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Bumps in the Night, Serial Killers, Abductions, Satan, Poltergeists, Witchcraft, Conspiracy, Evil, Aliens, EVIL ALIENS... What disturbs you? Open your mind's eye and dive into the depths of depravity. Dust off the magnifying glass and attempt to understand the terrors that we must face, as we prepare to examine the evils that plague are history and occur around us every day.


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Bumps in the Night, Serial Killers, Abductions, Satan, Poltergeists, Witchcraft, Conspiracy, Evil, Aliens, EVIL ALIENS... What disturbs you? Open your mind's eye and dive into the depths of depravity. Dust off the magnifying glass and attempt to understand the terrors that we must face, as we prepare to examine the evils that plague are history and occur around us every day.






Sick Reddit Stories Volume 3

The final part of our trilogy of online creepiness. Can it get any nastier than the buffet of absurdity that we've already pigged out on? Only one way to find out...


Sick Reddit Stories Volume 2

Prepare yourself for another hot dose of the most sickening stories we could locate on Reddit. Enjoy the disturbing nature of these necrotic nuggets!


Buttonwoods Brewery - The Wheel of Doom

Drinking beers, selling Aron Beauregard Horror books and Merch, and of course, talking to weirdos. This is what we do at live events people. Ask random folks strange and creepy questions! Enjoy!


Sick Reddit Stories Volume 1

On this weeks show we look at a collection of some of the most disturbing stories we could locate on Reddit. Prepare yourself for a buffet of pure carnage and horror!


Extra Evil - Space Muff & Extratersexual Stuff

In this incredibly bizarre episode of the Evil Examined Podcast we take a look at otherworldly relationships. Close encounters of the absurd kind. Are aliens splicing their species in with humanity? From a man who claims to have evidence of an intergalactic three way, to a group of women who have given birth, and continue to mother mutant children, the freakin' episode has it all...


Extra Evil - Skepticism 101 (Part 2)

This week we continue our journey into ruining all fantasy and fun by interviewing none other than world renowned non-believer John the Skeptic. We continue last weeks discussion and delve into some highly bizarre and strange topics that culminate in an exercise that will test the limits of both John's skepticism as well as all of our listeners...


Extra Evil - Skepticism 101 (Part 1)

This week we dive into the brain of one of our own. The man who doesn't believe in anything cool; John the Skeptic. We broach a variety of topics to see if the skeptic can find any room in his cold black heart for the otherworldly. Or will he simply crush our dreams and send us screaming back into a boring world with no magic or surprises?


The Manhunt Murder

It's an age old argument; can a game set in a fictional world cause someone to commit violence? Can it influence their actions? Should creators feel responsibility? Should material deemed perverse, ultra-violent, or obscene be banned for the minority that may be triggered to do something horrible as a result of immersing themselves in it? This week we discuss one of the all-time controversial video games, and the horrific crime some said came as a result of the sinful software...


Skin Deep

This week we delve into another creepy cult. Disturbed racists, hypnotized Jesus freaks, incest, beastiality, murder, betrayal, and pure unadulterated horror are just a few of the ingredients in this melting pot of rancid immorality.


Creepy Encounters

On this very special bonus edition of Evil Examined we take a look at a variety of highly unsettling encounters. From lonely walks home, to hitching a ride with a weirdo, to home invading vagrants, to an eerie campground story, we touch on the shivers. The bizarre and strange that will leave you scratching your head and disturbed before bed.


Unfortunate Announcement

A sad day for Evil Examined. Sorry to everyone, I wish it could be different.


To Hell and Back

As promised, this week we bring you back to the place where dreams die and hope fades away. Where a rancid evil lurks with reckless abandon and sinister motive. If you enjoyed our Extra Evil episode "Going to Hell" from a few months ago, then buckle up and find you best flame retardant garments, because this week we are headed back. This trip promises to be just as painful and horrifying as the first. Get ready to BURN IN HELL...


