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Episode 49: Crossing Over

We've all lost someone we care about and wondered whether or not we'll get to see them again. On this episode we don't have any answers for you, but we do have strange and unusual stories submitted by a hospice nurse who has spent 30 years helping patients and their families prepare to cross over. Also on this episode: Ian is a celebrity, Brennan is oblivious in an elevator, and we say thanks for another great year. This episode was recorded before Christmas so we could take some time...


Episode 48: A Very Lovecraft Christmas

Whether you call it Christmas, Yule, Wintermas, or just another damn day, this used to be the season for scares; families would gather round the fire and run out the long, cold hours by telling one another spooky stories. On this episode we carry that tradition forward by reading you four short stories by none other than HP Lovecraft. If you somehow don't know who that is, ask your nerdy friend or check out his bio here. Stories: The Terrible Old Man Polaris The Thing in the...


Episode 47: Taxi to the Other Side

On this episode we catch a ride to far-off spots like Singapore and Pudukottai, India where cab drivers have encountered the kind of high strangeness you'll have to hear to believe: doppelgangers, vanishing cyclists, the sirens of the wastelands, and more! Also on this episode: Ian throws up gang signs, Brennan looks scary, and an unexpected detour through a trip to the Holocaust museum. Our musical guest on this episode is The Starfighter, courtesy of Future 80's Records Music on...


Episode 46: Who Ya Gonna Call? First Responders vs. the Paranormal

On this episode there's something strange in the neighborhood and in the absence of Ghostbusters, police, paramedics, and firefighters are left to answer the call. From first person stories sent in by a Canadian paramedic whose remote station house has an uninvited guest and a British 999 dispatcher who has heard unexplainable things, to stories of the police facing down situations which literally haunted them, we are excited to finally share this episode with you. Also on this episode: Ian...


Bonus 006: Sapper Kelly's Search For Water

On this bonus episode the guys share a little-known dowsing story about the ANZAC forces in WWI and manage to mostly avoid insulting Australia Mostly. Also on this episode: the magic of fried chicken, Ian's Kitchen Nightmares, and fighting off predatory animals in your underpants. While you're wearing them, to be clear. The animals are not in the underpants. Music on this episode: Intro: "Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)" by Podzontommusic All music is used with permission. You can...


Episode 45: Lopsided Jesus & the War on Two Fronts (Listener Stories, Vol. 7)

On this episode we share our final volume of listener stories for 2018, with tales of the strange and unusual from across the US and Canada. Flickering lights, a spirit that hates cats, and, of course, Shadow People all make an appearance, proving Halloween is kind of an all-year-round deal here at GSG HQ. Also on this episode: the rotting corpse of Tim Horton, doing shots of Jesus, Ian plays with a Oujia board and Brennan tries more remote viewing. Our musical guest on this episode is...


Episode 44: The Ultra Mega Halloween Special II

It's that time again. Our Ultra Mega Halloween special is back, powered by you, our listeners, who sent in stories of your encounters with the fae folk, shadow people, invisible forces who cause bodily harm, and so much more. Last year's Halloween special was our longest episode up to that point and this year we did it again, so strap in for 108 minutes of paranormal goodness. We also announce the winners of our Patreon giveaway, which includes 20 digital copies of "Centurion", the brand...


Bonus 005: Great Canadian Ghost Stories, with Barbara Smith

On this episode we're joined in-studio by legendary Canadian author Barbara Smith to talk about her (fantastic) new book "Great Canadian Ghost Stories". Barbara has been collecting and writing stories of the paranormal for almost thirty years and is set to retire after the publication of her 37th book. Also on this episode: making dick jokes in front of a famous author, Brennan's parole officer, and the horrifying realization no one will ever again volunteer to be an in-studio...


Episode 43: The Disappearing Man, and Other Things People Wish They Hadn't Seen

On this episode we dig into our massive archive of listener stories and share tales of a haunted hotel in Texas, the high strangeness of Florida, astrally projected revenge, and more! Also on this episode: teachable moments, when everything sounds like a commercial for a 1-900 number, and babies who will snap your neck like Steven Seagal. Intro: "Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)" by Podzontommusic Bumpers: "Thunder" by The Abyss Stories: "The Future Belongs to Them Now" by ...


Episode 42: Return of the Living Shadows

On this episode we again explore the topic of Shadow People, one of the few paranormal creatures that can get under Brennan's skin and discover that sometimes, they're as afraid of us as we are of them. Most of the time they're not though, and that worries us greatly. Also on this episode: Slipknot vs. the Shadow Man, haunted house sitting, and the return of Ghost Force. In our outro we are proud to present "Haze", the debut track from Hexxagram's upcoming full-length LP "Crystal...


