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Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.

Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.


Melbourne, VIC


Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.






21 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065 (03) 9376 4728


Music for Change (Summer Special)

On this Summer Special, Freedom of Species presenters Nick and Adam bring you some of their favourite political music, covering a wide range of social justice issues. Songs played:Briggs ft. Thelma Plum ‘Go To War’.A.B. Original ft. Caiti Baker ‘Dead In A Minute’.Sole and DJ Pain 1 ‘Snitch Nation’. Body Count ‘No Lives Matter’.Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar ‘The Silent Majority’.Idles ‘Danny Nedelko’.Bad Cop, Bad Cop ‘Pursuit Of Liberty’.The Billionaires ‘Profits Before People’.Randy Newman...


Ronnie Lee - 50 years of Veganism & Animal Liberation

This week we are sharing a recording from a Stream of Solidarity discussion hosted by Animal Rebellion in the UK. The discussion is with Ronnie Lee who has been a vegan and campaigner for animal liberation for almost 50 years. In the early 1970s he was one of the founders of the Animal Liberation Front and served three prison sentences (a total of about 9 years in prison) for animal liberation activism. Since his last release from prison, in 1992, he has been involved in various animal...


Critically Evaluating Animal Research with Andrew Knight and Lottie

This show features Lottie on challenging the use of animals within psycholinguistics. There is also an Animal Activists Forum talk from Andrew Knight exploring the science on animal experimentation. Links:For more on the science on animal experimentation: https://animalexperiments.infoAndrew Knight’s website has links to his publications and Youtube channel: Knight’s talk was recorded at the 2017 Animal Activists Forum – like their Facebook page to keep up...


Standing Up For Workers AND Animals With Meghan Street

This show features Meghan Street on the harm that capitalism causes to workers and other animals. Links for the show:Meghan is a host of Green Left Radio on 3CR: discuss the article ‘Covid-19 shows factory food production is dangerous for animals and humans alike’ by Troy Vettese and Alex Blanchette:'s list of vegan roasts:...


Animal Liberation and Vegan Songs - Part 2 (Heavy)

Another episode dedicated to music focused on animals, only its HEAVY! Listen to some great punk, hardcore and metal.


Animal Oppression as an Extension of White Supremacy with Aph Ko

This show features author Aph Ko on connections between speciesism and racism. We also play some of the Animal Activists Forum talk ‘Academic and Activist Reflections on the Animal Advocacy Movement’ by FoS presenter Nick Pendergrast. Links for the Aph Ko interview:Check out Aph Ko's work at: interview is from Animal Voices, which you can check out at the following site/subscribe to on your favourite podcast app:...


Planning an Effective Action with Rose from Animal Rebellion

This show features Rose (pictured) and Harley from Animal Rebellion on the creative actions this organisation has done to highlight the environmental impact of animal agriculture and advocate for a plant-based food system. Links for the show:Connect with Animal Rebellion on Facebook: out the book Blueprint for Revolution:


Animal Rebellion during Lockdown

We speak to Harley from Animal Rebillion UK about how they have continued to advocate for animals during a pandemic. Harley shares some of the creative ways they use to engage people without traditional tactics that involved large gatherings.Follow the link to find out more about Animal Rebellion UK.


From Direct Action to Vegan Education – Changing Activism in the Animal Movement with Roger Yates

This show features Roger Yates, an activist with the Vegan Information Project and sociologist, who discusses changing activism throughout the history of the animal movement, the role of veganism in animal activism and tips for avoiding activist burnout. Links:Roger’s website:’s Youtube channel: Information Project – VIP:’s first...


Learnings From Animal Rebellion UK - 2019

Dilan Fernando discusses how over 2019 the UK public become more attuned to the climate crisis than ever before. However, the public conversation largely ignored the environmental impacts of animal farming, and the need for animals to be included in society's visions for climate justice. In light of this, Animal Rebellion was formed to highlight that we must end the animal emergency if we wish to end the climate emergency. A mass movement organisation, the group recently engaged in a two...


