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Welcome to The Adams Archive, a podcast that goes beyond the surface level and dives deep into the heart of the issues that shape our world. Hosted by the captivating and insightful Austin Adams, this show is your gateway to a new way of thinking about politics, current events, philosophy, history, and even the most intriguing conspiracies. Through engaging interviews, sharp commentary, and thought-provoking analysis, The Adams Archive is your key to unlocking the hidden mysteries of our modern world. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, challenge your beliefs, or simply gain a fresh perspective, this podcast is the perfect tool to help you navigate the complex landscape of today’s society. So come along for the ride and join us on this journey of discovery. The Adams Archive is waiting for you.


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Welcome to The Adams Archive, a podcast that goes beyond the surface level and dives deep into the heart of the issues that shape our world. Hosted by the captivating and insightful Austin Adams, this show is your gateway to a new way of thinking about politics, current events, philosophy, history, and even the most intriguing conspiracies. Through engaging interviews, sharp commentary, and thought-provoking analysis, The Adams Archive is your key to unlocking the hidden mysteries of our modern world. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, challenge your beliefs, or simply gain a fresh perspective, this podcast is the perfect tool to help you navigate the complex landscape of today’s society. So come along for the ride and join us on this journey of discovery. The Adams Archive is waiting for you.





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Trump Assassination Attempt: Fact or False Flag

Welcome to the Adams Archive, where we dig deep into the stories shaping our world. Hosted by Austin Adams, this podcast offers an unfiltered and in-depth look into the recent attempted assassination of Donald Trump. Our goal is to provide the insights and perspectives that mainstream media often misses. Each episode takes you on a journey through the shocking details of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. We break down every aspect, from the security lapses and political implications to the hidden forces at play. Discover how deep state agendas and corporate manipulations may have influenced this dramatic event. In the Adams Archive, we uncover the inefficiencies within our security systems and the impact of poorly implemented policies. We discuss how political agendas can compromise national safety and public trust, using the Trump assassination attempt as a real-world example to illustrate these dangers. We delve into the lives of key figures involved in this event, offering a nuanced perspective on their roles and the broader implications of their actions. Our discussions provide context and depth to the political figures and shadowy entities connected to this assassination attempt. Our analysis uncovers the tactics used by media to shape public perception and push specific narratives about the attempt on Trump's life. By understanding how propaganda works, we help you see through the fog of misinformation and get to the truth. Join us on the Adams Archive for fearless explorations of the Trump assassination attempt. Subscribe to the podcast and follow us on YouTube, Substack, and social media. Your support is crucial in our mission to uncover and share the unvarnished truth. Thank you for being a part of our community. All the Links: For easy access to all podcast-related content and platforms, visit Subscribe now and never miss an episode. Your journey to uncovering the truth starts here. ----more---- Full Transcription


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#106 - Conspiracies & Cultural Collisions: Whistleblowing Supermodel Disappears, Ancient Chinese Medicine & Amazon Tribe meets Pornography

Brought to you by Protect yourself from the perils of modern technology with high-quality faraday products designed and developed by yours truly. Podcast overview Dive into the most captivating and controversial topics of our time, blending deep research with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. From bizarre trends and historical horrors to groundbreaking medical theories and conspiracy revelations, we cover it all. Summary of Major Topics: Influencer Insanity: We delve into the bizarre trend of influencers and celebrities shaving their teeth down to nubs for porcelain implants. Discover the dark side of aesthetic trends and the shocking consequences people face for the sake of beauty and uncover the ancient wisdom of meridian energy. Historical Horrors: Journey back in time to uncover the gruesome and fascinating stories of historical figures like King Geza, whose reign was marked by brutality and human sacrifices. Cultural Collisions: Witness the rapid cultural erosion experienced by remote Amazon tribes upon gaining internet access, and the profound changes it brings to their traditional way of life. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and leave a five-star review. Follow us on YouTube, Substack, and social media to stay updated on our latest episodes. Thank you for your support! All the Links: For easy access to all our podcast-related content and platforms, visit Full Transcription Adam's Archive. Hello, you beautiful people. And welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have a couple of deep dives. We're going to have a couple other things sprinkled in there too, but a couple of deep dives that we're going to discuss starting with the. Crazy trend that has happened probably over the last, I don't know, five or six years, but even more so recently, the amount of celebrities, the amount of tick tock influencers that are out there getting their teeth shaved down with essentially nail files into nubs, and then getting fake implants of teeth, porcelain implants into their mouth. Now there's a specific case that brought this up more recently, and it came from TikTok. So we'll discuss that. But what we're really going to talk about there is the idea behind why this is truly a problem, right? There's, there's this fundamental idea behind traditional Chinese medicine, which talks about the meridian. And so that's what we're going to discuss first. After we talk about that and the horrific things people are putting their bodies through, and we'll actually use a case study here of the, with this woman from tick tock that caused this topic to be discussed because I saw it recently pop up in one of my feeds. And it's just unbelievable. The amount of people that are doing this without even understanding what the potential side effects could be. So we will talk about that. After we talk about that, we are going to talk about a father in, I believe this was in Mexico, who went on stage at a, uh, comedian's show and smacked him several times. And you would go, that's crazy. You should be able to take a joke, right? But there's a lot more to the story. And I think He might be justified in this. So we'll talk about that. Then we will jump into a remote Amazon tribe left hooked on pornography after finally connecting to the internet. Uh, so this tribe essentially got. The internet and the very first thing they did was get absolutely unbelievably, horrifically addicted to pornography. So we will talk about that. Then we will move closer and closer into our real deep dive of the day. But before we jump into that for that last deep dive, we will discuss. A royal tomb of an African king that is actually completely made of human blood? After scientists had recently confirmed. And then the last thing that we're going to discuss today is the curious case of Gabriela Rico Jimenez, who was a...


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#105 - Bryanna Robinson: Ancient Innovations, NASA's Deceptions & The Death of Consciousness

