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Weekly horror podcast dedicated to covering all the latest horror film releases since 2016. Available on all major podcast services.

Weekly horror podcast dedicated to covering all the latest horror film releases since 2016. Available on all major podcast services.


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Weekly horror podcast dedicated to covering all the latest horror film releases since 2016. Available on all major podcast services.






#SHB199 - Scare Package

SPOILER FREE DISCUSSION With our last regular show before the big one we have finally got a new and exciting horror release to discuss. Scare Package is a horror anthology filled with laughs and gore and sounds like exactly what we need right now. Before arriving on Shudder later this month; we give our spoiler free thoughts on this one you won’t want to miss. Elsewhere this week; FrightFest 2020 gets a big update. American Horror Stories is coming. And Upgrade is getting it’s own TV show in...


#SHB198 - Countdown

With just a couple of weeks before our momentous show we are back with a cinema release film which we sadly missed late last year. With Countdown now available on every platform possible, now was the perfect time to see if we missed a hidden gem from the amazing year that was 2019 or if this was one best forgotten. In the news this week we get a new release date for Edgar Wright’s upcoming flick. We get excited for the potential of Chucky on TV. And rounding out the show we continue to...


#SHB197 - The Wretched

We are back this week to talk about the number one film at the box office! Sadly we are not back in cinemas just yet though but are in fact watching the latest on demand horror that has very cleverly made its way into drive-in theatres in the US and no one can ever take away it’s time it spent at the top. But is it worth getting in your car to go see or even just watching with the click of a button? Let’s find out like only we know how. Elsewhere this week; Scream 5 gets its first official...


#SHB196 - Gretel and Hansel

As lockdown continues so does our search for the best genre films available on streaming services. And this week we are back with a film that did get a limited theatre release stateside but only recently did it come to digital for us. Gretel and Hansel is a dark new take on an already very dark fairy tale so things are about to get really dark. Hopefully soon there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Elsewhere this week; a couple of upcoming horror films get new trailers. Neve Campbell...


#SHB195 - 1BR

Just when you thought we would run out of movies to watch for the show we come right back with yet another digital release that seemingly came out of nowhere. This week we discuss 1BR and whether suburbia truly is the place to be right now. Elsewhere this week; Spiral gets a new release date and I’m not sure how Matt is gonna cope for the next year waiting for this film. Antebellum also gets bumped to August and we hope we actually get to see this one at the cinema then. Ending the show this...


#SHB194 - The Platform

Watching a film about being locked together, fighting to the death over food seems like the exact thing we should be doing right now. So that’s why this week we are discussing The Platform; Netflix’s latest attempt at keeping horror fans busy during these continually unusual times. Elsewhere this week; Hellraiser can’t stay out of the news as it apparently gets a HBO series and we’re pretty sure this isn’t an April Fools joke. Goosebumps returns to the small screen. And ending the show Matt...


#SHB193 - Why Don't You Just Die!

I know we say it alot but FrightFest truly is the gift that keeps on giving. We are back to discuss another new horror release and this sees the 20th film we have reviewed that was featured at just last year’s festival alone. Truly staggering the amount of new horror we get from this festival every year. With this also being an Arrow Video release we were particularly excited to check out this crazy looking Russian film about meeting the parents gone the worst way possible. Elsewhere this...


#SHB192 - We Summon the Darkness

As we continue to fight the boredom of lockdown life we are back to discuss a brand new horror release which is nice to see given the current climate. We Summon the Darkness looks to use the backdrop of heavy metal hysteria in the 80’s to create an interesting new take on the satanic cult sub genre. But does it deliver on that promise? Let’s find out. Also this week; Hellraiser gets more remake news which is certainly the most interested we’ve been with the franchise for a while. Fede...


#SHB191 - After Midnight

While we continue to live out our remaining days in lockdown we are once again here to discuss the latest films that hit on demand services with cinemas just a fading memory at this point. After Midnight features one Jeremy Gardner who we are starting to see a lot of for films on this show and this time stars in a film that sounded interesting based on the premise alone. With a full Arrow Video bluray treatment coming later we had to watch this latest film to hopefully entertain us during...


