and the hand jobs / i eat abortions the dirtiest / macaroni the faboous fairies / motorhead sick thoughts / headache tommie and the commies / straight jacket the mark vodka group /...


Mottey's Garage 332

brimstone howl visceral teen rock MC5 I can only give you everything dean carter jailhouse rock brimstone howl visceral teen rock the cavemen thug the 409 they say rock n roll soldiers lay down and die wild zeros damage your health gaza strippers yin yan and the flowerpot men carbonas 3 days away louis ligg and the bombs / sheena is to old jonesy hate me the amplifetes whizz kid t rex country winstons without you the bonnevilles by my side howlin wolf i have a little girl porch ghouls bluff...


Mottey's Garage 331

the pitchafits! So Down THE PITCHAFITS!! the rich hands So What (Bonus Track) Take Care bad boyfriends cut in line Songs Yer Mom Taught Us pale kids st. theresa Hesitater ep New Rocket Union Get Down STATICS My Best Friend Punk Rock and Roll The Crazy Squeeze Twisted Little Secrets the cramps 2 headed sex change look mom no head Crazy & The Brains Sweet Jane The Summer Soiree Mixtape Gonzo Glitch Gonzo By Gonzo 68 comeback My Babe love always wins switchblade Justice punk rock show revlons...


Mottey's Garage 330

two hours of Fun the feelies fa ce la flemmings fellow humans downtown boys lips that bite meisha and the spanks be alright baby giant canadarn the queers teenage lobotom washed up kids jimmy two times los vvs be mine ron gallo real nice guys the hotrat qeen bitch turn ons josh lippi & the overtimers something new davilia 666 hanging on the telephone the lupines leaving here mountain of love the exbats i was in your video i got the hots for charlie watts simply saucer illegal bodies cyborg...


Mottey's Garage Friday Night Glam Show 329

What better way to start the summer of than with a GLAM ROCK Show....kind of Friday Night Glam Shop the replacements / fox on the run the sweet / ballroom blitz jeff dhl / little willie naked raygun / twentieth century boy eater / Jeepster the shazam / helen wheels the damned / anything ace frehley / new york groove the cry / discoteque Material Issue / blockbuster me first and the gimme gimmies / rocket man iggy op / i'm bored angel / little boy blue mick ronson / white light white heat new...


Mottey's Garage 328

Anothr lost episode becaus I 'm a lazy' to trying to keep up


Mottey's Garage 327

monsters / drug train the experimental tropic blues band / i dig you much and more the crumbs / alien girl black sabbath / gypsy lightning hopkins / come back baby the troublemakers / i hope she's satisfied tim timebomb and friends / lip up fatty the skids/ kings of the new world order the hentchmen / skylark bleached / poison ivy armitage shanks / another beer baked goods / beach shirt the devil dogs / its not easy troubled boys / rock n roll is dead automatic / no big deal toys that kill /...


Mottey's Garage 326

We Have Numbers Thee Michelle Gun Elephant / Baby Please Dont Go The Von Zippers / Kill the Guy Sloming Moops / Lose Man Druk Mums / owerslide The Nips / All the time in the world The Velvet Underground / We re gonna have a real good time together The Shangais / too cool to cry Kill the hippies / lazy sunday afternoon black boys on mopeds / liar datenight / add it up tongue tied twin / safety rope shannen and the clams / onion joan jett / nag the replacements / take me down to the hospital...


Mottey's Garage 325

2 HOURS OF UGLY TRASH buzzcocks - autonomy swamp rat - no friend of mine frek genes - why dont you like me the slow death - factory the crumbs - win or loose the wirms - brenda sue the morbeats - same old shit hollywood sinners - i want you the fallouts - ambition the hunches - like i could die the bonnevilles - the poachers pocket the bonnevilles - be my side fernando and the narcs - heavy metal narcs fezz - it;s alrights nuns - world war iii royal dog - thingy bed weiing bad boys - plastic...


