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The What Cast #257 - Chestnut Ridge

Have you ever heard of a little place in Pennsylvania called Chestnut Ridge? It's an area along the Western ridge of the Allegheny mountains. "What's so interesting about that?" you ask. Well shaddup and I'll tell ya! Geez! You people are impatient. Where was I? Oh yes... *ahem* Chestnut Ridge seems to be one of those areas that is a hot spot for all manner of paranormal and cryptoriffic happenings. Everything from UFOs to Bigfoot and even the freakin' Thunderbird have stopped...


The What Cast #256 - Cryptid Battles

Ever wonder who would win if Nessie challenged Bigfoot to an arm wrestling contest or whether or not the Dover demon can bench press more than the Hopkinsville Goblins? If you or someone you love have ever pondered these all important scenarios, this episode is for you. We took some of our favorite cryptids, monsters and demons and put them in a gladiatorial pit to fight for out amusement. We give a brief rundown of their stories, outline potential strengths and weaknesses then let the...


The What Cast #255 - The San Pedro Haunting

Ghost heads, bangings and hangings. OH MY! We've covered our fair share of hauntings on this show, but it's not every day that we cover a haunting that follows the victim like a damn stalker. This week, we cover the curious case of the San Pedro Haunting.


The What Cast #254 - Celle Neues Rathaus

Do you like zombies? Do you like stories of demonic possession? How's about Nazi conspiracy theories? If you answered in the affirmative of one or all of those questions, boy, do we have a show for you! This week we decided to touch on the creepy stories surround the Celle Neues Rathaus in Celle, Germany. As we've all heard, the Nazis were responsible for some horrific experiments done in the name of furthering medical knowledge at the time. What if some of these experiments were...


The What Cast #253 - The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb

We've all heard some mention of a Mummy's curse over the years. For many, this is just one of those vague myths that they've heard about somewhere in passing. What many don't realize is that the most famous curse associate with a mummy is that of the most well known pharaoh from ancient Egypt, King Tut! So, was this curse a real thing, or was it all a matter of coincidence? This week we take a long hard look at this alleged curse and find out once an for all whether or not the curse is...


The What Cast #252 - Creepy London

When most people think of weird and creepy things in London, Jack the Ripper and hauntings seem to appear at the top of the list. This week we delve into the lesser known weirdness in London. Apparently London is a hot bed of dimensional rifts and time anomalies. Whodathunkit?!


The What Cast #251 - Spontaneous Human Combustion

Imagine this: After a hard days work, you come home, put on your most comfy bathrobe, pack a pipe and take a load off in your favorite chair. Sounds nice and relaxing doesn't it? Now imagine that while you are sitting in your comfortably chair, enjoying the aforementioned pipe, you suddenly, perhaps spontaneously, erupt into flames and burn to death. Pretty jarring change of events, wouldn't you say? This week we look into cases of spontaneous human combustion and give our takes on...


The What Cast #250 - Wizard Wars

BANG! POW! ZOOM! KA-POWIE! No, this is not an episode of the 1960's Batman TV show. This is The What Cast and this week, we are going to discuss what happens when wizards go to war! Now, we aren't talking Gandalf and Merlin here. We are talking REAL mages, right outta history. In this episode, you will hear of battles that took place between practitioners of the Black Arts and just how feuds and disputes are settled between masters of the mystical arts! By the Hoary Hosts of...


The What Cast #249 - St. Germaine The Deathless

You know that one great uncle from your dad's side that is like 300-something year's old? What if there is more to his longevity than just being fueled by grumpiness and confusion? This week we take a look at some people that had exceptionally long lives. In fact, in some cases you might say they are immortal. Before you start thinking how cool it would be to be an immortal on this Earth, remember: In the end, there can only be one! Thanks for...


The What Cast #248 - The Boogie Man and Bad Dreams

You are all familiar with the Boogeyman. Whether it be from a shitty horror movie, an episode of The Real Ghostbusters, or childhood tales spread amongst your classmates when you were younger, you all know about the boogeyman. This week we delve into the myths behind this nightmare and discuss similar beings in different cultures. Boogidy boogidy BOO! 1-800-876-5353


The What Cast #247 - The History Of The Necronomicon

KLAATU VARADA NIKTO!!! I hope I pronounced that correctly. If an army of Deadites storms through your door and slaughters your loved ones, please accept my apologies. So this week, the dreaded Necronomicon is the subject of our attention. Through the mists of time, the truth shrouded in mythology and disguised as fiction, the infamous Al-Azif has remained part of pop-culture. How much of the fabled tome was created by the author HP Lovecraft? Is it possible that his fiction might...


