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The What Cast #338 - Human Sacrifice At CERN

For those that are unaware, CERN is the center of a number of conspiracy theories. Everything from human sacrifice to contact with alternate dimensions can be found at CERN. You want to know about portals to other worlds? Visit CERN! Weaponized black holes? CERN's got 'em! Alien technology? You bet your ass, CERN is using it! Basically, this episode should be about CERN, but for some reason Planet of the Squids keeps coming up. Maybe it's by design, maybe it's a part of the grand...


The What Cast #337 - The Missing 411

Greetings friends! This weeks episode, we revisit the extremely creepy subject of The Missing 411. We came across a newish documentary that focuses on children that have gone missing in national parks. Join us as we cover some other odd cases as well as a few from the documentary. This one gets a bit creepy. A child going missing in a national park is understandable. A child vanishing into thin air as they walk behind a tree, never reappearing on the other side of said tree, is...


The What Cast #236 - The Moon Is Weird

There are a lot of mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding the moon. Did we ever REALLY land on the moon? If so, were Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong REALLY the first? Is there a secret space program that the public has not been told about? Is the moon really a space station of aliens? IS THE MOON MADE OF CHEESE?! This week, we expand on our previous moon episode and get into a lot more weirdness. Maybe the moon is not really what you think it is... Weird Moon Stuff Find Us...


The What Cast #235 - The Bunnyman

So far, we have covered the Mothman, Dogman, Goatman and lizard men. Just when you thought we were done with animal-based men, The What Cast proudly brings to you, BUNNY MAN! In this episode, we cover the origins of the Bunnyman myth, talk about the creepypastas, Bunnyman Bridge and breakdown whether or not this is a real man, or just a pretend man...ya know, like Alexx. Inquire within for some aloe, that's a pretty bad burn. Find us...


The What Cast #234 - We Are Being Controlled with Martin Adil-Smith

This week, we welcome Martin Adil-Smith back to the show. To be completely honest with you guys, we had a very different show planned, but after almost 2 hours of discussion we never ended up getting to the point. Instead, we discussed politics and conspiracies against the common man. YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED! www.


The What Cast #233 - Love and Saucers: The David Huggins Story

Whenever we talk about alien abductions, they never sound like a fun time. It's all poking and prodding and stabbing and cutting and implanting. Unless you're into sadomasochism, this does not sound like a good time, at all. This week, we would like to tell the other side of the tale. The sexy side. There is a documentary that came out recently called Love and Saucers, which tells the story of David Huggins and his time as the love toy for a strange alien woman that visited him...


The What Cast #232 - Boriska Kipriyanovich: The Earthbound Martian

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Welcome back to the What Cast! Have you ever felt like maybe you don't belong on this planet? Do you have memories of a past life? Are you an alien consciousness beamed into a human baby named Boris? Ok, admittedly, that last question is oddly specific. So this week, we are discussing the claims made about Boris Kipriyanovich, a Russian child (now a 21 year old man), that claims he is actually a being from the Martian civilization who's consciousness...


The What Cast #231 - Living Monsters: Man Eaters

Over the course of the show's history, we have covered a lot of stories involving monsters, cryptids, demons, and aliens. While these things are weird, freaky and scary, it is important to remember that the natural world we live is not exempt from monstrous inhabitants. Sometimes we overlook ordinary animals when thinking about monsters, but this week's episode will remind you that the natural world is, indeed, full of blood-thirsty, man-eating beasts. Youtube:...


The What Cast #230 - Creepy Pasta: The Good Fake Stuff

When we say Creepypasta, we aren't talking about haunted lasagna (unfortunately). We are referring to the millions and millions of spooky internet stories that are out there. Think of them like urban legends for the new millennium. This week, we are going to go into some stories that might have taken on a life of their own in the real world. All that being said, if you have any stories of possessed rigatoni or spectral ravioli, please let us know! Youtube:...


The What Cast #229 - Conspiracy Theories From The World Of Pro Wrestling

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, The What Cast podcast proudly brings to you the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOORRRRRRRLD...Mike and...Mateo?! What the Hell? That doesn't seem right... Hmmm... Well, this week, we decided to do something a little different. As long time listeners are aware, we frequently cover the weird, the fantastical, the bat-shit crazy, but every now and then, we like to delve into the world of conspiracy theories. Some of you nerds out there are...


