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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth

Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth
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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth






Magnum Opus, Tapping Into Tesla & Dimensional Existences

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/l8VvgZvhx50] We take a hard roll down the proverbial rabbit hole in this edition. The concept of hiding knowledge that's already known creates a false allure which drives many away from the true pursuit of that knowledge, and all this really achieves is the successful misdirection and falsification of truth. Humanity is at an age unlike any before, drowning in information but starving for knowledge. There are many ways to attain knowledge during...


Living In Balance, Native Shamanism & Mindfulness

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/s2yZznssON4] This week on the show we're joined by the awesome @Nate_Max_TV of Innate-Awareness to discuss a wide variety of topics from working in love, to Nate teaching his meditation classes and so much more. The last time I had the pleasure of talking with Nate was with Shayne of @Connecting_Consciousness, where we discussed the different aspects of Mind Control as well as the unfortunate and nefarious deeds of the controlling elite, but truly,...


Leveling America, Technological Domestication & Uncertain Futures

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/JncRGDcI1s4] We're back, and we're starting Season 7 like we're running! Things have not stopped, if you've been paying attention to our audio podcast feed and the page, it's almost like the show never took a break, yet here we are kicking off the season talking about the concept of what I would consider deconstructivism - The act of literally destroying that which has existed before. I'm constantly talking about the concept of renaissance over...


Deconstructivism, Rewriting Patriotism & Generation Rebellion

You know what? MiniCasts like these are important because you won't hear this kind of passion on a typical weekly episode. It is the 4th of July as this is being written. Forced Patriotism is Fascism, and I think everyone can agree that they're not down to be serfs of the state. You can love your country and not your government at the same time. As I just stated, broadcasts like these are important because you're able to understand and hear my own version of Patriotism in action. The...


Neofeudalism, New Social Contracts & Health Based Manipulation

*This broadcast was a Instagram Live on (06/28/2018) Maybe because we archive information in the way that we do, we're able to see certain trends develop and patterns that form. Let it be known that I don't have all the answers, I'm merely offering my opinion from a 1000 ft. view on the wide variety of topics that I see, daily. What brings us all here is my wanting to clarify statements and at the same time, elaborate on some existing ones. The elites aren't intending to keep everyone...


Civil War, Destabilization & Resource: Humans

There's talk of a civil war taking place in America - Many don't even know about it happening or they just choose to openly ignore it. This isn't something new though, and one has to wonder: How'd we get from illegal immigration to civil war? It's because of the scope, range and dimensions at which this war is happening. This isn't merely a physical confrontation. Simply put: The world is in a paradigm shift. What was once important is now facile and passe. The mindsets and understandings...


Transhuman Space, Harnessing Humanity & Connecting Agendas

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gQ_gLFbUFY&t=1s] We take a break from having consecutive guests on to address a rather monumental announcement about the global direction; the "creation" of a space force. Recently, Donald Trump announced that he wants the Pentagon to establish a 6th branch of the military - The Space Force. For people who are more conspiratorially minded, this isn't as much of an announcement so much as it is a declaration. What kind of declaration...


The Space Force

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/xHGj1zL6LzE] What more is there left to say? We're establishing another branch of the military, the first since 1947. Donald Trump announcing the immediately establishment of The Space Force is a massive statement, for a number of reasons that we go over in this edition. It's not just about, in his words "dominating space", it's also the announcing of our presence in space. For years, the concept of a breakaway civilization, siphoning off money for...


Mental Health Monopolization

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/09PzRJWinOU] NHS is “picking up the pieces” of an epidemic of mental illness among children, fueled by social media and other addictive online outlets, the head of the service has warned. Simon Stevens urged companies like Google and Facebook to take more responsibility for the pressures they place on children. It follows calls for social media and online gaming firms to have a statutory “duty of care” to protect children from mental ill health,...


Paranormal Perspective Vol. 5

Don't miss it! Call in with your stories at (646) 787-8314 from 5 PM - 7 PM MST


Human Trafficking Exposed, Adrenochrome Addictions & Secrets Of The Elite

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUgDdrs-xoo] Strap yourselves in because you're about to witness the triumphant efforts of Laurie Alexander, the intrepid reporter and owner of The Underground Resistance Network. It's been a while since we've talked with Laurie about what's going on, but as fate would have it, we're talking with her as she's arrived in the same area of Arizona as these recently reported child sex trafficking sites. It's no secret that human...


