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Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Don’t trust the government? Are aliens real? Is time travel possible? Will artificial intelligence actually take over the Earth? Do ghosts actually exist? Is Bigfoot real or just media hype? Are all UFO reports falsified? If this type of stuff ever crosses your mind, you're in the right place.

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Don’t trust the government? Are aliens real? Is time travel possible? Will artificial intelligence actually take over the Earth? Do ghosts actually exist? Is Bigfoot real or just media hype? Are all UFO reports falsified? If this type of stuff ever crosses your mind, you're in the right place.


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Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Don’t trust the government? Are aliens real? Is time travel possible? Will artificial intelligence actually take over the Earth? Do ghosts actually exist? Is Bigfoot real or just media hype? Are all UFO reports falsified? If this type of stuff ever crosses your mind, you're in the right place.






Disclosure 2021 - CIA 'Releases' UFO Files But What Does It All Mean?

The mainstream media recently reported on CIA documents that have been uploaded to 'the Black Vault' -- and these docs are all about UFOs! Some of these files describe aliens being here on Earth already! Why is this happening now? Is this new information? Are the aliens really here? There are a ton of questions to ask, so let's get busy...


UFO Experiencer Comes Forward! MUFON, UFOs, Consciousness and More!

Millions of people have seen UFOs over the course of human history, but the phenomena remain elusive and mysterious. Eddie from Las Vegas is one of the many UFO witnesses and has volunteered to share his sighting with the world and how the phenomenon has changed his life!


Project Pegasus: CIA Time Travel Experiment?

According to the official website,, Project Pegasus is a quest begun in 1968 by Andrew D. Basiago when he was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus. Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government -- the real Philadelphia Experiment....


Alien Abductions Are A Hybridization Infiltration Program?

Alien abductions have been reported for decades, however, the details of an 'alien agenda' regarding the phenomena are hazy at best. Enter Dr. David Jacobs, who believes that there is a sinister alien hybridization program aimed at full integration with humanity. Not only that, but he bases his theories on hundreds of real abduction cases and made the connections using real data...


What Does UFO Propaganda Look Like?

The New York Times has stepped up and written an article about UFO crash retrievals and Government knowledge of such incidents. It seems amazing, all our X-files dreams have come true! Government coverups of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But, is everything as it seems? What isn't the UFO community reporting? Let's have a look and see...


More Disclosure Narratives -- Can All Of This Be CIA Garbage?

The History Channel has given airtime to a new disclosure narrative backed by Tom DeLonge's 'To The Stars Academy' in the name of a show called 'Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation'. Since this has hit the mainstream media, it seems like the 'new' information has turned into a bunch of rehashed UFO tropes from years past. Is it possible all of this is a disinformation byproduct of the United States Government? It seems like the US might have a reason to fib. Let us have a look...


The UFO Leak Of The Century! Is The Wilson Memo Legit Or More Disinfo?

In the semi-recent past, a story emerged about a retired Admiral approaching a well known 'UFO' scientist in a secret meeting -- and the details could change everything we think we know about UFOs and Alien life. The information in this document reveals the supposed truth about Roswell and more, including reverse-engineering alien technology! This is straight-up X-Files type stuff, where the information in the memo, written by the UFO scientist(Dr. Eric Davis), lays out the fabled Government...


Brazil Had A Recent UFO Crash And Some Shocking Claims -- But Has This Happened Before?

Social media recently caught fire with news of an actual UFO crash in Brazil near a prominent military base. Accounts and footage range the gamut, including rumors of actual Aliens being shot by the Brazilian military. All that heavy news, rumor and confusion combine for quite a wild tale. So what really happened? Let us have a look...


Special Guest - 'UFO Joe' Murgia! UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch, TTSA, Remote Viewing AND MORE!

Join us for a special conversation with 'UFO Joe' Murgia! Bigfoot, Jane Goodall, precognitive dreams, UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch, Lue Elizondo, Brandon Fugal, Chris Marx, Erica Lukes, TTSA, Tom DeLonge, Mick West, Remote Viewing, Stargate Project AND MORE!


The Pentagon Has Officially Acknowledged UFOS! AGAIN!? WTF?

Sometimes things need to happen multiple times to gain traction. In the case of UFOs, Governments of the world have played coy, issuing contradictory statements and seemingly blatant coverups. Does THIS TIME signify 'disclosure' - or will we beat the same three videos into the ground to convince the masses of a threat? It's fascinating to consider the myriad possibilities, however, all of this certainly seems suspicious once the details are parsed and the players revealed... The most...


