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Season 2 Episode 4 - Paddleboarding The Mississippi (Part 1)

Dan Lee of Mankato, MN set out to paddleboard the Mississippi River in the late summer and fall of 2017. Along the way he found companionship, loneliness, distress, and joy... sometimes all at once. The Adventure North Podcast crew made the trip down to Bent River Outfitter in Mankato to interview Dan, and what a story he has to tell! Listen to the trio talk candidly about the nature of long-distance adventures, the differences and similarities between paddleboarding and canoeing, and the...


Season 2 Episode 3 - A Walk In The Woods

Season 2 Episode 3 features another popular book, though quite different from the first two of the season. "A Walk in the Woods," by Bill Bryson, chronicles the author's attempted hike along the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail. Humorous and informative, Bryson creates (at least in Colton and Sean's eyes) a new version of success along his journey. Listen to the duo breakdown the book and trip, go on a few semi-related tangents, and preview next week's episode!


Season 2 Episode 2 - Into The Wild

S2E2 of the Adventure North Podcast discusses an ultimate adventure, chronicled by the best selling book, "Into The Wild." A true story of Chris McCandless, "Into The Wild" follows a college graduate who donated his life savings to charity, ditched his vehicle in Arizona, and traveled the western US for two years, living off of little to no income. The story culminates (and begins) with the tragic death of McCandless, found by hunters in a bus along the remote Stampede Trail in Alaska....


Season 2 Episode 1 - Canoeing With The Cree

The Season 2 premier of Adventure North Podcast introduces the concept for the new season: Adventure Stories. Episode 1 dives into a review of the ultimate adventure story... the one that started it all, "Canoeing with the Cree." Additionally, Sean claims he is never coming out of retirement, and Colton downplays the difficulties of climbing Mount Everest. ANP Season 2 will cover a wide variety of adventure stories from around North America and the world. Intro and Outro music performed by...


Episode 55: Natalie Warren Interview - The Adventure North Podcast

Episode 55 features a guest who completed her own canoe journey from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay. Natalie Warren and her friend, Ann Raiho, left in June of 2011, two days after their graduation from St. Olaf College. They are the first and only known women to complete the trek. Learn about their experiences before, during, and after the trip, and keep an eye out for their book in the coming years!


Bonus Episode: Equipment Part II - The Adventure North Podcast

Equipment Part II picks up with further discussion of packs and the variety of maps used along the route. Finally, the motor (paddles) and vessel (canoes) are discussed in detail, with further explanation of the difference between the Bell North Bay and Bell Alaskan, each used for half of the route.


Day 49: Destination York Factory - The Adventure North Podcast

Without further delay, Day 49! Pardon the wait(equipment was stolen) but it is only fitting that the episode documenting the final paddling day of the Hudson Bay Trip fought back. Fitting in that as Sean and Colton neared the bay, angry beasts of the northern reaches reared their ugly heads. Both the Hayes River and North Atlantic Ocean fought fiercely, threatening one last time to force defeat amidst eminent victory. Our Interactive Map:...


Day 47: Into The Tundra - The Adventure North Podcast

Day 47 began with high spirits and expectations, but after several wildlife encounters (including a souvenir for Colton), a trip into the tundra changed everything.


Day 46: Rapids Section - The Adventure North Podcast

Chapter 1 of the book, "Adventure North," begins with a flash forward to the morning of Day 46, at the southwest corner of Swampy Lake. This setting was not chosen by accident. Day 46 marked the beginning of perhaps the most perilous forty miles of the entire journey... the "rapids section." Nearly constant rapids for its entirety, the battle between life and death on the Hayes River had officially begun.


Day 45: An Uncommon Calm Moment - The Adventure North Podcast

Little did they know, but Day 45 would be the last time Colton and Sean would see the sun for the remainder of their trip. And while the relative monotony of a warm, calm, day was appreciated, the string of quality weather-days provided breeding grounds for Canada's most dangerous creature: the mosquito. Swarming in packs that blocked out the sun, the mosquitos forced the paddling duo to contemplate for a brief moment the possibility that perhaps cold weather expedition canoeing had its...


