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The Animals To The Max Podcast is about animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them. Hosted by nationally recognized animal expert Corbin Maxey (Today Show, Tonight Show, Late Night) each episode will feature a guest that works in an animal-related field and explore their passion and adventures while working with animals.

The Animals To The Max Podcast is about animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them. Hosted by nationally recognized animal expert Corbin Maxey (Today Show, Tonight Show, Late Night) each episode will feature a guest that works in an animal-related field and explore their passion and adventures while working with animals.


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The Animals To The Max Podcast is about animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them. Hosted by nationally recognized animal expert Corbin Maxey (Today Show, Tonight Show, Late Night) each episode will feature a guest that works in an animal-related field and explore their passion and adventures while working with animals.






Episode #127: Anti-Poaching Ranger Mike Veale

In this episode, I interview Global Conservation Force President & Founder, Mike Veale. Mike is also a trained Anti-Poaching Ranger and has been on the front line protecting wildlife in Africa since 2014. During the interview, Mike discusses what it was like working as senior mammal keeper at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. He goes into detail what it was like working with two of the world’s remaining Northern White Rhinos and how that experience motivated him to sell everything he owned,...


Episode #126: Wildlife Traveler Jacob Emerson

In this episode, I welcome wildlife traveler and volunteer, Jacob Emerson. We discuss his childhood growing up in Australia, working at Sea World, and then his world travels. Highlights include his encounter with Orangutans and a massive Komodo Dragon! We then discuss his work with the Gibbon Conservation Society in Malaysia. Follow Jacob on Instagram: Watch Jacob on Youtube:...


Episode #125: Crosstown Exotics

In this episode, I chat with reptile handler and educator, Colin Langenderfer from Crosstown Exotics based in Chicago. Colin discusses what it’s like running a traveling reptile and bug show and how they are coping with the Coronavirus. He also gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like being an animal handler on movie/TV show sets. Other fun topics include animal bites, stories from the road, and EMBARRASSING stories that have happened during animal shows. You don’t want to miss...


Episode #124: Asian Giant Hornets!

In this episode, I interview entomologist and science communicator, Miles Maxcer. We discuss the Asian Giant Hornets, recently dubbed the “Murder Hornets”, that have been reported in the U.S. Miles discusses potential hazards of Asian Giant Hornets being invasive in the U.S. and its detrimental effects on native bee populations. We also cover theories on how they got in the United States and why some people even eat them! Other topics include Mile’s fascination with ants and some really...


Episode #123: Exotic Pet Vet

In this episode, I speak with vet student, Rachel Ellerd. She’s currently attending Texas A&M University where she is studying exotic animal medicine. We discuss vet school, how she was able to apply while still pursuing her undergraduate degree, and her various internships. Highlights include her trips to South Africa where she learned to dart wildlife and Thailand where she met Asian Elephants! She also provides great insight to anyone interested in becoming a veterinarian! Follow Rachel...


Episode #122: Amazon River Dolphins!

In this episode, we discuss the amazing Amazon River Dolphin! I speak with Suzanne Smith, the executive director of the Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation. We discuss the river dolphins, her research in the amazon, how YOU at home can join her on an expedition, and how we help save the River Dolphins in the wild. Learn more: Follow Corbin Maxey Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:...


Episode #121: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill- 10 years later

In this special edition, bonus episode for Earth Day, I’m joined by Dr. Cynthia Smith from the National Marine Mammal Foundation. We discuss the 10-year anniversary of the Deepwater Oil Spill, the largest in history and its impact on dolphins and other marine animals. Learn more: Donate to NMMF: Follow Corbin Maxey Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:...


Episode #120: Safaris & Tourism: What Now?

In this episode, we welcome back show favorite, Gerry van der Walt. He’s an international Tour & Expedition Leader, Travel & Nature Photographer, and co founder of Wild Eye, a photographic safari company. We discuss the Coronavirus, how it’s affecting the safari tourism industry, and the importance of positivity. Other topics include Gerry’s favorite safari destinations, animal encounters, social media tips, AND whether he’d rather come across a lone hippo or buffalo out in the bush! Follow...


Episode #119: Pangolins!

In this episode, we highlight one of the world’s most unusual and trafficked animals, the pangolin. I sit-down with wildlife conservation professional, Lauren Ayres. She’s the pangolin conservation coordinator for the Global Conservation Force (GFC) and currently an educator at one of the nation’s most reputable zoos. We discuss pangolins, the Coronavirus, illegal wildlife trade, the ethics of wet markets, and why we should conserve the world’s only scaly mammal. Other topics include...


