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Paranormal Patio brings you together with high strangeness, ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, magick, the occult, conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Pull up a chair! Join us in the patio for casual chats with guests and occasional ramblings as we try to get one step closer to "the phenomena", one patio at a time.

Paranormal Patio brings you together with high strangeness, ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, magick, the occult, conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Pull up a chair! Join us in the patio for casual chats with guests and occasional ramblings as we try to get one step closer to "the phenomena", one patio at a time.


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Paranormal Patio brings you together with high strangeness, ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, magick, the occult, conspiracy theories, and everything in between. Pull up a chair! Join us in the patio for casual chats with guests and occasional ramblings as we try to get one step closer to "the phenomena", one patio at a time.




Episode 17: Season 3 - Episode 17 - Season 3 Wrap

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has played, downloaded, listened, recommended, binged, consumed, or mentioned the show! Without fans, no content is valuable. I spend countless hours and cash bringing the podcast to you wonderful weirdos and if no one cared, I'd have stopped a long time ago. I thought it would be a fitting end to the season, to go back and pick a highlight from every episode and slap them together into one track. Little did I know how many highlights I considered...


Episode 16: Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure w/Tyler Transue and Chris Ruppert

Pull up a chair and join my guests Tyler and Chris as we talk about their documentary "Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure" (streaming pretty much everywhere, right now!) I loved the documentary and really enjoyed speaking with them! The quality of the recording had some issues and I did the best I could with what I had, so I added some background music to help offset the quality...


Episode 15: Two Psychics Walk into a Studio w/Becky Castillo and Scotty Rorek

This is the audio version of a Patreon Exclusive Livestream, from back in October of 2021. Scotty and Becky came by the studio and we talked all things spirit and psychic, had a few visitors to the studio, and I received some energy healing work from Becky! It was a great experience and I hope that I've captured that in this audio version! With three folks sharing the same microphone and it being recorded on Streamyard, the quality is a little touchy (here and there), but I think it turned...


Episode 14: Crowely, Punk Rock, and Unexplained Scotland w/Martin Shaw

Pull up a chair and join me in welcoming Martin Shaw (host and author of "Unexplained Scotland" back to the Paranormal Patio! Martin has just finished his first book and is here to talk about it (including giving us an exclusive first chapter reading!) We're also going to talk about music and entertainment (amidst other things) while we catch...


Episode 13: Looking for Anomalies w/Octavion Graves (Strange Dominions Podcast)

In this episode, I'm joined by the host of a new podcast called "Strange Dominions" (also, I appeared on Strange Dominions that will be linked at the bottom of the show notes) Octavion Graves! We dig into the significance of pop culture and media on our interests, his personal paranormal experiences, his show, and absolutely tons more. Plus, I tasked him a research project that I know you guys are going to really enjoy! Listen to my appearance on Strange Dominions,...


Episode 12: Return to the Penny Royal Plateau w/Nathan Isaac

This episode will be considered the 2nd Anniversary Episode! So, that's pretty cool. Thanks, again, to everyone for your continued support! Nathan and I will be discussing Penny Royal, Somerset, Bigfoot, Conspiracies, Historical Oddities, Magick, and more! So, pull up a chair, and welcome to the Paranormal Patio!


Episode 11: That Thing Mothman Does w/Ashley Hilt (AKA Asherz)

In this episode, I'm joined by fortean, researcher, investigator, and fellow podcaster Ashley Hilt! We're going to talk about trauma inducing encounters with high strangeness, Mothman, Dogman, Aliens, UFOs, Helltown-Ohio, and lots more! Also, my love for actor Ethan Embry will be addressed publicly for the first time.


Episode 10: Psychedelics, Aliens, and Light-Up Shoes w/Steven Snider (AKA Recluse)

In this episode of Paranormal Patio, I'm joined by guest Steven Snider (a.k.a. Recluse) for a chat about his personal, paranormal experiences as well as our meet-ups in the last six months and just some weirdness in general. Steven hosts "The Farm Podcast", has authored three books, and maintains a blog all dealing (largely) with...


Episode 9: Utah? You Crazy! w/Adam Taula and Jeff Diamond

In this episode, we join up with close, personal friend of the show (and mine) Adam Taula to catch up and speak with Jeff Diamond. I came across Jeff on a Facebook group talking about a haunted hospital that he used to work in. I've been combing socials looking for some ghost related stories and Jeff's were perfect for the show. I reached out and, when he replied, I immediately knew I had to bring in "The Paranormal...


