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215 Kansas Rios - Working Class Bowhunter

Curt, Papa Dave, & Doug spend the weekend in Kansas, with the boys from Prairie Storm Outfitting! A 3 part podcast! Things get a little crazy! Enjoy! Find WCB online: iTunes : Subscribe and...


214 Clark Cummings Food Plots / Spring Turkey - Working Class Bowhunter

Clark Cummings from Respect The Game TV joins the podcast again this week! This episode covers spring food plots and spring turkey hunting enjoy! Covered in this episode: Veteran shout outSingle PinSpring Food PlotsTurkey TalkListener questions"Holler at your jake"Quick mineral question Find WCB online: iTunes : Subscribe...


213 The Unlucky Episode - Working Class Bowhunter

213 is the unlucky number! For some reason this episode was a struggle to get out... who knows why. Curt & Steve make it happen this week! Enjoy! Covered in this episode: Steve's bowfishing adventureComedy nightCurt's shed huntThe turkey betKansas turkey huntingTurkey subspecies Whats coming up next Find WCB...


212 Scottie Sullivan - Working Class Bowhunter

Long time friend of the show Scottie Sullivan joins the podcast this week. The fellas' cover a lot in this show. From bullshit to archery, this one covers it all. Covered in this episode: Veteran Shout OutSteve's dead boone (RIP)Scottie's seasonTransitioning to ASAMental ArcheryTips for getting into 3D archeryDEEP conversation on releases and anchor pointsSteve Vs. Scottie shoot off bet Find WCB...


211 BullSchittin' - Working Class Bowhunter

This week the fellas get together with no guest on the show... just pure hunting camp bullshittin'. Enjoy! Covered in this episode: Veteran Shout OutLast summers miss Wildgame Nation rantReal deal women hunter vs. instagram huntersThe new Busbice showCurt's Huntress ShowThe guys current hunting show favoritesOur 2 hunters on team whitetailMuch more... we cant give it all away! Find WCB...


210 Catchin' Deers - Working Class Bowhunter

Bud Fisher from Catchin' Deers joins the lads this week. Bud brings everyone up to speed on whats new, shares some stories and mixes it up with Canadian lingo. Covered in this episode: Sweat pantsWatching DucksFilming huntsCarbonTVShenanigans Take your hunting seriously and yourself lightlyVelvet Mule DeerNeatureFilming videosWhats coming up nextCanadian prime ministerSpring BearAnthropomorphismCarrie UnderwoodHow to Google Find Catchin' Deers...


209 Chris Johnson / Allie Sotelo / Lauren Preston - Working Class Bowhunter

This episode the guys record with Chris Johnson, Allie Sotelo and Lauren Preston at the 2018 Iowa Deer Classic. Chris and Allie are listeners of the show and we just met Lauren... so why not make them record with us? Enjoy! Find our guests online: Chris: Allie: Lauren: Find WCB...


208 Prairie Storm Outfitting - Working Class Bowhunter

Recorded at the 2018 Iowa Deer Classic. Jon Jacobsen and Merk ( Michael Mceachern) from Prairie Storm Outfitting join the show this week. Covered in this episode: Fund raiser for Mark Schuh - Help him get in the field! Find WCB...


207 DRock Clarke - Working Class Bowhunter

Podcasting from the Iowa Deer Classic with long time listener and now great friend DRock! DRock flew all the way from Connecticut to podcast and check out the show! Covered in this episode: Meeting at the showGetting into bowhuntingLuck of the podcastTreestand safteyScoutingmore of course enjoy! Follow DRock oonline: Find WCB...


206 Steve Finegan / Iowa Deer Classic - Working Class Bowhunter

Steve Finegan from Iowa Shows joins the podcast this week to talk all about the Iowa Deer Classic. The Deer Classic has something for everyone and every age. See you there! Find WCB online: iTunes : Subscribe and rate us on iTunes! Click here!! Other listening options: Libsyn iHeart Radio ...


