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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth
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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth






#23 Sensible Spirituality (Part 4)

[Audio Podcast Version: https://youtu.be/KnANWjP8wLM] Wrapping up our 4-part saga on The Wayfinder Podcast we discuss methods for integrating all the spiritual and mystical concepts we've discussed in the previous parts, in order to lead a fulfilling and sensibly spiritual life. Become An EXCLUSIVE Member: https://www.patreon.com/FreedomFaction Website: http://factionsoffreedom.jimdo.com/ Newsletter Sign-Up: http://eepurl.com/c-V3MD Email: FreedomsFactions@Gmail.com Instagram:...


Trafficking In Souls, Annihilating Nature & Off-World Preparations

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/CTCTEj6avAA] That's it, folks. That's all we can do for you this season! Believe it or not, this surprises me as much as it does you! With all that we have going on in the world, the idea of taking a "break" seems foreign, but that's probably why it's necessary. Indeed, the times we live in are increasingly unstable, and our future is definitely one that is uncertain as well, but persisting in the same mindset when perceiving a problem won't solve the...


Operation Degradation, Generational Grooming & Schisms Of The Spirit

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/gwuggID_8Fk] In just last weeks episode, we spoke about the American Death Cult that seems to have gripped the country, and now, this week, we're able to correlate the trauma of a Dutch 17 year-old who has willingly chosen to take her life. Is this death a product of its environment or is it an example of the times we're in? Either way you slice it, our horizons look a little bleak. If this vague picture of the future looks a little distroted, that's...


Bilderberg: Building The New World Order

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/DYjN2DYBKS8] The 2019 edition of the exclusive Bilderberg Meeting will take place at the Hotel MontreuPalace in the #Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday. It will feature Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, the head of Germany’s Christian Democrats, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Crédit-Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam among others. According to Swiss daily Tages Anzeiger, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo...


Bilderberg In Action, American Death Cult & Fangs of Globalism

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/KTFn4_KWZss] World elites are meeting again, and this time it's not in Davos, Switzerland, it's in Montreux, Switzerland, but with the current coverage of news here in America, all you would know is that the Mueller Report was a huge flop. Bilderberg, and the elite organizations around the world, continue to go about their business uninterrupted by the Trump administration, and it's alll because of the new world stage that these elites are creating....


Bilderberg 2019, The Death Cult & Empathic Healing [05-28-2019]

This was supposed to be a full transmission, but Instagram cut us off at about 45 mins. This is the remainder of the transmission. Sorry gang!


The Power of Orgonite, Living In Authenticity & Psychic Abilities

We are joined by Ezequiel Reyes of the BlackSunOrgonite page on Instagram! Turns out, we both started doing this type of conscious digital activism around the same time, and now, as things are heating up, we've been brought together to discuss some of the potentialities of people like ourselves, and you the viewers and listeners. Intiitally, we had business dealings with his powerful orgonite products, but as always, we got to talking about more, and we decided to turn it into a show! Like...


The Nature of Reality, Psychedelic Pseudo-Freedom & Keeping You Imbalanced

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/m3jwyahLiZk] We are joined by Josh of @LawsOfReality to talk a number of heady topics and to confront some uncomfortable truths! Episodes like this, where we delve into the dimensions of manifesting that sacred masculine energy to transmute change upon the planet, are what it's all about. Our guest has been a longtime researcher into but not only, the New Age Deception, the War on Drugs, the War on Consciousness, Aldous Huxley and so much more! The...


Beyond 1984, The Wars At Home & New World Operations

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/H82JWnZM9Fs] I won't lie to you, this episode is a bit of a chaotic train wreck. Between trying to compile the chaos of this week, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that this episode wasn't meant to be one that was by-the-books, but instead, it's meant to be an insight into the dystopian reality we find ourselves in. As Season 8 begins to wrap itself up, the amount of work, politically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally that still needs to...


