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E33 "Brook Dain--Adventure Rider"

Meet Brook Dain, Vespa world-rider that has traveled across the USA, India, Pakistan, and Egypt in search of crazy new adventures. New Scooter and Spooky News to round-out this road trip to the afterlife. Our winter scooter riders are ready for dry cold days, warm inviting bars, and chilling ghost stories--share yours at Chasing Ghosts dot net or any of our social sites! #paranormal #ghost #divebar #scooter #vespa #weeknites


E32 "Spring Scoot (er) in the Sticks"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. We talk to Matt from Twist n Play SC with Portland's iconic Spring Scoot coming in April and Steve from the longtime scooter and motorcycle blog, "Scooter in the Sticks". We also share other scooter podcasts out there plus Spooky News! #springscoot #scooterinthesticks #weeknites #sandyhut #mopedmonday #paranormal #ghost #vespa #divebar #scooter #motorcycle


E31 "Tiger Man & Bar Frights"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. This episode centers around Skip's local hangout, The Mill in Milton WA, and it's surprising ghost stories, Grandma's Ghost in Tampa, and a Kitty Cat Parasite all recorded LIVE in one take on our new #Rodecaster PRO. #paranormal #ghost #divebars #themill #thefirehousesaloon #weeknites #vespa #scooter


E30 "A Look Back Through Broken Glass"

Bar Reviews. Scooter Talk. Ghost Stories. Scout, Lizard, and Skip talk about the season of rides, bars, and ghost stories--including our pick of the best story of the year! Hear about an ongoing haunting in Seattle from Ally that will crack you up. Scout talks cold showers. Scooter News covers the Italjet Dragster available for preorder. #vespa #ghost #divebar #weeknites #paranormmal


E28 "The Inland Empire RIdes Back"

Our annual four day ride, PubScoot 19, through the Spokane Valley, Idaho Panhandle, and Montana collecting unique local stories and history. Bar Reviews. Scooter Talk. Ghost Stories. is our mantra as we attempt to visit 40 bars in 4 days. The Chasing Ghosts Crew gets in our own way as we travel aimlessly in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns in the Inland Empire. Join us as we forget about the day-to-day and go for scooter adventures into the nightlife and afterlife....


Wake Up! BONUS--CGOSIB Status Update

BRIEF BONUS EPISODE. Hey, a quick ghost story and update on the Chasing Ghost Podcast! Back very soon with a full length version featuring Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost stories. #ghost #paranormal #vespa #divebar #scooter


E26 "Emerald City Entities"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. From Tacoma to Seattle, we visit and chat with owners and servers as they share personal stories of their bar haunts, including the Church Cantina in Tacoma, the Merchants Cafe in historic Pioneer Square Seattle, and Kells Irish Pub and Resturant on Post Alley/Seattle. New theme music from #Weeknites, too! #churchcantina #lorettasnorwesterner #kellsirishpub #paranormal #ghosts #divebars #vespa #scooter


E25 "Hairy Riders"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories, er, and Cryptids. The Scooter Crew leans into a new direction with a dive into the world of the Sasquatch in their back yard. Local stories of encounters, tree knocking, and projectiles. Not everything makes sense, so take a hour and hear it from us...#paranormal #Vespa #bigfoot #ghost #divebar #scooter #weeknites


E24 "Miley & Merril"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. Best ghost story ever! Day rides through the greater Tacoma Washington area exploring cool new bars, meeting new friends, and causing problems on our scooters. Join Lizard, Scout, Chong, Skip, and the crew as we hide from life in the edges of the afterlife with a cocktail or two. #paranormal #ghost #divebars #scooter #vespa #weeknites #pub


E23 Hauntings in the Head

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. A trip to Tacoma's Engine House #9 with an interview with owner Jeff, followed by a long weekend in Nashville finding haunted bars, bigfoot, and some Lime Scooter riding. Scout and Skip get interviewed by the Grit City Podcast plus rides galore! Jump on your Vespa, put on your headphones, and join us for a wild adventure in the afterlife! #vespa #paranormal #ghost #divebar #limescooters #weeknites


E22 Portland Lyft Ghost & Old Hag Syndrome

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. A Scooter News interview with Andrew from Vespa Portland, a Lyft driver ghost story, a haunted bar, and of course, a lovely visit to the Sandy Hut in PDX. We ride and find stories so you don't have to! #vespa #ghost #paranormal #divebar #scooter #weeknites


