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Fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, offroading, four-wheeling, ATVs, dutch ovens - if you can do it outside, we're all over it.

Fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, offroading, four-wheeling, ATVs, dutch ovens - if you can do it outside, we're all over it.


Salt Lake City, UT


Fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, biking, offroading, four-wheeling, ATVs, dutch ovens - if you can do it outside, we're all over it.




What Is Beyond Hanksville?

We continue our One Tank Trip of the Week with Bob Grove and Mark Wade through Hanksville. We head up Highway 24 and discuss what you can find there. Russ talks about device that improves communication with civilization when you are in the back country.


Get Your Permits

Tim and Russ discuss stalking by air at high elevation lakes. Mark Hadley from the DWR checks in with the guys about his new position with the DWR and elk permits that will be on sale soon. Bob Grove and Mark Wade are in Hanksville for this week’s One Tank Trip of the Week.


Ladies Teaching Ladies in the Outdoors

Donnell from HuntingDivas.com checks in with Tim. They talk about a recent horseback trip she took with some ladies to fish and enjoy the outdoors. She’ll go in depth on the experiences these ladies have on these trips. Fishbytes


It’s Beautiful Out Here

The Outdoors are a great destination away from the craziness of today’s world. Russ talks about his love of taking drives to Park City for a bite to eat and back. Navi loves hitting 18 holes while his wife enjoys the scenery and weather from the golf cart. Navi and his son constantly talk about a proposed Little Cotton Canyon Gondola. News of the week


Tucker High Adventure Tours

Tim, Bob, and Mark chat about Tucker High Adventure Tours


Boulder Mountain Fishing

Tim and Navi revisit their conversation about Navi’s trip to Lake Powell with an important detail that was left out. Faith Jolley joins Tim and Navi to discuss Boulder Mountain and what kind of fishing experience you can have there. Tim reconnects with Bob Grove and Beaver County Tourism Director Michelle Evans.


Don’t Just Gas Up in Beaver Explore Beaver

One Tank Trip Of The Week with Bob and Mark features Beaver, Utah and why you shouldn’t just see Beaver as a pit stop. Fishbytes with Navi


Let’s Go Glapping

It’s a (belated) 4th of July special edition of KSL Outdoors with Tim in the studio, Russ in his Sugarhouse compound, and Navi from somewhere out in the wild. Russ fills us in on his recent trip to Wyoming. Tim and Russ talk glapping. News of the week


Summertime at Alta

Andrea Huskinson from Alta Resort joins Tim to chat about Alta’s upcoming Summer season.Cordell Anderson talks with Tim how he is dealing with the covid19 pandemic.


What You Need To Know About The New Boating Laws

DWR Aquatic Invasive Species Operations Bruce Johnson joins Tim to talk about some boating laws that are going into effect soon. Navi shares his experience at Lake Powell with his family.


One Tag Trip to Hurricane Valley

It’s the return of The One Tag Trip Of The Week with Bob Grove and Mark Wade from Road Trippin’ with Bob and Mark who join Tim from Hurricane Valley to talk about the highlights of the area. Fishbytes this week includes a 10-year-old’s 40 lbs catch at Flaming Gorge and Navi’s fishing experience at Lake Powell.


Do Frogs Have Teeth?

Navi rejoins Tim and Russ this week and they are talking house boating on Lake Powell and isolating during these turbulent times to kick off the show. News of the week includes the growing population of bullfrogs in Utah and how to hunt these cridders.


The Wonders Of Cedar City

Tim chats with Bob and Mark about what you can expect when you visit Cedar City.


Being Safe In Bear Country

Tim connects with Faith Jolley from the DWR to talk about being safe in bear country. Bob Grove shares an encounter he had with a bear.


I Gotta Get Outta Here And Catch Some Fish

Anthony Monson from Utah White Water joins Tim, Russ, Bob, and Mark to talk about his recent river run in Idaho. He also gives his opinion on three places to go white water rafting. Paul Phillips from Strawberry Bay Morina gives an update on the fishing conditions there. Fishbytes


Road Trippin’ Through Utah During Covid19

Tim and Russ are back after being on hiatus for a week during the pandemic. Bob Grove and Mark Wade are sitting in for Navi. Russ discusses some new things he’s experiencing with SkyCall. Bob and Mark talk about their latest travels in the state. News of the Week includes Park City’s opening day for their Summer season and a follow up to the 200 illegally dumped bass


Cut Throat Fishing

It’s Free Fishing Day and Randy Oplinger has outlined some of the best spots in the state for cutthroat fishing. Navi discusses why now is the best time for cut throat fishing.


Willard Peak Road Meets Charlie

Charlie Jennings joins Tim and Russ to talk about his drive-up Willard Peak Road. Fishbytes


Managing Covid19 During Summertime

Summertime is here! Has Covid19 stifled your Summer plans? Tim starts off today’s show sharing an article on how people are feeling about getting out and about during the pandemic. News Of The Week includes wolf sightings in Utah, unsafe campers, and more.


State Parks, Memorial Day, Covid19 Pandemic.....How'd It Go?

Southern Utah Corrspondent Bob Grove joins Tim and Russ to talk about how Memorial Day was for the state parks. Faith Jolley chats with Tim about Free Fishing Day.