The What Cast #229 - Building 51 with Jen Place

Friends, gather around. This week we welcome author Jennifer Place to the show. Jen is an author of 4 books. Her latest, Building 51, is a horror novel based on an old mental hospital in the Hudson Valley. We discuss the brutal history of mental institutions and the horrors of the early days of psychiatric "care". Please go check out Building 51, it's a great read! Find Jen's book HERE She is on TWITTER too!


The What Cast #227 - Mike Goes To A Bill Birnes Lecture

For all of you guys that are UFO geeks, like us, you'll be familiar with Bill Birnes. He was one of the main guys on UFO Hunters and has also appeared on Unsealed: Alien Files and Ancient Aliens. Mike had the opportunity to go and listen to him speak at the end of February. We recorded this episode immediately following this speaking engagement. This show is full of information presented by Bill Birnes on the history of the UFO cover-up, beginning in the 1940s. This is definitely a...


The What Cast #226 - The Eichler's Cover Poltergeist Attacks

Long time listeners will be familiar with Mike's theory that most paranormal activity can be explained by another dimension coming into contact with our own. In the past, we have discussed this at length. Places like The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Cannock Chase in the UK are perfect examples of why this might be the case. Today, we bring you another example from the state of Connecticut. It all started with an event referred to as the Eichler's Cove Poltergeist, but later extended to...


The What Cast #225 - Patient 17: The Removal Of An Alien Implant

What would you do if you realized, one day, that the shooting pain in your leg/arm/taint was not a result of old age and the ravages of time, but actually a strange object that you were clueless about? This week we discuss the documentary, Patient 17, which details the last patient Dr. Lear worked with before his death. The details of what was found in this individual's body is pretty shocking and may provide very important evidence regarding the existence of intelligent life outside of...


The What Cast #234 - The Titanic Never Sank

Just like your mom, the Titanic went down. Everybody knows the story. Unsinkable ship crashes into a huge ice mountain in the North Atlantic, water floods the ship and it sinks to the ocean floor. What if that story was a fabrication? What if the Titanic sinking was part of a sinister plan? Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio didn't have to die.


The What Cast #233 - La Lllorona, The Banshee and Other Weeping Ghost Ladies

We've talked a lot on this show about various archetypes in the paranormal world. Patterns, symptoms and sightings all seem to have similarities from one place to another. It should come as no surprise that tales of the ghost of a crying woman are reported around the world. Depending on the locale, this ghost can act as a frightening warning or a terrifying messenger of death. This week we look into the legends of this crying ghost lady and seek to uncover just why she is so Damn...


The What Cast #222 - Alien Disclosure: A Mike Rant

There's been a lot of talk in the news of UFOs lately. Some are claiming that disclosure is imminent. We are on the cusp of holding hands with our space brothers and finally acknowledging their existence! Right? Probably not. What if this whole thing is one big psyop? All of this recent talk of disclosure and leaked Government footage and documents could be leading us down the wrong path. Are we being distracted? Is all of this information being presented to us for the purpose of...


The What Cast #221 - Dog Headed Men

Recently, Bigfoot seems to have another cryptid encroaching upon his territory. A fearsome canine beast with the head of a wolf and the body of furry man. This creature has become lovingly known as Dogman. We've covered modern sightings of the Dogman in the past, so this week we wanted to jump in the WAYBACK MACHINE and see how far into human history the Dogman goes. What we've found, may surprise you. So... without further interruption, we present to you TALES OF THE ANCIENT...


The What Cast #220 - Messages From Giza with Gary Parker

This week, we are joined by a special guest, Mr. Gary Parker. Gary asked himself a question? How could he bring humanity together? What type of project could he possibly come up with that would turn the worlds eyes to one single thing, all at once. Gary decided that trying to restore the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx could be something that would re-light the imagination of everyone. A project all nations could get behind and join together to accomplish. Who would support this project?...


The What Cast #219 - Vampires II

Hey's like the 90s all over again! No, grunge is not making a comebacks, but we are here to talk about vampires again! This time around we talk about 2 of the earliest known cases of vampires in history. See? We keep shit fresh, unlike those crusty old vampires. Thanks for listening!


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