#SHB190 - Bloodline

Continuing to fill the void amid cinema closure and numerous film delays; we are back with another film available on streaming services. Bloodline piqued our interest after it’s screening at last year’s FrightFest and we’re glad to finally have found the time to talk about this very interesting looking film. Sean William Scott playing a serial killer? That’s all we needed to know. Elsewhere this week, the very sad news of the passing of Stuart Gordon has us praising his impact on the horror...


#SHB189 - Guns Akimbo

As lockdown continues so do we with another new film to talk about as rather unsurprisingly we look to digital platforms to keep us entertained while the outside world is put on hold. This week sees us discuss Guns Akimbo which brings us another Samara Weaving performance as she continues to be one of the most prolific workers in the genre today. Daniel Radcliffe going full crazy with guns bolted to his hands. And a banging soundtrack to boot. Everything you need to keep you safe during...


#SHB188 - The Hunt

What a crazy 7 days the last week has been. Amidst all the madness; we are here to discuss the latest horror release to hit cinemas and the last for the foreseeable future. After already causing controversy prior to release; The Hunt is now out for people to make up their own mind about and we give our verdict on a film which will certainly be remembered going forward. Elsewhere this week; the news section is unsurprisingly dominated by the effect the Coronavirus is having and going to have...


#SHB187 - The Dare

Before we return with a big marque horror release at the end of the month; we are back to discuss the latest film to feature one of favourite actors working in the genre today. You know when Richard Brake is there we will be there and so now comes to time to discuss The Dare. With some definite Saw vibes and influences we are very interested in this new indie horror film. Elsewhere this week; The Last of Us is getting a HBO series adaptation which certainly sounds more promising than the...


#SHB186 - The Invisible Man

2020 starts here guys. After a pretty quiet start to the year so far in the horror world we are back to discuss the first big theatrical horror release of 2020. Leigh Whannell already made us huge fans with the likes of Saw and more recently Upgrade, but can he bring back a classic character and reinvent for a whole new audience? He certainly has the right cast to do it. We give our full spoiler free review of this film and let’s just say this will leave an impact on us for a while....


#SHB185 - Brahms: The Boy II

They made a sequel to The Boy? You are actually correct. Not only that but we’ve seen it and now we’re here to talk about it. After a pretty crazy twist ending to the previous film; can they build upon it in any interesting ways and deliver a fun sequel? We shall find out. The original film was one of the first films we ever covered for the show so it’s pretty wild to be where we are today talking about a sequel in 2020. Elsewhere this week. Run gets a very cool looking trailer from an...


#SHB184 - VFW

Back to on demand services this week after a rare foray this year into the cinema last week sees us return to discuss the latest Fangoria Presents film. Having already covered Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich and Satanic Panic from Fangoria now comes the follow up from Joe Begos who brought us the trippy as hell Bliss late last year. With a promise of plenty of gore if the previously mentioned films is anything to go by; let’s get bloody together. Elsewhere this week; Stranger Things drops...


#SHB183 - Underwater

We are back in the cinema for only the second time this year as we reconvene to discuss the latest big budget attempt at a disaster horror hybrid. Will this one achieve where so many have failed? And just how much money can you throw a one project? Let’s find out. Elsewhere this week; Sam Raimi gets back in the director’s chair for the first time in a very long while. Jennifer Tilly seems to be confirmed for the Chucky TV series. The Hunt finally gets another release date. And Parasite...


Spiral: From the Book of Saw - Trailer Reactions

We react to THAT trailer for the new SAW movie. Strap in. It's gonna be a fun 3 months.


#SHB182 - Harpoon

Of course the FrightFest thrills keep on coming. This week we are discussing a film we were actually in the same building when it was screened at last year’s festival but we were at a different screening for the incredible Freaks. Now, with a Arrow Video bluray to boot, we are finally getting round to watching this film we’ve wanted to check out since last year. Elsewhere this week; Eli Roth has some ambitious but confusing plans. Netflix's Resident Evil series gets some new details. And...


#SHB181 - The Grudge

With our first cinema outing of 2020; we have returned to discuss the latest sequel/remake/reboot/ spiritual successor in the long running Grudge franchise. Yes that’s right. They made another Grudge. I’m surprised as you are. And we are here to give you our verdict on this; the latest Grudge film. Grudge. Also on the show; we are either getting massively trolled or we’re about to have a lot of fun in the coming weeks after a reportedly leaked title for the upcoming Saw film gives us plenty...