Mottey's Garage 324

favs of 2017 songs of 2017 brad pot air strike freak genes going wrong uzis hippy killers sarah shool & the disarmers keep the home fires burning john wesley coleman shovel bash and pop not this time family pet i'm a bitch the jins jin love the slow death be the one devious ones court clothes jo carley and the old dry skulls preacher the morbeats crushbug the lillingtons insect nightmares van damnes thunderbirds are go jd mcpherson lucky penny anti nowhere league singer man the putz my baby...


Mottey's Garage 323

the jins jin love the jins flat worms goodbye texas flat worms happy times c iko roll collection van damnes every fourth year van damnes ep fires radical 7inch creepseed ad a feeling t e loneliest man you'll ever see wood chickens full speed ahead monsiuers suburban girls deux jim and the french vanilla take it to the rave affraid of the house dion lunadon ripper dion lunadon les lullies bored sick done zorton and the cannibals oogie boogie unfavourable offering the gentlemens et on hobo...


Mottey's Garage 322

Broken laptop, took me awhile to get a new's a show from a few months ago


Motteys Garage 321

another late post from show two weeks ago thee Evil Twin / MFers Violent Femmes / I'm Nothing Dictators / what goes on Blitz / Vicious Eater / Sweet Jane Thee Creeps / Roach Ghost The Minds /Open the Door The Killing Floors / Se Fue Se Fue Bird Songs / Imaginary Woe High Tension Wires / Hibernate Fells / Lets Go Flat Worms / Motorbike The Dirty Switches / Hishi Comes Mind Controls / Paralized Minor Threat / 12xu Pist Idiots / Booze Blues King Howl / Gone The Slow Death / Panic The Slow Death...


Mottey's Garage 320

ok, I recorded this for real punk radio, sent it in and was played...way back in may. Seems I lost it and never its posted...sorry no playlist as of now, but its labeled here as eppy 320, i state in the begining of show its 316, but i have the mp3 marked as 317...confused yet...yeah, me too.


Mottey's Garage 319

hentchmen / messed up my brain amyl and the sniffers / i'm not a loser UV-TV / only matters when today'shits / love's just a word mighty shakers / dance with me neighborhood void / run away junkie the rolling stones / dontcha bother me stiff richards / strung out wine lips / fried raw nerve / O.D. skip church / then we kissed giant frown / love is love lost balloons /iquor store flemmings /the rats are back flemmings / fellow humans cheap whine / step off the damned / love song bird sounds /...


Mottey's Garage 318

Rocky Mountain Hi.... tim timebomb/ ooh la la chillers / johnny rock claw hammer / come back jonee shitkid / hillside L'Assassins / fire of Love dave clark five / good old rock n roll mott the hoople / foxy foxy the experimental tropic blues band / keep this love Acid Casanove / wild wing telecult / c-r-o-i-x the mouthbreathers / pedestal charlie foxtrot / super silver haze jack oblivian / home in my hand ramones / youre gonna kill that girl bad hoo / bitter greens teenanger / fun forgot...


Mottey's 317

latest eppy, also found some lost eppy's recorded earlier in the year but never posted...soon to be. tokyo electron / electrify me mary monday & the bitches / popgun john woo / met demon meets anarchy the dirty nil / nicotine the benzoids / thats ok gg king / unending darkness creepseed / had a feeling lost balloons / not my time goodoo / rock n roll used to be fun dion lunadon / ripper the lillintons / it's on doug macdonald / shark attack marys kids /in my grip bad boyfriends / earache,...


Mottey's Garage 316 redone

seems problem uploading exists..hope this fixed it the slow death / i need a drink the slow death/ a little less ugly Van / I aint drunk FRIES! / radical becky & the politicians /jackie and judy rancid / beauty of the pool hall rancid / say goodbye to our hero's bo-dogs /hey mr oil drop man union avenue /white wedding leggy / i'm gonna destroy you the naysayers / i hate your band creedspeed /had a feeling anti-nowhere leauge /long shot kick dabuckit rancid / where I'm going brother o brother...