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Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.

Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.
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Animal Radio is the most listened to animal programming in the U.S.; created to educate, reduce surrenders and to help animals live long, healthy and happier lives.




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Animal Radio Episode 984

Poo From Lil Bub Leads To Discovery Microbiologist and TV Host Jennifer Gardy has been collecting cat poop as part of a biome-mapping project. Viral sensation Lil Bub even donated a sample that led to the discovery of 22 new microorganisms. Jennifer will explain what that means to you and me. Listen Now Speaking Baby Talk To Your Pet It has long been known that talking to a baby improves bonding between parent and child. But, since so many pet parents view their pets as their own...


Animal Radio Episode 982

Who Is Happier? Dog or Cat Guardians? Do dogs or cats make you happy? The dog vs. cat argument will probably go on forever. But now there's a new survey that says dog owners are officially happier than cat owners, but not by much. Dog owners are only happier by a mere 4%. Listen Now An Alternative To Pet Insurance? Dr. Allen Kamrava believes he has invented a better way to cover the costs of a catastrophic health event. According to Kamrava, advances in technology allow for a...


Animal Radio Episode 983

Celebrating Halloween With Your Pet A mere 16% of us dress our pets for Halloween. This year, there are more choices than ever for unique costumes. Costume maker Allison Albert shares her latest and greatest designs. Dr. Debbie has tips for those pets that just aren't into this scary holiday. Listen Now Common Flea Meds Causing Seizures The FDA has issued a warning that flea medications in the Isoxazoline class such as Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica may do more than just...


Animal Radio Episode 981

Accidentally Sickening Your Pet The Senior Veterinary Toxicologist at the Pet Poison Helpline wants you to know what household toxins can fatally sicken your pets. Dr. Ahna Brutlag warns that pesticides and bait traps can kill more than bugs and mice. She also says even pet safe anti-freeze can be harmful. Listen Now Psychologist Tells Us What Pets Want From Their Owners Ever wonder how your pet sees the world? There's an entire branch of science devoted to figuring that out....


Animal Radio Episode 980

Dog Is My Co-Pilot Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Peter Rork quit his thriving practice to create "Dog Is My Co-Pilot," a non-profit organization dedicated to flying dogs and cats from kill-shelters to rescues that can re-home them. So far Dr. Rork has transported 10,000 animals, much of it at his expense. He explains why this is more rewarding than orthopedic surgery. Listen Now What Days Do People Spend More On Their Pets? Womply's science team analyzed transactions from 4,400 local pet...


Animal Radio Episode 979

Turning Animals Into Drones And Helicopters In 2012, Bart Jansen's cat was unfortunately struck and killed by a car. Instead of cremating or burying "Orville" (named after the Wright Brothers), he turned him into a drone. Despite outrage from cat-owners, he defends the action as a tribute to his furry-friend. Many other pet owners have asked for his services since. Now he plans to turn a cow into a helicopter. Listen Now What Vaccines Does My Pet Really Need? There's no need to...


Animal Radio Episode 978

Nude Birding Olaf Danielson has made a hobby out of birding without any clothes. Olaf is an author, religious scholar, storyteller and adventurer. He will share some of his favorite stories of seeking out rare and exotic avian wildlife... while naked as a jaybird. Listen Now Who is Tracking Your Pet Purchases? With the pet industry growing so fast, any information that can be gained from your purchases for your pets is going to be extrapolated every way possible for those companies...


Animal Radio Episode 977

Pets Cause 1000 Fires Per Year "Unattended pets often set their homes on fire and pets can't call 911," according to Zsolt Sapy, the COO of Smoke Alarm Monitoring. Just how does this happen? What can you do to stack the odds in your pet's favor? Listen Now Should You Trust Pet DNA Tests? Dr. Lisa Moses says there is a place for DNA tests, but only as a novelty. While these tests may show a predisposition towards breed specific diseases, she warns against making medical decisions based...


Animal Radio Episode 976

Charleston Airport's Newest Employee Russ Kennedy holds down security at Charleston's Yeager Airport. He's also the handler for Greg, a border collie that clears runways from geese and other wildlife that could cause a fatal aircraft accident. Listen Now The Truth About Dog-Lick Bacteria A Wisconsin man made headlines after a dog lick led to a rare infection resulting in the amputation of part of his legs and arms. This has set off unwarranted alarm. While the bacterium is extremely...


Animal Radio Episode 975

Who Is Smarter? Dog Or Cat? Scientific American Senior Editor Josh Fischman translates the results from current research on the brains and neurons of cats, dogs, raccoons, bears and humans. You may be surprised by the results. Cat lovers - brace yourself. Listen Now Has Your Pet Restricted Your Travel Plans? According to a new study of 2,000 American pet parents, half of them have never traveled outside of the country since owning their pet. The main reason pet owners struggle to take...


