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AFRAID OF NOTHING, based on the award-winning experimental documentary, explores life and the afterlife through the lens of shamans, mediums, ghost hunters, authors, EVP experts, scientists, researchers, witches and other awakened individuals. Host: Bob Heske.

AFRAID OF NOTHING, based on the award-winning experimental documentary, explores life and the afterlife through the lens of shamans, mediums, ghost hunters, authors, EVP experts, scientists, researchers, witches and other awakened individuals. Host: Bob Heske.


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AFRAID OF NOTHING, based on the award-winning experimental documentary, explores life and the afterlife through the lens of shamans, mediums, ghost hunters, authors, EVP experts, scientists, researchers, witches and other awakened individuals. Host: Bob Heske.




Afraid of A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed

Tobe Johnson and Brett Eichenberger, co-producers and creators of a new documentary "A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed" share interviews from researchers and eyewitnesses with extraordinary stories and evidence. The film - the first of a two-part series - makes a strong case for the existence of Bigfoot and asks the viewer to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusions. You can rent or buy the documentary of many streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Vudu and iTunes,, to...


Afraid of Remote Viewing, Hypnosis and Art Bell

During a rough week personally, tonight's guest was a gift wrapped as a "two for one". Michelle Freed is a radio program producer, publicist for paranormal talent, controlled remote viewing coach, licensed hypnotherapist and more. Originally Michelle contacted me to help book guests for the show. When I learned about her background, I begged to get her on as a guest. She was the last producer for Art Bell's iconic Midnight in the Desert program and afterwards co-founded the Midnight.FM...


Afraid of Demons with a Wicked Twist

This episode we explore demons from an angle you've never heard before. Demonologist Nathaniel Gillis shares his research of the Devil, Demons and unclean spirits with a twist. Nathaniel believes there could be a connection in the implants found in people who have been abducted by aliens or the Soul Hunters themselves - Molters! ABOUT NATHANIEL GILLIS Nathaniel Gillis is a religious demonologist and author. After living in a haunted house, Nathaniel spent 20 years researching what he...


Afraid of Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre

Medium, paranormal investigator and best-selling Amazon author Rob Gutro is back to talk about his latest book, Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre on a Medium's Vacation. Every interview with Rob is entertaining, but this one had an added bonus as I uncovered what I think were several EVPs that bled through Rob's audio and were discovered during the audio edit in post. About Rob Gutro In addition to being an author, Rob is a scientist and member of Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal group...


Afraid of Duo Daemonologie

Tonight we have double trouble ... for demons, that is. And double the pleasure for our listeners. Demonologists James Annitto and Carl Johnson, with over 60 years of combined experience, discuss demonic foes, finding faith and their new venture: Duo Daemonologie. Visit their website at Visit Duo Daemonologie on Facebook at ABOUT JAMES ANNITTO James Annitto is an ordained Deacon and a Demonologist who has worked...


Afraid of Spooky Southcoast and Midnight Society

This episode really is for me as I get to listen and learn from a seasoned paranormal radio talk show host, podcaster, investigator, author and public speaker. But you're gonna love it too. Tim Weisberg, self proclaimed "Professional Weirdo" (it's right on his business card, folks), has been a mainstay in paranormal radio and podcasting since 2006. With thousands of hours of programming and hundreds of guests, Tim is a walking rolodex of high strangeness and the unexplained. I like to refer...


Afraid of The Afterlife Frequency

Ever wonder what happens when we die ... but never found a convincing book on the subject? Well, your search is over. Mark Anthony - AKA The Psychic Lawyer - has written a book so good it has been nominated for a Pulitzer prize. No ordinary paranormal tome, The Afterlife Frequency blends science with entertaining anecdotes so you don't need a physics degree to follow along. Visit our affiliates page to pick up a copy. WHO IS MARK ANTHONY, YOU SAY? Mark Anthony Psychic Explorer (also...


Afraid of Soul Sisters Paranormal

Want to learn how to do ghost hunting the right way? Talk to people who do it right. Tonight's guest is Dr. Kristy Sumner, co-founder of Soul Sisters Paranormal. What began as a "girl's trip" in 2014 with Kristy, her two sisters and two friends quickly evolved into a passion that has yielded strong evidence from some of the most historic haunted locations in the U.S. These include the Villisca Axe Murder House (Villisca, IA), The Lizzie Borden House (Fall River, MA), St. Augustine Light...


Afraid of OBEs and UFOs

Whoa ... was that me lifting myself out of my body or a grey alien taking me to the mother ship for an annual exam? For some people it might be both. In this episode we chat with author, researcher and experiencer Preston Dennett about OBEs and UFOs. A prolific author/investigator on UFOs and the paranormal, Preston has had several out of body experiences and seen his fair share of UFOs - and believes that the "greys" are getting a bit of a bad rap, and he's done the research and has the...


