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We are Paraverse! Hosted by UFO investigator, paranormal investigator/researcher & author Nathan Lockley, our main show, Paraverse Live, is recorded live and usually includes Nath speaking to some of the most prominent researchers and fascinating experiencers worldwide. Then we also have Eerie Theories and Illuminate Me, where Nath is joined by co-hosts Luna, Tasha & Stacey. In Eerie Theories, the guys delve into creepy stories and urban legends and Illuminate Me is filled with the best (and worst) conspiracy theories floating around the internet.


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We are Paraverse! Hosted by UFO investigator, paranormal investigator/researcher & author Nathan Lockley, our main show, Paraverse Live, is recorded live and usually includes Nath speaking to some of the most prominent researchers and fascinating experiencers worldwide. Then we also have Eerie Theories and Illuminate Me, where Nath is joined by co-hosts Luna, Tasha & Stacey. In Eerie Theories, the guys delve into creepy stories and urban legends and Illuminate Me is filled with the best (and worst) conspiracy theories floating around the internet.




Paraverse Live! UFOs seen by astronauts

On this show, Nath & Gaz discuss astronauts who have claimed to see UFOs, looking into what they claimed to see and any similarities between the sightings. It also features Paranormal news. This is also our first live show without a guest in over a year, finally revisiting our old format, which was always very popular with you guys, so definitely one not to miss


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 10

Prepare for a bone-chilling journey into the realm of legendary tales and perplexing disappearances as Eerie Theories unveils its latest episode. First on our list of chilling tales is the legendary ghostly figure of La Llorona, the weeping woman who wanders rivers and lakes, searching for her lost children. Listen as Luna helps us discover the origins of this haunting tale and the cultural significance it holds across different cultures. Is La Llorona just a cautionary tale, or could there be truth behind the sorrowful spectre? Next, we navigate the murky waters of the Mary Celeste, a ship found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean with no crew on board. Unravel the mystery of this ghost ship as Nath examines the baffling circumstances surrounding its abandonment. What drove the crew to vanish without a trace, leaving behind a vessel filled with unanswered questions? He then ventures into the desolate reaches of Flannan Isle's lighthouse, where three lighthouse keepers mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Then, we delve into the infamous DB Cooper case, where a mysterious hijacker parachuted from a commercial airliner with a fortune in ransom money, never to be seen again. Join Stacey as she examines the clues and theories surrounding this daring heist, leaving behind a legacy of intrigue and speculation. Finally, brace yourself for the horrors of the Amityville house, where a family was terrorized by supernatural forces after moving into their dream home. Join Tasha as she explores the chilling events that unfolded within its walls and the enduring legacy of one of America's most infamous haunted houses. Don't miss out on this riveting episode as we unravel the mysteries that have captivated and terrified generations. Subscribe to Paraverse on your preferred podcast platform, and join us on a journey through the darkest and most enigmatic corners of the human experience.


Paraverse: illuminate me episode 12 - Pickled with LSD and ETs in the desert

Welcome to episode 12 of "Illuminate Me" as the four hosts—Stacey, Tasha, Luna, and Nath—dive into a whirlwind of conspiracy theories, both proven and perplexing. This episode promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, from shocking revelations to infamous incidents. Host 1: Stacey Uncovers the Dark Side of Teletubbies Stacey kicks off the episode with a jaw-dropping exploration of the conspiracy theory suggesting a sinister origin behind the beloved children's show Teletubbies. She delves into the chilling speculation that the show's characters are based on the tragic deaths of four children, unravelling the eerie connections that fuel this unsettling theory. Host 2: Tasha Reveals Proven Conspiracy Theories Tasha takes a deep dive into the realm of conspiracy theories substantiated by evidence. From government cover-ups to "ETs" buried in the desert, Tasha explores the shocking truths behind some of the most infamous conspiracy theories, proving that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Host 3: Luna Recounts the "Not Real" Plane Incident Luna guides viewers through the bizarre and unforgettable "that motherf*cker back there is not real" plane incident, which sent shockwaves across the internet. Luna examines the viral video, the theories surrounding its authenticity, and the lasting impact of this surreal moment. Host 4: Nath Explores the Titanic's Solar Storm Theory Nath delves into the intriguing hypothesis that a solar storm may have contributed to the sinking of the Titanic. He examines the scientific evidence, historical records, and alternative theories surrounding this controversial topic, shedding new light on one of history's most enduring mysteries. Prepare to be enthralled as "Illuminate Me" takes you on a journey through the twists and turns of conspiracy theories, from the chilling to the downright unbelievable. Stacey, Tasha, Luna, and Nath bring their unique perspectives to the table, inviting viewers to question the narratives and explore the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. Don't miss this episode filled with revelations, intrigue, and unexpected discoveries. Oh, and don't miss the sound of the world's loudest penis before the outro!