Protect yourself from the perils of modern technology with high-quality faraday products designed and developed by yours truly by going to today. Welcome to The Adam's Archive, where curiosity meets deep discussion. Austin Adams is the host of this podcast, which dissects the myths, ideas, and realities that have shaped our world. From historical insights to futuristic forecasts, each episode invites you to question what you know and discover what you don’t. In this episode, I interview Bryanna Robinson, a dynamic social and political commentator with a sharp intellect and a passion for uncovering hidden truths. In this episode, we dive into the mysterious world of ancient technologies lost to time, challenge the official narratives from NASA, and discuss the profound implications of the decline in human consciousness. Join us as we unravel the complex web of history and science, offering listeners a unique perspective on how our understanding of technology and consciousness shapes our reality. Summary of Topics If you're intrigued by the unknown and passionate about uncovering the deeper truths of our era, subscribe to Adam's Archive on platforms like YouTube, Substack, and your favorite social media channels. Your engagement fuels our journey into the mysteries and marvels of our world. Thank you for your support and curiosity! All the links: ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today on today's episode. I have a discussion with Brianna Robinson. Now, Brianna is a social and political commentator, just like myself. And she has tons of great contents, tons of great insight into plenty of different topics, including the moon landing government operations and conspiracies, historical events, really great. Really interesting stuff. So Brianna and I have a great conversation today. We jump into a ton of different topics, everything from the lost technology of Nikola Tesla and, and the utilization of modern energy and, and the death of language, the death of art, we talk about, uh, the, the moon landing and she gives some great, great insight and points into, and we have a discussion about the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, which was a cult essentially within the Freemasons that was founded by Sir Francis Bacon. And Sir Francis Bacon has a ton of deep dive rabbit holes that you can go into very, very interesting that we talk about every single one of those things and more today. So make sure you stick around to the end and. Go give her, Brianna, a follow. You can find her on Instagram at Brianna, B R Y A N N A, B R Y A N N A, xRobinson, R O B I N S O N. So go give her a follow. I hope you enjoyed the discussion as much as I did. It was an absolutely great conversation. And, without further ado, well, wanna do, Which is that leave a five star review, subscribe, and here's what I would ask of you. Something that you may not know about podcasts is the really the only way social media, no matter how many millions of views my content gets, very, very little moves the needle when it comes to podcast viewership. So what I would ask of you is if you enjoy this conversation today, send it to somebody, you know, tell them, Hey, did you know this about Sir Francis Bacon? It's crazy. Have you ever heard about the, the. Van Allen radiation belt. Have you just send it out to a couple of people and share the conversation because it was a great one. It was an absolutely phenomenal conversation. And I know you, and I know a bunch of people that, you know, we'll enjoy it as well. So please, please, if you enjoy the conversation, share it with some family, share it with some friends, talk about it with your coworkers and give them the link. All right. Now subscribe, leave a five star review and let's jump right in. Into it. The Atoms Archive I was sitting in an hour of...


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#104 - Eric Moutsos: Good vs Evil

Protect yourself from the perils of modern technology with high-quality faraday products designed and developed by yours truly by going to today. In this week's episode of the Adams Archive, I have a discussion with Eric Moutsos. Eric is the host of the American Moutsos Show, the founder and CEO of the health and wellness company Freedomblends, and a former police officer who has been at the center of political activism in several different high-profile situations. Eric is the author of the book Dispatched, recounting his fight against leadership during his time as a police officer, and the lead in a recent documentary called “Non-Essential” which follows him through his journey of fighting back against the government during Covid lockdowns. We discuss the controversies he has found himself at the center of, the Israel-Palestine war, selling out conservatives, good vs. evil, and more. You can find Erics social media profiles, podcast, book and more by clicking here All the links: ----more---- Full transcription Adams archive. Hello, you beautiful people. And welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today on today's episode. I am going to be talking with Eric Mutzos. Now, Eric is a political commentator and podcast host of the Eric Mutzos show. He is also a CEO of the Freedom Blends supplement company. And Eric has been at the center of several. controversial events, one of those being almost 10 years ago, when Eric was a police officer for almost seven years, he actually had to fight back against the police department that he worked for, who was forcing him mandating him to basically be a part of a gay pride parade. Pretty wild stuff. Fast forward a few years later, during COVID times, Eric was also at the center of some controversy, as he basically organized and gathered several rallies to help small business owners during the time of COVID lockdowns, as well as through an entire concert during the same time, where he had to get shut down by the state, fought back against that, and eventually lost his job. One out. So Eric is an author. He was also a part of the recent documentary, which outlined that organization of those situations during COVID lockdowns. So without further ado, we have a great discussion today about good versus evil current events, the Israel and Palestinian conflict, the college campus protests that are going on, we get into some conspiracy theories, of course. So. Let's go ahead and jump into it. But first, I do want to tell you about one thing, what I want to tell you about is Ronin and Ronin is my very new Faraday goods company, which is releasing our very first products over the coming weeks. Now you might ask yourself, what is a Faraday product? And I'm glad that you asked. Faraday products are basically products that are lined with a special fabric that blocks all inbound and outbound EMF frequencies. And if you don't know what EMFs are, it's basically emitted by every single piece of modern technology. The phone that's in your hand, the laptop that's next to you, your TV, your microwave, your fridge, the 5G towers that are outside of your window. Every single one of those things is constantly emitting a frequency which affects health in negative ways. Now there's been several recent high profile discussions. People like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have spoken about the effects of wifi radiation poisoning. You've had Joe Rogan have several people on his podcast discussing these negative side effects as well. Uh, there's, there's a lot of reasons that Faraday goods are great for you. One of those being protecting yourself from the harmful health effects of EMFs. But also protecting your privacy. You can actually use that same lined material in things like backpacks, cell phone bags, laptop sleeves, all of those things to basically eliminate your digital footprint, stop the corporations from being...


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Masonic Rothschilds: Influencer Assassinations & the True History of the American Revolution

Welcome to the Adams Archive! Join Austin Adams as he takes you on a journey through history, current events, and deep dives into intriguing topics. In this episode, Austin dives into the true history of Revolutionary War, uncovering hidden reasons behind the conflict. But that's not all! From shocking revelations about the COVID vaccine to discussions on melatonin supplements and their impact on children, mysterious links between cat owners and schizophrenia, and the untimely passing of a TikTok influencer, this episode is packed with jaw-dropping content. Plus, get ready for a deep dive into the world of banksters and warmongers, exploring the connections to the Revolutionary War. Don't miss out on this captivating episode! Subscribe for more thought-provoking content and hit the like button if you enjoy it!


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Mad Science & Corrupt Governments: CIA Caught Red Handed, Scientific God Complexes & The Artificial Eclipse Conspiracy

