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Far Off Topic is an adrenochrome fueled playground of the mind that will make you question everything from your personal beliefs to your taste in podcasts. Broadcast from the famous KTLU studios in Pahrump, Nevada, hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses & TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe.


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Far Off Topic is an adrenochrome fueled playground of the mind that will make you question everything from your personal beliefs to your taste in podcasts. Broadcast from the famous KTLU studios in Pahrump, Nevada, hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses & TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe.








The Curse Market (Demonic Reeboks, Nuclear War, & The Market for Cursed Objects)

From salt circles, and iron horseshoes to urine-based potions humans across the world have worked tirelessly to protect themselves from the forces of evil. In particular curses. But in, perhaps, another sign that we live in pre-apocalyptic times, a market for cursed things has sprung up on the internet and business is good. We’ll explore the curse market and all of it’s amazing potential for supernatural chaos on today’s show But if buying and selling objects imbued with darkest evil...


Dark Age 2024 (Trump Anon, Ra Material & Thinking Plants)

As they say, life comes at you hard and nothing hits harder than a falling empire. Is the US casually drifting into failed state status? Will “domestic asymmetric warfare” become the next big hashtag contaminating social media in our near future? The answer is yes the only question is when. We will scry the omens as we discuss Dark Age 2024 or the Age of Everything Sucks on todays episode plus so much more. Of course it’s not all bad news though, some of it’s just beautiful and weird....


Troubled Waters (Nessie MIA & Covid Snake Vaccine)

What’s strange is new again. Which is another way to say, It’s time to discuss the latest trove of UFO documents pried from the hands of the US Government. According to said documents thirsty UFO’s have been swiping right during their nocturnal visits to earth and if that wasn’t bad enough one of these pervs may have left a woman with it’s hybrid space-baby. We’ll be talking about that as well as the shocking Loch Ness Phallus theory among other things in our WHAT IN THE WEIRD SEGMENT And...


The Bellingham Lights Incident (Northwest UFOs, GOP Sex Cults & Feral People)

No one ever thinks it will happen to them. Least of all anyone who actually wants it to happen to them. Of course I’m talking about UFO sightings but it could apply to anything fun. Ghost encounters, surprise parties or randomly bumping into Scarlett Johansson and realizing that she’s actually just a down to earth person and not the blood thirsty cenobite you dreamt of that one time you were high on ceremonial Yaqui peyote. I digress. Tonight we’re investigating the shows second - eye...


Critical War Theory (Ukraine, Racism, & Weirdness)

It’s been more than two weeks and the war between Russia and Ukraine is already getting old. Outlets are already scaling back their Ooo-Rah headlines about Ukrainian military successes and instead are pivoting to the discrepancy of EU and NATO responses to pretty much every other war between the west and non-westerners. Is this war fatigue? Algorithm optimization? something else? It’s probably a combination of all of that and none of the above - because we live in Hell. Regardless it’s...


Russian Into WWIII (Ukraine, John Titor, Young Living Satan Scandal)

Like the father who abandoned you when you were twelve, we’re back. We’ve returned to your speakers without explanation or apology, and just like your long lost father, we don’t know how long we’ll be staying. But we’re here now, so let’s make the most of it. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in full swing it seemed like a great time to dust off some doomsday predictions and see what the future holds. Speaking of imminent apocalypses, if you were wondering what to wear after WWIII settles...


Nine Page Nothing (Government UFO Report)

It’s finally here. The much talked about omnibus of government information totalling the entirety of its knowledge on the subject of UAPs - the unidentifieds formerly known as flying objects. This moment comes a full six months after being strong-armed into an appropriations bill by truth-seeking public servants. Speculation on the contents of the report have ranged from talk of disclosure of a vast alien conspiracy to the more mundane foreign adversaries hypothesis. Regardless many people...


Monsters Abound (Rise of the Cryptids)

There are monsters among us and I don't mean sex trafficking congressmen from Florida. I mean literal monsters like Nessie, Bigfoot and the chupacabra. If you thought those guys were old news, think again because all signs are pointing to a resurgence of cryptids across the globe. And of the many strange beliefs out there some are harder to believe than other. Jacks and Twee will take a shot at choosing between real world crazy ideas that people accept as facts and dumb shit that I made...


Drone-ing At Sea (Navy UFO Secret?)

Something’s up off the coast of California. Mysterious flying objects have once again been spotted harassing the US navy. As of yet The Who, what and whys behind the incident are still up in the air… (puns)More intriguing though is how these mystery machines are being described. Rather than call them UFO’s or UAP’s they’re being reported as drones. Is this an intentional re-branding? If so, why? And does any of it have to do with the impending release of all the militaries UFO data later...


DeGeneres Portions (Celebrity Meets Synthetic Meats)

In 2019 swiss scientist Magnus Soderlund proposed that people should start eating the dead in order to stave off global calamity. His suggestion shocked the world with some wondering if science had gone too far. In 2021 a new group has returned to the people eater concept but his time they’re not trying to appeal to our worries of planetary annihilation. Rather they think people should eat people just be closer to their celebrity idols. We’ll talk about that in our Feature. And how certain...


