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True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email

True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email


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True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email






Haunted Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part II

Previously, in Episode 30, we began an investigation of a historic theater located in beautiful downtown Lockhart, Texas. We interviewed several people with first-hand accounts of experiences they’d had at the Gaslight Baker Theater. Through their testimony, we learned that they believed the theatre to be inhabited by several otherworldly inhabitants, including the original owner Colonel Baker, a woman or women who’s laughter is often heard coming from the lobby referred to as the laughing...


Announcement: A Night Owl Pause

Hi listeners, You may have noticed my absence over these last few weeks as I’ve been taking a break for my physical and mental well-being. It is with a heavy heart that I announce this break will continue for longer than originally planned. For reasons that won’t be discussed, the show will be taking a six month hiatus. My team will continue to upload new content to our Patreon page during this break that include: Q&A sessions with Sara and Alexis, as well as previously unreleased audio from...


Night Owl Update and Announcement - Dec 2020

Dear Night Owls, I know we don’t have an episode for you quite yet, but we wanted to take time to wish you all a happy holiday season and let our local Austinites know about our upcoming Holiday Spirits event on December 19th. Due to the challenging new times, ticket sales have been unexpectedly low, so we need to sell 40 more tickets to this event before this Sunday, December 6th to make the event possible. Being candid here, I’m struggling to keep the show going during this pandemic. I’ve...


Haunted Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I

Lockhart is a picturesque small Texas town, infamously dubbed the BBQ capital of Texas because of it’s long-standing establishments serving some of the best in the state. But Lockhart’s more than just a popular day-trip destination for many Texans looking for some good brisket. The history of the town dates back to the 1840’s and includes early Comanche raids, brave Texian settlers, and rowdy cowboys driving longhorns up the Chisholm trail. If the walls of the many still-standing buildings...


A Haunting Abroad (Campfire)

Around 2003, Caroline was studying theatre abroad in France. While there, she lived on a boathouse on the Seine River in northern Paris and spent a stint of time at a cute farmhouse in southern France. Most everyone would have considered this a dream experience of studying abroad. But for Caroline, who has harbored a gift of seeing spirits since age 8, the experience was more like a nightmare. Mostly because, at both places during her stay, she encountered two women - both angry, both...


Eerie Helltown, Ohio (Campfire)

Many of us are drawn to mystery. Whether that be an unsolved murder, a mysterious disappearance, or for the paranormal enthusiasts, haunted places and legends. Tonight’s campfire iIs a combination of all the above. It’s a story of an abandoned ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A mystery surrounding the town’s population's sudden disappearance. Evidence of satanic rituals and sacrifices being held in the town’s abandoned buildings. And a group of eager teenagers who venture there, hoping...


Haunted Heartland (Campfire)

We’ve seen it in movies. We’ve read it in books. It’s the typical modern ghost story. You and your unassuming family move into a new home. A new chapter begins with a mix of uncertainty and excitement. But then the strangeness creeps in, subtly. At first it’s just a few odd noises in the night. Possible voices in the hallway. But it soon progresses. Over time the sounds begin to move. Make their way into your bedroom. Other members of your family report hearing or seeing things as well....


Spirits of Mattie's Restaurant - Part II

After receiving a random message on Facebook stating that a place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures had four resident ghosts, Stephen’s interest was piqued to look into this claim as a new potential case. Come to find out, Mattie’s is a recently renovated restaurant, bar and wedding venue, but more interestingly it was housed in a historic mansion with an enduring colorful history. Now deemed an Austin Historic Landmark, the home in which Matties resides dates back to 1895 was witness to...


Spirits of Mattie's Restaurant - Part I

The Night Owl team has investigated a lot of unique Austin establishments on this show. Restaurants and bars that are housed in buildings that are historic landmarks or perhaps built over historic land. In this episode, Stephen is contacted by a restaurant and wedding venue that he’s never heard of before. A place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures. And although the place has recently gone through some renovations, this location’s history is one of the most interesting he’s come across. Even...


Haunted Nightclub: Elysium - Part II

After hearing an impressive number of first-hand paranormal experiences from Austin night club Elysium, the Night Owl team will return with clairvoyant Sara to see what validations she might make or what new discoveries rise to the surface. However, with this particular case, Stephen finds himself facing a lot of new challenges. Never before has the team entered a case with an owner who possesses the same gift as their clairvoyant friend. Going deeper into this investigation, Stephen is...