Protect yourself and your family from the perils of modern technology now with Ronin. Welcome to the Adams Archive. In this podcast we peel back the layers of official narratives to explore the intersection of advanced technology, government intrigue, and the ethics of scientific ambition. Artificial Eclipses: Uncover the startling revelations surrounding engineered celestial events, exploring the technology capable of creating artificial solar eclipses. The Dawn of De-Extinction: Step into the laboratories where the lines between past and future blur, as companies claim to possess the technology to resurrect extinct creatures. From mammoths to dinosaurs, examine the scientific breakthroughs, the dreams, and the ethical dilemmas posed by playing god with nature's design. Targeted Voices: The chilling confession of a CIA operative admitting to targeting Alex Jones sheds light on the power struggles between the state and the individuals daring to challenge it. Explore the implications of these admissions for freedom of speech, media integrity, and the right to dissent in a digital age. All the Links: For episode transcripts, bonus content, and direct engagement with the Echoes community, click here: Dive deeper into our investigations and become part of the movement unraveling the mysteries of our time. ----more---- Full Transcription Adams Archive. Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to have to cover a lot of ground, starting with the fact that Julian Assange could have his prosecution thrown away, according to Joe Biden. Biden. Now we'll talk why I think he might be saying this. Maybe it has something to do with gaining popularity in a time where your dog wouldn't want to vote for him, but that's beside the point we'll read through that article together and talk through some of the more nuanced conversations surrounding Julian Assange. From there, we're going to discuss somebody of high, Notoriety within the AI community. What some people call the Godfather of AI warning about battle robots. If that sounds terrifying to you, then we're on the same page. So we'll discuss that after that. We'll talk about how plants. allegedly scream when they're being harvested. That's a terrifying visual. Then we'll jump into the Alex Jones situation. So Alex Jones, if you don't know, had the full force of the FBI, the CIA, they completely obliterated him in court. He over the Sandy Hook. It's a crazy situation that he had. I think it was a billion dollars is what they said that he owed these defendants, which is like the most egregious of all hearings in the history of the American judicial system. So there was some updates on that, which is the fact that there was an individual from the FBI. Who came out and got caught on camera in one of the, I don't believe this was actually private project Veritas, but it was very project Veritas ask in the way that it was a gay man who somebody found on either grinder or Tinder. And apparently that's the only way that you can find these people who are willing to talk about this type of stuff. Um, but we'll actually watch the video where this man from the FBI comes out and, and admits that the FBI actually, um, Went after Alex Jones to make an example of him and how you might ask. Well, we'll talk about that in just a little bit. Uh, we'll go through a couple articles about that. Then we'll talk about this new biomedical pharmaceutical company, I guess, biomedical company that's claiming that they're going to do something that has been shown rendition of this. ever, which is the fact that this company is saying it's called Colossal Biosciences. And apparently, they're going to de extinct animals, starting with a mammoth. And if that doesn't terrify you, I don't know what will. So we'll talk about the implications of that. We'll...


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Chaos Erupts: P. Diddy Raided By Feds, Russia Terrorist Attack Aftermath, and Nickelodeon's Dark Truth

Welcome to the Adam's Archive, where host Austin Adams brings you on a thrilling ride through today's hottest topics! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of updates and breaking news as we delve into the Homeland Security raid on P. Diddy's homes and uncover the potential Libertarian party run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Join us as we navigate the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack in Russia and peel back the layers of intrigue in the eye-opening Nickelodeon documentary, "Quiet On Set." But that's not all – stay tuned to explore Austin's latest venture with Ronan Faraday Goods. Get ready for an action-packed episode you won't want to miss! All the links: Ronin Pre-Sale: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription


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Hollywood Horrors: P. Diddy is the New Epstein, Joe Rogan's Murderous Guest & Ryan Garcia Exposes Elites

Support my new company Ronin in our Pre-Sale: Protect Yourself & Your Family from the ever present surveillance state where corporations, governments and predators can track your location instantly, access your private photos in seconds and steal your entire life in the blink of an eye. Choose Privacy. Protect yourself from the invisible threats of the modern world with faraday products that hide your location and shield your private data from unknown threats. Choose Safety. Whether you are a mother of 3 children looking to protect your family from the reality of everyday life, or a military operator looking to vanish in a combat zone, we've got you covered. Choose Health. Shield yourself from the daily barrage of cancer causing EMF's being emitted by your cell phone and 5g technology with our EMF blocking apparel and faraday hats. Click here to support me in this new venture and if you order all three items I will personally send you a 10% off coupon code that is good for life ----more---- Welcome to "Adams Archive," where the glamour of Hollywood meets its darkest secrets. Host Austin Adams invites you on a gripping journey behind the velvet curtain, where the sparkle of stardom often hides chilling narratives of intrigue, misconduct, and mystery. In this thought-provoking series, we delve into three compelling stories that have sent shockwaves through the entertainment world and beyond. Joe Rogan's Murderous Guest: Explore the unsettling revelation of a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast who was later discovered to have a severed head in his freezer. We'll analyze the implications of such associations in media and the responsibilities of platforms hosting controversial figures. P. Diddy on Trial: Delve into the legal battles surrounding P. Diddy, where allegations beyond the music mogul's glittering career surface. From lawsuits that hint at dark practices akin to Jeffrey Epstein's to whispered tales of a hidden side to Hollywood elite circles, we unravel the complexity of P. Diddy's ongoing legal drama. Ryan Garcia Exposes Elites: Follow the shocking allegations made by professional boxer Ryan Garcia, as he claims to have witnessed and been a victim of heinous acts by some of the entertainment industry's most powerful figures. Garcia's claims shed light on the purportedly sinister undertakings within elite circles, echoing the fears and concerns about the influence and actions of the rich and famous. Why Subscribe to "Adams Archive"? "Adams Archive" isn't just a podcast; it's a mission to uncover truth and foster discussion on topics that are often left in the shadows. Each episode promises meticulously researched content, engaging storytelling, and a commitment to integrity. Austin Adams ensures that no stone is left unturned, providing listeners with an immersive experience that's as enlightening as it is enthralling. Don't miss an episode of "Adams Archive." Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform, follow us on YouTube, Substack, and social media to join a community dedicated to uncovering the stories behind the stories. Your support enables us to continue this important work, bringing light to the darkest corners of entertainment and beyond. Thank you for being a part of our journey to seek truth and justice in an often-misunderstood industry. All the Links: For easy access to all our content, episodes, and exclusive updates, visit Here, you'll find everything you need to stay connected with "Adams Archive" and be the first to know about new episodes and special content. Join us as we peel back the layers of Hollywood's glossy exterior to reveal the truths that lie beneath. "Adams Archive" is more than just a podcast—it's your gateway to the stories that matter. ----more---- Full Transcription b Adams Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode,...


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Freedom on Trial: Tucker- Putin Interview, King Charles' Diagnosis & Terrifying Legal Precedents Set in Oxford Mass Shooting