Afraid of Starting Your Own Podcast

Spoiler Alert: This is not a paranormal episode ... but the content may be super relevant to you. Ever listen to your favorite podcast and think, "Hey, I'd like to do that"? Well, you can. This special out-of-the-box episode is all about helping you wannabe podcasters to become the real deal. I share my experiences, recommendations and lessons learned over the past two years to make your ride less bumpy. I have also created a companion eBook with great content and hyperlinks to refer to...


Afraid of Cinema Symbolism

All around us are symbols hidden in plain sight. The same is true for your favorite films. In this episode we interview Robert Sullivan IV to discuss his popular "Cinema Symbolism" books - Rob has just finished his third book in the series and is outlining the 4th book now. After listening to this episode you will be compelled to go back and watch your favorite films with a different lens. About Robert W. Sullivan Robert W. Sullivan IV (1971- ) is a Freemason, philosopher, historian,...


Afraid of Optimism

Optimism seems to allude many of us these days. Author, filmmaker, futurist and public speaker Maxim Jago has a refreshing outlook on life and, through his global adventures and acquaintances, has captured the essence of contentment by being present and grateful. Maxim gives us a preview of his book, "How to Be", due out in 2022 as well as a multitude of other fascinating ventures and life experiences -- including directing a horror feature called IT'S HAUNTED and witnessing his own birth,...


Afraid of Leaving the Darkness to Embrace the Light

This is one of those shows you go back to listen to a few times. That's because it's not often that you get a guest who has done so much, changed so much personally and help so many lives as author, Autism expert and world-renowned psychic medium William Stillman. In the 1960s William had auspicious beginnings with premonitions and deja vu as a toddler. By the time William was eleven, in a world not ready to embrace his paranormal gift or understand the symptoms of his undiagnosed...


Afraid of The Priest Who Sees Stuck Souls in His Sleep

If you think your dreams are vivid, try being Father Nathan Castle. Father Nathan dreams of victims of tsunamis, forest fires, car crashes, violent shootings, murders, fraternity hazings, sudden, unfortunate accidents and even 9/11 deaths. Can't a hard-working priest get some rest? A Catholic priest, Father Nathan is frequently visited by stuck souls - and others who were killed in violent deaths - in his sleep. They all have the same problem: they can't seem to move on. Working with a...


Afraid of My Spiritual Journey

Gene Silvers - The Second Act. A true actor, Gene left us on a cliffhanger in part 1. In this episode Gene takes Bob and Cuyle along his spiritual journey - from New York City to India and back ... and throws in some magic. What a trip! About Gene Silvers Gene was born and raised in Long Beach, NY. After an epiphany on stage, Gene decided he wanted to be an actor. Years later he was working on TV and on stage in NYC. Several appearances on Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Third Watch,...


Afraid of Movies, Magic and Mysticism

And ... Action! Tonight we step outside the paranormal box. Sometimes co-host Cuyle Carvin rejoins me to interview actor friend Gene Silvers about a crazy year in 2020 that had personal lows and career highs. In part 1, Gene talks about what its like being a controversial character on the supernatural series "Them" on Amazon - and why he almost refused the part. Gene also talks about his other big break - a role on "Mosquito Coast" on Apple plus TV - which he almost lost due to a near-fatal...


Afraid of Medical Scanning

Questions ... questions .... questions. We all have questions about our health, our pets, death and the afterlife ... well, in this episode we give you access to the answers. Simply Ask Julie Ryan. Julie Ryan is a psychic, medical intuitive as well as a serial entrepreneur, talk show host and author. Julie is able to scan people and pets remotely - like a virtual human x-ray machine - to give answers, confirmation and insights on things that have been troubling you ... or which you were...


Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 3

JAN-KRIS-POW! We wrap our "Voices from Lily Dale" mini-series with Reverends Janice Dreshman and Kris Seastedt - a one-two punch of registered mediums and certified Fairyologists who also run a salt cave (KRAN KAVE) out of their residence in Lily Dale. Bios: Rev. Dr. Janice L. Dreshman, is a registered medium in Lily Dale, who has worked with people from all over the world. In addition to her service as a professional medium and an ordained minister, Janice has worked with children,...


Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale 2

Psychic Medium Bonnie Page and I were meant to cross paths. Bonnie was recently in Lily Dale ... but I was unable to attend as her session was sold out. As luck would have it, I discovered that Bonnie lives the next town over from me -- in Winchendon, Massachusetts. Winchendon is known as "Toy Town" and also has a bit of a haunted past as some of you loyal listeners may recall from Episode 10 - Afraid of Murdock-Whitney House. In Episode 61 - the 2nd in our "Voices of Lily Dale" series -...


Afraid of Voices from Lily Dale

Spiritualism is alive and well ... which is ironic because it is a religion that talks to the dead. This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Lily Dale, the world's largest spiritual community. Located in upstate New York somewhere between Buffalo, Niagara Falls and the Canadian border, "The Dale" welcomes roughly 20,000 visitors through its pearly gates each summer for lectures, classes, readings and healings. Lily Dale's year-round residents number around 275 and it has its own post office and...