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Paranormal for believers, doubters and everyone in-between. Support the show here








Alien Bacteria and Encoded Messages

Is it time to look at our own bodies to find evidence of alien life? What secrets are contained in our atmosphere? Peter and Ben take a journey into inner-space to learn the real reason why life over the universe may have a common origin. Like, subscribe and tell a friend if you like what you hear!


Politics and the Paranormal

Does a belief in the paranormal help or hurt politicians chances of getting elected? Are conservatives or liberals more likely to believe in Bigfoot and UFOs? What was going on in China when two talking toads starting making supernatural predictions? Just a few of the questions we try and answer in this episode. Cast your vote for The Quantum Mechanics!


The Jinn Genie and The Satisfaction of Three

We explore the origins of the three wishes, what a genie might actually be, and real life encounters with Jinn. Sausages also play a big part - as does a woodcutter's nose. Make our wishes come true by liking, subscribing and reviewing. See, we've done the three thing.


Science and the Supernatural

We discuss the tension between the scientific community and paranormal beliefs. We feature some stories that have left the scientific and medical profession scratching their heads, and one where the professional conclusion was likely a paranormal one.


I Put A Spell On You - The Power of Words in Death and Life

What is the power of words when delivered as a spell? What even is a spell? We examine the compelling evidence for the power of suggestion, placebo effect and the odd case of a man who was officially scared to death. Plus, Ben conducts an experiment on Peter with the help of a white witch.


Time: How Soon Is Now?

Ben and Peter, like two drunken men in the pub, try to make sense of time. We delve into Carlo Rovelli's book 'The Order of Time'. What is the past and future? Does the present exist? How did we end up being governed by something we barely understand? How does it all relate to the paranormal? Listen now (if now exists).


They Might Not Be Giants - Not So Tall Tales of Massive Humanoids

Did giants exist? How big were they? We delve into the one of the greatest giant hoaxes, consider a credible report and look at the earthworks around Stonehenge.


Supernatural Smells

Our sense of smell could be the most powerful and accurate sense we have, yet we tend to overlook it when it comes to paranormal encounters. Could the stench of the supernatural give us a sniff at what connects UFO, spirit and Big Foot encounters.


Mysteries of the Dogon, Other Cultures and Western Interpretation

The mystery of the advanced astronomical knowledge of the ancient Dogon people was bought to public awareness in 1977 with the Publication of The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple. However, the knowledge of other societies is often overlooked in favour of a Western interpretation of the alien phenomenon, which leads to an interesting discussion about how anthropologists may have not fully accepted the other-worldly truths these beliefs might reveal.


The Interruption - One Man’s Goal to Solve an Alien Puzzle - Host Interview

Did aliens take over a Southern TV transmission in the UK in the 70's? Only one man knows for sure, and we have him on the show; host of The Interruption podcast, we talk UFO religions, Uri Gellar, alien channeling and pirate radio.


Unreal Cartography and Untruths (plus Mythical Monsters)

Are the maps we reply on completely factual, or do they contain some lies? From the London A-Z to exotic lands, we look into fascinating cases and prove - once again - that we can't always believe what we are told. Bradley Walsh is also involved (but doesn't appear).


New Year Hangover Special

We explore some of the weird traditions associated with the New Year, as well as tell some spooky tales from New Years Eve. Including a mischievous ghosts that gatecrashed a New Years Eve party. Happy New Year all.


Santa Origins, Real Ghost Stories and a Weird Theory

For boxing day, we indulge in Christmas legends, some true ghost stories, and ponder on whether Santa is a product of a Sami drug dealer. Join us for a short escape from the holiday madness - and if you know somebody who got a new device for Christmas, please show them how to download our makes all the difference! See you in the new year Peter and Ben xx


A Snowy Mystery from 1855, the Devil, UFOs and Bipedal Donkeys

When residents of Devon woke up to a heavy snowfall in February 1855 they had a shock - 100 miles of cloven prints formed by a clearly bipedal creature. What caused this is still a mystery, but UFO activity in the area could provide a clue. But this is not the only case of strange prints in the snow as we shall find out!


Micro Aliens

If aliens have visited Earth how comes we haven't seen them? Could it be because we can't see them?


Pied Piper, Paranormal Abductions and Satanic Panic

Was the Pied Piper real? Was Peter Pan related to a zombie faerie? What is disappearing children in US national parks? Which book began the Satanic Panic of the 80's and 90's? As we enter the season for children's stories we tackle all of the above - but please shield from young ears!


More Mass Hysteria

We can often rationalise the bizarre behaviour or paranormal encounter of an individual, but what is going when when large groups of people are possessed by mass hysteria. What happens when it takes hold at an army barracks, or onboard a commercial flight. We also delve deeper into a couple of previously covered stories, including the strange case of the meowing nuns. Original Mass Hysteria Episode


The Science of Dreams, Ghosts and Premonition (with stories!)

We begin with a book from 1897 that suggests that there is a relationship between ghosts, dreams and seeing the future; we move on to look at the reality of this and find some surprising scientific papers. Also contains a story about a pig.


Spring-heeled Jack

Before Jack the Ripper, another Jack caused terror on the streets of London, Spring-heeled Jack. This seemingly shape shifting entity would attack at will, then leap over huge walls to make his escape. Was Spring-heeled Jack a man playing sick pranks, a cryptid, an imp or devil, or even an alien stranded in the early 1800s. We investigated.


Nuclear Cryptids

Could nuclear mutation be responsible for creating some of the strange cryptids people have encountered. We explore stories of giant headless bats, human size talking rabbits, and singing mice. Oh and we also have a beaver who became a bishop!