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The What Cast #290 - The Past Life Of Dorothy Eady

Do you believe in reincarnation? It’s a topic that we’ve discussed many times in the past, but there are some stories that are so compelling that they need to be discussed and speculated on. This week, we have such a story for you. Was Dorothy Eady a reincarnated Egyptian priestess? If not, how can we rationally explain the significant discoveries that were found based on her past-life memories? Tune-in, maybe you’ll find out! Thanks For Listening!


The What Cast #289 - Dragons!

Dragons! Sounds cool right?! NO! Fire breathing dinosaurs do not sound like a good time. None the less, history has a few stories of people facing them and kicking their ass. We know, we know. "Dragons were not real!" Oh yeah there were. And they hate bras. Like they should. From St. George to modern day encounters, join us as we talk about Dragons!


The What Cast #288 - UFOS ARE REAL! AGAIN!

There seems to be an uptick in the amount of coverage the UFO phenomenon has been getting, lately. It is now being covered seriously without the X-Files theme song, which is a plus. All this attention leaves us wondering why this is happening now. We know that the mainstream media is backed my massive corporations that often have ties to military contractors. Is this new attention being used as a distraction, or are their more nefarious reasons behind it? This week, we talk about the...


The What Cast #287 - All That Paz! (Killing In The Name Of Satan)

Demonic possessions have been discussed time and time again. We are all familiar with the famous cases and they’ve been covered many many times. This week, we wanted to try a different take and decided to look at people that committed murder under the influence of an evil entity. We also discuss the aspects of mental illness and drug use and how it may relate to cases of possession. For our patrons, we have a special bonus episode getting into some weird shit regarding David Berkowitz...


The What Cast #286 - Dyatlov Pass Incident: Reopened

We finally got back to it, kids! It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got there. This week, we reprise the discussion we had back in episode 1. Not the awkward parts. Specifically, we are going to discuss the Dyatlov Pass incident and discuss updates, theories and talk a bit about the investigation being reopened. So with all this new information, what do you think was behind the deaths of the 9 hikers? WRONG! It was a yeti with a vendetta. Don’t fuck with Siberian yetis. You’ll...


The What Cast #285 - MIKE FOUND

So, I found Mike. It turns out he wasn't even missing. He explains what happened and then we talk about other weird happenings that have been taking place with both of us. Things are pretty weird 'round these parts It’s a hair short. We were just glad to have made contact and wanted to update you all. Everything’s back on track! Mikes ok!!


The What Cast #284 - Teresita Basa

Greetings, all. This week is kind of weird. I couldn’t get in touch with Mike for days, and I’ve still not heard from him. He left me a weird message about going away for a bit, which will be played in its entirety at the end of the episode. I’m not sure where to go from here, but we have a few episodes that we’ve recorded already and we will be releasing them over the next couple weeks. If he doesn’t get back to me by then, I’ll post something letting you guys know about the future of...


The What Cast #283 - Interdimensional and Holographic Beings

Hey everyone!! Hope your week is going well! This episode we sat down to talk about an older documentary we watched way back in the day. We half way laughed it off not knowing what to make of it but it’s subject matter seems more relevant now more than ever. Interdimensional beings? Try "Holographic Beings" Join us as we take a second look at: Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension Thanks For Listening!


The What Cast #282 - What Is The Beast Of Bray Road?

There is a furry beast that lives in the rural areas of Wisconsin. The nature of this beast is disputed. Is it a wayward bear? A massive wolf? Dogman? A were-cougar? BIGFOOT?! Despite the differing descriptions, the reports continue. This week we look into The Beast of Bray Road and his hairy companions all over the rural areas of the great state of Wisconsin. Lost...


The What Cast #281 - Flying Snakes, The Golden Jelly Fish and The Fish Bear

Hey guys! This week, we take a turn for the weird with a few cases of some creep shit people have seen fling in the sky. No no no no, not UFOs. Creepier. Sausages? God, no that's not even creepy. That sounds like a dream come true, but that's besides the point. Birds, they belong in the sky. Snakes do not. Oh look at you now. Not creepy enough. Let us introduce you to what rattled airmen could only call "a flying bear...


