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It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.

It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.
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It is the policy of Dreamland to present the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown—the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.




Is There any REAL way to Empower Your Life by seeing It as a Quantum-Physical Reality??

May 25, 2018 You can find all kinds of stuff on the internet, in books and at conferences about the magic of quantum this or quantum that. It’s become a sort of empowerment buzzword. But what does it actually mean, and is there any REAL way to empower yourself by re-invisioning your life by seeing it as a quantum-physical reality. Cynthia Sue Larson comes to Dreamland with an excellent working knowledge of what quantum reality is all about, and discusses how to see your life in the...


Return of the Night Messengers: Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality

May 18, 2018 One of the most inspiring, beautiful and thought-provoking Dreamlands ever recorded. Mike Clelland joins Whitley to discuss his ongoing research into the relationship between owls and the close encounter experience. Mike proceeds to tell a series of wonderful, mind-bending stories about how owls fit into the very complex picture that is close encounter. If ever there has been a Dreamland that advances consciousness, it’s this one. We are truly at the edge of an...


Nick Redfern on MK Ultra and Slenderman

May 11, 2018 Nick Redfern returns for his 13th episode on Dreamland and it’s a blockbuster! He has two red hot books out, one on the depths of the Slenderman story that has caused so much fear and violence. Nick asks the question, “Since Slenderman is definitely the creation of a human imagination, why did so many people come to think it had some sort of reality?” And he answers this question in a very well informed and completely surprising way. read more


Love, Life and Afterlife

April 27, 2018 This week, Marla Frees brings us a terrific show about love, prayer and psychic power. read more


Remarkable Cases of People who were Born Aware

April 20, 2018 Diane Brandon is an intuitive counselor who discovered during the course of her practice that there are people who are born remembering their spiritual origins and, often, entering and being in the womb. In this edition of Dreamland she describes her discovery and the book she has written about it, Born Aware, and we also talk to Cynthia Larson, one of the subjects of the book and also an author and broadcaster, who tells us not only about her memories of coming into...


Challenging the Matrix: Can We Escape?

April 13, 2018 Sonia Barrett is a visionary. In this show she offers her wisdom and insight about how life actually works and how to make it work for you. It's not so much self-help as insight into the hidden realities that govern our lives. The show begins with a discussion of the current political turmoil and its relationship to the disclosure process, but not in terms of political ideology, but rather the energies that are behind the situation. And this is just the beginning of...


Magic as It is Used in the Modern World (Yes, Really!)

April 6, 2018 Normally, magic and the occult are presented in the media either as something to be snickered at or as a supernatural wonder and, often, danger. But there’s more to it than that, much more, and in this searching interview with Carl Abrahamsson, the author of Occulture, Whitley explores the deeper resonances of the age old practices that fall under the rubric of “magic.” Their conversation about how art and magic intersect is powerfully mind-opening, and the way that...


Easter Special: Crop Circles and an Excerpt from Afterlife Revolution

March 30, 2018 Remember crop circles? We Americans have been cleverly misled by expert social manipulators into dismissing them all as man made. Starting with the absurd "Doug and Dave" explanation (two men created them with boards on their feet) to the modern notion that "its all just a tourist thing," we have been the victims of a grand deception designed to blind us to this ongoing miracle in the fields. To make matters worse, a few formations really are man made, and some of...


Life After Death: An Analysis of the Evidence

March 23, 2018 Join Whitley and neuroscientist Robert Davis as they explore the latest experimental evidence and theories of our continued existence after death--and the fascinating, provocative connection between the visitors and the dead that was such an important part of Anne Strieber's work. The case studies that Dr. Davis discusses are pretty amazing especially when they are supported, as happens in this interview, by evidence-based scientific theories that include the...


Journeys in the Kali Yuga

March 16, 2018 Come on a journey of discovery with a true pilgrim who crossed India and Nepal in search of his own soul and meaning, then returned to Europe where he found powerful connections between the gods of India and the gods of Northern Europe. Aki Cederberg is a pilgrim in the deepest sense of that word, willing to give up everything for his quest, and to go wherever it takes him, even when that means facing death. In this powerful edition of Dreamland, Aki takes us on...


New Energy for a World Just Being Born

March 9, 2018 Energy is changing. You can see it in the #MeToo movement and in so many other areas of modern life. Women are stepping up and demanding more equality, more respect and more space for themselves and their ideas. They want to be heard and they will be heard. But what is driving this change? The feminist movement started it, but it has become more than a political movement, it is a cultural shift and a spiritual movement of great power. Isabella Price comes to...


Finding the Treasure in Your Own Life and Soul

March 2, 2018 Are we drifting randomly through life or is there a way of living that enables us to find clues about where we might be able to go and what adventures we were meant to be on? In this provocative interview, entrepreneur Rizwan Virk discusses the powerful methods explained in his new book Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to Find True Success. read more


Erich von Daniken: The Gods are Still Here!

February 23, 2018 Erich von Daniken's new book, the Gods Never Left Us is the sequel, 50 years in the making, to his powerful and controversial bestseller, Chariots of the Gods. It goes FAR BEYOND Chariots. read more


The Secret Life of Spirit and Why It Matters to You

February 9, 2018 We explore the complex, amazing and vividly alive world of spirit with famed psychic medium William Stillman. As usual, Whitley takes us down some very unusual and unexpected paths involving an actual journey into the heavenly realm as Bill has come to perceive and understand it, and then to a sobering analysis of the hidden meaning and power of the dark side. High adventure on Dreamland this week, deep into the realms of the unknown! read more


Truth Proof 2: UFO Metaresearch

February 2, 2018 UK UFO researcher Paul Sinclair returns to Dreamland with a group of truly remarkable stories, most notably a recent incident in the small community of Wiltsthorpe. This extraordinary incident started just last May and is continuing. You will not often have heard a story like this, covering a complex new incident so thoroughly. Paul concentrates on just a small part of the UK, primarily part of Yorkshire. What is so interesting about Paul's work and this show is that...


Year of the UFO: A Forgotten Incident of Great Importance

January 26, 2018 read more


Who are We and Why are We Here?

January 19, 2018 What is consciousness and why does it matter whether or not we know? The truth is that our most basic understanding of who we are and what our fate may be depends on the answers to those two questions, and in this week's show Ervin Laszlo, one of the great thinkers and philosophers of our time, returns to Dreamland to tell us about the newest research into such things as whether or not consciousness lives only in the brain, and, if it is nonlocal, then what is the...


Year of the UFO: Encounter in the Desert

January 12, 2018 read more


John Hogue on 2108: Weather Changes, Alien Discoveries, Disclosure and MORE!

January 5, 2018 From weather changes to the future of America to an axial shift in civilization as China expands and the US withdraws from the world, John Hogue discusses the changes that are coming in 2018. Using a combination of his predictive skills learned from years of studying Nostradamus to his expertise in astrology, John shines a light on what we can expect 2018 to bring. read more


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