Paraverse Live! Lost Soul Paranormal Interview

On this show, Nath and Gaz were joined by Nicki & Gemma of Lost Soul Paranormal. The girls are also half of the team behind Festival of the Unexplained, one of the biggest and best UK conventions of all things spooky and strange!


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 9

Get ready for a spine-tingling journey into the heart of unsolved mysteries and chilling enigmas as Eerie Theories unveils a brand-new episode. Join our hosts as they unravel the disturbing legacy of Madam Delphine LaLaurie, ponder over the mysterious body found on Somerton Beach, delve into the enduring puzzle of Roanoke, and dare to enter the infamous Axe Murder House. First on our list of enigmatic tales is Madam Delphine LaLaurie, a prominent socialite with a dark and twisted secret. Explore the horrifying truths behind the notorious LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, where cruelty and torture cast a haunting shadow over its storied past. What drove Madam LaLaurie to commit such heinous acts, and does her malevolent presence linger within the mansion's walls? Next, we unravel the perplexing mystery of the body found on Somerton Beach. Join us as we dissect the perplexing case of an unidentified man discovered with cryptic clues on his person. Who was he, and what circumstances led to his mysterious demise? The secrets of Somerton Beach continue to baffle investigators and ignite the imagination of true crime enthusiasts. Venture into the historical enigma of Roanoke, where an entire colony vanished without a trace, leaving behind only a cryptic message carved into a tree. Uncover the theories surrounding the fate of the Lost Colony and the inexplicable circumstances that surround this enduring mystery. Will the secrets of Roanoke ever be revealed? Finally, brace yourself for the chilling narrative of the Axe Murder House. Step inside a dwelling marked by a gruesome history, where an unsolved axe murder unfolded. As our hosts explore the lingering echoes of the past, you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat, contemplating the paranormal energy that permeates this infamous location. Don't miss out on this captivating episode as we delve into the shadows of these mysterious tales, challenging the boundaries of the known and the unknown. Subscribe to Eerie Theories on your preferred podcast platform, and join us on a journey through history's darkest and most enigmatic corners.


Paraverse Live! Ronald Kinsella Interview

This is the last live interview of 2023, and Gaz is back to join Nath in hosting duties. For this show, the guys are joined by Ronnie Kinsella. Ronald Kinsella is an author of numerous books - mainly science fiction - as well as an artist. He has recently completed a new book based on the paranormal, to be published by the UFO pioneer, writer and researcher, Philip Mantle and under his FLYING DISK PRESS on March 1st. The book is semi-autobiographical and is titled ‘THE DIGITAL DEMON.’ He co-hosts a radio show ‘TWIN SOULS’ with his twin on the Paranormal UK Radio Network. This stream is sponsored by Streamyard. To start your own show, podcast, live stream or webinar, simply follow this link


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Christmas Special

This holiday season, Eerie Theories unwraps a chilling Christmas special that will make your festive season a little less merry and a lot more mysterious. Join us as we explore the shadows of Yuletide with tales of the legendary Krampus, Christmas Eve spirits in graveyards, eerie happenings at the royal Sandringham estate, and the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories by the fireside. First on our chilling list is Krampus, the sinister companion to jolly old St. Nicholas. Discover the dark origins of this horned creature and the terrifying role it played in European folklore. Is Krampus the true enforcer of holiday morality, or just a nightmarish creation meant to send shivers down the spines of misbehaving children? Moving on to the regal side of our Christmas special, we delve into the royal spooky happenings at Sandringham. Explore the historical accounts of mysterious occurrences during the festive season, raising questions about the royal estate's connection to the supernatural. What secrets lie beneath the tinsel and grandeur of Sandringham's Christmas celebrations? Then, uncover the haunting tales of restless souls believed to linger among tombstones on the holiest night of the year, and the legends surrounding them. Was a kiss from a red-haired spirit responsible for causing the death of the man who received it? And finally, we transport you back to the Victorian era, where telling ghost stories at Christmas was a cherished tradition. Discover the chilling tales that families would share by the fireplace, adding a macabre touch to the season of joy. Was it a way to embrace the darker side of winter nights, or did these stories serve a deeper purpose? Prepare for a Christmas like never before, where the tinsel is tinged with a touch of terror and the joy comes wrapped in the unknown. Subscribe to Paraverse on your preferred podcast platform for a festive season filled with ghostly tales, historical mysteries, and yuletide shivers. And, as it's Christmas, we thought we would leave in ALL of our mistakes for a festive giggle at our expense. Merry Christmas from everyone at Paraverse!


