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For believers, doubters and everyone in-between. Become a Patreon and support the show here








Instant Karma!

John Lennon sang "Instant Karma's gonna get you". We try and answer the question of, whether the karma we put out (either bad or good) can have a real effect on us in this life? We have some amazing stories that suggest it can, and some scientific research that may just prove Karma does really exist. If you want to give out some good karma to us, considering supporting us at



Are you able to extinguish street lights as you pass them? Do you affect electrical equipment? These are the key traits of a SLIder - a Street Light Interferer. Join us to hear some stories from those with the 'ability', and to find out about some experiments attempting to understand the phenomenon. Go to and become a member to help us grow the show, and make it better for you.


Life After Death?

One of life's biggest mysteries is what happens when we die. We delve into what religion, superstition, and science has to say. We have some amazing stories of near death experiences, and some mind blowing scientific research. If you like what we do please consider supporting us at We can't promise you eternal life, but there are other benefits. Thanks Ben and Peter


The Spiders From Mars Mass Sighting (David Bowie makes an appearance)

So many UFO sightings witnessed by crowds are dismissed as mass hysteria - which can't always be the explanation. We discuss some of these cases, and then focus on a specific event from 1954 which changed the lives of 10,000 people - and (arguably) the world's greatest pop star. For exclusive content and to fund our work visit


Abduction Screen Memories or Nightmares?

Sharon Delarose kept a journal of her dreams from childhood into adulthood. Some dreams were more terrifying than others, felt more real. She began to believe they might be screen memories of real alien encounters and abductions. We explore her story, and her quest to pieces together the puzzle and find the truth. If you like what we do and want to help us continue our research, please consider becoming a Patreon.


The Missing Star Mystery

Imagine looking up at the night sky, taking in the wonder of all the stars you can see - they were there yesterday, and they will all be there tomorrow...right? What if one of them suddenly vanished - is that a sign of another civilisation, or a scientist with a cold? Both are possible as we discover in this episode. Join our community today at and help build our show.


Paranormal Scammers

In this true story, what starts as a request to a shaman to cure a knee ailment, sees one man lured in with promises of health, wealth, contact with the dead, and even a bizarre phone call with God. He ends up losing thousand of dollars, and unwittingly recruiting other victims for this scam shaman. If you like what we do, please considerer becoming a patreon at We can't promise health and wealth, but you do get early access to our episodes, and other exclusive content.


Monsters Ink

Walter J. Kilner used a chemical dye called Dicyanin to inform a study into what he believed was the human aura - some would say that this allowed him to see further into a hidden dimension and resulted in the banning of the substance. We discuss reasons that this can be disproved, but discover that there is significant evidence that experiments with night vision goggles during the Vietnam war - perhaps using the same substance - enabled encounters with monstrous entities. Does this material allow humans a way to see the paranormal, or is it all in our minds? If you like what we do please support us at



Can you create a sentient being from your own mind? We have been trying to do just that with Sherlock Holmes. To improve our chances, we've delved into the history of Tulpamancy, from it's Buddhist roots to more modern online reboots. We also investigate a manual on how to manifest your own Tulpa. If you like what we do please support us at


Christmas Devils & Tricksters

It's Christmas! As such, we've taken some time to look at some of the entities you might meet who aren't good ol' Santa. This episode is something to listen to whilst you open your presents and cook, but do equip yourself with a shoe, some porridge and some old'll find out why in the show. If you like what we do please consider supporting us at (also makes a great late Christmas present for the paranormal fan in your life)


The Siena Witch Trials

Almost 400 years after they happened, the Vatican released detailed documents relating to witch trials of the Inquisition of Siena. The documents are the most detailed record of witch trials from this period, including the testimonies of witnesses and the accused. We focus on one incredible trial of a women called Caterina, who was accused of witchcraft, her trial lasted for over nine years. If you like what we do please consider supporting us at


Alien Defence System Hidden In Death Valley

In 1908 a 12 megaton explosion over Russia could have caused much more damage, had some kind of ancient missile defence system on Earth not been activated - this is the claim of an academic, and he can substantiate it. We then go on a strange journey into mysterious hidden cauldrons and curious places that make people ill. If you want to support us and get our episodes early and ad free, check us out at


Antartica Alien Conspiracy

It has reptilian aliens, Nazi secret bases, UFOs, the threat of World War III, and ends with a massive nuclear explosion. Sounds like the plot for a movie right? Well no, it is one of the biggest conspiracy theories associated with Antartica. We dig deep into the ice in search of the cold facts. If you want to support us and get our episodes early and ad free, check us out at


The Madman and the Time Machine

Mike Marcum, dubbed 'Madman' by Art Bell, inadvertently built a time machine whilst experimenting with electricity. Whilst testing it upon himself, he vanished - never to be seen again...or did he? There are comparisons to the enigmatic John Titor story, with frustratingly ambiguous conclusions to both tales. Join us, but be sure to bring a tin hat and a DeLorean. Consider supporting the show at and get early ad-free eps and more.


Very British UFO Encounters

American UFO incidents like Roswell and Fire in the Sky have that Hollywood feel, British UFO encounters seem far more, well, British. We look at an alien abduction from Oxfordshire in the 1970s, a Scottish man who was attacked by a Steampunk style UFO in a wood, and delve into the British equivalent of the CIA archives. Get yourself a cup of tea and a crumpet and join us. If you like what we do please consider supporting us by becoming a trainee mechanic at


Death Dreams

Is it possible to be scared to death in your sleep? Did a group of Hmong refugees in America die from a night-time medical event, or was it something stranger? We investigate the incidents which really did inspire Freddy Krueger. Please consider supporting the show at - it really does help. If you are concerned about PTSD or want to find out more information follow the link


Astronaut Alien Encounters

We boldly explore stories of astronauts who may have had alien encounters in space. NASA astronauts who saw space snakes, or became leading lights in UFOlogy on their return to Earth. Stories of Russian cosmonauts who saw and filmed UFOs, and the CIA's reaction to the footage. Once you have listened, you will never be the same. If you like what we do support us at


Halloween Special 2023 - Night At The Swan

We spent the night at one of most haunted and weirdest location in the country, The Swan in Tetsworth. We were joined by some friends of the show, including James from The Loremen. We told ghost stories, and Trudi, Tim and Nicola went in search of ghosts. There was plenty of weirdness on the night, and some even stranger discoveries when we went through what we record. You can check out the video version at Many thanks to The Swan for letting spend the night in your wonderful building.


Halloween Special 2023 - Teaser Trailer

Ahead of the full episode next week, here is a little sneak peak into our Halloween Special, including a weird EVP we picked up on the night.


The Goat Sucker

The Chupacabra is a mysterious cryptid, with both credible witnesses and qualified deniers. We look at evidence from both sides of the argument, and notice it's relationship with vampire lore and cattle mutilations. Please consider supporting the show at - help us grow and do more!