Gamestop the System (Wallstreets Bets vs Hedgefunds)

It’s been a weird week on Wall Street as financial road warriors have breached the gates and began plundering all that sweet, sweet capital from the coffers of more deserving Robber Barons. This made the greedy lords of the Hedgefund Kingdom quite angry sending them crying to their Uncle Sam to stop the madness. Some think it might be too late; Democracy has come to Wall Street. Or could a new regulation blitz be the final shoe drop that re-affirms everyone’s gut instinct that average...


An Arm For Hammer (Celebrity Cannibal Exposé)

Do you enjoy barbeques? What about the taste of raw meat? Do you find yourself fantasizing about eating your significant other? If so, you could have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. I know wack-a-do Q Anon conspiracists have really owned the hollywood-cannibal-accusation market as of late, but would you believe that there are now actual text messages that could prove that the Cannibal Elite truly exist. We’ll tell you all about it in our feature story. And if you’re tired of all the...


Hello Sedition, My Old Friend (DC Insurrection)

As everyone in the world knows by this point, Cobra Kai season 3 is fire. Other than that it would seem the writers of our shared simulation are very committed to the the Second Civil War story line so this week we got ourselves a little bit of sedition, insurrection and twitter bans. We’re talking Right Wing revolution and the country that denies it exists on this episode. And while we’re picking through the rubble of our crumbling democracy why not also pick winners and loser of a post...


New Year and Hilaria Ensues (Solar WInd Hacks, UFOs and Scandal)

weird stops for no one which means that we’ve got a lot to talk about today. From massive computer hacks that will probably be the cause of future disasters, and lizard hunting nutjob suicide bombers, to lying celebrities we’ll be covering it all. As they say Hindsight is 2020 and it can fucking stay there. Our sights are on the future and all the wonders that are guaranteed over the golden vista of 2021. But perhaps we should practice some caution before leaping into the new year. We’ll...


EP. 34 - Of Monoliths and Mysteries (Utah Monolith Imbroglio)

In early november of 2020 a crew from the Utah Department of Public Safety were flying over the red rocks of the UTAH desert in search of bighorn sheep when one spotted something much more startling. Nestled in a cathedral of red sandstone was a shining metallic object. That chance encounter would set off a bizarre and winding cascade of reactions that continue to shift to this day. In this episode Fiasco Jones details the life, death and afterlife of the Utah Monolith and the importance of...


EP. 33 - Age of the Aliens (UFO sightings in 2020)

From fighter pilots chasing them down on both coasts to the government officially acknowledging a program to report sightings, UFO’s are back in a big way. Recent news of leaked photos from that very reporting program and outrageous claims by an Israeli government official have put the exoplanetary menace back into bizarrist headlines. We’ll dig into the details in our feature. And would you be surprised to discover that there’s a burgeoning division of psychonaut warriors forming within...


EP. 32 - Through the Land of Six Foot Holes (The Missing, Ghosts and Marriage)

The idea of THE MISSING provides fertile ground for bent psyches determined to read sinister plots behind every hill, isolated copse of trees or lone the house squatting far outside whatever passes for civilization this far into God’s forgotten backcountry. On this episode Fiasco explores the Missing 411 phenomenon of David Paulides, the discovery of a makeshift torture chamber in the Neatherlands plus ghost hauntings in Grand Junction. But none of that will prepare you for Fiasco's first...


EP. 31 - DEZNUTS (Rise of the Deseret Nation)

Lingering within the digital hinterlands of the internet there is a nation of peoples who by some accounts are peacful minded christians seeking to discuss the fulsome tenets of their religion with fellow devotees. By other accounts this digitized nation represents a shadow army of theocrats plotting a violent overthrow of secular society. Welcome to DEZNAT, a so-called nation that is not what it seems. We’ll uncover it’s many controversies in our feature. And seeing as October is here...


EP. 30 - RBG RIP TNT (Supreme Court Retrospective)

Jacks begged and pleaded to do a show about paranormal funhouse bullshit. He said he was too damn tired of the politics and the Trumps and the endless chronomachy talk. And I promised that this next episode we wouldn't do politics — Then Ruth Bader Ginsberg fucked off to heaven and now we’ve got to talk politics because every pinko hairy and sally is running up the walls about what this means for the future of America. And sadly, I'm no different. So Suck it up Mr Glasses and buckle up...


EP. 29 - No Lives Matter (Police Death Squads)

It's something you hear about only in places like Brazil or El Salvador where police run wild killing their enemies at will. But could that most favorite of totalitarian recreational sports be making its way to the United States? We’ll talk about the dark spectre of Police Death Squads in our feature coming up. As 2020 continues to chug along sowing chaos and disaster wherever it goes. We will try to fill up some more spaces on your Apocalyptic bingo card with our Great News To End On...