Welcome to The Adams Archive, a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the nexus of journalism, politics, and societal dynamics. Each episode aims to dissect the intricate layers of today’s most pressing issues, from the ethical dilemmas faced by journalists to the evolving landscape of global politics and the personal tribulations of public figures. With a keen eye on the implications of legal developments and the ever-changing digital domain's impact on free speech, The Adams Archive offers listeners a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping our world. Summary of Discussion Topics: Dive deeper into the narratives that define our times by subscribing to The Adams Archive. Follow us on our journey across platforms like YouTube and Substack, and join our vibrant social media community to engage in meaningful discussions. Your support helps us bring nuanced insights to the forefront, fostering a well-informed and engaged global community. All the Links: Connect with us and access all our content through Here, you'll find links to our episodes, articles, and ways to engage with our community. The Adams Archive is your portal to understanding the complexities of the modern world, inviting you to think critically, question freely, and explore deeply. Full Transcription Adam's Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the 100th episode of the Adams archive. I appreciate you for being here so much. And I'm so thankful that I get to do this here for you guys. So again, thank you for being here. I'm so excited about what's to come for the Adams archive. I'm Happy with what it's been so far, but we have much more work to do. So happy 100th episode to all of you, all of the listeners, all of the audience, all of those who have supported any of my shows, appreciated any of the topics that I've discussed, whatever it is you rock. You're awesome. Thank you for being a part of this. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Let's go. And I think that's the first time that I've ever used a soundboard. So if you're new here, just know that you'll probably never hear that again. But thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. And I love doing this for you guys. So let's go ahead and jump into it. On today's episode, we're going to be discussing some pretty wild topics. So the one being that Tucker Carl is actually going to be releasing an interview with Vladimir Putin, which if you know my stance on this stuff, I think that's incredible. That's called journalism. Who'd have thought there was still some real journalists around, but as a result of this, he's gotten tons and tons of negative, feedback, both from the UK, potentially sanctioning him from being put on an NGO list, which some people are calling a kill list in Ukraine, uh, some pretty wild stuff. So we will discuss all of that along with listening to the video by Tucker discussing the interview that he's going to be releasing. Then we're going to segue into another topic, which is the fact that Bill A bill in Hawaii could actually be the next state to boot Trump from the ballot, and we will discuss that. After that, we're going to move into the situation that is actually going down with Prince Charles. Now King Charles, in his short reign, and he has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. So we'll look back at some of the things that have occurred, and then we'll also talk about what would happen if King Charles himself, Mr. Sausage Fingers, if you recall those photos that came out, were to pass away. So we'll look at that. Following that, that will move us into a discussion that will be our main topic for today, that we will be doing a deep dive on, which is the Oxford, Michigan shooter's mom has received a jury verdict for her alleged part defense. In the murder of the four children that her son committed. And now you must be saying, like, did she kill them? What,...


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Foundations & Frontiers: Hard Truth Behind Voting Decisions | Cloning Ethics, Political Socialization & 2024 Election Update

Welcome to "The Adams Archive," where we delve into the intricate weave of societal influences and global challenges. In our thought-provoking episode "Foundations and Frontiers," we explore the interplay between the development of political beliefs, the ethical quandaries of cloning, and the complexities of environmental activism. Episode Summary: This episode offers a deep dive into the foundational elements that shape our political ideologies and how these perspectives intersect with contemporary issues like the ethics of cloning and the paradoxes in environmental advocacy. We take you on a journey through these interconnected realms, providing a nuanced understanding of these critical topics. Segment on Political Socialization: We begin by unraveling the layers of political socialization. Discover how familial interactions, educational systems, and media landscapes contribute to the molding of our political identities from a young age. Segment on Cloning Ethics: Venturing into the realm of biotechnology, we examine the ethical implications and societal impacts of cloning. This segment explores the moral dilemmas, regulatory challenges, and public perceptions surrounding this controversial scientific frontier. Segment on Environmental Paradoxes: In our discussion on environmental issues, we confront the ironies and complexities of modern environmental movements. We analyze the actions and rhetoric of global forums and key figures, assessing how their approaches align or conflict with various political ideologies. Call to Action: Dive deeper into these vital discussions by subscribing to "The Adams Archive" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms. Join our social media community for ongoing conversations and updates. All the Links: Access all our content easily at, your gateway to our episodes, social media, and additional resources. ----more---- Full Transcription: Adams Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to go through some pretty wild current event topics, including the fact that the World Economic Forum in their meeting in Davos has decided that it is now bad for the environment for you to drink. Coffee. Could you imagine that? Flying hundreds of miles across the ocean in your private jet, only to talk about how it is now bad for the environment for you to drink coffee. So we'll touch on that. After that, we'll get into a conversation surrounding how scientists in China have now successfully cloned a monkey for the first time that has survived in good health. We'll talk about what that means, including the fact that there was 112 failed attempts, which is only, you know, pretty terrifying to think about. What the other monkeys went through to actually get there. Now, a lot of people are talking about how this is actually going to have something to do with human cloning, obviously, because that's the end result of all of this. And there's some arguments that that's already happening. So we will talk about that. Then we will dive into a conversation about the current situations between Rhonda Santus dropping out of the presidential election, Nikki Haley getting peppered and just chirped. Constantly at all of the events that she's at, including the fact that, uh, there was a recent article that talked about how she had an affidavit come out from a recent accuser of her being an adulterer, uh, to her then active duty husband. Uh, we will also touch on another man who starts discussing with her about how she's not going to be Trump and that she should be spending all of her hundreds of millions of dollars simply. Giving it to homeless veterans, which I guess I agree with. Uh, so we'll talk about Nikki Haley. We'll even talk about the fact that Nikki Haley said that she wasn't allowed in a beauty pageant because she was Indian...


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Deceit & Defeat: DEI in the FAA, Trump Dominates Iowa & MLK Jr. FBI Assassination Deep Dive

Welcome to the Adam's Archive, where each episode is a journey into the depths of intriguing topics. Join your host, Austin Adams, as he unravels conspiracies, explores controversial legacies, and dives into groundbreaking events that shape our world. From the dark secrets behind historical figures to the revolutionary moves by institutions like the FAA, each episode promises a captivating exploration. In today's episode, we peel back the layers surrounding Martin Luther King's assassination, exposing alleged conspiracies involving the FBI, CIA, and the military. We then shift gears to examine the debated values and controversies surrounding King's legacy. Brace yourself for a revelation as we unveil the FAA's bold move in recruiting diverse talents, exploring the impact on the aviation industry. But that's not all—tune in as we reveal the winner of the Iowa caucus and discuss the potential global concerns raised by influential figures about Trump's 2024 election prospects. With in-depth analysis, exclusive revelations, and compelling storytelling, the Adam's Archive is your gateway to the most explosive topics of our time. Don't miss out on the visual experience—head over to our YouTube channel, where Austin's charismatic presence accompanies each episode, providing a comprehensive view of the articles and videos discussed. So, whether you're on the go or settling in, join us at the Adam's Archive, where every episode takes you deeper into the stories that matter. Don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and remember, the longer you're here, the deeper we get. Let's dive in! All Links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription: Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to be doing a deep dive in the theme of today, which is actually Martin Luther King Day. You're not listening to it on Martin Luther King Day, but I digress. It got me interested in the topic and I learned a little bit more about it. So now I want to share my findings with you. Which is the fact that Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin Luther King was actually, allegedly, not really allegedly, but allegedly, assassinated by the FBI in cahoots with the CIA and The military intelligence and the reason that this came about was because of a 1999 trial by somebody who is a whistleblower who said that he worked with the mob and was paid 100, 000 to hire a hitman for this job by those same individuals who moved all the moving pieces around. To make it happen. So we'll discuss that. We'll dive deep into the situation. We'll also have a conversation about Martin Luther King in general. There's been some controversial conversations about his values and things like that. So we'll talk about that. And when it comes to some current events, we're also going to discuss this, which is the fact that the FAA is actively now recruiting people with severe intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. As a part of a diversity and inclusion plan. Don't worry. We'll talk about it. After that, we will talk about the next thing, which is the fact that, uh, the caucus is going on tonight in Iowa. So we'll just briefly super briefly touch on that because I believe we already have a winner and we will also discuss the world economic forum coming out and saying that the idea that Trump could potentially win the 2024 election is. And I quote, and this actually came from, I believe, somebody, the, the, uh, head of BlackRock, uh, a woman there that was at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, said that it was a great concern, quote, unquote, if Trump won the election. Now, all of that and more, make sure you stick around, because the longer you're here, the deeper we get. Alright, so, before you do that, uh, go ahead and Leave a review, Apple podcasts, Spotify, YouTube,...