The What Cast #246 - The TX Files

Hey everyone! This week we are joined by Michael and Michael from The TX Files Podcast. That's right. You have entered the Mike zone. Michael B and Michael C are The TX Files. A podcast about all things strange and bizarre that come out of Texas! UFO sightings, Monsters and even a dash of good old fashion murder and mayhem. If it's happened in Texas, the Mikes cover it. A truly unique show done by a pair of really awesome Mikes. They kick all the asses at their job of exploring the weirdness...


The What Cast #245 - The Convulsionnaires Of St. Medard A.K.A. The Poop Eaters

Hey everyone! Do you believe in Miracles? What if you had proof that miracles were real? That they really happened? You would want to spread the word right? That's a perfectly normal reaction. Something so good is meant to be shared! Let's say everyone believed you, but yer a proud kinda folk. You wana SHOW people that miracles can happen. How far would you be willing to go? Cut your boobies off? Woah, woah. That's a little rough, calm down. You only have to eat a little poo, drink a little...


The What Cast #244 - Catching Up With Ms. Luci Leibfried

Hello friends! This week we are join by a very special guest paranormal investigator, sensitive, tarot reader, aspiring author, and all around bad ass woman, Ms. Luci Leibfried. Luci was co host of one of earths best paranormal radio shows for 5 years, interviewing the top names in the field and investigating some of the most haunted places known to man.Please join us as we welcome her back to the show to discuss what shes been up to, her future plans and much more! Tarot Readings with Luci


The What Cast #243 - The Theology Of Demonic Possession with Jon Capece M.T.S.

We've teased this show a couple times over the past month, but the moment has finally arrived. Ladies and Gentlemen, Angels and Demons, this week we welcome Jon-Paul Capece to The What Cast to discuss theology, demonology, the apocrypha and other assorted goodies. This was a show we had been looking forward to doing for a couple months now, we've even had a couple listeners write in to request that we extend an invite to Jon. Whoever those listeners are, take a bow. This was a great...


The What Cast #242 - Replay Episode: The Honorable Paul Hellyer

Hello, friends. This week we delve into our back catalogue to present you with a show that we did back in our first year. Some how, some way, we were able to get the former Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer to come on and talk about his book The Money Mafia, which was new at the time. For some reason, this show seemed to fly under the radar. Since there is a lot of great information presented here, we thought we would re-release it for all of those people that missed it the first...


The What Cast #241 - The 2018 Bilderberg Group Meeting

Over the weekend, the Bilderberg Group had their annual meeting. This year the event took place in Turin, Italy. It should be noted that Evil Time Traveling Barack Obama was suspiciously missing from the roster of participants. Was it a bit of misdirection or is ETTBO above this sort of thing? This week, in honor of this momentous occasion, we decided to give a brief history on the Bilderberg group and then get into the agenda for this year's meeting. The agenda points are wonderfully...


The What Cast #240 - Between Love and Hate: The Devil Is Real with John Eagan

You ever hear footsteps when no one else is around? Ever get that unsettling feeling that you're being watched? Ever have a portal open up in your home revealing a mass of blue fire and have a horned demon spit some lung better at you? No? Well John Eagan has and he wrote a book about it. He also was kind enough to come on board the Dread Ship What Cast and talk about his experience and what he gained from it. Brace yourselves, kids, you may not be so quick to discount that creak you...


The What Cast #239 - The Voice In The Fan: Paranormal Experiences with Cousin Shane

Ever have the feeling that maybe something watches over you while you sleep, invading your dreams, filling your mind with unspeakable horrors? Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis and found a shadowy being looming over you? You're not alone my friend, these things happen. This week we had a special guest join us on the show. Mike's cousin, Shane, came on board the Dreadship What Cast to speak about his spooky experiences that began when he was a child continued into adulthood. Because...


The What Cast #238 - Human Sacrifice At CERN

For those that are unaware, CERN is the center of a number of conspiracy theories. Everything from human sacrifice to contact with alternate dimensions can be found at CERN. You want to know about portals to other worlds? Visit CERN! Weaponized black holes? CERN's got 'em! Alien technology? You bet your ass, CERN is using it! Basically, this episode should be about CERN, but for some reason Planet of the Squids keeps coming up. Maybe it's by design, maybe it's a part of the grand...