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Blurry Photos is a podcast that aims to shed light on the more shadowy topics the world has to offer. From cryptozoology and the paranormal to conspiracy theories and the unexplained, Blurry Photos will help educate and entertain you in a decently informational and sardonic way.

Blurry Photos is a podcast that aims to shed light on the more shadowy topics the world has to offer. From cryptozoology and the paranormal to conspiracy theories and the unexplained, Blurry Photos will help educate and entertain you in a decently informational and sardonic way.
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Blurry Photos is a podcast that aims to shed light on the more shadowy topics the world has to offer. From cryptozoology and the paranormal to conspiracy theories and the unexplained, Blurry Photos will help educate and entertain you in a decently informational and sardonic way.




Ep 233: Creepy Cults

WARNING: This episode has extremely explicit content. Listener discretion is strongly advised. Blurry Photober kicks off with an incredibly eerie episode about Creepy Cults. Three Creepy Cults are examined, including Aum Shinrikyo, the Ant Hill Kids, and the Marcus Wesson Family. Flora sifts through this heavy topic and tries to suss out the info from the hyperbole. Cults exist in a grey area of accepted but not really trusted. These three examples prove just why cults are often regarded...


Ep 232: Campfire Ghost Stories 7

Booshcraft The weather isn't getting much cooler, but that just means there's still time to get out in nature and be scared silly with the 7th edition of Campfire Ghost Stories! Some familiar tales and some new stuff await you by the tent with Campfire Ghost Stories 7. You'll hear an old comic book tale brought to life about an unfortunate chap who seeks shelter in an old house. There's malicious cemetery spirits, frighteningly-weird entities, and time slips. And a classic poem about a...


Ep 231: John Dee part 2

Scry so serious? The saga of John Dee continues in a massive second part of the episode. The second half of John Dee's life was even wilder than his first, scrying with Edward Kelley and writing down the angelic language. Flora continues an incredibly deep dive into the polymath's life, detailing his actions with Kelley, travels abroad, and his death. It's perhaps the most publicized part of his life. Countless esoteric and mystical pursuits have been inspired by the work he did in this...


Ep 231: John Dee part 1

Dee-viously Dee-lightful history! Flora is back with the beginning of a mega episode all about John Dee! Conjurer, magus, sorcerer, astrologer - these are but a few things the 16th century polymath John Dee was called. History knows him as a smart man who chose an occult path. He cast horoscopes. Talked with angels. Practiced alchemy. Continually searched for the secrets of the universe through math and natural science. But history often paints with a harsh light. What was this enigmatic...


BP Bonus: Ambrose Bierce with Black Clock Audio Tales

Time to get your ears Bierced! DB Spitzer invited Flora to join him on a barrage of Ambrose Bierce in this bonus episode of Blurry Photos! Black Clock Audio Tales, hosted by DB Spitzer, has covered Ambrose Bierce this month, and this is the first of a 2 part culmination on him. Flora and DB talk about the man and his works. Flora then reads An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and DB reads The Damned Thing. Part 2 will continue on Black Clock Audio Tales' feed. Ken Hite will join the fun on...


Ep 230: UFOlogy News with Ryan Sprague

Flora welcomes fellow podcaster and Man-About-Ufology, Ryan Sprague! Author, UFO Journalist, TV host, and host of Somewhere in the Skies podcast, Ryan Sprague has his finger on the pulse of current UFO topics. He joins Blurry Photos to discuss what's been going on in the news lately in the field of Ufology. More and more stories are coming out about UFO sightings by the military, disclosure, and folks involved with it all. David hasn't been keeping tabs on it, so he brought in someone to...


BP Bonus: The Mysterious Monsters (1975)

Not watching this documentary would be a Peter Graves mistake. Flora is back from AlienCon L.A. and getting back to routine, but in the meantime check out this roundtable on The Mysterious Monsters! A 1975 documentary, The Mysterious Monsters examined claims of cryptids and strange encounters and Derek Hayes and Justin Zenger join Flora to discuss this now 44-year-old film. Hosted by Peter Graves, it looks at the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Ye-ti, and more through eyewitness testimony,...


Ep 229: Listener Stories

It's been in the works for a while, but we finally have a full episode of listener stories! Real life encounters, experiences, facts and fictions come together in Blurry Photos' first listener stories episode. You'll hear tales of shadow people, stalking entities, disappearing objects, shadowy dogmen, hotel hotspots, a poem, and more. Special thanks to Ashton, Gabriel, DW, Katie, Matthew, and Leo for submitting these! If you have an encounter or piece of short fiction to share, please visit...


Miss Cryptid 2019 Roundup

Regular competition is over, and we have our three finalists for the 2019 Miss Cryptid Contest! In this special roundup episode, we find out who won week 3 of the Miss Cryptid Contest, and review each of the finalists. You'll hear the segment for each winner once again as a refresher. Then you can go to the polls one more time to decide who will emerge victorious as the 2019 Champion! Head over to the Home Page to cast your vote and don't forget to enter to win a prize pack! This year's pack...