Episode 8: My Most Recent Brush with High Strangeness

In this episode, I'm going to highlight my investigations into a haunted cemetery known locally for balls of light, ghosts, and (apparently) the She-Ape. My Patreon witnessed the last investigation, live, and have heard about my prior trip here, but I've got the evidence from the audio recorder and you now get to hear it! It's pretty wild!


Episode 7: Bigfoot, Brownies, and Brain Damage w/ AJ Lunn of Misteyre Creations

Pull up a chair and join my guest AJ Lunn and myself as we talk about his ongoing historical preservation project and his paranormal experiences including a bigfoot sighting, several spirit contact events, and his house faerie/brownie. Also, we are going to talk about what its like dealing with brain damage, not only in regular life, but how it affects his magickal practice and his artwork. This episode is a bit of a "swapcast" as I also recorded an interview for "Misteyre Creations" (AJ's...


Episode 6: Anarchy in the Liminal Library w/Courtney Block

Welcome to the Paranormal Patio, tonight, attached just outside of a dark, mysterious library. A vessel of many an ancient, forgotten grimoire and dusty tome. Or, a totally regular paranormal podcast interview with a librarian that's into spooky stuff! Its your call! I don't care how you envision it, I just want you to listen to it and join in the fun! Courtney Block, the Liminal Librarian joins me for this episode to talk about the liminal and animist nature of books and libraries,...


Episode 5: Space Time Magick w/Taylor Ellwood

In this episode of Paranormal Patio, we are sitting down to talk with Taylor Ellwood who has written an absolute ton of books on magick (and other things) to talk about some concepts from a book I picked up in Nashville, last year, that happened to have his name on it. As soon as I got into the book, I reached out to Taylor to ask him to come share with us some of the things he discusses in the book. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to speak with him and I think that those of you who...


Episode 4: High Strangeness in Evansville, Indiana w/Holly Smith

Pull up a chair and join us in the Paranormal Patio for a special look at Evansville, Indiana with Holly Smith! We actually recorded this episode live for Patreon fans during one of our monthly livestreams! Check out our Patreon if that sounds like something you'd be interested in! (link below!) We're going to talk about a "Kentucky Goblins" sighting IN EVANSVILLE that may actually have taken place days before the Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident, river monsters, ghosts, UFOs, and more! Holly...


Episode 3: Bologna Sandwiches with Valiant Thor w/Matthew Byrd

Join me in welcoming friend, Patreon member, and all-around-knowledge head, Matthew Byrd to the Patio direct from Scott County, Tennessee! Mathew is a living descendant of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr. (famous for possibly discovering an entrance to the Hollow Earth in Antarctica in 1928) and we'll touch on that, but mainly we'll be discussing Rev. Dr. Frank E. Stranges and his good friend, Valiant Thor! Val was allegedly a Venusian who came to Earth to aid the United States...


Episode 2: Thai-Buddhist Magick w/Sadhu Dah

Sadhu Dah is an interesting fellow and I'm glad we were able to connect. He is not only a buddhist and a student of witchcraft and magick, but also an exorcist! In this episode, we'll get to meet Sadhu and listen to his recounting of his path and some of the things he has experienced. This was one of my favorite interviews and I'm excited to have him back, in the future, because I have more questions! Visit...


Episode 1: Touching Toes with Bigfoot w/ Keith (Name Redacted)

Welcome to Season 3 of the Paranormal Patio podcast! This is also the first ever Patreon hosted episode, one of my first patrons (Michael) was gracious enough to host the intro for this episode from HIS PATIO! Thanks Michael! On this episode, join my good friend Keith and I as we discuss UFOs, bigfoot, and some local history from our neck of the woods. This interview contains the absolute greatest bigfoot encounter I've ever heard. Keith's story is terrifying, hilarious, and a ton of fun....


Episode 99: Season 3 Announcement Promo



Episode 6: HHW2 - Episode 06 - The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter w/Geraldine Stith

Welcome to the Hair-Raising Horror Week II Finale! Pull up a chair alongside myself and guest Geraldine Stith! *I HAVE MISPOKEN, GERALDINE IS THE DAUGHTER OF ONE OF THE MEN, NOT THE GRANDDAUGHTER* Please forgive me. In 1955, Geraldine's family fought off alien intruders in Kelly, Kentucky. The reports from that night set in motion a chain of events that gave us the term "little green men" as a description for "space aliens" and inspired the horror movie franchise "Critters". The horrors of...


Episode 5: HHW2 - Episode 05 - Lake Michigan's Flying Humanoids w/Tobias Wayland

Join Tobias Wayland and I as we embark on an interesting journey to Chicago-land to discuss the ongoing, mysterious, flying humanoid encounters that have been going on there for several years. Tobias and I also discuss the importance of skepticism in investigation and research, as well as a few other related stories and topics.