Agenda 2030, A Post-Truth World & Globalist Big Brothers

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/eCoRbw7uZ0g] We're halfway through 2018 and I don't think the shock of what all has taken place has hit most Americans. Maybe we're playing catch up to the rest of the world, or its that the world itself is being caught up in one big net itself. It's this net that contains ideas, solutions, problems and much more, but none the less, the control of this net is determined by those who would prefer to keep us in a state of subservience. Bilderberg 2018...


Daze of Distractions, Big Pharma’s Havok & Celebrity Worship

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/tdMaG1AxHf0] Season 6 is getting close to being finished, are you ready? From censorship to internet attacks, to corrupted episodes, we've definitely gone through the gauntlet this season; our mettle has been tested and this episode stacks up with the rest of them. We're not slowing down! The days we're living in have us stuck in a daze. It's as if mainstream media's effect on the populace has subsided temporarily, only to take shape as more...


Revolutionizing Health, Rebuilding Earth & The Holographic Work

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eFRHGPnsUo&feature=youtu.be] As these days become more chaotic, our ambitions should become clearer and our attention merely heightened. Episodes such as this not only confirm, but indicate that indeed, we, as conscious individuals are capable of immense change while continuing to work on levels we're not even aware of yet. We had the honor of having on Kyle Wagner of @FutureWorldHealing to talk about whole heaps of things! One of...


Toppling Symbols, Reality Warping Technology & The Birth of Beta-Borgs

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/0x7Z9edR4OI] New week, new hurdles, different perspectives and it's all chaotic. One week we're dealing with shootings, another we're dealing with international affairs, other times we're having domestic upheavals and it just so happens that, as this spattering of back-and-forth continues, we're being slowly governed. Most cannot see that order from chaos which is being imposed on us nearly every week. Are you aware we're going through a form of...


World Governance, Domestic Vigilance & Endless Wars

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/1QwF0s3DITM] The Santa Fe High school shooting occurred while putting this episode together. It's almost as if Israel killing over 60 Palestinian protestors didn't happen, but that's what happens when we're in a programmed generation. Carrying on from last week's episode, we begin the episode delving into the possibility of journalists being licensed, and information having to be authorized. As if that didn't sound dystopian or authoritarian, West...


Countering Miseducation, Renaissance Over Revolution & Real Wealth

We're joined by Sachin of Spoon Of Consciousness to talk about a whole host of topics ranging from the miseducation of the population, to solutions that are being talked about, that we, as conscious individuals, are able to implement in our daily lives. It's no secret that what we consider education today can be surmised as indoctrination. Children and maturing adults waste thousands of dollars, and more importantly, time, to an ever evolving system which seeks to offer what seems like...


Mind Harvesting, The Future World Order & Occult Pedophilia

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/VTE8byoW9Dg] Each week we're slouching towards an irreversible future, and with each week, comes it's own set of hurdles and challenges, new distractions and parts of agendas unfolding. I'm sure in the future we'll think we sound foolish, but that's because our normal will have been so radically altered that we will have been conditioned to what could only be considered insanity today. The future we're moving into is one where our senses, you know,...


Orwellian Realities, Designing The Future & Influential Opposition

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/Ctz7K6x6Aw8] We're coming up on our 3 year anniversary mark for the podcast and let me tell you, things are just the way they should be. If you would've told me that wanting a podcast, or simply stepping into speaking about these issues would entail as much as it has, I would think you're crazy, and yet, here we are talking about eugenics, the manipulation of our realities, senses and minds. The news has been hot with words from Kanye West as Donald...


Internet Grooming, Systemic Sexual Abuse & Keeping Kids Safe

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/fEKErJOHBY8] Dr. John A. King joins us again after his most recent event, not only to continue the conversation, but to also explain some of the dimensions of his mindset and approach towards the unfolding events. Many believe that the PedoGate, PizzaGate, and Spirit Cooking fiasco was merely a headline rush of what would later be called "Fake News" - How wrong they would be. Elite politicians and celebirites are involved in some of the worst forms...