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Shadow Operations: Jewish Underground Tunnels, Taylor Swift is a CIA PSYOP & U.S.-UK Spark War with Houthis

Welcome to 'The Adams Archive,' where host Austin Adams takes you on an enlightening journey into the heart of global conspiracies, cultural enigmas, and political intrigue. This podcast series sheds light on the most thought-provoking and underreported stories, exploring the unseen forces shaping our society and global politics. Unravel the complex narrative of Taylor Swift's alleged involvement in psychological operations, diving into the blurred lines between celebrity influence and political media manipulation. Explore the mystery of underground tunnels beneath a New York synagogue, probing their origins and potential purposes. Analyze the intricate dynamics of recent U.S.-UK joint military operations, uncovering their geopolitical motivations and strategic implications on a global scale. Dive into the art of media manipulation, examining historical and contemporary methods used to control public perception. Discover the profound influence of music and arts in shaping cultural narratives, reflecting on how artistic expression has been employed for political messaging and propaganda. Join 'The Adams Archive' for episodes that challenge perceptions and reveal the hidden truths behind current events and historical narratives. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, follow our YouTube channel for engaging visual content, and get exclusive insights through our Substack newsletter. Participate in our dynamic social media community for ongoing discussions. Whether you're a conspiracy enthusiast, a curious observer, or a seeker of deeper understanding, this podcast is your portal to the untold stories of our world. Tune in, subscribe, and be part of our journey to uncover the hidden truths beneath the surface. All Links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams. And thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have some wild topics to get through. And I'm excited for it. So the very first topic that we're going to talk about today is going to be that the Pentagon actually responded to the idea that Taylor Swift Is a PSYOP. So we'll look at what the response was. And that will actually look at the history of this because the fundamental idea around that is that there's a, uh, forces that be within our government that want to manipulate the art within our culture in order to influence the culture itself. And so we'll look at the history of that, whether it be Operation Mockingbird by the CIA, whether it be the CIA teaming up with certain artists during the cold war era, we'll look at all of that together. Then. We'll jump into the next topic, which is going to be that there was some pretty shady stuff found in New York, which actually ended up being an underground tunnel underneath a Jewish synagogue, I believe. So. We'll look at that and why it's pretty, pretty crazy stuff. So there's a couple of theories on it. We'll actually dive into the history of the specific group, because the specific group that we're talking about is a little bit different than your average, uh, Practicer of Judaism. Um, so we will look at that as well. And then we will dive into some breaking news here, which is that the United States. In hand in hand with the, uh, with Britain have the UK have actually, uh, conducted operations overseas against Houthi rebels, which some believe may be the spark of a war against. So we'll look at the history of that as well. So all of that more, but first I need you to go ahead and subscribe. If this is your first time, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, subscribe. And if you are here for your second time, third time around. 100th time, whatever, because we're actually about to hit that 100th episode. I believe we're on episode 96 right now, which is pretty wild. But thank you for being here. I appreciate you. I love doing...


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Dark Secrets: Epstein List Revealed, Miami Mall Aliens & Biblical Giants the Nephilim

Welcome to a new exhilarating episode of "Adam's Archive," where curiosity meets revelations. I'm your host, Austin Adams, and today's journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster through the corridors of hidden truths and uncovered secrets. Brace yourself as we plunge into the labyrinth of the Epstein saga, unraveling over 10,000 pages of jaw-dropping legal documents. Unearth the names and narratives that have remained shrouded in mystery, from Bill Clinton to Stephen Hawking, and discover the startling revelations that emerged from these files. Next, we navigate through an extraordinary incident at a shopping mall, where reports of 8 to 10-foot tall beings have sparked a storm of speculation. Was it merely a scuffle between youths, or something far more mysterious and ancient? We delve into the enigmatic world of the Nephilim, the legendary giants of biblical lore, and explore the intriguing passages and contemporary discussions about these colossal figures. This episode isn't just a podcast; it's a quest for understanding the unknown and the misunderstood. Whether it's your first time tuning in or you're a long-time listener, hit that subscribe button and leave a five-star review to join us on this thrilling adventure. Head over to YouTube to watch the episode unfold, witness my real-time reactions, and explore the articles and video clips alongside me. Let's embark on this journey of discovery together. Now, let's jump into it! All the Links: Https:// Substack: Https:// ----more---- Full Transcription Adams archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to be discussing the two single craziest events that have kicked off our 2024 year. The first one being that Epstein's documents, I think it was over 10, 000 pages of legal documents were just dropped over four different days. Listing off the names of several, several people, almost all of them. We've talked about here. I've done, you know, more than a year ago, I did a serious deep dive into all the Epstein documents, the flight logs, the black book. I posted it all. It's on my sub stack. You can go find it right now, but there's some things that I don't think that we knew yet that came out about this, not that much though. There was a few names. There was a few. Really scathing words that came out, some about Bill Clinton, some about Stephen Hawking, hmm, some really interesting stuff. So we're going to dive into all of that. What were the most notable things that were discussed about this? Who were the five most important or powerful people that were on this list? And then. We'll go through the list in its entirety of the names, and I'll see how fast I can do it for you, because it was a lot. After that, we're going to jump into another topic, which was that there was a bunch of, a bigger police presence than you've seen at every school shooting, at every Black Lives Matter protest riot, at every January 6th, combined, at a single shopping mall. And apparently it was because these kids were having fights with sticks and fireworks. Four children, four kids having you know, violent acts with sticks. But some people are saying that wasn't the actual reason why. Some people are saying that there was eight to ten foot tall beings that were attacking people. Now it's kind of a weird situation because there wasn't very much video evidence that came from the ground and there wasn't very many people talking about what happened on the inside. You know, today, you have a Karen going off on a manager at Wendy's and there's always going to be a video of it. But we don't have any video footage of this. So it's pretty weird. But some people, which would lead us to our deep dive for today, have said that they believed this to be the Nephilim. If you don't know what the Nephilim is, that is the...