Episode #118: The Batman Returns!

In this episode, I interview Joe D’Angeli also known as New Jersey’s Batman. Joe has been working with bats for over 30 years and currently runs the Wildlife Conservation and Education Center in Garfield, New Jersey. We discuss the Coronavirus, why Joe believes he may have gotten it back in early January, and how bats are NOT to blame for the virus. We then discuss wet markets, wildlife trafficking, and zoonotic diseases. Other topics include Joe’s take on “Tiger...


Episode #117: 'Tiger King' Review

In this episode, I have a round table discussion with Chris and Angie from the All Creatures Podcast about Netflix’s popular docu-series, ‘Tiger King’. It’s controversial and at times, the conversation gets heated, but more importantly, it’s a sound discussion and a good distraction during these trying times. Follow All Creatures on Instagram: Follow Corbin Maxey Website: YouTube:...


Episode #116: How Zoos Are Dealing with The Coronavirus

In this episode, I interview Andie Haugen, an animal trainer and educator from the Cincinnati Zoo. Andie discusses what the zoo is doing during the shutdown due to the Coronavirus. She covers how the animals are doing, the difficult measures zoos are facing during this time, and positive words of encouragement to those who have been laid off. She also goes into details on how the zoo is enriching their animals and taking advantage of an “empty zoo”. Andie also discusses AZA’s emergency...


Episode #115: Wildlife TV Host Olivia Degn

In this episode, I interview TV host, producer, and wildlife presenter, Olivia Degn. She’s the host of San Diego Zoo Kid’s TV and Australia’s, “Creek To Coast” TV show. Olivia was also the former media spokesperson for the famous Australia Zoo. She has a background in marine biology and extensive work filming in front of the camera with animals. If YOU have ever wanted to host a TV show with animals, this is the episode for YOU! Follow Olivia on Instagram:...


Episode #114: Coronavirus & Wildlife Trafficking

In this special edition episode, I discuss the BIG, BAD, Coronavirus!!! I cover its origin, why scientists believe it’s linked to the pangolin, and illegal wildlife trafficking. I also go over symptoms of the virus, what action is being taken, and my thoughts of how it will affect the wildlife...


Episode #113: Penguins To The MAX

In this episode, I interview “Penguin Lady” Dyan Denapoli. She’s a penguin expert, TED speaker, and author. In the interview, Dyan goes into detail on how at the age of 30, she decided to drop everything and start working with penguins. It’s a really inspirational podcast that I know you’re going to love! For more information, please visit: Order Dyan’s book: YouTube Video of the interview:...


Episode #112: Snake Eats Beach Towel: My Thoughts

In this episode, I share my thoughts on why I think a python swallowed a beach towel in a recent viral video. I also discuss how snakes can swallow prey 10X their size! Disclosure: They DON’T unhinge their jaws!!!! Python eating towel video: How snakes swallow big things video: Follow Corbin Maxey Website: YouTube: Instagram:...


Episode #111: Wolverines!

In this episode, I interview Rebecca Watters, executive director of The Wolverine Foundation. It’s an organization comprised of wildlife scientists with a common interest in wolverines. We discuss the rare wolverine and its elusive habits, behavior, and diet. We then cover the cultural significance of wolverines throughout history and why they have earned such a bad reputation. Rebecca also recounts her personal encounter with a wolverine in camp (it’s a good story)! and she goes over...


Episode #110: Condor, King Vulture, Macaw, & Raven!

In this episode, I go over the amazing birds I was able to work with on a recent Today Show appearance. Topics include an unusual desert-dwelling macaw, a beautiful vulture, an intelligent raven, and a magnificent Andean Condor! Today Show Link: 14-year-old Corbin on Tonight Show: Birds Building a Nest on Kathie Lee’s head:...


Episode #109: Giraffes: A Silent Extinction

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Julian Fennessy from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Julian and his wife decided to start the GCF after realizing there wasn’t an organization solely focused on giraffes and their conservation. Today, there are fewer than 111,000 giraffe left in the wild. There are 4X as many elephants yet little is publicly known about the giraffe’s “silent extinction”. Topics include differences between the four giraffe species, interesting giraffe facts, and what YOU...


Episode #108: Exciting News!

In this episode, I share exciting details about my upcoming appearance on The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna on Monday, February 17, 2020. Follow Corbin Maxey Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: