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Just two small town girls living in a spooky world we took a midnight train to all things spooky and true crime.

Just two small town girls living in a spooky world we took a midnight train to all things spooky and true crime.
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Just two small town girls living in a spooky world we took a midnight train to all things spooky and true crime.




Episode 9: Aliens and Avocados

Thank you for listening to We Love Dead Things! In this episode we discuss two different Alien encounters! After discussing the perfect Avocado of course. (Kandy wore Alien and Avocado socks for the episode. Laura wore UFO socks). Kandy starts off this episode by talking about Travis Walton. A forest worker who was working around Snowflake Arizona in 1975. One evening when he and his coworkers were heading back home, they saw a light in a sky. Driving towards it they saw a UFO in the...


Episode 5: Bad Santa (Yuletide Terror pt 2)

Thank you guys for listening! Here is our *3rd time is the charm* redownload of yuletide terror pt 2! This episode Kandy and Laura rant about their terrible computers. Then we go right into talking about how Jolly ol' Saint Nick is a criminal! After that, imposter Santa crimes! So listen in. And Merry Christmas! Even if its a month after christmas by now. ;)


Episode 5: Yuletide Terror Pt. 2

Thank you for listening! In this episode we talk about Naughty Santa! Have you wondered how Santa gets his gifts? What Crimes he commits to travel the world? Well, let Kandy and Laura tell you! *Note, yes it is after Christmas. Kandy was supposed to edit this episode annnnnd.... well, it got lost until we got a reminder of "Hey, where is episode 5?" Well, here it is!


Episode 8: Parental Nightmares

Thank you for listening! Are you a parent wanting some nightmares? Well listen in! This week Kandy and Laura are discussing Children who kill their parents. Well. Adults who kill their parents! So, if you don't have kids yet, just know what you are getting into. If you do have kids, well! I'm sure you will be fine! Please, Subscribe, Review on itunes, Follow and Share us! We are on instagram mostly but we do have facebook and twitter accounts!


Episode 7: Surprise Bathroom Visits

Thank you for listening! This week we talk about haunted bathrooms. Kandy curses a lot, Laura tells some funny stories, and we figure out a word that Kandy has no idea what it is! Please, Review on itunes, like, share, subscribe and comment. You can find us on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Mostly instagram.


Episode 6: Yuletide Terror Pt. 3

Listen in as Kandy and Laura discuss funny news articles, folklore from eastern europe, and a really terrible movie they once watched. Thank you for listening! Please Like, Share, Review! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


Episode 4: Yuletide Terror Pt. 1

Thank you for listening! This week Kandy and Laura talk about Christmas! Specifically Iceland Folklore, Yulelads, Giants and Giant Cats (Kandy's new obsession!) Join us for laughs, Dora the Explorer Jokes and a heartfelt message from Auntie Laura. Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment! Leave Reviews! We want to hear from you!


Episode 3: Homeland Aliens

Happy Freaky Friday! Listen in as Kandy and Laura talk about their homeland aliens. Did you know Oregon has the second biggest UFO convention in the USA? Well listen in to find out more. Did you know Arizona hosts an UFO convention as well for the Phoenix lights? We might not have been born in these states, but we were raised in them! So listen in to find out more! Also listen to Kandy and Laura talk shit about a really bad UFO movie!


Episode 2: Beware of Grandma

This episode is a true crime episode! We are discussing our favorite true crime topic, old ladies killing people. Kandy starts us off talking about Leonarda Cianciulli. A mother just doing whatever she can the make sure her son lives through a war. Laura brings us Dorothea Puente. An elderly woman just trying to make money to survive. Then we go into a long rant about ghost adventures. Which, honestly, who doesn't think Zac is hot?


Episode 1: Us

Hello and welcome to We Love Dead Things. This episode will be introductions, long rants about family, and our personal ghost stories. We will also be talking about what got us into true crime and aliens as well. Thank you for listening! Enjoy!