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High Strangeness comes in all shapes & sizes. Our job is to step into the shadows and find these topics, and bring them into the light to dissect and inform the world at large. Join Shane, John & Josh as we delve into the world of the Strange, bizzare, and paranormal, and try to laugh at it all as we unravel the synchronicities found in this well as out of. Open the Gates...s

High Strangeness comes in all shapes & sizes. Our job is to step into the shadows and find these topics, and bring them into the light to dissect and inform the world at large. Join Shane, John & Josh as we delve into the world of the Strange, bizzare, and paranormal, and try to laugh at it all as we unravel the synchronicities found in this well as out of. Open the Gates...s


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High Strangeness comes in all shapes & sizes. Our job is to step into the shadows and find these topics, and bring them into the light to dissect and inform the world at large. Join Shane, John & Josh as we delve into the world of the Strange, bizzare, and paranormal, and try to laugh at it all as we unravel the synchronicities found in this well as out of. Open the Gates...s






Strange Uncles S5E20: SU News; ”Voices from Space & Bigfoot in WA Edition”

Welcome everyone as we throw out a special Fortean news episode! Together again in good ol' Salt Lake City, John, Josh and I got together to record weird news in person. Enjoy! Open the Gates... *Got a story or something strange to get off your chest? Email us at, or call our hotline at (801) 252-6945. Want more alleged Strange Uncles? Join our Patreon HERE. Close the Gates...


Strange Uncles S5E19; ”Living w/ a Possessed Mom w/ Michael Gagliardi”

Wow. So this one took us back a bit. We really didn't know what to expect or how deep this interview would get, but suffice to say it brought chills down our spine when hearing what Michael went through. Even if you are someone who doubts actual possession or demons, its still a heartfelt story that makes you wonder where was the fail of the Health Care system? How could they just let go what was happening to Michael and his older sister living with their obviously demented or possibly...


Strange Uncles S5E18; ”Urban Myth‘s”

So this episode actually is somewhat of a yearly one, as All Hallows Eve fast approaches. We took some time to dig up some Urban myth's that you may or may not...Have about. Everything from the "Shamanic Portals", to "Phantom Social Workers", we will tantalize you with hopefully Myth's that you have never heard of, and talk a bit more in depth about one's that you definitely have heard of. All in a days work. Open the Gates. *Do you have a myth or tale to tell? Write us at...


Strange Uncles: SU News; ”Cocaine Fish & Tombstone Fudge Edition”

Welcome everyone to our monthly Fortean news edition. On this one we tell you tales of Drugged out fish (Thanks to People), cool Mars talk & the best fudge ever...Made on a Tombstone. And more! Enjoy! PS: Patreons, you get more news and 25 additional minutes, just for being you....Open the Gates. Want more for your Earballs? Become a patreon at Call our hotline at (801) 252-6945 or write us with your story at Close the Gates..


Strange Uncles S5E16: ”That Crazy ol‘ Mt. Shasta”

Hey everybody! So after digging into the story of the Lemurian's back in episode 7, we stumbled on a bunch of odd tales regarding Mt. Shasta. If you have never heard of the this Mountain you should look it up, because it is chock full of stories from Aliens, UFO's, Cryptids, mysterious people and energy Vortex's, just to name a few. We only scratch the surface of this infamous Mountain in Northern CA, but still cover some pretty good ground. Open the Gates... *Want more of us? Become a...


Strange Uncles S5E15; ”Hypnosis Talk w/ Lesley Mitchell-Clarke”

This was a great one! We had the sincere honor & pleasure of having on Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, who specializes in hypnosis, but also past life regression therapy, and Extra Terrestrial experiencer therapy. The stories she has on bringing up memories of people who have had a possible alien encounter, sometimes through their entire lives is amazing. as well as the stigma around hypnotist's and the method in general. She shares some interesting info about Alien species who may be walking among...


Strange Uncles S5E14; ”The Falcon Lake Incident”

In 1967, a one Stephan Michalak, encountered what he thought was a UFO in a Canadian wilderness near Manitoba. What makes this story stand out is the first hand witness reports, his own writings, and health conditions that occurred during the incident, and plagued him for years after. Just for reference, this story is the Roswell of Canada, and rightfully so. Hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed researching it! Open the gates... *Write us at or...


Strange Uncles S5E13; ”Mark Fiorentino is back!”

Sorry for the delay in releasing this Strangers, but it's been busy busy! But we finally got it published, and if you were a fan of mark Fiorentino the 1st time we had had him on, your going to love this one. We delve even deeper into his theories, and get updates on his newly published paper that came out on August 14th, and even get a little spiritual on this episode. Tons of stuff to soak in for sure. Enjoy! Open the Gates... Check out marks work at *Check us out on...


Strange Uncles: SU News; "Michigan Bigfoot & Creepy Police AI Edition"

Welcome everyone to another fabulous Monthly Fortean News episode. Were all back together on this one, nice to be weird in-person again. On this one we discuss a Michigan Bigfoot, More UFO Disclosure Controversy, and Police AI shit that is scary to think about & more! Patreon's/Strangers: There is an additional 34 minutes or so added just because we love you. Open the Gates... *Find us on all platforms. Write us at, or call us at (801) 252-6945. Want more for...