Bonus 004: Everybody Do the Skinwalker

For our fourth bonus episode we watched Jeremy Corbell's new documentary "Hunt For the Skinwalker", then discussed our thoughts on the film and the phenomenon which inspired it. It's a bonus episode so prepare for wild theories and a surprisingly long conversation about fast food. Also on this episode: to drive for pie, clothing for the wide gentleman, Ian bathes in gravy, and we join the Ghost Force, but only if there's no running involved. "Hunt For the Skinwalker" is available on ...


Episode 41: Viva (Haunted) Las Vegas!

On this episode Ian is back from Las Vegas and so we decide to take a peek at all that darkness hidden behind the bright lights. It turns out - to no one's surprise - that Sin City is good at keeping secrets, but a few stories have slipped out from behind the veil. From the fire that destroyed the MGM Grand, to voices in Circus, Circus, to a wailing in the desert, you'll never look at Las Vegas the same way again. Or you will, it's hard to gauge this stuff. Also on this episode: bad...


Episode 40: The Ghost in the Machine

On this episode we try to make sense of the bizarre audio phenomenon we captured last week, talk about other times these things have happened to us, and then dive into stories of technology gone amuck. Phantom voices, phone calls from the dead, and a voice that is most certainly NOT grandma - some of this stuff is gonna mess with your sleep. Also on this episode - Ian prepares for vacation by flexing his Scrooge muscles, and Brennan is sometimes bad with human emotions. Music on this...


Bonus 003: Centralia, and the Tyranny of Memory

July's bonus episode was late so you got 2 in August, and this second one is double length! On episode 39 we explored the haunting of Pittsburgh and it led to conversations about Centralia, the little Pennsylvania town underneath which a fire has been burning for over 50 years. Turns out Ian has always wanted to go there, and Brennan has been, so on this episode the guys talk Centralia and the dangers nostalgia can bring. Also on this episode, Brennan finally opens up and tells a...


Episode 39: The Haunting of Pittsburgh - They Come at Night

On this episode, Ian is back from vacation and we explore the paranormal underside of a city that seems to keep calling to Brennan. Amidst the shadows of the Steel City we find night time intruders, lonely little ghosts, and maybe, just maybe, a place briefly unstuck in time. Also on this episode, Brennan admits to watching "Amazing Interiors" on Netflix, a debate about Jack in the Box breaks out, and we remember a man who thought he could eat "infinity bacon". Music on this...


Bonus 002: Mayhem and Fried Chicken

On our second bonus episode the guys eat an unhealthy amount of fried chicken and talk about the Shudder-exclusive horror film "Mayhem", Brennan's Celiac Monster office co-worker, and Ian's enthusiasm for, shall we say, certain films. Also on this episode: the studio is hotter than Hell, we recap our time at the Sidney Night Market, and announce that our Patreon is finally open. You read that right - you can now support us on Patreon! We have tiers at the $1, $5, and $10 levels, with...


Episode 38: The Black Dog Laughs at Midnight

On this episode we take a look at sightings of the legendary Black Shuck, with stories of either being hunted or protected by these beasts. Along the way we explore the idea of generational haunting, the way run-ins with Black Shuck resemble Bigfoot encounters, and Steve the Cheese Demon makes a friend. Also in this episode: the Patreon launch looms ever closer and Ian gets attacked by a dog, while Brennan reminisces about bad dreams and good steak. Links mentioned on this...


Episode 37: The Haunting of Los Angeles, Part 2 - Sympathy for the Drowned

On this episode we take a second look at one of Brennan's favorite cities and dig up stories about the Hilton from Hell, a mysteriously cheap apartment, and sympathy for the drowned, among others. Also on this episode: the guys talk television, Ian tells us about the time he lived through the framing device from "V/H/S 3", and in the outtakes you get to hear snippets from the various tests we did in our new studio. Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith...


Episode 36: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like...

Quick note: we're between studios at the moment so the audio quality on this episode is on the rough side. We hope to be settled in a new home before long. On this episode we dive into stories of haunted hotels; from doppelgangers to spectral kids to an unseen strangler, you'll be glad you don't work the front desk over night. Unless you do, in which case, send us your stories. Also on this episode - Ian narrowly avoids seduction AND murder (not at the same time), Brennan makes bad...


Bonus Episode 001: So You Want to Write a Book, with Tori Elliott of Touchwood Editions

On our very first bonus episode we welcome Tori Elliott, Promotions Coordinator for Touchwood Editions, into the studio to talk publishing and Tori offers some advice to writers thinking about taking their first steps down that road. From editing to pitching to social media, if you've ever wondered about submitting a book for publication, this is the show for you. Also on this episode, Brennan says horrible things, Ian regrets telling people he's a writer, and there's a story about a scary...