Haunted Nightclub: Elysium - Part I

The Night Owl team has been called to investigate Elysium, a night club that has been a home for the alternative and goth communities in Austin, Texas for the past 19 years. Serving up a diverse lineup of events ranging from 80’s dance nights to witchy galas, Elysium has been doing its part to not only Keep Austin Weird, but also provide a safe haven for those who sometimes feel like outsiders or misfits. Aside from being one of the longest standing entertainment venues in the city, Elysium...


Haunted Origins - Part II

When host Stephen Belyeu was around the age of 11, he had an experience in his childhood bedroom that would haunt him for the rest of his life - a disturbing encounter with the spirit of a little girl who he discovered watching him in his sleep. Stephen had felt her presence before and continued to feel her in his room throughout his childhood. But as most tend to do with traumatizing experiences, Stephen pushed the memory of this girl away. As he grew up and moved out of the house, the...


Cautionary Tales (Campfire)

Haunted objects, a spirit of a serial killer, and a hotel so haunted it's guest book has been deemed "The Book of the Dead" - these are the tales of tonight's campfire. Warning: Tonight’s Campfire episode is a cautionary tale. Stories from people who continually search for answers that might shed light on the eternal question - are ghosts real? Come join the Night Owl by the fire and let’s get transported to three haunted sites, each with its own haunted history. One such place is Zach...


Haunted Origins - Part I

Host Stephen and fellow paranormal investigator Alexis met while attending A&M University in Corpus Christi. They were both studying film and quickly realized they had similar tastes in cinema - horror. They soon became friends and began watching scary movies and discussing cinema together. But it didn’t take long for them to discover they had another common interest - ghosts. Their nights of watching horror movies shifted to nightly road trips to desolate south Texas towns with haunted...


Murder House - Part III

In this final installment of the Murder House series, Stephen and the Night Owl team continue their journey trying to help Martin and his family make sense of the unsettling phenomena they are experiencing in their home - which was the site of a recent, unsolved double homicide prior to their arrival. After a strange turn of events, uncovering that the activity Martin has been experiencing may have nothing to do with the murders, but instead an older male presence tied to the property, the...


Murder House - Part II

In this episode, the Night Owl team pack their bags once more, this time with clairvoyant friend Sara in tow, as they travel back to the Murder House, the home from their previous episode that was the recent site of an unsolved double homicide. The victims: a male and female discovered murdered in cold blood in the male victims home. Now, a few years following the tragedy, the current tenants, Martin, his girlfriend Veronica, and their children, believe that one or more spirits may be...


Murder House - Part I

Are you ready for a slightly darker journey into the paranormal than usual? In this episode, the Night Owl team is packing their bags, hitting the road, and traveling to a home that was recently the site of an unsolved double homicide. Martin and his girlfriend Veronica recently have decided to rent this home, fully aware of the tragedy that occurred within its walls, but with the intention of putting it out of their minds and enjoying the lovely new space for themselves and their family....


School Spirit: Haunted Metz Elementary (Campfire)

Metz Elementary is one of Austin ISD’s oldest schools, established in 1916 on Willow Street in East Austin. At that time, this area was considered to be on the outskirts of East Austin. The School Board that year decided that Spanish-speaking students in that area should attend a separate school where their needs could be better met. In an unprecedented move, many of the Mexican-American parents protested this decision and appealed to the school board to change their decision. The other...


Ghosts of Pioneer Farms - Part III

In this episode, the Night Owl team will conclude their investigation of Pioneer Farms, the living history museum nestled on a historic site on the banks of Walnut Creek in Austin, Texas. Being the largest site they've ever tackled, the team will have to revisit the farm several additional days with Sara and allow her time to focus on spirits she’s drawn to and further investigate strange phenomena she’s witnessed on the property. Stephen also begins an extensive search through history...


Night of the Ghouls (Campfire)

THE GOLDEN GHOULSI know you all hunger horrifying stories, thirst for true tales of terror, so in tonight's campfire, we're not only sharing more ghost stories with you, these stories will be told by a delightful trio of like minded ladies who are just as fascinated with the paranormal we are. Alyssa, Emily and Kyley are the hosts of The Golden Ghouls Podcast, a paranormal podcast covering all things unexplained. The ghouls inject a healthy dose of comedy into every episode, and it’s quite...