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Join us each episode as we explore A Strange Thing. Together we will delve into strange events, reveal strange secrets, travel to strange places, and talk to strange people.


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Join us each episode as we explore A Strange Thing. Together we will delve into strange events, reveal strange secrets, travel to strange places, and talk to strange people.






Strange Scary Things - E62

There's a lot of strange and scary things out there in the world. In this episode Mike and Austin talk about a few of the things that make their hearts beat a bit faster and pound a bit harder. What makes your ticker tick more quick?


The Grande Conspiracy - E61

Are there really nefarious forces bent upon our destruction? Are there forces for good battling to protect us? What lies behind the veil in the unseen realm and why would these entities give a rip about humanity? Join Mike and Austin as they go trans-dimensional and discuss a cast of characters that might play a part in what Mike likes to call The Grande Conspiracy.


An Even Stranger Underworld - E60

In this, the last episode of Season 2, Mike and Austin RAP up their discussion of the Underworld. There's tragedy and wonders in natural underground structures. There's man-made catacombs in massive underworld wonders. God's, entities, cryptids and more lurk around every corner. Come get down with us in the Stranger Zone! Show Notes: Mark Dickey - Sick in a deep Turkish Cave Sergei Kozeev - Don't go alone Mammoth Cave National Park El Teniente - The wold's largest mine Mponeng Gold Mine - World's deepest mine Subtropolis - Worlds largest underground business park


Hot Mike - A Strange Underworld - E59

The Underworld is a very STRANGE place and the legends and mythologies surrounding the netherworld are as varied as the people and customs within which they are found. Despite the many varied and intricate depictions of the realm of the dead and the gods that inhabit those regions, there is an overtly obvious thread of characters and qualities that they all inevitably share. Join Mike and Austin on their first ever "Hot Mic" episode. An episode where Mike goes on a rant about some potential underworld characters known as the Watchers and Austin mediates in the way that only he is able. Show Notes: Dr. Chuck Missler - The Return of the Nephilim - These presentations started Mike's journey into the Stranger Zone back in the late 90's. Dr. Michael S. Heiser - The Unseen Realm Documentary - Rebellion in God’s council. Spirits of dead giants. Rival gods creating chaos. Reversing Hermon - Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ


A Strange Hollow Earth - E58

Humankind has always had a fascination with what lies beneath the Earth. From the mystical abode of the dead to the mysteries surrounding the internal structure of our planet, our curious nature beckons us to explore what lies beneath. Join Mike and Austin as they explore the unknown worlds below our feet. Exclusive video from our adventures on our YouTube Channel! Our website


Yet Another Open Mike and Austin - E57

Often our best laid plans are foiled. In this episode Mike and Austin make lemonade out of lemons as Mike experiences the 2nd law of thermodynamics in a not-so-vital organ. Thwarted from an expedition to the underworld by a ruptured appendix, ASTP's hosts take a rapid fire journey through some drug impacted grey matter. This episode is a lot like life, it might not always make sense, but it's good.


A Flat Earth - E56

Is the round shape of the Earth a giant conspiracy? Join Austin and Mike as they try to take a serious look at the Flat Earth theory...or at least a semi-serious look at it. Whether round or flat, one thing is for certain, this planet is wonderfully strange.


A Strange Earth - E55

The celestial ball upon which we are all hurdling through darkness is a very strange place. Not only is this world our captive abode, it also captivates our passions and imagination. Throughout recorded history humanity has endeavored to understand and tame this terrifyingly beautiful planet. We have created elaborate stories and theories in order to explain the mysteries that surround and envelop us, and yet, we've only managed to scratch the surface. There are countless mysteries still remaining both above and below. Join Mike and Austin as the take a lighthearted journey through this strange Earth and attempt to shine a little light in the darkness.


SLIders - E54

Have you ever fritzed out a streetlight by simply passing by? Do appliances and electronics misbehave in your presence? If so, you might be a SLIder! Join Mike and Austin as they discuss a strange phenomena known as S.L.I. It's a thing.


Tearing Down the Pyramid of Death - E53

Mike and Austin close out their 2-part series on the Healthy Food Pyramid by revealing why it's not "healthy" at all. In fact, it's one of the most deadly influencers in modern history. Be careful, falling under it's power could kill you.


E52 - A Strange Pyramid

Pyramids are scattered around the globe and are almost always associated with death. In the 1990's a different kind of pyramid was constructed in the U.S. This strange object has been restructured several times and variations can now be found throughout the world. Despite the mutations, the data sets contained within these pyramids are extremely devastating. Just as death surrounds the construction of ancient pyramids, this modern pyramid might be the most deadly of all. Join Mike and Austin as they discuss the nefarious impact of this man-made structure. Your life may depend on it.


E51 - Life in the Stranger Zone

Life, the ultimate Stranger Zone. In this episode Mike and Austin finally have the chance to share a few of their recent adventures. Join them as they talk about a broad range of topics including murder, racing trucks in Chocos, buffalo ball sacks, geysers, sasquatch, and a variety of creepy insects. What are you waiting for, jump into the Stranger Zone!


E50 - Another Open Mike and Austin

Another round of Covid-19 and a host of other unforeseen complications force Mike and Austin to ponder STRANGE things from not-so-strange locations. It's time for another Open Mike (& Austin)!


E49 - Water Babies

In this episode Mike and Austin talk about 2 of the most NON-scary things on the planet, babies and water. However, it turns out that disposing of babies by throwing them into the water can create quite the terrifying splash. Take the plunge with us as we dive into this very strange topic.


Strange Easter - E48

No matter how you look at it, Easter is strange thing. Take a pinch of pagan, a fist full of fertility, and a dash of defeated death and you end up with ONE STRANGE HOLIDAY. Join us as we chat about this most wonderfully auspicious occasion.


Brain Food - E47

In this episode Mike and Austin talk about the downside of being a cannibal, eating brains, playing god, and boinking strange flesh. Join them as they bring their first extra-long season to a close and hack things up.


Life Is Good - E46

It can be hard to say goodbye to those we love. In this episode Mike, Austin, and special guest Connie (who was once probed by tiny aliens in itsy-bitsy black boots) talk about the passing of their patriarch and celebrate his life and legacy. As dad would say, "Life is Good".


Strange Brains - E45

In this episode Mike and Austin begin a journey to discover the potential nefarious beginnings for one of the most deadly and devastating maladies that continues to erode what it means to exist as a human. Join them as they reflect on their own personal encounters with this proteinaceous harbinger of misery.


Open Mike and Austin - E44

While trying to catch the Spirit of the Holidays, Mike and Austin take a break from dead cows and brain maladies to ponder the season. Join them on a reflective ride towards more strange things to come.


More Strange Cattle Mutilations - E43

Two years ago Mike and Austin kicked off the A Strange Thing Podcast by talking about the really strange phenomena of cattle mutilation and the strangeness surrounding it. Since their initial podcast, the number of mutilated cattle has continued to pile up. Why are these things still happening and who or what could be behind them? Join Mike and Austin for a few laughs while they continue to look for answers.