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Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.

Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.
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Melbourne, VIC


Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.






21 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065 (03) 9376 4728


Radiothon with Clare Mann - dynamic vegan psychologist & activist

Being a highly respected psychologist and animal activist, Clare knows all there is to know about the pitfalls of how & why we get in a pickle communicating our message on behalf of animals. She also has answers to see our way through these tricky rabbit warrens of anguish in her new book called, "Vystopia". Clare joins us for our fundraising radiothon show and appears at @ the 1.15 mark if you want to scroll through us asking for donations! Fancy a free app to help you tak about veganism?...


Why are we killing our dingo?

We talk about dingos and the fact that these important apex predators are killed under wild dog 'management' plans.Guests: Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Arian Wallach, Joshua Said & Mark Pearson.Photo courtesy of the Dingo Den.


Jess Ison – Prisons and Animals

We’re joined by activist and academic Jess Ison who discusses her research challenging the use of prisons and other punitive measures as a way to counter animal abuse. If you’d like to look further into the issues of prisons and prison abolition, Jess recommends the book Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis: Jess Ison is a part of The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) collective who are organising a discussion forum...


Monique Luci & Tania Milton - Stop the dog & cat meat trade

We're in the studio with local representatives Monique Luci & Tania Milton of the global campaign to stop the dog & cat meat trade, who explain the extent of dog & cat consumption around the world including here in Australia, and why this is one of the very cruellest trades. Monique & Tania are also organisers of a march scheduled for Melbourne on Saturday 2nd June, which is the campaign's Worldwide Awareness Day.Stop the dog and cat meat trade worldwide...


Megan Moon - Humane Education Coalition

We speak with Megan Moon, the founder and president of the Humane Education Coalition. Megan describes what humane education is, why the world needs it and what the Humane Education Coalition is doing to make humane education a prominent part of our education landscape.Humane Education Coalition


Say No to Nuchev Goat Factory Farm

The Animal Justice Party's Andy Meddick chats about the community of Lara campaign against a cruel 4500 head intensive goat factory and processing plant, in what has truly been a David and Goliath struggle, battling not just the international dairy giant, but City Hall as well!


Dominion animal rights march in Melbourne, 28 April 2018

On 28th April 2018, over 2000 activists took to the streets of Melbourne for what was to become Australia's largest animal rights march. We play an edited recording of the speeches from that historic evening.Photo courtesy of Love Bree PhotographyAussie Farms the film


Catalyst - Young Voices for Animals

We RW joined by a founder of the orgnisation Young Voices for Animals (Yva), along with some participants from the first round of Yva's Catalyst program. Catalyst is a free leadership program that offers passionate young people aged 16 ‑ 18 the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to take their love of animals to the next level and build a more compassionate future.We chat about the Catalyst program and find out what the participants have gained from the experience.


History of the Australian Animal Movement

We’re joined by historian and animal advocate Gonzalo Villanueva who discusses his book A Transnational History of the Australian Animal Movement, 1970-2015. The discussion covers: academia and activism, the importance of history, the campaign against live animal export, and vegetarianism and veganism in the animal movement.Beyond his academic work, Gonzalo is also an activist with the Coalition Against Duck Shooting.


Rethink Rodeos - Gayle D'Arcy

Do you think threatened & highly stressed animals should be used for fun & entertainment value ? Animal Liberation Qld are calling for a ban on rodeos after two bull deaths last weekend. At the very least, ALQ want a ban on the calf roping event which is banned in Victoria and SA. We speak with Gayle D'Arcy, ALQ Campaign Director for Rethink Rodeos.Take action & sign please: Photo courtesy of Animal Liberation Qld.

Revekka Eli & Rochelle Van - Factory farming actions & the media

We talk with Revekka Eli (pictured), lead organiser with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Melbourne, and Rochelle Van, of Animal Activists Australia. They explain why the recent surge of slaughterhouse actions and restaurant disruptions, both locally and internationally, is getting the attention of mainstream media.Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Melbourne: Activists Australia:


Anna Ludvik - Lucy's Project

Lucy’s Project is busy raising awareness that "we fail to save human domestic violence victims lives when we fail to address the whole family - paws and all." We chat with Lucy's Project founder, Anna Ludvik. https://lucysproject.comMy Saving Grace:


Sam Tucker - The Power of the Leaflet

Sam Tucker is Vegan Outreach's coordinator for Australia & NZ. He's handed out something close to a quarter of a million leaflets that promote a vegan diet to end the suffering of farm animals. Consequently, he knows a thing or two about effective leafleting & gave a presentation on this very subject at Melbourne's Animal Activist Forum late last year.Whether you're seeking a non-confrontational form of activism, or you're wanting to expand your existing activism skills & methods, listen...


Managing urban/periurban cat populations humanely

Trap-neuter-return for urban and periurban cats has proven to be a highly successful component for community cat population management. Why aren't we adopting these community cat programmes more in Australia when we can't actually afford the alternative proposed ? We listen to an illuminating presentation by Emeritus Professor Jacquie Rand who is the Executive Director & Chief Scientist of the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation.


Laurie Levy - Coalition Against Duck Shooting

Laurie Levy, campaign director and founder of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting, brings us up-to-date on the campaign to stop Victoria's routine recreational slaughter of native waterbirds, including last year's massacres at Koorangie Marshes which shocked even the Game Management Authority. He goes on to explain what we might expect this coming killing season. We also find out how to support and get involved in CADS' campaign to end this government-endorsed annual atrocity.Coalition...


Melbourne Against Horse Drawn Carriages 2018

We speak with Kristin Leigh, the lead organiser of the campaign Melbourne Against Horse Drawn Carriages. Kristin gives us an update on some recent changes to the campaign and where it is headed in the future.


Save the Alpine Brumbies in Bogong High Plains

Parks Victoria plan to eradicate all the brumbies in the Bogong High Plains of Victoria which is not founded on any peer reviewed science. Jill Pickering from the Australian Brumby Alliance unpacks the injustices & inconsistencies of the evidence used to back the cull. We have until Friday to tell Parks Victoria to not eradicate all the brumbies! Scroll down to follow link to feedback form for Parks Victoria : :"The...


Joey Carbstrong - Fearless activism

We're sharing the talk given by dedicated animal liberation activist Joey Carbstrong at last year's Animal Activists Forum in Melbourne. Joey offers excellent advice to fellow activists, concerning the fine art of vegan outreach communications, whether it be online or on the street. Drawing on his own experience, he explains candidly what works and what doesn't. If you sometimes struggle with effectively communicating your veganism to your non-vegan friends, family & colleagues, this is...


Regional Forest Agreements (to not protect!)

The 29th January is the deadline for submissions to prevent a rollover of the 20 year Regional Forest Agreement. This agreement has exempted the logging industry from national environment laws which means many protected species and countless others are basically bulldozed with their habitat! Take the greenwashed glasses & earphones off and tune in as we replay a chat I had with Ed Hill from GECO and send your submission in please & contact your MP . Come on! It only takes a couple of...


Josh Griffiths & Doug Gimesy - Platypus protectors

We're in the studio, chatting with wildlife ecologist Joshua Griffiths (pictured here) & conservation photographer Doug Gimesy (photo credit) about threats to the platypus. They also tell us about a nifty 'citizen science' initiative PlatypusSPOT, new technology that detects platypus DNA in waterways, and the Victorian Alliance for Platypus Safe Yabby Traps which has been formed with the objective of a complete ban on the enclosed yabby traps that kill platypus almost every day. Josh &...