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#SHB113 - The Predator

The cinema horror releases never end as we continue to hit up the big screen in search of genre greatness. This week sees the return of our old friend Predator in his latest attempt to stay relevant and cause even more destruction. For a film that neither of us where particular excited for; you may be surprised with what we make of this one. Elsewhere on the show; Apostle gets a trailer and Matt is putting the hype levels into overdrive. We also have updates on Zombieland 2 which is ages...


#SHB112 - Slender Man

Being the gluttons for punishment that we are; not only did we watch one spooky film to talk about this week, we also saw a film called Slender Man. Smarter people warned us about what might happen but we decided to go against sound advice and check out one of the last screenings of this film many are calling the worst horror film of 2018. Do we agree? Let’s find out together and then never mention this film again. Elsewhere on the show; Alan Wake is getting a TV adaptation and we pray it...


#SHB111 - The Nun

Yet another big cinema release has arrived this week as we discuss the 5th entry in The Conjuring universe. Having covered two previous films in this franchise for the show; let’s just say it’s been a mixed bag so far. Will The Nun turn out to be a great film like The Conjuring 2? Or a trainwreck like Annabelle: Creation? Let’s find out! Elsewhere this week; Jordan Peele has been linked with a Candyman remake which if true would make us happy but sounds way too much like fan fiction for now....


#SHB110 - Upgrade

After many months waiting for it’s release, and after being teased with a preview at FrightFest we sadly missed; Upgrade is finally available in UK cinemas. Hurray! A film we’ve wanted to see for what seems like a decade; we try and put that aside and discuss what we actually thought of this film. Interestingly we both have fairly different thoughts on this one for a change. Elsewhere on the show we talk about the brand new trailer for Halloween which certainly gets the hype levels rising...


#SHB109 - FrightFest 2018: Day Two (Part 2/2)

Films covered: THE MOST ASSASSINATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD, LIFECHANGER, BOAR SPOILER FREE DISCUSSIONS FOR ALL FILMS This is it. The last of our special FrightFest 2018 shows. To conclude our discussion is 3 more films we saw on the Friday; in what was a fantastic two days of horror. To continue the theme of variety we saw a French noir arthouse film about a theatre horror show with maybe more than meets the eye. A Canadian indie horror about a shapeshifter that's surprisingly emotional. And...


#SHB108 - FrightFest 2018: Day Two (Part 1/2)

Films covered: FRIGHTFEST: BENEATH THE DARK HEART OF CINEMA, BRAID, PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH SPOILER FREE DISCUSSIONS FOR ALL FILMS Fresh off the heels of the last show we are back to continue our coverage of FrightFest 2018 with our second show covering the first half of the films we saw on the Friday. If that sounds confusing then strap in. First up is a documentary which covers the history of the festival itself and is a fascinating watch for newcomers and veterans alike. Next up...


#SHB107 - FrightFest 2018: Day One

Films covered: THE RANGER, SUMMER OF 84, MEGA TIME SQUAD SPOILER FREE DISCUSSIONS FOR ALL FILMS The time has finally arrived. We’ve have been to FrightFest 2018 and are back to talk all about the films we saw in our first of many FrightFest dedicated shows. This episode covers the 3 films we saw on the opening night of FrightFest starting with The Ranger. Continuing the 80’s theme next up was Summer of 84. And to end the night we got a crazy Kiwi comedy called Mega Time Squad. Over the next...


#SHB106 - The Meg

Perhaps against our better judgment; we return this week to discuss The Meg. Maybe a shark movie starring Jason Statham will be the spiritual successor to Jaws and become the next great horror franchise. Or it will be the steaming turd we feared it to be. Let’s find out together! On a lengthy news section this week we give an update on the ongoing Child’s Play remake situation that is the opposite of a gift that keeps on giving. Updates on Happy Death Day 2 and a potential sequel to Train to...


#SHB105 - Unfriended: Dark Web

*Apologies for the audio issues. Mike’s mic was abit low and we managed to salvage it the best we could in the edit. It gets better throughout the show and will be fixed for next week* After finally arriving on British shores; we are very excited to be checking out the latest offering from the social media subgenre of horror in the form of Unfriended: Dark Web. After a promising trailer we’ve wanted to see how this one panned out for a while and know we’ve seen it; it’s time to give you the...


#SHB104 - The Cured

We continue the trend of seeing British films the last few weeks as we take a trip to Ireland for some zombie action as we discuss The Cured. With an amazingly interesting concept; this film has been on our radar for a while and we are excited to finally check it out. Let’s see if it lives up to our expectations. Elsewhere on this week’s show; we preview an insane month ahead as August contains four cinema horror releases as well our favourite time of year, FrightFest. We give our spoiler...