Day 42: Welcome To The Rapids - The Adventure North Podcast

Sean and Colton got a rude awakening on Day 42. It marked the first day of the Hudson Bay Trip in which they would being running rapids. And those rapids started with near disaster. A coin flip decided they would run a set of rapids they had no business in riding, and it very nearly killed the young duo. Listen now for a complete rundown! Our daily updated map:


Day 40: Water That Flows In Two Directions - The Adventure North Podcast

The 40th Day of the Hudson Bay Trip started well but went downhill from there. It was a warm morning, relative to the season and area, and from the outset the duo navigated the maze that was the Nelson-Echimamish river confluence masterfully. But as the morning faded into lunchtime the weather went frigid. The temperature plummeted and a heavy downpour chilled the boys to the bone. In the evening they met their match: a beaver dam too big to pull over in their weather-weakened state....


Day 38: Into The Land Of The Cree - The Adventure North Podcast

With just thirty miles left of the mighty Lake Winnipeg, Colton and Sean paddled with might to the end. Before reaching the northern shore they encountered an archipelago of treeless islands, miles away from shore, covered with mysteriously abandoned cabins. Day 38 concluded with a triumphant trek across Playgreen Lake, infamous for its thousands of islands and dozens of never-heard-from-again travelers. Frequent anglers boated by in the evening, marking signs of the Cree settlement of...


Day 37: Food - The Adventure North Podcast

Day 37 of the Adventure North Podcast chronicles a day much like the previous. Shallow bays along the eastern shore of the north basin and four to six foot rolling waves created a continued sense of insanity. The desperate search for thought consistently landed on one thing: food.


Day 36: The Day Of Insanity - The Adventure North Podcast

Up and down, up and down, up and down. The monotony of bobbing up and down six-foot waves on the north basin of Lake Winnipeg truly set in on Day 36, and the paddling duo soon found out that the big lake was not just a physical test, but a mental one too. By mid-afternoon, they had finally run out of things to think about, and a delirious insanity became their normal.


Day 35: Forced Relaxation - The Adventure North Podcast

On Day 35: Forced Relaxation, Sean and Colton woke up to gusting winds out of the North. Having stayed on a small rock island, each waved threatened to wash them off their base. Though the perch was precarious, there was also no way they were going to be able to paddle in such weather. Luckily the winds calmed by dinnertime and the duo was able to make progress. Tune in to hear about paddling into the night while navigating by stars, on the great Lake Winnipeg. Our daily updated map:...


Day 34: Into The Fog - The Adventure North Podcast

The South Basin of Lake Winnipeg had lulled Colton and Sean into a false sense of security. On Day 34 however, paddling through the narrows and into the expansive North Basin, wind, rain, and fog rolled in, testing their wills before allowing them passage onward.


Day 33: A False Sense Of Security - The Adventure North Podcast

Day 33 Sean and Colton tamed the ocean. Bad weather? Stiff currents? It was no problem for these two. Today went swimmingly. That it did so this day is a perfect indicator of Lake Winnipeg’s extremes. Gentle one moment, fierce the next. Tune in to listen to the calm before the storm.


Day 32- A Canadian Ocean - The Adventure North Podcast

On Day 32, the boys made it to the great Lake Winnipeg. It was, for all intents and purposes, an ocean. They would eventually paddle nearly 300 miles on it, through man sized waves, and the disorienting malaise its vastness brought. Today though was uncommonly calm, enhancing the duo's burgeoning courage as they embarked on the next leg of their journey. Our daily updated map:


Day 31: Netley Lake - The Adventure North Podcast

After a continental breakfast at the hotel across the street, treated by David, the pair paddled the rest of the way through Winnipeg. In Lockport, Colton and Sean pretended their 17 foot canoe was a shipping barge, and rode down the historic lock. In Netley Lake, just south of Lake Winnipeg, they encountered a sunset for the ages followed by a swampy dilemma.