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2024 & Beyond: A message from Austin

This week I wanted to have a brief discussion about the future of the podcast, the changes that will be made and the future ahead. Thank you for taking this journey with me, I am truly grateful. ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, I'm just gonna keep it real with you guys. All right, I've been having some questions surrounding what we should do here with the upcoming new year. I've been looking at some of the metrics and Stuff was when it comes to the podcast. So I just wanted to have a brief discussion with you guys directly about where I see this going, some changes that I hope to make in the future for the podcast, and why I, I made those changes. I'll also include some talks about, uh, new Year's resolutions and, and some things like that. So I hope you enjoy. As always, hit the subscribe button, leave a five star review, and let's jump into it. The Adams archive. All right. So I just wanted to have, like I said, just a brief discussion with you guys today. And the reason for that is because I've been doing some thinking. I've been looking at the growth of the podcast over the last year or so. And I have goals in everything that I do, right? When I go into something, it's not just to do it, although I enjoy and love to do this for you guys. One of my goals for this is for this to become, at least in the future, a very real source of income for my family. by participating in a passion of mine and sharing the messages and conversations that I'm interested in sharing with you guys. And a part of that journey, right? When, when, you know, I'm also have a business side of me. I always have. I've always been an entrepreneur. Immediately when I got out of the military. I guess even before that, when I was in the military, I actually had a, a, a clothing business, um, that I started, and, uh, had a, a family member of mine that had started something similar, and they came down and helped me out, so at 18 years old, I actually ended up making more money from a side business that I had, selling clothing outside of, uh, a certain type of, uh, a business, um, and inside of it. So I would basically go in, set up shop. It was a women's clothing line that I would order online from basically Chinese drop shipping companies. And I would set up these, these clothing, uh, stands within these types of businesses. And it was all cash. And I would split a percentage with the owner of the business. And so I actually made a good portion of cash. Directly from that, during my time in the military, so much so that at one point it was making me more money than me being an air traffic controller in the Air Force. Uh, so it was pretty wild, but I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Right, I've always been engaged in some type of side hustle business, when I was in high school it was network marketing, like I've always been, I've always had my hands dirty in, in business, and that's because I love creating stuff. I, I love the, the, the pursuit of taking an idea. Cause I always have a lot of them and trying to see that come to fruition and not only come to fruition, but also to see if other people like your idea, there's not too many mediums that you get to. Take something and get real time feedback of whether your idea was a good idea or whether your idea sucked. And business is a great medium for that because it will, you'll always know, the market will always tell you whether or not your idea is good or not. And so that, you know, segues me into the next thing here, which is that anytime you have a business, anytime you have an entity, anytime you have a business idea, there's an idea On, you know, there's a couple of books that you should read if you, if you're in business and you're, you're wanting to dive deeper into this, but one of them is the lean startup. And the idea with the...


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Tales of Tyranny: Conspiracy to Overthrow US Government, Blackrocks Dystopian Real Estate Grab & FBI Grilled in Senate

Welcome to another fascinating episode of Adam's Archive! I'm your host, Austin Adams, and today we're diving deep into some of the most compelling and lesser-known stories of political intrigue and historical conspiracies. 🔍 In This Episode: 💡 Deep Dive Discussions: 🌟 Join Our Community: Ready to unravel some of the most intriguing stories hidden in the folds of history and current affairs? Let's jump right into today's episode of Adam's Archive! 🎙️ All the links : Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Adam's Archive. you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to be doing a deep dive back to 1933 to look at a attempted coup of president Roosevelt. And what makes this even more interesting was the corporate interests that surrounded it and the individual that they attempted to have executed. Which was a very, very famous, probably the most decorated and famous Marine of all time. And we'll walk through some of his history, what he was asked to do, and then we'll actually look at the transcripts of this. And I actually had a New York Times article that was pulled up, um, from the day after this hearing. So it's a wild thing. It's called the business plot. And it's one of the craziest conspiratorial aspects of American history, one that is pretty well, uh, censored online, but I found some good articles on it. Uh, so we will dive deep into that, but first we'll discuss a few other topics. The first one being that Kim Jong Un, the leader and totalitarian dictator of. Not thriving North Korea, it was crying during a video where he was seen asking, pleading, begging with the women of North Korea to start to have more children to stem the birth rate decline. After that, we will look at a couple other things, one of them notably being that 44 percent of All single family home purchases were by private equity firms. And we'll dive into some of that because I'm sure you've heard one story or another from somebody that you know that dealt with this. And it is wild. Now, the, the leading picture on this article. Has the very front of the company BlackRock on it. So if that tells you anything, so we will look at that as well. After that, we'll look at a Chris Wray from the FBI getting questioned during a congressional hearing Where he addresses some of the things that he is grilled on, including Hunter Biden's laptop story, as well as the warrantless surveillance of Americans. So, all of that and more, and then what will lead us into that discussion, that deep dive into the business plot of 1933 to overthrow the government, is a list I found on Reddit. Brought me to that point, which is the top five worst presidents in us history. Now, some of the points that are made on this, uh, infographic are pretty valid. Now it's a very ugly infographic, uh, but I digress, um, some interesting discussions that we'll have surrounding that, that will lead us into the business plot as well. So. All of that and more. First thing I need you to do is go ahead and hit that subscribe button. It just takes a minute, not even a minute, a second. Literally a second of your day could be spent. If I spent another ten seconds talking about this, you could have done it ten times. So, just hit that subscribe button, leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts, go ahead and follow me on YouTube, The Adams Archive, and you can actually watch the videos. So as I'm reading all of these articles, there is the pop up right next to my beautiful face here, and it will show you exactly what I am discussing while I'm discussing it. So make sure you head over to YouTube, as well as the Substack. Go ahead and get signed up. That's how I stay in contact with you guys. So anything that I have is news, updates, uh, breakdowns from the podcast, articles, whatever it is, head over...


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Hidden Agendas: Musk’s Shocking Israeli Pact, Biden’s Health Crisis Exposed, OpenAI’s Secret Program