Miss Cryptid 2019 Week 3

Regular competition draws to a close in week 3 of Blurry Photos' 2019 Miss Cryptid Contest! Our final contestants this year include California's Borrego Sandman, the South American El Silbon, and South Africa's Mamlambo. From desert to nightmares to rivers, the competition is hot and heavy. Pick your poison for who will move on to next week's finals and the chance to be crowned champion of this year's contest! We also find out who came out on top of Week 2 to be the second piece of the...


Miss Cryptid 2019 Week 2

Three new contestants (dis)grace the stage for Week 2 of the 2019 Miss Cryptid Contest! This week on Miss Cryptid we continent hop to search for the Specter Moose of Maine, Australia's Yara Ma Yha Who, and England's Bat Beast of Kent. It's quite a menagerie of monsters in store for you! From quite possible creatures to who knows what the heck come at you this week. Froggy humanoid vampire-ish things? They're here! Headless Bat Duck Alien things? We got 'em! Giant ghostly moose? You betcha!...


Miss Cryptid 2019 Week1

The Nain Rouge, Uwabami, Ningen The carpets have been shampooed, the curtains ironed, and the stun batons charged which can only mean one thing - it's time for the 2019 Miss Cryptid Contest! The 7th annual Miss Cryptid Contest kicks off with the Nain Rouge from Detroit, Japan's Uwabami, and the Ningen from the waters off Antarctica. Will a Detroit dwarf, a Japanese snake, or an Antarctic sea humanoid move on to this year's finals? It's up to you to decide! Check the Blurry Photos Home...


BP Bonus: The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot - Roundtable

You'd think this movie had everything... With a title like "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot," how could you not want to find out more about it? Flora is joined by Toby from Secret Transmission, Zenger from Zeng This!and Derek from Monsters Among Us for a discussion and review of the movie "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot". Forty years after heroically killing Hitler in WWII, Calvin Barr (Sam Elliott) is close to letting his age catch up to him when the...


Ep 228: Hillbilly Horror Stories

Go Big Boo! Flora made a trip back down to the Bluegrass state to visit and interview fellow podcasters Jerry and Tracy Paulley of the Hillbilly Horror Stories Podcast! Specializing in spooky stories told with that good 'ole southern charm, Hillbilly Horror Stories both tells the tales and gives honest reactions to some fascinating otherworldly topics. Jerry and Tracy were kind enough to have David over to their home to watch some KY basketball and discuss some fun paranormal stories....


Ep 227: Zoroastrianism with Dragons in Genesis Podcast

We finally see who's behind the mask of Zoroastrianism! It has been teased and talked about since the beginnings of the show, but finally Flora is tackling Zoroastrianism with the help of Jason from the Dragons in Genesis Podcast! An incredibly influential ancient religion, Zoroastrianism shows up often in show topics and is one of the oldest still practiced today. However, very little about it is known to western cultures simply because it's not often talked about or explained. The...


Ep 226: Irish Vampires and Other Celtic Monsters

More like Vampireland! Season 8 kicks off with the fine tradition of Irish folklore, as Flora takes you through some Irish vampires and other Celtic monsters! They might not be the first thing that comes to mind for the emerald isle, but Irish vampires and other Celtic monsters have a worthy pedigree in the folklore there. As the new season kicks off, David toasts to your health and celebration for a fun edition of "Slurry Photos." While Fae Folk usually take center stage, the evil...


BP Bonus: Hellier Roundtable

Things get a little planet weird... The season break is upon us, but the weird stuff doesn't stop as David checks out the new documentary "Hellier". Flora is joined by Toby from Secret Transmission, Zenger from Zeng This! and Derek from Monsters Among Us for a discussion and review of "Hellier," a Planet Weird documentary. Following a series of strange emails, Greg Newkirk decided to investigate the claims of a man who said he had witnessed high strangeness in a small Kentucky town. The...


Ep 225: Die Glocke, The Nazi Bell

Do the stories ring true, or go belly-up? Grab your WWII uniform and theoretical physics book, Blurry Photos is ringing Die Glocke, the Nazi Bell in this episode! An alleged secret device, Die Glocke, the Nazi Bell is thought by many to have been a German WWII project which would have been "decisive for the war." Flora grabs a mallet and strikes at the research to look at all the factors in this fascinating topic. Variously described as a weapon, a time travel mechanism, anti-gravity...


Ep 224: Keven McQueen, Bizarre Kentucky

A Commonwealth of weirdity from the Boo-grass state! It’s time to take a trip to the Bluegrass State for some bizarre Kentucky stories with author Keven McQueen! Researcher and senior lecturer at Eastern KY University, Keven McQueen has written 17 books to date on paranormal subjects and fascinatingly-bizarre topics from KY, the South, and other regions. Flora first learned of him through the research for the Axeman of New Orleans, as Keven wrote The Axman Came from Hell. He joins to...


Ep 223: Hillside Cemetery with Travel Oddities

Brett and Harley from the Travel Oddities Podcast join Flora to talk about Hillside Cemetery in this episode! The hosts of the award-winning Travel Oddities Podcast dish about their experiences at Hillside Cemetery and other adventures in Oklahoma. The supposed grave of a witch in Skiatook, OK, is said to have some bad mojo around it. Harley and Brett went there and share their story. They also talk about another interesting encounter in Sasakwa, OK, a story no description can do justice to,...