Miley, What's Good? Veganism, Gender and Health

On this show we discuss singer Miley Cyrus announcing she is no longer vegan, as a starting point for broader conversations around veganism, animal advocacy, gender and health. Link for the article we discuss: Image from:

Animal Liberation and Vegan Songs - Part 1

A show dedicated to all the great songs out there about animals and veganism. This will be the first, but hopefully not the last.Music includes:Joy Askew, ‘I broke the LawTonya G, ‘The Voiceless’Yes, ‘Don’t kill the whale’Caffeine Heroes, ‘Animals’Universal PopLab, ‘Vampire in You’Howard Jones, ‘Assault and Battery’Kisschasy, ‘Factory’xTrue Naturex, One SpeciesJay Brave, ‘Vegan Shut Up’Jah Sun Ft Lutan Fyan, Ras Attitude, ‘No bones No blood’


Beyond Individual Change in Animal Advocacy with Corey Wrenn

This show features sociologist Corey Wrenn who discusses the moral dilemma of what to feed rescued carnivorous animals, as a starting point for a broader conversation about thinking systemically and beyond only relying on individual change in the animal movement. Links for the show: Corey’s article ‘How to Help When It Hurts? Think Systemic’ in the Animal Studies Journal: Corey’s website: Nick’s talk ‘Who is to blame for...


Animal Wellbeing and Conservation

We chat with Dr Liv Baker. Liv is a conservation behaviorist and an expert in wild animal welfare, with research focusing on the role individual, wild animals have in the health of their social groups and populations. We speak about about conservation, rewilding and the inner lives of animals.


Atheism and Animal Liberation with Rowan Taylor

On this show we’re joined by Rowan Taylor who discusses the connection between atheism and animal liberation, as well as the role that religion plays in promoting the consumption and use of other animals. Check out Rowan’s article on this topic, co-written with Kim Socha: Kim Socha has also published a book on this topic:


Vegan Sociology - What and Why?

We speak with Dr Zoei Sutton and Dr Corey Wrenn about the International Association for Vegan Sociologists, and the upcoming SOLD OUT conference running over the 7th-8th of August. We wanted to hear more about what vegan sociology is and what the conference is all about.


Clean Bowling Speciesism with Jason “Dizzy” Gillespie

This show features cricketing legend and Veganuary ambassador Jason “Dizzy” Gillespie on the growing number of cricketers becoming vegan, reflections on his cricket career, the documentary Earthlings, challenging speciesism (discrimination based on species), the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and Indigenous veganism. Links for the show:Follow Gillespie on Twitter and Instagram @dizzy259Watch Earthlings:’s tweet supporting Black Lives Matter...


We Have A Steak In It: Interventions to Reduce Beef Consumption

We chat with Dr Matthew Selinske, a postdoctoral research associate, in the ICON (Interdisciplinary Conservation) Science Research Group at RMIT University. We discuss some work that Matthew has published about what interventions are likely to have the biggest impact on reducing the consumption of cow flesh.You can find the article through this link, We have a steak in it: Eliciting interventions to reduce beef consumption and its impact on biodiversity.You can find out more about Matthew at...


Roger Yates – Online Activism and Using Humour in Animal Advocacy

On this show we’re joined by animal activist and sociologist Roger Yates. The discussion covers a wide range of topics, including: his activism with the Vegan Information Project, online activism in a time when other forms of activism are less possible, challenging an “animals only” mindset in the movement, the animal rights versus welfare debate, and using humour in advocacy. Links:Roger Yates on Youtube: Animal Rights Show:...


13 Ways We Prevent Dissonance and Justify Eating Animals - Prof Hank Rothgerber

We chat with Professor Hank Rothgerber from Bellarmine University, Kentucky, USA, about his research about human-animal interactions in the context of food choices. Through his work Hank aim’s to address how people psychologically approach eating animals.We discuss Hanks recent paper, ‘Meat-related cognitive dissonance: A conceptual framework for understanding how meat eaters reduce negative arousal from eating animals’.