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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth
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Exposing Lies & Sharing Truth






Plant Medicines, The Power of Cleansing & Preternatural Perceptions

We have a renegade yogi by the name of Andre, or shall I say, Devajeet Singh, of @DrDre81join us this week on the show! This isn't your garden-variety, frat house Shaman who's taken a bunch of psychedelics and can't distinguish reality from the trip, in fact, it's quite the opposite with this episode. You'll hear from Andre himself as he explains his transition from your modern day revolutionary protestor turned activist, to the insightful teacher. We're seeing an abundance of drugs,...


Enduring Our Environment, Chaos Across Countries & Mysteries Of The Mind

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ylHpqJwqs7c] It seems like there's no end to this roller coaster of change. I often contemplate where it will lead us, not only the experiences themselves, but the knowledge as well. Staying on the trend of monitoring the enivornments affect on our health and lives, we take a look at Hurricane Florence while Water Protectors in Louisiana are being arrested. Did I forget to mention that it's the 17th anniversary of 9/11? Many still have no answers for...


Class Action Lawsuits Against Facebook! The People Strike Back

Last Time On: Emergency Transmission: Activist Mother Slaps Facebook With Lawsuit! Christie of Corrupt Vaccines and her attorney T.Matthews joins us again to give us a proper update on their most recent encounters with FedBook. With all the recent political theater surrounding a very serious and controversial topic, it's hard to try and define what actual courses of actions one can take. For Christie, it's a rather simple approach; sue this tech giant. The internet cartel has reigned...


Assaulting Cognition, Policies Of The Technocracy & Overseas Observations

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/4al4GFh0-EM ] I wouldn't consider what we do political, but over the past few days it seems like there's hardly been anything other than that in our feeds. Before delving into things like the mindset being permeated that children need bulletproof backpacks to go to school, we look at the mounting evidence which shows the opioid epidemic is affecting teenagers, all the way to their parents. Couple this with the studies going into cellphone addiction,...


Exposing Corruption, Inner Transformations & Countering Censorship

If you can believe it, it's Carey Wedler of The Anti Media's first time on Fellowship & Freedom and you'd think she's been with us from the beginning. In this anti-authoritarian episode, we find ourselves hitting a number of present and concerning topics such as modern day feminism, the prison industrial complex as well as the military industrial complex, the purpose behind the overwhelming amounts of polarized propaganda and so much more! As we carve out the truth from our current state of...


Rethinking Religion

Through a series of questions, I asked you, the audience, about your relationship with religion. I even went as far as asking the question: Is the Catholic Church imploding? The central theme you'll notice throughout this whole broadcast is the attempt at answer the aforementioned question. If indeed the Catholic Church were imploding, what would be left in its wake? Technology provides the answers that spirituality, faith and belief once did. In this growing technotronic era, is there even...


Rainbow Tribes, New Modalities & Healthy Living

[Facebook Video Version: https://www.facebook.com/Neilpascoe/videos/10155372730780938/] I had the pleasure of joining Nate Max's LIVE recently. We went over why I got started doing what I'm doing, what my intentions are and where we're going. On top of the introductory topics, we tackle things like our multidimensional purposes, stepping up as truth seekers and really creating a culture of compassion, creativity and awareness. Join us as we go into the esoteric nature of this reality and the...


Unraveling Society, Genetic Tampering & Collapsing Constructs

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/6LGuEtUWhAw] This recent shooting that took place in Florida may not have been a false flag, but it sure does indicate where we are as a society and how we feel towards life, death, entertainment and our attention. I think it's almost fair to say we've been desensitized to traumatic events, and unless they garner some form of "attention", it doesn't matter. It's the reason we go over America's failing health, diet and nutrition. We take a look at...


Reincarnation, Life After Death & The Human Experience

I stumbled upon an article over at Collective Evolution titled: 7000 Souls Recall Their ‘Life’ Between Lives During Regression Hypnosis, The Similarities Are Astounding. This prompted me to ask a series of questions to you, the listeners, viewers and watchers about the nature of reality as well as our existence within it. While I wasn't able to fully read everyone's answers and replies to the questions, we were able to effectively tackle the topic. We are a race with amnesia, first and...


Consciousness Wars, The Populations Reputation & Ideological Interference

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/1N9MWNFnUwc] Seems like the fun never ends around here, and we certain illustrate that in this weeks episode. We've had some pretty startling news break this week - Facebook's new "User-Reputation Score" has been exposed. For people unfamiliar with this concept: Imagine being scored in some way, either positively or negatively, due to your internet activity. This type of Orwellian control style system is the latest reaction from Big Tech as they try...