S3 E5 "Postcards From Then"

The Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. Our modern Vespa crew assembles in-studio after a winter ride to reminisce about past bars, bartenders, places, and memorable moments. Also, a great look ahead to plans for 2019! #Scooter & #Spooky News segments continue! #vespa #scooter #bar #divebar #ghost #scooternews #spookynews #weeknites


S3 E3 "Danny's Back"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. Seaside OR to White Center WA, our scooter adventurers continue the search of the afterlife in the nightlife. Nothing is as satisfying as finding a series of mid-century bars that are cool, haunted and loaded with charm. Join Shelly, Skip, Chong, and the Lizard on our latest foray into the dark and smokey underworld of the modern scooter lifestyle. You probably won't be disappointed. #vespa #ghost #divebar #scooter #weeknites #seaside...


S3 E2 "Night Ride"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. Hop on your Vespa and join us for a virtual ride through Kent WA for a dive-bar tour, a very personal paranormal story, the meaning of riding scooters, the latest news, and a super-scary "night drive" through Montana recount. Celebrity voices are impersonated. #paranormal #vespa #scooter #bars #pubs #ghost #ghoststories #blinkertavern #montecarlotavern #starlakeinn #history #weeknites #firehousepub #kent #buckley #militaryroad


S3 E1 "RipCity 18"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. S3 E1 "RipCity 18", Portland Oregon, was the home base of our annual Pubscoot for 2018 as we traveled to the Pacific Coast and back. Our goal, 40 bars in 4 days, while on Vespa Scooters in search of classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns. This oversize podcast adventure is your chance to join Lizard, Bobby Chong, Shelly, Ike, Pendominono, Grizzly Vet, and Skip, (our aging team of modern riders), as we navigate through some of the coolest and...


S2 E8 "Listen Before You Ride"

Scooter Talk. Bar Reviews. Ghost Stories. Supersized in this episode featuring EVP's, multiple ghost stories, and resort history on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula and Hood Canal plus bonus materials in the foothills of Mt Rainier. Join us as we travel on our modern Vespa's in search of adventure in the afterlife in classic pubs, dive bars, and haunted taverns! #vespa #scooter #paranormal #divebar #haunted #ufo #evp #doylesirishpub #hamahamaoystersaloon #robinhoodinn #robinhoodresort...


S2 E7 "Stories Our Friends Tell Us"

Scooter News, recent Vespa rides, and stories from friends about a "beast" in Mexico, an apparition in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, and a grizzly murder in a haunted historical hotel. Shelly, Mark and The Lizard discuss the Firehouse Saloon in Buckley WA and Pick and Shovel in Wilkerson (With a few stops on the way) and a fun meet up with the Firkin & F**k Yeah! Scooter Clubs. Hop on your scoot and join us in this afterlife adventure of Stories Our Friends Tell Us! #paranormal...


S2 E6 "Paranormal Provocateur"

Scooter talk, bar reviews, and a haunted pizza joint are the features of this wide-ranging exploration onto our narrow world of the paranormal. A look back to our last episode, "Tote-Gotes & UFO's" with sister Gaye's actual story of the Maury Island UFO sighting and experience, plus the Oregon Ghost Conference, and the Burien UFO Festival, this is one scooter ride you may have trouble keeping up with! #burienufofestival #ufo #mauryislandincident #oregonghostconference #bufo #ghost...


S2 E5 "Tote Gotes & UFO's"

Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. in Bars. takes a detour to find a few UFO stories! join our crew that blends the modern scooter lifestyle with a twist of the paranormal over a cool cocktail as we share personal experiences of UFO sightings, bad choices, and the surprising discoveries. If you like scooters, ghosts, or bars, you will certainly like this, except for the UFO part. Our biggest ever attendance enters the studio with multiple mics (and one "Ike") with huge attitude. #conspiracy #UFO...


S2 E4 "I'm Not Your Trained Monkey"

Scooter talk, bar reviews, and ghost stories atop our modern #Vespa's in Seattle's Cap Hill neighborhood, Georgetown, and South Tacoma Way. Four or five real bars, cold weather riding, and rumors of a faceless man in the mirror. Join us as we dissect what's good, not-so-good, and spooky at the #StarBrassLounge #Canterburyalehouse #PineBox #Luckysilver and #ubetcha. Special thanks to #weeknites for great music and the best burger #lorettas. Get your virtual #scooter out and join the Fife...