Paraverse: illuminate me episode 11 - Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na

Prepare for another mind-bending journey as the hosts of "Illuminate Me" tackle a new set of tantalizing conspiracy theories in this episode. Tasha, Stacey, Luna, and Nath bring their wit and insight to unravel the mysteries surrounding the end of the world, the Kardashian curse, the Illuminati's initiation rituals, and the perplexing Havana Syndrome. Tasha takes centre stage as she delves into the apocalyptic prophecy that the world was supposed to end on 23rd September, and the theories behind it. Looking at the films that mentioned the date and where the rumours started, Tasha tries to find any truth behind the claims. (Spoiker alert, it didn't happen) Next, Stacey shifts the spotlight onto the Kardashian curse, exploring the alleged misfortunes that befall those connected to this iconic family. From failed relationships to career setbacks, Stacey examines the web of rumours and speculations surrounding this modern-day curse. Then Luna takes listeners on a captivating journey through the secret world of the Illuminati, uncovering the bizarre initiation rituals that conspiracy theorists claim celebrities must endure. She also delves into the sensational tale of Taylor Swift's alleged involvement in the elusive cult, separating fact from fiction. Lastly, Nath explores the perplexing phenomenon known as Havana Syndrome, a series of unexplained health incidents that have affected diplomats and government officials. From alleged sonic attacks to conspiracy theories involving espionage, Nath navigates the complex web of information surrounding this mysterious syndrome. All of this followed, as always, by some amazing facts. Join the Paravese Crew for an episode that promises to entertain, intrigue, and challenge your perceptions. Tasha, Stacey, Luna, and Nath guide listeners through a landscape of uncertainty, questioning the narratives that shape our understanding of these intriguing conspiracy theories. Get ready for revelations and revolutions as the hosts shed light on the secrets that captivate the imaginations of conspiracy enthusiasts around the globe.


Paraverse Live! Eric Hecker Interview

*apologies for the sound issues at the start, this was fixed quickly* In this intriguing episode, we sit down with Eric Hecker, a self-educated research investigator currently calling Alaska home. Eric's journey is a tapestry woven from a life filled with odd experiences that have led him to question the narratives we often take for granted. Raised on Long Island, the infamous home of the Montauk Project, Eric's childhood was anything but ordinary. He found himself entangled in the enigmatic Stargate Project run by the CIA/DIA, followed by a stint in the Submarine Service. Transitioning into an unexpected role as a plumber for some of the world's wealthiest individuals back on Long Island added another layer to his diverse background. In 2010, Eric embarked on a year-long contract to work at the South Pole Station, an experience that would prove pivotal in shaping his perspective. A dedicated researcher, it was during his remote work across the vast landscapes of Alaska that Eric began connecting the dots of his own life, questioning the narratives he had grown up with. Now, he's on a mission to shed light on the possibility that things may not be as we were told. Join us as we delve into a riveting conversation with Eric, exploring conspiracy theories, his unique experiences at the South Pole, and his insights into the future of AI and technology. Together, we contemplate the future of the human race and challenge our understanding of the world around us. Get ready for a thought-provoking and eye-opening episode that will leave you questioning the reality we think we know. This show is sponsored by Streamyard. To start your own show, podcast, live stream or webinar, simply follow this link


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Halloween Special

Get ready to dive deep into the shadows of the spookiest season with Eerie Theories' bone-chilling Halloween special! In this hair-raising episode, we're delving into the history of Halloween, unearthing the secrets of the infamous Dybbuk Box, conjuring up the tale of the Bell Witch, and exploring the eerie world of vampires. Join our hosts as they take you on a journey through the darkest corners of Halloween, revealing its ancient origins, traditions, and the evolution of this beloved holiday into a night of mystery and magic. Discover the chilling history that has made Halloween a night of supernatural encounters. But the thrills don't stop there. We'll unlock the secrets of the mysterious Dybbuk Box and its terrifying reputation. Is it just a cursed relic or a portal to a sinister realm? Learn about the spine-tingling encounters of those who have come in contact with this malevolent object. Next, we bring you the haunting story of the Bell Witch, a relentless and evil spirit that terrorized the Bell family in the early 19th century. This is a tale of unrelenting torment that will send shivers down your spine. And finally, prepare to sink your teeth into the world of vampires as we explore the history, legends, and the lure of these immortal creatures. Are they purely folklore or something more sinister lurking in the shadows? Don't miss out on our most haunting episode yet, filled with spine-tingling stories, historical revelations, and eerie theories that will leave you questioning the boundary between fact and the supernatural. Join us as we celebrate the creepiest night of the year and unlock the mysteries that have plagued Halloween for centuries. For more spine-chilling stories, subscribe to Paraverse on your favourite podcast platform and follow us on social media for updates on all things eerie and mysterious. Happy Halloween!