Creepy Child Show Hosts

At a young and impressionable age we look to our parents to guide us though the early years. To help us get our footing and understand right from wrong, and appropriate from inappropriate. But during those critical developmental years, there are others that also have a profound impact on us. A picture box that is the potential gateway to anything and everything: Television. This week we take a look at those who chose to integrate themselves into careers that, by default, entangled them with a younger and naive audience. Was it simply because they enjoyed being around children? Or do their choices have a more nefarious reasoning behind them?


That Time of the Month

This week's Odd News segment is filled with weirdness, melancholic atmosphere, and downright sickening content. In honor of woman's month, learn about the bizarre case of a woman who had a strange side effect attached to her monthly mensuration. Learn one of our own guests bizarre techniques to combat the monthly purge. Learn the story of a man in Japan whose wife went missing after a devistating tsunami. He's been searching for her for decades without fail, what are the odds he might ever see her again? And lastly, the sickest headline of them all: The Vile Vet.


Rough Bitch

A question we as a society often find ourselves asking is; is an individuals moral fiber determined at conception or is it molded by their experiences? The nature verses nurture argument is as old as curiosity. If someone has horrific and ghastly acts committed against them, does it then excuse them in perpetuating the cycle? Probably not, but if not, then does it at least make you consider them in a different light? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself when considering the rough life and times of one of the most notorious female serial killers in history...


Terrible Tweakers

Possession is a long debated topic; can your body be controlled by another force? Spiritually it's still a debate, but this week we discuss the indisputable chemical reality. Horror stories of hallucinations and altered states of mind that pushed everyone, from your average everyday citizens looking to dip their toes into hard drugs, to the frequent habitual users that took on a dose that was too heavy, into pure pandemonium. These drug fueled rampages are ones that we can all be thankful that did not happen to be on the warpath for. It probably sounds like a public service announcement but it's really just the disturbing truth. Prepare yourself for the worst as we examine these terrible tweakers!


Holy Land

This week on the Odd News we discuss the dognapping of Lady Gaga's pups. A robbery clearly gone wrong that left her dog walker shot in the chest. Additionally, we discuss what it was like to visit the now defunct and highly bizarre religious theme park in Connecticut called "Holy Land." Amid the ruins of the rotting religious symbolism lays a darker story. One that took place near a 50 ft tall cross between a young girl and an older guy she thought was her friend. Learn the horrific events that transpired there and also get a first hand account of what the strange park is like.


House of Horrors

Enter a house that harbors filth of an unspeakable nature. Enter a house that is the cornerstone of neglect and the pillar or perversion. Enter a house where the occupants inside have depravity in their DNA... those that are still alive anyway. This week in a special bonus episode, in celebration of "The Slob" being nominated for the Splatterpunk Awards, horror author Daniel Volpe joins in on this discussion. We review the rather disturbing case of the Massachusetts House of Horrors incident. It doesn't get much more disgusting than this.


The Supreme Gentleman

During the evening hours of May 23rd, 2014 Elliot Rodger murdered six people in cold-blooded and disturbing fashion. Then when confronted by police he turned his gun on himself and joined the body count that he'd helped accumulated. Why would young man that came from a wealthy family, and that was enrolled in college with his entire life still ahead of him commit such unspeakable acts? The answer is simple but shocking; Elliot Rodger just wanted a girlfriend. He felt shunned by society's feminine populous and couldn't understand why a 'supreme gentleman' such as himself wouldn't be sought after. He felt entitled to have any woman he wanted, the only problem was that none of them felt the same way...


Witness Protection

When you hear the words "Witness Protection" most people think, based on movies, books, and other media, that they understand what the program offers and its overall purpose. But often the true details of what being under witness protection is really like never make the scenes of glorified Hollywood version of events. This week we learn about cases that didn't turn out how most would assume, and even in some circumstances allowed perverse killers to flourish. A man needed protection from the dark criminal underbelly that he'd willingly become a part of. But yet, that same protection was not offered to the unsuspecting general public when a man with a sinister past was plucked and dropped into a completely oblivious community...