The What Cast #280 - Australian Abductions

Alien abductions are always an interesting topic. We’ve covered them in various forms over the years and most of what we have covered seem to come from within the borders of the United States. This time around, we decided to take a gander Down Under and see what manner of insanity the Australian aliens bring to the table. One thing to bear in mind, Australia is the ONLY place in the world that has a native population of wild kangaroos. This may be a bit too convenient for my liking. Do...


The What Cast #279 - Everything Is Connected: A Mike Rant

Guys. Synchronicity seams to be the big thing nowa days. Some people see synchronicities as funny little things that just happen. Some folks take them as messages from beyond! Some think they are such strong indicators of proof of the paranormal, they make entire documentaries on them! Well Mike wanted more than similarities and coincidences. So he went into hardcore mode. Quit the pills, switched from whiskey to beer and started making some pretty interesting connections to a lot of...


The What Cast #278 - Reservation Weirdness with Jade

Remember those pesky goblins in Kentucky? The ones in Hopkinsville and Hellier? What if we told you that these things aren’t just found in Kentucky? We’ve discussed aliens in relation to the myths of the faerie folk, and I think we can also lump goblins in with that mess. To further this point, we welcome a lovely young woman from Canada, Jade on to discuss so myths and legends that are part of the lore of the Native Cree people. At this point I think we can just admit that the...


The What Cast #277 - The Weirdest War

Hey everyone! We have returned after being forced to take last week off. We ran into some technical issues, but after a few trials and errors, we are back on track. This week, we sit down and talk about some of the strangest cases to come out of The Vietnam War. UFOs? Go bigger. Criptids? Try creatures so weird, we don't know what the hell to call them. This episode can be summed up by one phrase: LIZARD WIZARD. Thanks for...


The What Cast #276 - Hellier: The Return Of The Hopkinsville Goblins

GUYS! Do you remember the case of the Hopkinsville Goblins? They were the little gremlin looking things that terrorized a family farm in Kentucky? Crazy story, right? Well…things get crazier. There is a new documentary series on YouTube called Hellier that centers on the mystery of these small entities acting in a similar manner and freaking people out in the small hamlet of Hellier, which is also in Kentucky. Wanna know what is even weirder? These events may be tied to the Mothman/Indrid...


The What Cast #275 - Jungle Whale and Other Out Of Place Animals

Recently, in the news, there has been coverage of a whale that was found dead in the jungles of Brazil at the mouth of the Amazon river. The weird thing about this is that the whales should have been in Antarctica this time of year. What the Hell was this whale doing?! This got us looking into other cases where ocean animals appear on land in place they should not be. Mike also talks about a couple of mysterious plane crashes that appear to suggest that the planes ended up somewhere...


The What Cast #274 - The Philip Experiment

Remember when you were a kid and your friend got a Ouija board and you guys stayed up late to try and summon ghosts at midnight? Some how, the planchette moved and no one would admit that they moved it, so it must have been a ghost, right? What if it was really you and your friends that created the ghost you were communicating with? This week we take a look at the Philip Experiment and delve into the notion of tulpas and thought forms. Here's a thought to consider...What if Mike and...


The What Cast #273 - Ghost Makers and The Devil's Tree

What is a "ghost"? We've talked many times about various theories on what exactly a "ghost" could be. If "ghosts" are not the left over energies from a deceased human being, then why do they seem to linger around areas where murders or brutal battles took place? This week, we take a look at some stories involving true crimes that resulted in a haunted location. Is it a magical murder cult trapping souls all over the world? Demons that are drawn to profound suffering that decided to stick...


The What Cast #272 - The Gravity Knife Story

Guys, we've talked about personal ghost stories before. Mateo's late night Easter Bunny visits, Mike's weird pale ghost figure, shadow people, unnatural fear, all of that. This week, we are talking about strange experiences at Mateo's mom's house. You see, dear listener, this house seems to be a highway for wayward spooks and maybe time travelers. Is ETTBO paying personal visits to Mateo's mom? Let's hope not, but there is a chance we will have a Maury Povich style paternity test prepared...


The What Cast #271 - Black Knight Debunked

Hey guys. Today we are going to take a massive shit in your cereal and debunk the Black Knight satellite. Well, at least those really cool pictures that look like a neat spaceship. We also talk about the possible alien space probe, Oumuamua. Sorry for the quirks in Mike's sound. Never before have our efforts been so bluntly thwarted by ETTBO. Alas, we prevail. Although, not unscathed.