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Join us each episode as we explore A Strange Thing. Together we will delve into strange events, reveal strange secrets, travel to strange places, and talk to strange people.

Join us each episode as we explore A Strange Thing. Together we will delve into strange events, reveal strange secrets, travel to strange places, and talk to strange people.


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Join us each episode as we explore A Strange Thing. Together we will delve into strange events, reveal strange secrets, travel to strange places, and talk to strange people.






E50 - Another Open Mike and Austin

Another round of Covid-19 and a host of other unforeseen complications force Mike and Austin to ponder STRANGE things from not-so-strange locations. It's time for another Open Mike (& Austin)!


E49 - Water Babies

In this episode Mike and Austin talk about 2 of the most NON-scary things on the planet, babies and water. However, it turns out that disposing of babies by throwing them into the water can create quite the terrifying splash. Take the plunge with us as we dive into this very strange topic.


Strange Easter - E48

No matter how you look at it, Easter is strange thing. Take a pinch of pagan, a fist full of fertility, and a dash of defeated death and you end up with ONE STRANGE HOLIDAY. Join us as we chat about this most wonderfully auspicious occasion.


Brain Food - E47

In this episode Mike and Austin talk about the downside of being a cannibal, eating brains, playing god, and boinking strange flesh. Join them as they bring their first extra-long season to a close and hack things up.


Life Is Good - E46

It can be hard to say goodbye to those we love. In this episode Mike, Austin, and special guest Connie (who was once probed by tiny aliens in itsy-bitsy black boots) talk about the passing of their patriarch and celebrate his life and legacy. As dad would say, "Life is Good".


Strange Brains - E45

In this episode Mike and Austin begin a journey to discover the potential nefarious beginnings for one of the most deadly and devastating maladies that continues to erode what it means to exist as a human. Join them as they reflect on their own personal encounters with this proteinaceous harbinger of misery.


Open Mike and Austin - E44

While trying to catch the Spirit of the Holidays, Mike and Austin take a break from dead cows and brain maladies to ponder the season. Join them on a reflective ride towards more strange things to come.


More Strange Cattle Mutilations - E43

Two years ago Mike and Austin kicked off the A Strange Thing Podcast by talking about the really strange phenomena of cattle mutilation and the strangeness surrounding it. Since their initial podcast, the number of mutilated cattle has continued to pile up. Why are these things still happening and who or what could be behind them? Join Mike and Austin for a few laughs while they continue to look for answers.


Stranger UFO‘s - E42

The UFO phenomena is STRANGE. As UFO sightings have increased, how are we to contend with what these sightings might mean and how do they impact our view of reality? Explore these topics with Mike and Austin as they take an even stranger look at these encounters.


Strange UFO‘s - E41

We are all surrounded by people who have had their own uniquely strange experiences. In this episode Mike and Austin ponder the descriptions given by an 86 year old woman who, along with her husband, had a close encounter with a UFO in the early 1980's. It's a great story told by a great lady. Enjoy!


Strange Artifacts Part 3 - Episode 40

Mike and Austin are back to wrap up the Strange Artifacts series. Join them as they explore some STRANGE discoveries that shake up the accepted archeological theories of human origin and the age of the Earth.


Strange Artifacts Part 2 - E38

In this episode we take a closer look at a few strange artifacts that disrupt the status quo of geological time. How long has mankind been toiling on this celestial ball? The answer might not be as obvious as we have been taught to believe.


Strange Artifacts - E37

After a medical hiatus, Mike and Austin are finally back and once again pursuing the STRANGE. Join us as we explore some strange discoveries that throw a monkey wrench in our understanding of evolution, the age of the earth and man's history on the planet.


Strange Ghosts - E36

Ghosts, spirits, apparitions, demons, or departed souls, whatever name you want to give them, stories from beyond the grave have haunted mankind since the beginning of human history. Do these entities actually exist? Join us as we ponder these experiences and peer behind the veil of one of humanities age old questions: What happens to your essence after you die?


Strange Investigation at the Old State Pen

In this episode we join a team of paranormal investigators and search for strange encounters at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. With lights out and recorders on, Big River Paranormal led the way through the maze of cold stone buildings in search of evidence from the other side. Join us as we talk about our chilling adventure through a location known for paranormal activity.


Spooky Things at the Old State Pen - E34

One of Idaho's most famous haunted locations is the Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho. More than 130 individuals have died at the site including some of Idaho's most notorious criminals. Reportedly, some of the most nefarious criminal and murderous spirits have appeared to paranormal investigators over the years. Join us as we prepare for a paranormal investigation at the Old State Pen.


Open Mike and Austin - E33

Welcome to a new, fun, and whimsical trim-level episode for the A Strange Thing Podcast, Open Mike & Austin! Have you ever wanted to take back or add something to something you said in the past? Well, in this episode we take a few trips back in time to some things we wish we'd said differently as well as add some detail to a few things that we didn't think about at the time. It's a bit of a silly ride so hold on to your potato and have fun!


Strange gods - E32

In this episode we take a look at the "Cradle of Civilization" and discover that this ancient land in Mesopotamia, known as the land of Sumer and the Fertile Crescent, is also the "Cradle of the gods". Here we find the first written accounts of the gods and their exploits among mankind. Join as we wrap up our 5-part series on Strange Gods. It's a supernatural ride through the oddities of ancient myths, legends, faith, and futility.


Strange gods - E31

Ever wonder about Eastern and Western god symbiosis? If so, You're in luck! Strange gods aren't specific to a geographical land mass. They're everywhere.


Strange gods - E30-

Ancient Greek and Nordic gods had really weird mating habits! In this episode we'll talk about a few and barely scratch the surface (that's probably a good thing).