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Special holiday episode will air on December 21! Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them. Catch up now: Season 3 returns February 1, 2021.

Special holiday episode will air on December 21! Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them. Catch up now: Season 3 returns February 1, 2021.


Marietta, Georgia


Special holiday episode will air on December 21! Ready for something truly scary? Listen to real stories of hauntings, ghosts, haints, and other paranormal occurrences, told by the very people who experienced them. Catch up now: Season 3 returns February 1, 2021.






Episode 44: A Christmas Ghost Story

Happy Holidays everyone! Today we bring you two special holiday ghost stories featuring guest Jim Roysdon of The Innovator Club podcast. From a heartwarming tale of a father's passing, to a spooky encounter in a haunted castle, this episode is sure to give you all the feels this holiday season. To learn more about Jim's podcast, please visit his page at For full episode show notes, please visit the Homespun Haints site at Support the...


Episode 43: The Forsaken Flatmate

When you’re in your twenties, moving to a big city for a new job can bring about many unforeseen experiences, such as: Learning to deal with sloppy flatmates. Letting friends couchsurf, and dealing with your apartment’s resident poltergeist. For Julie Penman Livesey, a children’s author, life in her new London flat meant dealing with a former deceased resident who refused to move out. Let’s sit down and have a nice chat about ghosts. Today, on Homespun Haints. For full episode show notes,...


The H Files Episode 6: Magic in Appalachia, or Shearer Terror

The Southern Appalachian mountains have their own kind of magic. It evolved out of multiple traditions and the need to survive amidst poverty and a harsh landscape. But much of this magic has been lost through the ages, buried and swallowed by the mountains that birthed it. Today, on the H Files, we piece together legends, superstitions, and my own knowledge from growing up in this region to give you an overview of some of the magic and lore surrounding this area that still continues to be...


Episode 42: What's the worst that can happen?

How would your life be different if you had grown up in a haunted house? Would you still be scared of ghosts, if they had been a part of your childhood? Would you be more willing to live with a haunted house as an adult? Our guest today isn’t scared of much after growing up in a very haunted house. But one experience she had there, as a young adult, was so terrifying, it leaves her shivering to this day. Let’s tell some very scary ghost stories. Today, on Homespun Haints. In this episode,...


The H Files Episode 5: Charlotte is spookier than you thought.

Every city has history, legends, and, of course, ghosts. No matter how new or old, if you dig deep enough, you’re sure to find some skeletons buried under your town’s gleaming sidewalks. Perhaps the city you live in is more haunted than you thought. Our guest on today’s episode of the H Files, Jason of Spooky CLT, has made it his mission to uncover the forgotten history of a North Carolina town most known as a banking center and an airport hub. Thanks to Jason’s efforts, this town may also...


Episode 41: The Haunted Cornfield

Some people go their entire lives without ever seeing a ghost. Some are lucky enough to see one at some point before they become ghosts themselves. And, some people, such as Amanda, seem to run into ghosts everywhere they live. From the hidden tunnels of Germany, to the isolated cornfields of the midwestern U.S., Amanda’s ghosts are not your ordinary ghosts. Settle in for some strange and unusual tales. Today, on Homespun Haints. Support the show (


The H Files Episode 4: Your Brain in a Fear Cage

The ultimate super-computer—a store-house of energy and electromagnetic pulses—exists within each of our own skulls. With all that energy, it’s no wonder that our brains can have powerful effects on our environments, and can be powerfully affected by forces that we cannot see nor hear. Or can we? Join us today and settle in for a talk that is part science, part philosophy, part ghost story, and part mind-blowing (literally) as we talk about the research and theories behind EMFs and fear...


Episode 40: Teleporting with Toilets

The early 20th century was an interesting time for Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fortunes were made and empires were built and torn down. One Tulsa oil baron of the early 20th century may have been viewed as a hero, but somehow he left a legacy of chilling hauntings behind. And our very own Diana may have encountered one of them. She shares her story on this special decaversary episode of Homespun Haints. For full show notes, visit...


The H Files Episode 3: Haunted Waters of the Holston River

When you look into the rivers, lakes, and streams near your home, what do you see lurking in the waters? Can water really carry the memories of the dead, and amplify their voices? Today, on the H Files, we’ll talk about some strange things in the Tennessee Appalachians that wander the banks of the waterways and lurk under the surface of its lakes. Would you swim in these waters, knowing what lies beneath? For full episode show notes with references, visit...