Social Media's User-Reputation Score

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/KBHfuQKhEU0] In a hideous reflection of China’s already-prevalent ‘Social Credit’ system – which is a rating assigned to each citizen based on government data regarding their economic and social status – The Washington Post reports that Facebook has begun to assign its users a reputation score, predicting their trustworthiness on a scale from zero to one. Under the guise of its effort to combat ‘fake news’, WaPo notes (citing an interview with Tessa...


Veganism, Unnatural Assaults & Dodging Indoctrination

[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0gB8qmfg1o] We have the pleasure of having on Jesse of @VeganTake0ver on to talk about a whole host of issues. Jesse is one of the founders of the @BrownPaperBagMovement, which is a local organization that goes around delivering vegan food to the homeless, as well as offering haircuts and other services all for the price of free! You'll hear Jesse's passion when it comes to paying it forward, and how being health conscious is how we...


Population Control: Release The Drugs

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/l593Ph498-M] Seems like there's an abundance of drugs circulating around America these days, but what else is new? It's clear that the war on drugs has failed tremendously, and the product of such an attempt has essentially created an epidemic of addicts. This isn't by accident, though, it's actually been well known and well documented that a lot of the pharmacueticals circulating today have a wide variety of adverse effects. Outside of knowing that...


Domestic Dervishes, Technocratic Conditioning & Resource Wars

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ZWqoSOZd9Fc] We're back from our quick trip to Seattle, and it seems like within that week we've seen an unprecedented attack against free speech as more censorship revelations take place across social media. Speaking of transportation, the TSA has come out to confirm and advocate the need to survey citizens on, and off, planes. Even with all this surveillance on American citizens, police were barely able to apprehend a domestic terrorist out in the...


Flat Earth Cosmology, Lies Of The Elites & Perception Manipulation

We have Jay of @Truth_Is_Our_Religion & Jay of @J_Decasby on to talk about one of the most controversial topics of these days; Flat Earth. In this episode, we try to break down, incrementally, the different aspects of this ever-burgeoning discussion. Things like debunking NASA, the history of Freemason, conducting experiments, observable science and other esoteric aspects such as Sun Worship and Columbus’ New World. We’re no strangers to tackling tough topics, but that’s what we as Truth...


The Majority Report, States in Emergency & International Impacts

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ywkEw6TCi0A] The TSA has launched a secret program called "Quiet Skies" where they monitor average American citizens to see if they pose a threat. This is the United States equivalent of China's social credit system where your social digital status dictates your real world benefits. This, just as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, are totalitarian measures to govern one's movements and actions. All the while, as this all encompassing technocratic system is...


Legalizing Lunacy, Earth’s Afflictions & Counterfeiting Creation

[YouTube Video Version] The reality of pedophiles ruling the world becomes ever more revealed as we discuss the fall of modern celebrities such as James Gunn, the heiress to the Seagram's company as well as Dan Harmon, the creator of the hit show Rick n Morty. Unfortunately, this is a topic we're becoming all too familiar with as we become desensitized to the reality that those in positions of power truly crave dominion over those that are helpless. I think the recent verdict of a guilty...


Denaturalization, The War on Health & Behavioral Modification

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/yB2y439s_BA] If you haven't listened to an episode with Charles Kassin of @TruthIsTerrorism, before, you definitely should. In this no-holds-bar broadcast, you'll hear an extremely critical analysis of the modern day Vegan movement and how it's critical that we become conscious of our consumption. The distinction between vegetarians and vegans is also discussed; the reality that plants are meant to heal and cleanse us, while animal foods are meant to...


Emergency Transmission: Activist Mother Slaps Facebook with Lawsuit

Christie Scarborough of Corrupt Vaccines joins us for an emergency transmission; She's suing Facebook! In a monumental case, the stay-at-home, activist mother filed the lawsuit on July 13th, 2018 and at this moment in time, there is no other case in history like this. It's no secret that over the past several months users have experienced an increased amount of censorship and user regulation, with hardly any real insight as to the cause. Could this lawsuit be the first of many to expose...


Modern Indoctrination, The Authoritative State & Renewable Society

[YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/ygp6kTrdO8s] How was that little esoteric side trip? I hope it was enough, because we're back in reality talking about all things crazy. The transmutation of the soul may happen on other planes, but it manifests itself here, and episodes like this illustrate how wild our times truly are. We're in a time not only of great technological innovation, but also income inequality and even worse, financial instability - This is an epidemic that the world is...