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#SHB98 - Hereditary

Guess who’s back? Back again. After a short break we return with a whole host of interesting horror related treats to talk about this week. First we finally give our verdict on the Halloween trailer which we’re sure you have seen so far. Trailers seem to be the flavour of the week as we also discuss trailers for other upcoming films; with Unfriended: Dark Web being our pick of the bunch. Then it’s time for our film of the week as we discuss the most talked about horror film of the year so...


#SHB97 - Cargo

We took a break from cinema releases this week to go back and discuss a Netflix film which got our attention when it was released earlier this month. Cargo is the latest horror film to arrive on our favorite streaming service and when you combine zombies with Martin Freeman; you get a film we couldn’t carry on living our lives without talking about. Also we touch on the news of a few major departures on The Walking Dead and how we think it will impact the show. The hype slowly starts for...


#SHB96 - Breaking In

We fight the flu to bring you your regular scheduled horror podcast. Breaking In is the main topic of discussion this week as we discuss this home invasion film that seems to have completely flown under the radar and we question why that is. The SHB Hype Train finally has news to talk about as Rob Zombie has been teasing some screenshots from 3 From Hell but we also discuss the sad news that the film may not arrive this year. Finally, we end this week’s show with a brief spoiler free chat...


#SHB95 - Revenge

A film that we’ve been very excited to watch, Revenge, is finally here and we are also here to talk all about it. We go into the style of French horror films, how much blood is too much and even find time to mention Martyrs once or twice. Also this week we talk about the first details on Jordan Peele’s next film and whether it’s a contender for a future hype train. The trailer for the Tremors TV series that got cancelled was released purely to make us sad at what might have been. A Twitter...


#SHB94 - Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

Can the sequel curse of 2018 be broken by the sixth entry in the classic monster series known as Tremors? We’re about to find out. Join us as we embark on another adventure with Burt Gummer where he must deal with graboids, ass blasters and Jamie Kennedy yet again in this brand new sequel. A rather timely portion of the news sees us talk about the cancellation of the revived Tremors TV series; which has Kevin Bacon’s bank balance rather sad. The cast of Castle Rock has us very excited for...


#SHB93 - The Strangers: Prey at Night

After a ten year wait; the sequel to one of our all time favourite home invasion films has finally arrived on UK shores. We have seen The Strangers: Prey at Night and give our full impressions which include such topics as how much 80’s pop music is too much and just how awful are some cash grab films? All this and more is covered as we give a strong recommendation on whether you should or should not see this film. Elsewhere we talk about the inevitable but still sad news of the...


#SHB92 - Truth or Dare

This week sees us return to discuss yet another cinema release this month in the form of Truth or Dare. After a fun trailer; we hoped this film could deliver on it’s interesting concept and keep this great run of horror films going. Find out our verdict as we dissect everything this film has to offer from weird smiley faces to rather misleading trailers. Also we discuss the trailer for The Meg which has us scratching our heads at it’s insane budget, IT: Chapter 2 may have found some of...


#SHB91 - A Quiet Place

One of our most anticipated films of the year is finally here! After an amazing trailer and a concept that we fell in love with; we really hoped A Quiet Place would deliver. In our discussion we cover everything from this film’s use of sound, it’s core themes of family and parenthood and how it draws from a wide variety of films such as Interstellar and Don’t Breathe. Also we discuss the first full length trailer for The First Purge and whether it got us excited or not. The Grudge rears...


#SHB90 - Unsane

The first of many big cinema releases coming this month sees us return to discuss a crazy thriller shot entirely on an iPhone. Unsane melds together two different horror concepts in a very interesting way and was a film that we certainly enjoyed dissecting on this week’s show. Claire Foy leads the way for a great ensemble cast; with a director attached who’s decided to strip away the budget he’s used to and bring a different style to this film. We end things by briefly sharing some early...


#SHB89 - Annihilation

Before a whole bunch of upcoming cinema horror arrives we go back and discuss a Netflix film that arrived just a few weeks ago. Annihilation hosts a very impressive cast and director; but is there enough horror in it to satisfy our thirsts? Absolutely there is. Eli Roth’s second new film of the year gets a first trailer. The New Mutants gets another delay. A popular actor from 31 joins the SHB Hype Train. Finally, we end by talking about The X-Files season finale; possibly it’s last ever...