Paraverse: illuminate me episode 10 - I’ll eat an Oreo, but I’m not crazy

In this episode of "Illuminate Me," the show's four hosts, Nath, Luna, Tasha, and Stacey, dive deep into the enigmatic world of conspiracy theories. From hidden secrets beneath the Antarctic ice to the shadowy corners of the dark web, this episode explores it all. Nath takes listeners on a journey to the icy continent of Antarctica, where numerous conspiracy theories have flourished. From tales of ancient alien civilizations buried beneath the ice to claims of hidden government bases, Nath explores the most fascinating stories surrounding this remote and mysterious land. Luna delves into the darkest corners of the internet to uncover the secrets and conspiracies that lurk within the enigmatic dark web. She explores the origins of the dark web, and the myths about its purpose, and separates fact from fiction. Tasha discusses the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, a controversial conspiracy theory that alleges a secret government project resulted in a warship disappearing into thin air. She uncovers the details, the purported technology used, and the enduring mystery that surrounds this incredible tale. Stacey delves into the timeless mystery of the Curse of Tutankhamun. She discusses the belief that a curse befell those who dared to disturb the tomb of the young pharaoh. Stacey examines the historical accounts, the legends, and the scientific explanations surrounding this enigmatic tale. Plus we take a look at a genuine 4000-year-old Ushabti. Plus some amazing facts, as always. This show is for entertainment purposes only, and the views expressed aren't necessarily the views of the hosts


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 6

This show was recorded straight after the last episode of illuminate me, and as you can tell, everyone still had the giggles. In this show, we discussed our favourite cryptids. From Nessie, to Stacey's own experience of coming face to face with a terrifying cryptid, this is a a fascinating look into the world of cryptozoology. Plus as always, we tell each other the best 2 sentence horror stories we could find. If you like this episode, please consider leaving us a review and please subscribe to make sure you don't miss any of our content. And if you would like to see different types on content from us, come find us on facebook, youtube and tiktok.


Paraverse Live! Sebastien Martin Interview

In this episode, Nath was joined by Sebastien Martin. In 2011, Sebastien had a close encounter that radically changed his life, and he has been able to remote view ever since, even using this to help government agencies and with missing children cases. He is also the author of the book 'Inner Journey in Outer Space'. This was a very fascinating chat.


Paraverse: illuminate me episode 9 - Living under a moon wok

In this crazy episode, Stacey talks us through the moon landings, Tash looks into the possibility of satanic worship being behind the Astroworld concert that went so terribly wrong, Nath sends the girls into a feminist rage when discussing Queen Elizabeth I and Luna discusses a collection of smaller theories. Plus the fun facts that sent us all into hysterics for way longer than they should have!! Definitely one not to miss! This show is for entertainment purposes only, and the views expressed aren't necessarily the views of the hosts


Paraverse Live! Surprise Guest Interview - NASA hearing, Mexican mummies and chupacabra!

On this show, Nath is joined by a surprise guest. For those of you who have watched the show for a long time, this will be a blast from the past! Be sure not to miss this one!


Paraverse Live! Nathan Lockley Interview

This interview was recorded live. The full video interview is available on our YouTube channel. In this show, Nath swapped his hosting duties for the guest seat, as Stacey asks him questions about his book "The Unexplained: Paranormal Encounters in the UK"


Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 5

Eerie theories is back! Luna and Tasha are joined by Nath and Stacey, and the group discuss some of the strangest mysteries out there, including kids who claim to remember past lives and the Cecil Hotel.


Paraverse: illuminate me episode 8 - Celebrity Conspiracies

In this episode, Nath, Luna, Tasha & Stacey discuss celebrity conspiracies old and new including theories surrounding Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Tupac. If there are any theories you would like to hear the guys talk about, drop them a message on Facebook or Instagram. Also, visit our Instagram account for any photos or videos linked to this episode. This show is for entertainment purposes only, and the views expressed aren't necessarily the views of the hosts


Paraverse Not-So-Live! Meet your hosts - part 2

This episode is part 2 of the introduction of our new team. Be sure to check out part 1 first.


Paraverse Not-So-Live! Meet your hosts - part 1

This episode is the start of the relaunch of Paraverse as a podcast, live show and in the near future, paranormal investigation team. And as such, we thought we would take the opportunity to let you all get to know the hosts a little more. We are also introducing the newest member of our team, Stacey.