Orwellian Dystopia -- Are We On The Precipice Of A Final Technocratic Takeover?

Many are afraid of COVID19 -- but the smart money is on Governments overreaching and never giving back the freedoms they commandeer in the name of public health... Welcome to the 'new normal' - the Medical Industrial Complex...and George Orwell would be mortified.


Skinwalker Ranch Is THE Premiere Paranormal Hotspot, Or Is It?

Skinwalker Ranch has quickly become the premiere paranormal hotspot in all the land, with bizarre phenomena all over the map, including - UFOs, poltergeist activity, ghost wolves, cattle mutilations, unexplained voices, lights in the sky and of course, the legendary Skinwalker... The question here is, do we believe the stories and the legends or is this some sort of marketing-driven psyop that has a more sinister underbelly? Whistleblowers claim all of this could be a cover for a secret...


Something Is Going On Behind The Scenes, But What? Why Does The Media Ignore It?

The invisible tragedy of the Covid19 pandemic will be measured in Government overreach that Congress will refuse to give back to the people. Just at a glance, you'll notice that the media has completely stopped covering Congress at all recently, and of course -- that makes me suspicious. It should make us all suspicious. So here are a number of things that have been happening in the background with the smokescreen misdirection cover of the media... You might be surprised what they're up to.


Did 'Clade X' Predict Covid19? Can We Close Pandora's Box?

Not too long ago, a group of 'officials' came together to discuss what a highly contagious respiratory disease outbreak would look like for the world and how we would theoretically battle this emerging pandemic. The result of this 'table-top exercise' was shocking and enlightening -- but now we have a real pandemic at hand. So the question is, how accurate was the 'Clade X' gathering and did it predict a grotesque future?


Virginia Gun Mob -- Alien Invasion? -- Skinwalker Ranch Update

Much ado has been made in the media regarding the State of Virginia and their gun rights rally. How honest is this depiction and should we care? The conversation moves on to some 'alien invasion' speculation and why they might be interested in Earth. If you like hot takes then you're in the right place! To top it all off there is a bizarre update to the skinwalker ranch saga that you might find perplexing...


Coronavirus - The End Of Things Or Just Propaganda Hogwash?

A coronavirus isn't new to humanity, as it has been known mostly as the common cold...until recently. Some sort of mutation has occurred or a new strain has been created somehow and the virility of this dire contagion seems to be off the charts. What is legit, what is the propaganda, and should we be worried? Hopefully, this new novel coronavirus doesn't reach pandemic levels...but how can we tell by listening to a dishonest media?


Space Force Is Official - What Does This Mean and What Now?

With the end of 2019, a new funding cycle commenced and the United States entered a new era as they added the sixth branch of their military -- The Space Force. Some claim this is the next step of 'military might' and others claim this is just another excuse to spend more tax dollars on boondoggle projects. What is the truth? Buck Rogers or Pentagon missing trillions? Let's have a look and see. The array of opinion is wide and the only thing that matters is what you think.


They're Already Here? Secret KGB Book Of Aliens, David Huggins Alien Sex

There are some sources that profess the idea of aliens already sharing the planet Earth with humans. A 'secret book of Aliens' was supposedly leaked from the KGB that includes dozens of alien races, factions and more. This source details where these particular races came from and partial exo-political implications of Earth governments and ETI relationships. Additionally, a gentleman by the name of David Huggins claims to have been in contact with Extraterrestrials for most of his life and...


Is Numerology A Random Pattern Recognized By People -- Or Guidance From The Divine?

The famous and brilliant Galileo stated - “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe” Additionally, the unassailable Pythagoras concurred by stating -- "Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons." Is this a possibility or are numerology, sacred geometry, and other new age thought just a bizarre coincidence of random patterns? Join us as we talk 12/12 and what it might portend if anything at all. Can there be mystical power and prophecy in...


Forbidden Archaeology And Odd Skeletons - Purposely Left Out Of The Academic Record?

The ages pass. Things live and things die. What's left is decay, buried in the soil for millennia, and modern archaeologists parse said data and write history. However, given a single comfortable narrative, is it possible that uncomfortable data is suppressed? Why are so many unknown finds labeled as rare deformities or ritual artifacts when we know so little about either... featuring Kelly Valdez