Strange Uncles S5E11: "Travis Walton Controversy w/ Bryan Drummond"

On this one we have a guest host in the studio to discuss the recent Travis Walton Controversy. Mike Rogers has now came out and said the the UFO incident that happened in the AZ woods in 1975 to Travis Walton & his crew was all a hoax. True? Or just something to drum up attention? Either way, John brought on an avid lover & researcher of the story to discuss exactly what this all means. If you want to hear more about this recent issue, follow the links below. Open the Gates... Recording of...


Strange Uncles S5E10; "The Wonderful Kimberly McGeorge Back on the Show"

So this episode we had the pleasure of having back on the show Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, who has studied & researched Life Energy, Aura's, Frequencies, and even has had encounters with Cryptids on & around her property. Amazing person with great viewpoints on exactly "What" may be that super spectrum, or energy/frequency that causes these anomalies around us. We also covered the discussion about whether 9 out of 10 people are not real? It gets deep folks. Enjoy. Open the gates... *If you want...


Strange Uncles S5E9; "Review of the Show Secret's at Skinwalker Ranch"

Howdy Strangers...So if you remember from last season, we did a pretty extensive breakdown of one of the best shows on television covering the Paranormal, and that show is "Secret's at Skinwalker Ranch" which can be seen on the History channel. This time around were not going to do a review episode by episode, but we did feel that at the least, we needed to do a review and a decent wrap-up of the entire season. Anyone who has not watched this show, you have to do yourselves a favor and check...


Strange Uncles; SU News: "Were F**king Doomed & Alien Stuff Edition"

Welcome everyone to our monthly Fortean news episode! On this one we cover the fate of our climate, space stuff, crop circles & more! NOTE: For our Patreon Members we have an additional 40 plus minutes recorded for your listening pleasure. Open the Gates.. *Find us on all platforms! Write us at or better yet, call us at (801) 252-6945 & tell us your story! Close the Gates...


Strange Uncles S5E7; "The Lost Continent of Lemuria"

Hello Strangers! So every now and again, we give the Interviews or the more serious subjects in the High Strangeness realm a bit of a break, and decide to throw in a fun one. Well, this is one such fun one for sure. Most of you have heard or read about "supposed" Lost Continents, Atlantis being one of the bigger ones for sure, but have any of you stumbled on the fabled mythos of Lemuria? If not, buckle up because its going to be a ride. We researched this story, or stories shall we say of...


Strange Uncles S5E6; "Back on the road again w/ John Russell"

We love it when we have a guest on from the past, that they enjoy the original conversation to want to come back on again. This is the case on this episode, where we bring back John Russell. With his new book out called "Knocks in the Attic", he had a plethora of things to discuss like the UAP Disclosure documents, Skinwalker Ranch, among other great topics. John was a blast to have on, and hope to do it again! *Check out his new book; "Knock in the Attic: : True Ghost Stories & Other...


Strange Uncles S5E5; "Numerology"

Hey everyone! Just to clear the air a bit, we had an interview that we did this week in the can, but due to poor audio quality on his side, along with having nothing positive or worthwhile to discuss, we here at Strange Uncles decided to dig our ethics out of the cupboard, dust them off, and put them to use. All is not lost however. This is a new episode for you listeners, but was released to our Patreons a year or so ago. So if you ever wondered about Numerology, its calculations, or its...


Strange Uncles: SU News; "UAP Disclosure Finally Released Edition"

Welcome Strangers to our first monthly news edition for season 5! This one is a bit different from other news episodes where we gather up all the weird we can find. On this one we focus exclusively on the release nine page document that lays out the UAP Disclosure, plans, and where & how they move forward. A lot of small, interesting facts within its nine pages, we felt it would be worth it to lay it all out for our listeners. Open the Gates... *Find us on all platforms. Do you have a story...


Strange Uncles S5E3; "Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival Recap"

Wow...That's a;; we have to say, just wow. I (Shane), had the opportunity to go to the 1st annual "Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival" and I have absolutely no regrets in doing so. Amazing time, amazing group of Researchers & Investigators that came from around the world to be part of it. Join Josh & I as we recap the Festival, some notable names, and just your everyday Bigfoot talk. ALSO: Check out the Patreon bonus episode that accompanies this regular episode. I managed to sneak in a few...


Strange Uncles S5E2; "Experiencer Talk w/ Reverend Michael Carter"

This was a great, great show! We had the pleasure of having on Michael Carter. Reverend Carter is an inter-faith Minister, but more interesting, has been visited for years by different species of Alien visitors. Spending years working through the terrifying events, he has now learned to live with the visits & interactions, and has gained health, philosophy, & knowledge from them. An amazing man with an amazing story, and interestingly enough, led us down the path of discussing love, peace, &...


Strange Uncles S5E1; "Remote Viewing w/ Lyn Buchanan"

We...Are...Back! Thanks so much much for the patience while we take a break from my move back to good ol' WA, and lining up content for season 5. This 1st episode is just awesome in our opinion. So we had the pleasure of having on Lyn Buchanan. Lyn has been a RV for decades, and part of the military's RV projects since the 80's. If his name doesn't ring a bell, you may understand his experiences better by watching the movie; "The Men Who Stare at Goats". a composite of Lyn's character was...