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Small Town Secrets is a podcast that explores the secrets and strangenss of small towns across the globe. Be it Paranormal, True Crime or just plain weird.

Small Town Secrets is a podcast that explores the secrets and strangenss of small towns across the globe. Be it Paranormal, True Crime or just plain weird.
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Small Town Secrets is a podcast that explores the secrets and strangenss of small towns across the globe. Be it Paranormal, True Crime or just plain weird.






Independence Township NJ/ West Milford NJ

Just from the name you know it’s gotta be chock full of creepy stuff. Shades of Death Road (or just Shades for short) is indeed full of stories. WikiPedia article about Shades of Death...


Point Township, PA/ Niterói BR

On the morning August 4th, 2002 at around 5:00 AM. Todd Sees got up grabbed his bow, hopped on his ATV and went off to do a little deer hunting. Todd would never been seen alive again. It would be mystery after mystery, layer after layer and to this day we still don’t have a lot of...


Stelle, IL/ Aldelphi, TX

Located close to Chicago in Rogers Township Illinois is small town known a Stelle. The town’s poputlation is around 100 or so. Today it’s a very different type of place then what you would normally see. The residetns maintain their own telephone and internet servieces as well as water treatment, and use mostly soloar and wind power. Today it’s a tight knit comunity focusing on a sustainable living. However that was not always the community’s...


Freetown, MA Part 2 of 2

In the 1980’s and into the early 90’s the Satanic Panic Wave crashed onto our shores. Most of it turned out to be nothing but bored teenageers, misinterpretation of heavy metal music and just out made up stories and lies. Howevrer in and around Freetown Massachusetts area it may have just been real. Dark Woods; Cults, Crime and Paranormal in the Freetown State Forest by Christopher Balzano. Schiffer...


Freetown, MA Part 1 of 2

The area around Freetown is known to some as “the dumping ground of Southeastern Massachusetts”. It’s been called that due to people just dumping unwatned cars in the Freetown State Forest during the gas crisis of the 1970’s. Also what ever other junk anyone felt like pitching in the woods at the time. Now all that is changing, little by little people are coming back to the area, cleaning it up and making it something better, something stronger. However there are things experiences and...


Hayward, CA/ San Leandro, CA

Hayward is in the heart of the East Bay. It’s home to many things such as the famous Buffalo Bill’s Brewpub a large fiberglass Paul Bunyon- like statue called big mike and it’s where Tom Hanks graduted collage. Big Mike isn’t the only landmark in Hayward, on Mission BLVD stands a long cement building that resembles an aircraft carrier. This is the Hayward Plunge, a large indoor (possibly huanted) public pool. YouTube video...


Cumbria, EN/ Mineral Point, WI

The legend of the Groglin Grange Vampire is really the classic vampire story, but unlike Dracula this one may have actually happend. Crouglin is nestled in Cumberland County, England. The story first originated in a book by Augustus Hare titled My Solitary Life. Augustus claimed he was told the story by a descendent of hte Cranswell family, named Captain Fisher. It all started at a farmhouse known as now as Croglin Grange but was then called Groclin Low Hall. The grange is also located near...


Hopkinsville, KY/ Loveland OH

The Hoppkinsville Gobblin Encounter, the Kelly-Hopkinsvilled Encounter or the Kelly Green Man Case. Whatever you name you give it, they all refer to the same thing. The night when when a family was terrorized by small humanoid beings with large yelllow eyes and gigantic...


Blanchester, OH/ Saanich BC, Canada

On Wednesday, August 28, 1996 22yo Clarissa Ann Culberson (known as Carrie) returned home from a volleyball game at around 11:30 pm. Shortly after that Carrie and her read Honda CRX woud vanish, never to be seen again. To this day neither Carrie or her Honda...


Borley Essex/ West Pittson PA

It’s known in the as “The most huanted house in England”. The house is located in the tiny parish of Borley in Essex. It was located on Hall road next to the Borley Church. It was built for Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull in 1862. The nearby church may date as far back as the 12th century. WikiPedia article about Borley...


Kecksburg, PA/ Sokolec, Poland

On December 9th 1965 an anomalous object was tracked on radar and seen by thousands of people as it streaked across the night sky. The object flew over six states as well Winsor Ontario. It was reported that it left traces of hot metal over parts of Michigan and Northern Ohio. After Causing Sonic booms in Western Pennsylvania it came crashing to the earth just outside of Kecksburg Pennsylvania. The original explanation was a meteor. In 2005 NASA released a statement saying they had studied...


Ashtabula OH/ Hammond IN

The Ashtabula train disaster has many names, the Ashtabula bridge disaster, the Ashtubla Horror or the Ashtabula river railroad disaster. Which ever name you choose they all refer to a terrible derailment that occured in Ashtubla Ohio on December 29, 1876. WikiPedia article about Amasa Stone During the last months of the first world war, on June 22, 1918 a horrific accident occured...


Van Meter IA/ Middletown MD/Casstown OH

In 1909 and again in 1932 a large dragon-like creature was spotted from Maryland to Ohio. Was the Snallygaster real or just something made up to sell papers? WikiPedia article about Thomas Chalmers Harbaugh In 1903 the small mining town of Van Meter Iowa was terrorized for a full week by an eight foot winged monster that came from the depths of their own mine. They called it the Van Meter...


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Small Town Secrets is a podcast that explores the secrets and strangenss of small towns across the globe. Be it Paranormal, True Crime or just plain weird. Do you have a story to share of a town you’ve lived in? Then head over to and use the submission form at the bottom of the page, it may end up on the show. Facebook Twitter