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Episode 10—Liverpool Time slips and Foo Fighters

Tonight Leslie and J cross the pond. Inspired by the reboot of In Search of…. Leslie talks about the phenomena known as the Liverpool Time slips and J reports on the stories of WW2 pilots involving unidentified flying objects they named Foo Fighters. Grab some coffee, plug in your head set and listen to these Legends in the Dark. Want suggest a topic? Tell us a creepy, unsettling event in your life? Want to tell J to do more accents? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at...


Episode 9—The World of Warcraft Legend and the Unexplained death of Charles C. Morgan

Tonight J talks to Leslie about some Easter egg legends in the video game The World of Warcraft, while Leslie shares a love of creepy unsolved mysteries with the unexplained death of Charles C. Morgan. So come sit by the fire, drink some coffee, and listen to these legends in the dark. Want to tell us your creepy stories? Have a legend you want to hear us tell? Send us an email at podcastlegends@gmail.com Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Legends in the Dark.


Episode 8—Men in Black Part 1: Dan Aykroyd and The Queen Mary

Tonight Leslie sits down with J to tell him her favorite Men in Black story as experienced by Dan Aykroyd. Next J tells Leslie about the Queen Mary…. Now all Leslie has to do is quit jumping ahead in his story. So sit back, turn off the lights, and grab some coffee with us as we tell these Legends in the Dark. Special thanks to the Trilogy Podcast for being a follower and for Leslie’s inspiration to do a Men in Black series, your episode was hilarious. Listen to us on Google podcast, iTunes,...


Episode 7—Belsnickel and Haunted Toys ‘R’ Us

Tonight on the last episode of the year, J tells Leslie about the lore of Belsnickel, that nut throwing, switch hitting so and so. While Leslie regales J with the story of Sunnyvale’s Haunted Toys R Us. Tis the season. Have your own story? Want to hear a particular legend? Just want to hear your name on a podcast? Let us know at Podcastlegends@gmail.com Listen to us on Google podcast, iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, and Spotify. Don’t forget to rate, review and share!! ------- This episode is...


Episode 6 –The Dark Watchers and the Ghost on Old Finch Road/Bridge

Tonight J tells a creepy tell of entities in California who watch hikers from afar. Next Leslie talks about the Birthday legend of Canada’s Old Finch Road/Bridge, or as J calls it Broad. So sit back, grab some hot chocolate and listen to these legends in the dark. Have your own legend? True scary story? Ghost? UFO? Tell us at podcastlegends@gmail.com. See if you can creep Leslie out enough to have her lock herself in the bathroom and wait for her husband to come home….Again. Listen to us on...


Listener Episode 1

A special episode just for our listeners. Tonight J talks about listener suggestions and stories from Shawna, Rich and Becca (big thank you!!!). While Leslie talks about her own personal paranormal experiences, a story her mom shared and a light hearted story about Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. So sit back, drink your favorite beverage and listen to these stories in the dark. Want to contribute? Send your stories, or suggestions to podcastlegends@gmail.com. Stay tune for our regular...


Episode 5– The Wendigo and the Vampire Brothers of New Orleans

Tonight J tells the tale of the Wendigo and convinces Leslie she never wants to go camping in the winter again. Meanwhile, Leslie tells J the story of the Carter brothers, also known as the Vampire Brothers of New Orleans. She assures J that she is almost positive they did not sparkle. So sit back, grab a drink and listen to these legends in the dark. Thank you for all the support we have been getting, but we would love it if you would rate and review and share us. You can find us on iTunes,...


Episode 4– The Babysitter Legend and the Vendo Building

Tonight as the sun sets and the coffee flows, Leslie tells J the urban legend that started it all for her, The Babysitter and how it affected her love for true crime. Next J takes us to Fresno and the haunted Vendo building. He dives into some history as he tells Leslie the ghost stories. So pour your favorite drink, turn off the lights, and listen to these Legends in the Dark. Don't forget to tell us your legends at podcastlegends@gmail.com. Leslie and J are working on a special listener...


Episode 3.5 Silverpilen Ghost Train and Sheepsquatch

Tonight J and Leslie wish to thank all the support that listeners have been showing to the show and in celebration of having someone listening in Sweden (We are so excited about it) that Leslie is going to talk about the Silverpilen (Silver Pin or Silver Arrow) Ghost Train of Stockholm and the Kymlinge station. While J stays state side with the urban legend of Sheepsquatch. So get your favorite beverage, sit back and listen to these legends in the dark. Don’t forget to tell us your own...


Episode 3—The Russian Sleep Experiment and Golden Gate Park Ghost Cop

Tonight J talks about the Russian Sleep Experiment, an urban legend that may have no fact, but is still creepy all the same. Then we travel to San Francisco as Leslie tells about the urban legend of the Golden Gate Park Ghost Cop. We recorded this episode last month that way our listeners will have weekly episodes for a while, which is why you may hear us talk about Halloween. Our goal is a new episode every week, released on Fridays. If you have an urban legend from your hometown, your...


Episode 2: Devil’s Highway and Slaughter House Canyon

Tonight Leslie shares the bizarre tales of Route 666 also known as the Devil’s highway, while J discusses the urban legend of Slaughterhouse Canyon and the bride in white. That is if he can remember where the canyon is located.


Episode 1: Lake Lanier and Black Aggie

Tonight on the maiden voyage of Legends in the Dark; J tells the weird stories surrounding Lake Lanier, while Leslie talks about the curse and hijinks surrounding the legend of Black Aggie. Listen in the Dark as the friends try to creep eachother out, with some laughs along the way.