Get ready for an explosive episode of Adam's Archive, where host Austin Adams tackles some of the most jaw-dropping and contentious global stories of our time. The episode blasts off with Elon Musk's unexpected venture into Israeli politics and his intriguing pact with Netanyahu. The plot thickens with President Biden's contentious Hamas apology, stirring up a political storm. In a shocking health expose, a former White House doctor spills alarming details about Joe Biden's well-being. Austin then dives into the Orwellian world of the Department of Justice's massive data collection from Trump-related Twitter activities. Brace yourself as the episode unveils a mysterious and potentially catastrophic new illness sweeping through China, triggering flashbacks of the pandemic's early days. The climax hits with the dramatic OpenAI saga, revealing Sam Altman's surprising reinstatement and Elon Musk's cryptic warnings about a secret AI program. Don't miss out on this episode of Adam's Archive, packed with Austin's unfiltered analysis and bold perspectives. All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to be jumping into several current events, including Elon Musk visiting Israel. Not only that, but having a discussion with Netanyahu, personally walking through some of the areas of the war and destruction that happened there, as well as coming to a Somewhat surprising agreement with him, which we will discuss first, then we will walk through the next discussion, which also has to do with Israel and Hamas, which is that Biden is apologizing for something that he said more recently about questioning Hamas. So we'll talk about. After that, we'll jump into a former White House doctor, one that served under Bush, Trump, as well as Barack Obama, coming out with some pretty serious warnings about Joe Biden's health. Then we will jump into the Department of Justice collecting some really serious information about basically every single person who interacted with anything about Joe Biden. With about Trump on Twitter, following that into a discussion around a new, a new sickness, or at least. A serious sickness that's causing waves in China right now. And if that sounds familiar and alarms you, it probably should, but the U S is now sounding the alarm after a new Chinese pneumonia outbreak raises serious health concerns, PTSD, anybody. And then we will talk about an update. So last week, uh, the last episode, I talked about the situation with Chachaputi, OpenAI, Sam Altman, um, and all of the employees there and this crazy wild story that finally came ahead and one hour after, just one hour, one hour after my podcast, it was like two in the morning when they reinstated Sam Altman, completely got rid of the entire board. But that raised some even weirder questions, something I raised originally, but I'm starting to get the full picture now. And Elon Musk posted something that was said Q Anon with a star between Q and Anon, but it was actually about open AI and potentially AGI or artificial general intelligence and his concerns around a secret program. Within OpenAI, all of that and more. But first I need you to hit that subscribe, but button, I need you to leave a five star review. Go hit that five star button on Apple Podcasts, subscribe on YouTube. You can watch all of the episodes directly on YouTube. I'll now be posting all of the topic clips individually there as well. Um, so make sure you follow on YouTube, the Adams. archive, you can find me there and watch along, you can see my beautiful face, uh, see the articles that we're talking through together. Uh, so make sure you head over there, do that, follow, subscribe, leave a five star review. That's honestly the best thing that you can do...


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Critical Confrontations: Bin Laden’s Letter, Israel-Hamas Ceasefire & Sam Altman & OpenAI Controversy

In this riveting episode of the Adams Archive, host Austin Adams takes you on an exploratory journey through a series of compelling and thought-provoking topics. From the storm brewing on TikTok over Osama Bin Laden's controversial 2002 letter to America, Austin doesn't shy away from delving into the complex narratives that are often avoided. He challenges the mainstream outrage and seeks to understand the underlying truths in these contentious dialogues. Following this, the episode shifts to an examination of the recent Israel-Hamas ceasefire. Austin will dissect the nuances of this agreement and its potential longevity, providing insights into the geopolitical implications. The conversation then takes a technological turn, delving into Michigan's capital gun ban enforcement through AI. Austin scrutinizes ZeroEyes' AI technology, raising critical questions about its impact on Second Amendment rights and the future of surveillance. The episode also covers the U.S. Army's reversal of its COVID-19 vaccine mandate decision. Hear the Army's call for the return of the troops who left over the mandate and Austin's take on this dramatic policy shift. Then, gear up for a deep dive into the OpenAI saga, a whirlwind of decisions and employee backlashes that could potentially reshape the AI industry's future. This segment promises to unravel one of the most astonishing episodes in modern business history. Finally, Austin introduces you to the newly elected Libertarian President of Argentina, a figure attracting global attention for his unorthodox approach and bold declarations against the deep state and government overspending. With a fresh crew cut and his signature engaging style, Austin is all set to guide you through these fascinating topics. Don't forget to hit subscribe, leave a five-star review, and get ready for an episode packed with insights, analyses, and a touch of the unexpected. All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Adam's Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to be jumping into first, what happened recently with Tick tock and all these conservative influencers calling out all you young tick tockers out there for talking about even considering speaking about this document that must not be named. But I am me and I will name it and we will read it. And that is Osama bin Laden's letter. From 2002, a letter to America. Now there was a ton of controversy that came out on tick talk about this, a ton of conservative channels that are crying out saying, you should, you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering agreeing with any of his points. And I understand the sentiment, right? We have, um, some wounds from that man as a great country, however. I think that kind of takes away from the point, right? If you're afraid to look at something in the eye, uh, then maybe that's more of a reason to address it head on. So we will read that together. And I believe personally, there is actually some valid points and hold your thoughts until I read it. Cause I think. You might agree to. Alright. Once we walk through that, we are going to then move on into what has been called a agreement on a ceasefire between Israel and Temas. We'll see how long that, uh, lasts for and what the actual, uh, the actual breakdown of the deal was. But we'll go into that together. After that, we will go into the Michigan capital enforcing its gun ban with artificial intelligence. We'll actually look at the name of this company, which is zero I, and we will watch some of their advertisements. We will see what this technology actually does and talk about what the implications of that could be on your second amendment rights in the future where big brother knows exactly who's carrying and when following up on that. We...


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Fistfights to Frontlines: Senator Vs Teamster, Musk’s War on ”Woke Mind Virus” & Changing Tides in Israel vs Hamas

Join us on today's riveting episode of 'The Adams Archive,' where host Austin Adams delves into a medley of current, hard-hitting topics. We begin with an extraordinary event in the political arena: Senator MarkWayne Mullins' open challenge to fist fight a Teamster boss during a Senate hearing. Austin provides a unique analysis of this rare display of raw emotion in politics, examining the intricate backstory of these two figures and the implications of their confrontation. Shifting gears, we explore Elon Musk's bold stance against the 'woke mind virus.' Austin breaks down Musk's recent comments and actions, discussing their broader impact on cultural and corporate landscapes. This segment promises to provide an insightful look into the intersection of technology, culture, and free speech. The episode then navigates the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Austin offers a nuanced perspective on the recent developments in this longstanding geopolitical struggle. Listen in as he dissects the intricacies of this conflict, including the global reactions and the profound consequences on regional stability. In addition to these thought-provoking discussions, Austin will share his personal experience of being confronted and harassed for his views, offering a candid reflection on the current state of public discourse. Don't miss this episode packed with deep dives into politics, technology, and international affairs. Subscribe now, leave a five-star review, and join Austin Adams on this journey through some of today's most pressing issues in 'The Adams Archive.' All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Adam's Archive. Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adam's Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have a lot to catch up on. There's been some wild stuff that's happened over the last week and a half or two weeks since our previous episode, and I'll catch you up on... All of it, at least all of it that I'm interested in. And the very first thing I'm interested in this week is going to be that there was a Senator, Senator Mark Wayne Mullins, who actually challenged a Teamster boss to a fist fight on a Senate hearing of the Senate floor during a hearing. Um, and personally, I think this should probably happen more often as it did. A long time ago. Uh, so we'll dive into what actually happened in that exchange. The bad blood between this Senator and the Teamster boss, as well as diving into Markway Mullins previous history. Cause this man was actually a MMA fighter. Uh, so probably not the guy that. You would want to mess with if you were some fat, bald, uh, bald old dude like this Teamster boss was. Uh, so, my money is on Senator Mullins. That's all I gotta say. So we'll dive into that. We'll actually break down some of his MMA fights, um, and dive deeper into the bad blood because it goes back months and months ago where this exchange originally happened that got brought to The Senate floor just a couple days ago, after we address that, we will also jump into the next topic, which is going to be that there is a overwhelming well, and I guess, yeah, the next article after that, we'll have a few small quick ones. First of all, apparently some people think that white people that are generated by AI look more real than photographs. Uh, so there was a, basically this, um, statistical study that showed that if people were generated, like if there was images generated by AI and they were white, according to white people, it was harder to decide who was real and who was AI. Which is interesting. So we'll talk about that and how they tried to spin this into somehow AI is now racist, I guess? Hmm. Anyways, after that, we will dive into another article, which is all about, uh, the majority of Americans taking notice in the rise of tipflation across industries. And it's all...