205 Clint Casper - Working Class Bowhunter

Clint Casper made the long trip from Ohio to the studio! This episode was recorded on a Friday night... so thats a fair warning! This episode goes from big Whitetails to Mountain Lions back to big whitetails to Steve and Curt arguing about Bigfoot! Enjoy with caution! Find Clint online: Find WCB...


Podcast Award Announcements - Working Class Bowhunter

This is the announcements of our annual Working Class Bowhunter Podcast Awards! Just Curt & Steve on this one going through the winners of each category. Thanks to everyone who was a guest in 2017 and thanks to everyone who voted!


204 Tag N' Brag - Working Class Bowhunter

David from Tag N' Brag joins the podcast this week. After meeting at ATA show we knew a podcast had to happen! Dave fit right in with the WCB style. We discussed everything from serious hunting to a lot of hunting camp jokes and conversation. We hope you enjoy! Covered in this episode: Find WCB...


203 The Whitetail Angle - Working Class Bowhunter Podcast

The studio is blessed this week with the presence of Clark Cummings, Ross Bigger and Austin Chandler. These guys are all experienced whitetail bowhunters from the WCB area and have become great friends of the podcast. The guys cover a lot in this episode. Catching up on the past season, learning experiences, changes, the break down of a year of whitetails and much more! Enjoy! This is the Volume 1 of The Whitetail Angle. A podcast we will be doing throughout the year covering everything...


202 Heroes Hunting / Gene Miller - Working Class Bowhunter

Joining the crew this week in the Buckatorium Studio is Gene Miller and SGT Perkins from Heroes Hunting. This was a more laid back show than normal! The guys talk the recent Antelope hunt, Heroes Hunting on CarbonTV, Veteran talk, and so much more! This episode was influenced by Busch Light, rum and Friday night. Enjoy! Covered in this episode "roughly": CarbonTVAntelope huntingPassion of huntingHunting show dynamicsMeeting your hunting heroesTattoos in the outdoorsDeploymentMilitary...


201 Broad Force Targets - Working Class Bowhunter

David, Shane and Katie from Broad Force Targets join the podcast at the 2018 ATA Show. Be sure to check out Broad Force! Broad Force Targets: Find WCB online: iTunes : Subscribe and rate us...


200 Travis "T-Bone" Turner - Working Class Bowhunter

Travis "T-Bone" Turner from Bone Collector & Realtree Roadtrips joins the podcast this week for episode 200! Covered in this episode: Strange intro (our intern must of hired a couple people we didn't know about?)A brief look back on 200 podcastsT-Bone introATA / Shot ShowGarmin sightBasketball range finderRanging targets / depth of fieldGetting back into competitive archery?Future of Bone CollectorGood & bad in the industryIntroduce someone to huntingIowa conservation platformIowa Hush...


199 Jeremy Maier - Buckstorm - Working Class Bowhunter

Jeremy Maier from Buckstorm joins the show this week. Buckstorm is a group of friends producing an easy to watch web series from the western states. Some highlights from the show: Buckstorm Mountain Lion huntingHunting western statesSouth DakotaBuilding bonus / preference points Briefly cover Utah New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, WyomingJeremy & Curt's planned elk hunt Find BuckStorm online: Find Buckstorm Productions on Youtube! Buckstorm on Facebook Buckstorm Productions Mountain...


198 Rubline Marketing / Scent Crusher - Working Class Bowhunter

Two podcasts in one! Chase Rohlfsen and Big Mike from Rubline Marketing join us for the first half recorded AFTER ATA show. The second half was recorded with Chase and Dan Drake from Scent Crusher during the 2018 ATA show. The guys talk stories from ATA, new friendships, and products at the show! Enjoy! **Listen in for a special giveaway** Click Here to support TJ & Liz Unger -Whitetailer™ Keychain Bottle Opener - TJ Unger...


197 Snyper Hunting Products - Working Class Bowhunter

Brandon Bouldin from Snyper Hunting Products joins the podcast this week. Brandon explains how Snyper is changing the game of wireless trail cams and explains the advantages of using the cell cams in your favor. Recorded at the 2018 ATA Show! Click Here to support TJ & Liz Unger -Whitetailer™ Keychain Bottle Opener - TJ Unger Edition Find WCB...


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