The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 7

Previous Volume: [https://factionsoffreedom.jimdo.com/the-paranormal-perspective-vol-6] Call In LIVE! This week on Fellowship And Freedom, we’re switching things up. It’s been an obviously intense political year so far, and I want to relieve some of that pressure by taking a trip down the old rabbit hole of paranormalia. This will be our 7th volume of the #ParanormalPerspective; user collected stories, which includes call ins, breakdowns and so much more! So, without further ado, I ask the...


PedoGate In The Classroom

Details to be added!


Designating Undesirables, Health Hysteria & Sustaining Humanity

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/VVaOtFYUY1o] Facebook, after banning certain individuals such as Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and more, as well as consistently trying to de-platform organizations like The Free Thought Project, The Anti-Media & We Are Change, is obviously, and increasingly, become the vestigial arm for the government; We're dealing with our own version of 1984's Ministry of Truth. We must always remember that, in a time of universal deceit, truth will be considered...


Global Destabilization, Urban Warfare & Opening The Doorways

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/JXBQOctE2jQ] It's beginning to look a lot like the Summer of Rage, 2019 around here. The entire world seems like it's becoming gradually engulfed by the growing instability of nations and the skepticism of it's denizens. From Paris, to Venezuela, to China and Russia, and now even here, domestically in America, we're all seeing the birth pangs of a coming uncomfortable conflict. With the recent efforts of regime change taking place in Venezuela,...


Embracing The Shift, Suppressed Technologies & Multi-Dimensional Playgrounds

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/aKLMHJ30_9Y] We are joined by Rob of Truth And Vibration to talk about a whole host of, not only issues, but the wide variety of solutions at our disposal! Our guest has a decades worth of experience within the tech industry, and after a few moments of quiet reflection and astral projection, he's found himself in the fight for human consciousness. During this period, Rob, like many, tried a number of esoteric practices to help reveal a path in his...


Worshipping The Earth, Socio-Economic Reformations & Conflicts of Control

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/t2PMGijno9c] It's becoming increasingly clear, not only to myself, but others that are involved in this type of work, why we need to have a level of clarity and focus when approaching these topics. In a time where information is being censored and knowledge is being intentionally restricted from the public, anything that obstructs absolute control is considered a threat. This is why China banned The Bible and George Orwell's 1984, because it...


10 Day Jungle Retreats (Matrix Reset) in Bali by Innate Awareness

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/YZSSIjbz3vQ] Hey beautiful people here’s an insight into Our Jungle Immersion Matrix Reset This plan can shift and change as we will be in full flow state during the retreat & will do whatever is best at each moment for the highest good of each individual just as life ought to be lived. We welcome you to join with us for this epic Retreat Gathering of adventurous souls to the Island Of Gods In Bali! Reset from the Matrix Rejuvenate & Enliven your...


#21 Exploring the Unseen: Secret Science & Techno-Sorcery (Part 3)

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/JWH4DqoGix0] {Part 3/4 with Ejay from Freedom Faction} In this episode we dig deeper into the mystery and madness this series has explored so far. We kick off with declassified documents that detail secret government experiments on mystical and metaphysical practices and methods, then move onto a story I heard recently about the famous magician John Dee, and the idea that he may have used magic to make contact and dealings with entities from another...


Lawlessness On The Loose, Medical Tyranny & The Internet of Thoughts

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ZAHpPmHzB0c] This devastating fire in Paris has caused a shock to the global system, almost as if it were designed to purposely change the narrative about the Yellow Vest protests that took place for several weeks prior. With the world still reeling, people are looking for answers and in doing so, they've chosen radical Islamist as their target. Only time will tell whether this was a deliberate act of destruction, or if this attack was part of a...


Freedoms Under Fire, The U.N. Migration Pact & Internal Insurrections

[YouTube Video Version: https://studio.youtube.com/video/kwoH9lHGZOg/edit] I was a guest on this special transmission with Brad and Tony of the Crush The Opposition podcast. Recently, we had Brad Burris on Fellowship & Freedom to talk about the cultural castration our country is undergoing, and why it is essential for humanity to reclaim its independence, but also for Americans to reclaim their identities. Following up with that same thought pattern, I joined Brad and Tony, in studio, to...