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Grappling with Truth: Matthew Perry’s Death Conspiracy, Jiu-Jitsu Says No to Trans Athletes & Israel’s Netanyahu Addresses the World

Welcome back to another riveting episode of ‘The Adams Archive,’ where your host, Austin Adams, takes you on an enthralling journey through today's most pressing and controversial topics. Today’s episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, insights, and expert commentary that you won't want to miss! First on our agenda is a jaw-dropping scandal from the world of competitive Jiu Jitsu, involving a male competitor disguising himself to compete in a women’s grappling event. As a seasoned purple belt, Austin dissects the situation with precision, applauding NAGA’s swift response and commitment to ensuring fairness and integrity in the sport. Next, we transition to the ice, delving into a tragic incident in the European hockey league that has sparked widespread debate and misinformation. With 18 years of hockey experience under his belt, Austin provides a rare and necessary expert perspective, debunking myths and bringing clarity to the horrific event. In a somber turn, Austin reflects on the sudden passing of Matthew Perry, beloved actor from the hit TV show 'Friends'. Navigate through the web of conspiracy and pay respects to a star gone too soon, as Austin provides a balanced and respectful commentary on this sad affair. Lastly, we plunge into the complex and ever-evolving Israel-Palestine conflict, analyzing recent statements from Netanyahu and the controversial actions of various world powers. Austin leaves no stone unturned, offering a comprehensive and critical examination of the events and their potential implications. But it’s not all heavy topics on 'The Adams Archive.' Austin ensures to sprinkle in positivity, humor, and his signature charismatic commentary throughout the episode, keeping you engaged and enlightened from start to finish. So, hit that subscribe button, leave a glowing five-star review, and join Austin in this intellectual adventure. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the show, your support means the world, and it’s listeners like you that make ‘The Adams Archive’ a thriving community of curious minds and critical thinkers. Let’s dive in and unravel the mysteries of today's most captivating stories together! All the Links: Substack: Https:// ----more---- Full Transcription Adams Archive. Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we are going to discuss some pretty crazy current events, starting with the North American Grappling Association, also known as NAGA, which is a very well known jiu jitsu Competitive platform for people like myself who basically are, uh, What they're under fire for was the fact that there was a woman Not a woman, a man pretending to be a woman wearing woman face who went and competed against actual women in a grappling competition, a martial arts, a, uh, you know, a literal fight and one, obviously, because It's a man, spoiler alert, uh, so I can actually speak to that. I'm a purple belt in jiu jitsu myself, I've been practicing since 2012. So, we will get into that and why it's so crazy. But, positive note, silver lining here, is that Naga came out and made a statement saying this will never happen again. And they outlined the reasons why and how they're going to ensure that that happens. So, I am... proud of you, Naga. Thank you so much for making it so that I don't have to go compete at other organizations and boycott your shit because I would have. Now, the next thing that we're going to talk about is not too often that two of the things I'm most able to speak to come together and intersect into this platform. Like usually, the things I'm talking about, yeah, I've done a lot of research on them. And I try to give my most non biased opinion on them. But When it comes to two of these things, like jiu jitsu and hockey, I actually have... Much more of an expert opinion than most people. So,...


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World War III: US Bombs Iranian Backed Militia Setting Stage for War | Mass Shooter in Maine at Large

In today's critical episode of 'The Adams Archive,' Austin Adams takes the mic to dissect immediate breaking news, along with a deep dive into the harrowing events of a recent mass shooting at a bowling alley perpetrated by a military reservist. In a world where patterns begin to form and questions arise, Austin embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, questioning the potential ties to MKUltra-like manipulation and highlighting the unnerving consistency of psychiatric medications linked to these tragic incidents. As the clock struck 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Austin brings to the forefront the breaking news that has just unfolded - the United States launching airstrikes in the Middle East, targeting Iranian-backed military entities. The urgency in Austin’s voice reflects the gravity of the situation, as he analyses the initial reports and contemplates the potential repercussions of these military actions. The episode also revisits the ongoing and tumultuous Israel-Palestine conflict, shedding light on the varying and often extreme perspectives that have been shared in the heat of the moment. Austin ensures that no stone is left unturned, no opinion ignored, as he strives to provide a balanced and critical analysis of the situation. All the links: Substack: ----more---- Full Transcription Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to The Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have some immediate breaking news, which we will get to in just a moment. We will also be discussing the recent mass shooting that happened at a bowling alley by a military reservist. From that, we will discuss some of the history surrounding some of these actions, where some are suspecting that there's some sort of MKUltra type of tie in. I don't know exactly what I believe, but we'll watch about some of that, but I do know what I believe about this, which is that it seems like a pretty consistent pattern that we're seeing every single time we see one of these mass shootings, which is that one month. Or multiple types of psychiatric medications are included for almost every single one of them. So, we will discuss that, some other people calling about that, and then jumping into what that breaking news is. So, just moments ago, in the last 20 minutes as I am speaking here this evening at approximately 11 p. m. Eastern Time, the United States has officially launched attacks in the Middle East. Bombing. In conducting airstrikes against what they are saying is Iranian backed military organizations. So we'll look at what has come out so far on that and what the potential implications of that is. Because to me, this seems like Everything that we thought and feared about all of the current military engagements and what could come of it are coming true. So, on the back of that, we will jump into some of the discussions around the, you know, continuing updates and some more of this will be just kind of around the The commentary that's happening around the Israel and Palestinian conflict. So we'll discuss some of that. Um, some of the crazy statements people are saying, um, on both sides that I completely disagree with. So all of that and more, but first go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you are already subscribed to leave a five star review, it's about the only way that we can get up in the rankings is just by listening and leaving the review. So I appreciate it. Um, That's what I got. So without further ado, let's jump into it. The Addams Archive All right. So the very first topic that we're going to get into today is obviously going to be the breaking news that the US has conducted multiple airstrikes against Iranian funded militant organizations, or at least that's what they're saying so far. So let's go ahead and watch this clip or read a couple articles,...