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Episode 37: The Haunting of Los Angeles, Part 2 - Sympathy for the Drowned

On this episode we take a second look at one of Brennan's favorite cities and dig up stories about the Hilton from Hell, a mysteriously cheap apartment, and sympathy for the drowned, among others. Also on this episode: the guys talk television, Ian tells us about the time he lived through the framing device from "V/H/S 3", and in the outtakes you get to hear snippets from the various tests we did in our new studio. Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith...


Episode 36: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like...

Quick note: we're between studios at the moment so the audio quality on this episode is on the rough side. We hope to be settled in a new home before long. On this episode we dive into stories of haunted hotels; from doppelgangers to spectral kids to an unseen strangler, you'll be glad you don't work the front desk over night. Unless you do, in which case, send us your stories. Also on this episode - Ian narrowly avoids seduction AND murder (not at the same time), Brennan makes bad...


Bonus Episode 001: So You Want to Write a Book, with Tori Elliott of Touchwood Editions

On our very first bonus episode we welcome Tori Elliott, Promotions Coordinator for Touchwood Editions, into the studio, to talk publishing and Tori offers some advice to writers thinking about taking their first steps down that road. From editing to pitching to social media, if you've ever wondered about submitting a book for publication, this is the show for you. Also on this episode, Brennan says horrible things, Ian regrets telling people he's a writer, and there's a story about a scary...


Episode 35: Invisible Friends, Uninvited Guests, & the Power of Louisiana

On this episode we dive into a whole new batch of listener stories including what may be the most haunted house we've ever heard of, and those spirits are NOT happy. Other stories include a young boy in Texas who makes an invisible friend, a child in mourning who gets one last visit with someone they love, a shadowy figure who watches from the backyard, and many more. Also on this episode: Brennan relates the strange experience he had while visiting Revelstoke this past week and Ian talks...


Episode 34: One Time, At Summer Camp

On this episode we shine a light on the dark corners of that great American rite of passage, summer camp. From past lives, to talking lightning, to an angry lake monster - you'll either never want to camp again or wonder where to sign. Also on this episode: Ian was once a camp counselor, Brennan probably needs counseling, and in the outtakes the guys try to prepare for the show by watching the 1978 movie "Summer Camp" Our special musical guest on this episode is Just Fern...


Episode 33: The Living Shadows of Motor City - The Haunting of Detroit, Part 1

On this episode we explore Detroit, the Motor City, and find that shadows have taken up residence among the remains of America's postwar dream. Disembodied voices, a man who experimented with death, and Shadow People and more are found in a city with enough empty space to cover the island of Manhattan. Also on this episode: Brennan gets the name of the featured song wrong 3 TIMES (it's "Separated Like Stars", dammit), and both guys try to pretend they know a single, solitary thing about...


Episode 32 - Death On the Road

On this episode we celebrate Brennan's new driving job with stories of haunted highways, truck stop spirits, and all the other strange things one finds in the long stretches of blacktop between cities. Also on this episode: donut talk, nuclear ghosts, and yet another time Ian almost died. Our special musical guest on this episode is King Dude ( Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith Grab yourself some Ghost Story Guys merch at...


Episode 31: Let Me Tell You About the Time I Almost Died

On this episode we dive into some listener stories and hear about close encounters, living shadows, and possibly the worst night terrors you can imagine. We also hear about haunted asylums and are reminded, over and over, that you should always trust your gut. Along the way Brennan and Ian talk about their own close brushes with death while hitchhiking, Ian REALLY likes rice, and there's a soundbite you all need to hear. 2 free stickers to the first person who can tell me which horror...


Episode 30: The Thing in the Woods

On this episode we dive into a topic new to both of us - that of strange staircases allegedly found in US national parks. From there we try to ruin your summer camping plans with a raft of paranormal stories from the forests of North America. Also on this episode - Brennan gets to use his Reading Rainbow voice, there's a whole lot of dream talk, and the guys manage to creep themselves out. Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith Grab yourself some Ghost Story Guys merch at...


Episode 29: Of Boats and Bagans

Brennan is back from vacation and he has returned with stories from the Museum of Death in Los Angeles, the Queen Mary cruise liner in Long Beach, and, wait for it, Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas! Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith Grab yourself some Ghost Story Guys merch at Don't forget to let us know you bought something and we'll send you some stickers as a thank you. All music on this episode by Podzontommusic...