Episode 39: The Confused Spirits of a Chicago Walk-Up

Every city has its tragedies. Some are recent and present in our minds. Some sit in the distant past, mostly forgotten to us as we hustle along the streets to our jobs or our tourist destinations. Whether forgotten or not, these tragedies, these pieces of micro-history nestled within the alleyways or along the sidewalks, shape and mold the very fabric of the city itself. If you stop to look and listen, sometimes you can see how those events changed the place around you. If you stay long...


The H Files Episode 2: The Most Haunted Cemetery

When I was a child, my mother told me that cemeteries were less haunted than anywhere else, because the souls in a cemetery are at rest. But are they? I’ve since learned that cemeteries, indeed, can be quite haunted. Particularly those cemeteries where every single dead resident has reason to be angry with the living. On this H Files episode, we look at one particular place, right here in America, that claims some of the most bizarre hauntings you’ve probably ever heard of. Today, on...


Episode 38: It Still Follows You

If you grew up in a haunted house, would you think it’s possible that something from your childhood home was still, somehow, with you? What if you continued to encounter something…unexplainable…at night, on a regular basis, years and years later? Could it be the strange playmates you had from your childhood, just wanting to hang out? Or could it be something a bit more sinister? Today, on Homespun Haints, we talk to Shaun, who’s had a series of strange events plague him since childhood....


The H Files Episode 1: Mirror, Mirror

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... How many times did you have to say it before you saw her? She's just an urban legend, so why do we still get creeped out when we are alone at night, in the dark, and we can't hold our own gaze in the mirror? Even though many of us summoned her as tweens, egged on by the daring or mean girls in our group, she never actually popped out of the mirror to get us... but... ...something...happened. What if Bloody Mary does exist, within the neuroanatomy...


Episode 37: The Crying Grave

How would you respond if you wandered through a cemetery and heard screams coming from a grave? Or if you knew something was following you into every place you ever lived? What if this sort of thing was just a normal part of your life? For medium, author, and podcaster Emily Davis, helping others by interacting with those things that most of us cannot see has become part of her profession. That’s not to say she hasn’t had some truly terrifying experiences. On today's episode, we chat with...


Episode 36: The Things in the Woods

The woods of New Jersey are filled with many living things. And, many dead things as well. We still don’t know exactly what it was that Emma Kay found in the woods a few summers ago. But we’d like to know if you can solve the mystery. Today, we talk to Emma Kay, comedian and podcaster, who tells us two very strange stories that have left us scratching our heads in wonder. For full show notes, visit To follow Emma Kay, please check out...


Episode 35: The Bathtub of Bones

Every town has its ghost story, and today we speak with a woman who looks for those local legends and folklore, and explores the places where the legends took place. Meet Miranda Young, Ghost Biker, paranormal investigator and founder of Ghost Biker Investigations. In this episode, we sit down with Miranda as she tells us of the time she investigated a home containing a bathtub where something very nefarious took place. It ties in with a local, grisly legend that co-host Becky grew up...


Episode 34: Ghosts on Camera

Would you spend the night in a haunted jail? Or in a home on the anniversary of a bloody shootout, where bullet holes still graced the walls? Or how about in a Civil War hospital? Meet Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal, who, along with her team, seek out these haunted spots in America and spend the night with the ghosts. She certainly has some stories to tell, today, on Homespun Haints. For more information on Soul Sisters Paranormal, visit For full show...


Episode 33: Do you have a kleptogeist?

Featuring Adam Macias, comedian, musician, and podcaster. Adam tells us some hilarious yet creepy stories of a ghost that steals random things from him while scurrying around his bed at night. Want to hear more from Adam? Check out his podcast at and while you're at it, follow his Insta profiles: @smoochband69 (for his comedy improv music duo Smooch), @gofingerguns (for the podcast) and @adamrmac. For full show notes, please check out our site at...


Episode 32: The Banshee of Michigan

Did you ever go to a sleepaway camp when you were a kid? Stay in a cabin or a tent in the woods, go horseback riding during the day, and tell spooky ghost stories around the campfire at night? Did you ever wonder what your counselors did after you went to sleep? Because, you know that there were ghosts in those woods. And someone—like your brave camp counselor—had to keep those ghosts from bugging you while you slept. Today, on Homespun Haints, we talk to Emily, who had serve as a buffer...


Episode 31: The Horror House of Armidale

Moving to a new country is hard. Moving into a new home with a new baby in a new country is even harder. But dealing with an old ghost in a new home with a new baby in a new country—well, that's a story worth remembering. In this episode, we chat with Breanda in Brisbane, New South Wales, who recalls the time that she and her new family lived alongside some older, dead residents. To find out more about our guest Breanda, check out her podcast at...