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Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself some R+R w/ Patrick James as he discusses current "Hot Takes" on Modern Science, Pop Culture, Conspiracies and Mind-Bending Ideas. Look us up on YouTube!


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Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself some R+R w/ Patrick James as he discusses current "Hot Takes" on Modern Science, Pop Culture, Conspiracies and Mind-Bending Ideas. Look us up on YouTube!






Ep. 042 - How to go VIRAL on TikTok w/ Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin owns the #1 TikTok agency in the world, and is the man behind the scenes of some of the most viral profiles on TikTok.


Ep. 041 - Dropping BARS with Fuego Bentley (he goes in!)

Fuego Bentley is an entrepreneur, rapper, singer and poet.


Ep. 040 - Studio Session w/ Jae Mitch (chasing greatness)

Jae Mitch is an entrepreneur, rapper, and founder of athletic apparel "QVLFD" ... On today’s episode we discuss what it TRULY takes to become successful, and why so many entrepreneurs never make the leap from "Good to Great"


Ep. 039 - How to WIN When The Cards Are Stacked Against You w/ James Whittet

James Whittet is a Mindset Coach to high stakes Poker players, and high performing entrepreneurs. In this week's episode we discuss the keys to a having "winning" mindset, how to know when to "hold 'em" and when to "fold 'em", and overcoming addiction. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself some R+R. Follow James on Instagram here ► https://www.instagram.com/jameswhittet/


Ep. 038 - Terrifying "Hat Man" Experience That Will Keep You Up At Night w/ Dani

The Hat Man has been documented and observed around the world. In today's episode, Dani and I discuss our first-hand experience with the phenomenon.


Ep. 037 - Secret Military Space Programs & UFO Encounters w/ Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt is an aerospace historian who has completed extensive research on some of the most puzzling recorded UFO encounters.


Ep. 036 - The Paranormal Anomalies of Skinwalker Ranch w/ James Keenan

James Keenan is a former police officer turned field investigator, who’s research includes many of the strange paranormal events which occur daily at Skinwalker Ranch.


Ep. 035 - Jake Paul KO’s Ben Askren & Bitcoin Goes to The Moon

In today’s episode we discuss who will win between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, if Logan Paul is actually fighting Floyd Mayweather. And make the argument for why Bitcoin, Smart Contracts & NFT’s are the future!


Ep. 034 - Hauntings, Demons, and Paranormal Encounters

In this episode of R&R, Patrick and Chris discuss unexplainable paranormal encounters. And then we speculate on what these could be. Hint, we still have NO explanation...


Ep. 033 - The Most Puzzling Mass UFO Sighting in History w/ Dr. Lynne Kitei

THE MOST PUZZLING MASS UFO SIGHTING IN HISTORY happened in Phoenix, AZ exactly 24 years ago today. That's why on today's episode, I sat down with Dr. Lynne Kitei. A doctor who put her medical career aside to seek the TRUTH about what really happened in the skies above Phoenix, AZ on March 13, 1997. This massive triangular UFO was scene by over 10,000 people, for multiple hours in a row, silently hovering over the state of Arizona. Since that day, this mass sighting has infamously become...


Ep. 032 - The REAL Reason Jake Paul Can't Land A Good Fight

In this episode we discuss if Amanda Knox was guilty or not, seeing a shadow person after receiving a Ouija board for Christmas, Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul getting postponed, and the REAL reason Jake Paul can't get a good boxing opponent.


Ep. 031 - “Gerard Butler's Movie F*$&%@ Me Up!”

In this podcast we discuss and review the best movies of 2021 so far... (*contains spoilers*)


Ep. 030 - Stacey Wright is Arizona’s Leading UFO Expert

Stacey Wright is the State Director for Arizona MUFON, and also the Director of Phoenix MUFON. In her 13 years as a certified Field Investigator she’s lead teams on Roswell archaeological Digs, designed the Phoenix Lights exhibit for the Arizona Historical Society Museum, and helped Phoenix’s MUFON chapter become MUFON International’s Chapter Of The Year.


Ep. 029 - Zodiac Killer FINALLY Deciphered After 51 Years

On this episode, Patrick James discusses the largest mass UFO sighting in Phoenix during 1997, the upcoming Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight, and the Zodiac Killer finally being deciphered after 51 years.


Ep. 028 - Tyson Went EASY On Roy Jones Jr.

On this episode, Patrick James discusses Mike Tyson getting going easy on Roy Jones Jr. after getting high before the fight, Airrack sneaking into the fight, and the monoliths appearing in Utah and Romania.


Ep. 027 - Jake Paul In Trouble Against NBA Superstar Nate Robinson

On this episode, Patrick James discusses meeting Travis Walton (one of the world's most famous abduction cases) and his off camera confession, and fight predictions for Jake Paul v. Nate Robinson and Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr.


Ep. 026 - Crazy Realization While On Magic Mushrooms

On this episode, Patrick James and Chris discuss the social dilemma, the future of society, and how sacred geometry gave Patrick the SECRET to connecting with women...


Ep. 025 - Hotbox’d In w/ My Childhood Best Friend

Bobby Hauver is a former college athlete, business owner, and childhood best friend of Patrick James.


Ep. 024 - The Joe Biden Conspiracy They Don’t Want You To Know

On this episode we discuss the upcoming election. Social media censorship of Joe Biden and Joe Rogan. Along with the normal debauchery you've come to love on this podcast. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself some R&R. Check out the video version of the show on Youtube!


Ep. 023 - Studio Session with Fuego Bentley (he goes in!)

Fuego Bentley is a rapper, singer and poet. Look his music up on Spotify!