Animal Radio Episode 974

Turning Your Pet Into A Viral Sensation Kelly Lund and Loki, his Husky - Wolf mix, didn't intentionally become a viral Internet sensation. Kelly casually posted a picture on Instagram that was picked up by Reddit, Bored Panda and Buzzfeed. Now Loki has a half-million followers and a new book. Kelly will give us tips on making your pet a star. Listen Now Pit Bulls Aren't Getting A Fair Shake Fiona Gilbert has Multiple Sclerosis. a degenerative neurological condition that affected her...


Animal Radio Episode 973

High Tech Dog Kennel If Rebecca Eyre gets her way, you'll never again see a dog tied up outside a retail or food establishment. She says "Dogspot," a climate controlled parking spot for your dog, is being rolled-out across the country. Using the smartphone app, you'll gain access to a safe and secure dog locker fitted with UV lamps and cameras. So many questions, so little time. Listen Now Ikea Recalls Pet Water Dispenser After Dog Deaths Ikea's new Lurvig water dispenser seemed like a...


Animal Radio Episode 972

Planning A Pet Trust What happens to your pet if something happens to you? Did you know your pet is considered "property" in the eyes of the law? Estate Attorney A.J. Fudge has prepared a simple plan for your pets should you punch the clock before they do. It's important to have a pet-trust legally documented so that your furry-family member doesn't end up in the shelter and possibly euthanized. Listen Now What's Trending In The Pet Sector? On the heels of the industry's largest pet...


Animal Radio Episode 971

Supermodel Chicken Model Summer Rayne Oakes dispels common stereotypes. A Cornell graduate in Etymology, she has no problems feeding her best friend live meal-worms, something that would make most models squirm. Of course, her best friend is a chicken named Kippy. The two are inseparable. You might see them together on a N.Y. Subway. Kippy has even appeared in several photo shoots. Listen Now Does Your Pet Dream? Have you seen you pet twitch, move or mumble while they sleep. Could they...


Animal Radio Episode 970

Making Chicken Clothes Earns $50,000 Yearly Julie Baker accidentally started a chicken clothing company by making fashionable-looking diapers for pet chickens - but now her company, Pampered Poultry, has gone on to add tutus, sweaters and dresses. She earns about $50,000 yearly. Listen Now Research Shows Your Dog May Share Your Personality Traits Your dog's behavior has more to do with yours than you might think. Dogs can develop all kinds of personality issues, and new research shows...


Animal Radio Episode 969

Petting a Million Dogs Gideon Kidd has a goal to pet a million dogs for his pet project. So far, the 9-year-old boy has pet more than 360 in his Iowa hometown. He's chronicled his journey on Twitter, garnering over 90,000 followers. He'll tell us why he's doing this. Listen Now Please Don't Repo Fido - Lawmakers Ban Pet Leasing Puppies sold in pet stores, most of which are sourced from puppy mills, are often accompanied by soaring sticker prices. To make the puppies appear more...


Animal Radio Episode 968

Parrots Helping Veterans with P.T.S.D. Dr. Lorin Lindner founded Serenity Park, a unique sanctuary on the grounds of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Healthcare Center. She noticed that the veterans she treated as a clinical psychologist and the parrots she had taken in as a rescuer quickly formed bonds. Men and women who had been silent in therapy would share their stories and their feelings more easily with animals. Listen Now Are American's Too Attached To Their...


Animal Radio Episode 967

Our Wild Life Bobbie Jo Abrams doesn't mind the camels in her kitchen or sloths in her living room. And she rather enjoys the kangaroos hanging onto her. Her new TLC hit series, Our Wild Life, is causing a lot of chatter about the 81 mostly exotic animals she shares her house with. She explains how she pays for her bizarre pet collecting habit. Listen Now Avoiding and Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs Typically, when you think of a dog getting heat stroke, you might envision a dog in a hot...


Animal Radio Episode 966

Rap King to TrapKing The TrapKing Sterling Davis spreads the word about Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) and his approach to educating and engaging different demographics while ending the "crazy cat lady" stereotype! "Gotta let the fellas know, you don't lose cool points for compassion." Listen Now Could Your Pet's GPS Leak Sensitive Information? Smart collars and other devices for animals that track their locations are very popular now. However, the problem, according to Kaspersky Lab, is that...


Animal Radio Episode 965

The Secrets Of The Snout Scientist and researcher Frank Rosell joins us live from Norway to talk about our pet's incredible nose and smelling capabilities. He'll explain why your friend's dog is "all-up-in-your-business" and just how far and how much our dog can smell stuff. They can even smell cancer. Listen Now 65-year-old Woman Has Had Her Pet 56 Years Here's a story you don't hear very often. Jeanna Smith got her pet tortoise during the Kennedy administration, and it might still be...