#SHB103 - Habit

From Scotland to England; we are back to discuss a rather strange film set in the seedy nightlife of Manchester. Habit is a intriguing tale of one misfit’s journey into a world he never knew existed. Lots of interesting stuff to go over with this film that just arrived a few weeks ago. Elsewhere on the show we discuss the first trailer for Glass and get excited for hopefully another great M. Night Shyamalan film. Answer some Twitter fan questions about great practical effects in horror and...


#SHB102 - Calibre

With a quiet period currently in horror we take the time to go back and watch a film we missed from last month; Calibre. A British Netflix horror film? We’re in. We have a great discussion on this film as we talk about the merit of a good slow burn and what it means to stay true to a vision all the way till the end. Elsewhere on the show, Stranger Things 3 gets teased and Shudder gets our hopes up with a potential Creepshow TV series. Let’s hope this one actually happens. R.I.P Tales from...


#SHB101 - The First Purge

After last week’s milestone show we return to our regular schedule to discuss the latest entry in The Purge franchise. Which is the earliest chronologically. Called The First Purge. But it’s the second Purge film we’ve covered for the show. Things are about to get confusing. As well as that fun discussion we also talk about the confusing and quite frankly bad news of a Child’s Play reboot that is about to go into production. We go over what this means for a franchise we have often praised...


#SHB100 - The Ranking of Rob Zombie

This is it! The big one has arrived. We celebrate our 100th episode in style with a bumper show featuring a whole host of fun stuff to talk about. Firstly we discuss the FrightFest 2018 lineup. Our plans for the festival and we hope to see you all there in August. Then we dive into the main topic of the show; Rob Zombie films. The highs and lows of his filmography certainly make for an interesting discussion as we reveal our definite and correct ranking of his 7 feature films that I’m sure...


#SHB99 - Incident in a Ghostland

Lots of exciting stuff to get through this week so let’s do it! We are on the eve of the full lineup announcement of FrightFest 2018 at the time of recording and we couldn’t be more pumped. On next week’s show we will go over the full lineup and which films get us the most excited. The hype train suffers a slight delay as Three From Hell has been confirmed for 2019 but that won’t stop the hype. This week’s film sees the long awaited return of Pascal Laugier and his latest project; Incident...


#SHB98 - Hereditary

Guess who’s back? Back again. After a short break we return with a whole host of interesting horror related treats to talk about this week. First we finally give our verdict on the Halloween trailer which we’re sure you have seen so far. Trailers seem to be the flavour of the week as we also discuss trailers for other upcoming films; with Unfriended: Dark Web being our pick of the bunch. Then it’s time for our film of the week as we discuss the most talked about horror film of the year so...


#SHB97 - Cargo

We took a break from cinema releases this week to go back and discuss a Netflix film which got our attention when it was released earlier this month. Cargo is the latest horror film to arrive on our favorite streaming service and when you combine zombies with Martin Freeman; you get a film we couldn’t carry on living our lives without talking about. Also we touch on the news of a few major departures on The Walking Dead and how we think it will impact the show. The hype slowly starts for the...


#SHB96 - Breaking In

We fight the flu to bring you your regular scheduled horror podcast. Breaking In is the main topic of discussion this week as we discuss this home invasion film that seems to have completely flown under the radar and we question why that is. The SHB Hype Train finally has news to talk about as Rob Zombie has been teasing some screenshots from 3 From Hell but we also discuss the sad news that the film may not arrive this year. Finally, we end this week’s show with a brief spoiler free chat...


#SHB95 - Revenge

A film that we’ve been very excited to watch, Revenge, is finally here and we are also here to talk all about it. We go into the style of French horror films, how much blood is too much and even find time to mention Martyrs once or twice. Also this week we talk about the first details on Jordan Peele’s next film and whether it’s a contender for a future hype train. The trailer for the Tremors TV series that got cancelled was released purely to make us sad at what might have been. A Twitter...


#SHB94 - Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

Can the sequel curse of 2018 be broken by the sixth entry in the classic monster series known as Tremors? We’re about to find out. Join us as we embark on another adventure with Burt Gummer where he must deal with graboids, ass blasters and Jamie Kennedy yet again in this brand new sequel. A rather timely portion of the news sees us talk about the cancellation of the revived Tremors TV series; which has Kevin Bacon’s bank balance rather sad. The cast of Castle Rock has us very excited for...