#SHB88 - Ghost Stories

SPOILER FREE DISCUSSION We are back in the cinema with an early screening of a British horror film this week as we discuss Ghost Stories. What happens when a skeptic is forced to try and explain the unexplainable? Martin Freeman and co are here to help answer this question. Also on the show; the Super Horror Bros Hype Train continues at a ridiculous speed and doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon. Leprechaun makes his glorious return? And finally some brief words after having...


#SHB87 - Veronica

The fun times keep rolling as we are back once again with a lot to discuss. First up, we excitedly talk about the confirmation of Rob Zombie’s new film. The hype train starts here people! Then we discuss this week’s film as we delve into ouija board madness to talk about Veronica; the latest Netflix release from a very respected director with a lot of good buzz. We answer a Twitter question about the upcoming The Crow adaptation and our thoughts on the casting of Jason Momoa. To round us...


#SHB86 - The Shape of Water

This show is a special one. We start by talking about the huge success horror had at the 90th Academy Awards. Get Out is officially an Oscar winning film and that’s something we can all celebrate. Next we pivot to finally talking about a little flick that also won an Oscar or two in the form of The Shape of Water. Fish men, not washing your hands in the bathroom, BioShock themes; this film sure does have a lot to dissect. Finally, we end things with our TV roundup that features the Good...


#SHB85 - Keep Watching

Our final show of this packed February sees us return to discuss the latest home invasion flick to hit on demand services this year. Keep Watching promises us a cat and mouse game as a family must fight to survive whilst being filmed by cameras that fill their house. Arrow adds another horror classic to it’s upcoming release schedule which we are very happy about. Death House finally gets some release information. We answer a twitter question involving which films you would rent time and...


#SHB84 - Hellraiser: Judgment

Pinhead is back baby! This week sees us go into the depths of hell and try and decipher a film called Hellraiser: Judgment. 2018 horror is really going all in on sequels so far; for better or worse. Fangoria makes it’s glorious return and we welcome it with open arms. We end things by talking about a few games we’ve got through on our backlog including Shadow of the Colossus and Assassin’s Creed Origins as well as some early thoughts on a game Matt kickstarted over 4 years ago. Hellraiser:...


#SHB83 - Victor Crowley

The Frightfest releases continue to hit on demand services as this week we are back to discuss the latest installment in the Hatchet franchise. Victor Crawley hopes to breathe life back into old Victor and his swamp and we give you our verdict on whether they pulled off this impossible feat or not. Also we let Mike finally dive deep again on The X-Files after a few weeks hiatus. The current season is nearing the halfway point now and we talk whether it’s been a good return or a bad...


#SHB82 - The Cloverfield Paradox

A very special show this week as Netflix dropped a huge surprise on us during the Superbowl and announced the arrival of a brand new Cloverfield film available to watch, immediately! So of course we dropped everything and changed our schedule to bring to you our thoughts on The Cloverfield Paradox. How does this movie shape up, where does it fit in the ever expanding ‘Cloververse’ and what do we want going forward. Cloverfield is a franchise close to our hearts so we dive deep on everything...


#SHB81 - Tragedy Girls

A much anticipated festival hit has finally arrived on demand this week in the form of Tragedy Girls and we are pumped to be able to give our verdict on this teen slasher with a twist. Lots of buzz surrounded this one and all you lucky people who saw it last year let us know it was one to watch; so we’re really happy to finally see what everyone was talking about. Also, Mike Flanagan is tackling another Stephen King adaptation after he perfectly nailed Gerald's’ Game last year. Finally, we...


#SHB80 - The Open House

A brand new Netflix film has our attention this week as we are discussing The Open House. Starring Dylan Minnette who is quickly making a name for himself in the genre; can this film stand along some great home invasion films we’ve seen in the past few years. The Oscar nominations have been revealed and we have to take a moment to congratulate Get Out on it’s incredible achievements once again. Finally we end the show with the big upcoming horror films preview we’ve teased for the last few...


#SHB79 - Insidious: The Last Key

For our first cinema release of 2018 we are tackling the haunted house franchise known as Insidious; as the latest installment has arrived to try and jump scare us to an early grave. Given this isn’t a franchise we are super up to date on or fans of; the trailer got us intrigued enough to give this one a go. We’ll find out if that was a good idea or not. The New Mutants got a massive delay and we moan about why it’s terrible news for everyone involved. Finally Matt gives his thoughts on...