Episode 28: That's Not a Ghost, THIS is a Ghost - The Haunting of Australia, Part 1

This episode we hop a fried-out Kombi and head out on the trail of hauntings in Western Australia. We look at phantom screams, ghostly kissing, and the spirit of Pinjarra Bridge, among other things. Come for the ghosts, stay for Brennan's atrocious Australian accent and, in the outtakes, Ian's bizarre war against the Irish. Our special musical guest on this episode is Point Doom ( Research on this episode by Luke Greensmith Further reading on...


Episode 26 - In the Land of the Faerie, the Digression is King

On this episode Brennan and Ian take on the subject of faerie lore and find out they're in way above their heads. Buckle up - this conversation goes all over the map, from Missing 411 to Skinwalkers to Lord of the Rings and, somewhere in there, you might learn a thing or two about faeries. Also, Brennan gets his Scottish "accent" bleeped, Ian solves one of the great mysteries of our time, and there is outsourcing. Our special musical guest on this episode is Darko Richards...


Episode 25: A Very Scary Anniversary

Aaaand we're back! On our one-year anniversary episode, Ian and Brennan dig into a massive stack of listener stories, debate the relative merits of late breakfast, and share the latest paranormal goings-on in their own lives. Also, Ian makes Brennan bleep a perfectly good joke, Brennan gives some life advice, and we're joined by special musical guest Hexxagram ( Grab yourself some Ghost Story Guys merch at Don't forget to let us...


Episode 24: The Old Magic of Christmas

On this episode we're reclaiming Christmas in the name of all that is spooky. From a hot-off-the-presses story about a seemingly impossible occurrence in a hospital to a sharp-toothed Santa, to mysterious chimes and bells signaling from beyond, we have a little something for everyone . We're also high on sugar so there's a lot of bad language, a conversation about the nature of God that goes to a strange place, and possibly the longest outtakes sequence so far. We're taking an episode off...


Episode 23: America's Most Haunted Hotels, with Jamie Davis Whitmer

On this American road trip-themed episode, author Jamie Davis Whitmer takes us from lesser known hauntings in Bisbee, Arizona to her own personal encounter with the spirits of the Stanley Hotel and the Queen Mary. She also lets us in on the dark spiritual encounter that has, at least for now, caused her to step back from writing further books on the paranormal. Elsewhere, Brennan returns from Minnesota with stories of haunting both there and at home, Ian REALLY likes Red Lobster, and...


Episode 22: When the Other Side is On Your Side

On this episode we tackle a very special piece of listener mail that takes us from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado to one of the darkest places a person can go. Parts of the episode are not easy but ultimately this is a story about a family coming together under terrible circumstances. You know how sitcoms in the 80s used to have "very special episodes" where they talked about tough topics? Consider this A Very Special Ghost Story Guys. Also, Brennan complains about parking lots,...


Episode 21: Bright Lights and the Uneasy Dead - The Haunting of Los Angeles, Part 1

On this episode we wade into the deep paranormal waters of Los Angeles and come back with stories of orbs, shadow people, and creatures masquerading as Greys. We also uncover a series of hauntings in sites belonging to the US Job Corps, Brennan gushes about the ArcLight Cinema and refuses to edit it out, and in the outtakes Ian tells Brennan EXACTLY what he thinks of his "twenty dollar words". If you've had a paranormal experience in Los Angeles, New York, or really anywhere, we would love...


Episode 20: The Ultra Mega Halloween Special

We asked for submissions and you all answered, so this episode is 100% listener stories. Ok, 95% listener stories, 4% our stories, and 1% Brennan making an embarrassing Freudian slip. The stories take us all the way from Canada to the USA to England and back again, and Brennan's great shame provides amusement for the journey. Also, we announce the winners of our t-shirt giveaway and decide to give away 3 shirts instead of 2! Music on this episode: Intro/Outro: "Radio" by Podzontommusic...


Episode 19: The Haunting of Vancouver Island, with Shanon Sinn

On this episode we welcome Shanon Sinn, author of the brand new "The Haunting of Vancouver Island" and explore some of western Canada's lesser known hauntings. Also on this episode: shadow people, the Hat Man, throwing shade at small towns, and in the outtakes Ian has a love affair with a strawberry kiwi Slurpee. It. Gets. Weird. Pick up your copy of "The Haunting of Vancouver Island" here:...


Episode 18: The City by the Lake, and Other Places to Die

On this episode Brennan recounts the story of his visit to the abandoned tuberculosis hospital town of Tranquille and we do a dive into other famous haunted sanitariums. This episode is dropping two days late so it's almost double the usual duration as our way of thanking everyone for their patience. Also, we had a lot to say. Also in this episode, Ian makes a bizarre and uncomfortable confession, Brennan forgets to finish a story (he will finish it on the next episode, promise), we have a...