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Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.

Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.
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Melbourne, VIC


Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.






21 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065 (03) 9376 4728


Graeme Linsell - How to help & save wildlife

We chat with Graeme Linsell, a Melbourne-based volunteer wildlife rescuer & carer. He talks us through what's involved in this critically important role, some of the basic principles, & how we can get trained so that we too can help save lives. Wildlife Rescuers Incorporated (northern & north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne) Wildlife Victoria (statewide)


Language & animals

We discuss language and animals and how by design, language acts as a weapon against animals perpetuating speciesism through demeaning terms like ‘you cow’ or by laundering terms that hide cruelty, for example, a 'processing plant' instead of a slaughterhouse. We also have categories of language to label species as belonging or not belonging - for example, native, pest or feral - and a species can switch catgegory depending on our human agenda for the landscape. Speciesism means the...


Elio Celotto - Horse Racing Kills

We are joined by a local campaigner from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, Elio Celotto, to discuss the inherent issues with horse racing and what we can do about it. In Australia, we are days away from the Melbourne Cup, a 3200 m race where horses are often pushed to physical exhaustion or injury by being forced to race.You can find out more about the campaign at the website - and check out upcoming events at their Facebook page -...


Esther Alloun – Animal Activism in Palestine/Israel

This show features the talk ‘Veganwashing Israel’s Dirty Laundry? Animal Politics and Nationalism in Palestine-Israel’ by scholar-activist Esther Alloun. You can find more of Esther’s work at the following link: Esther’s talk is from the conference ‘Animal Nationalisms: Multispecies cultural politics, race, and nation (un)building narratives’, organised by the Deakin Critical Animal Studies Network. For more information about this group, check out:...


Doug Leith - Melbourne Save Animals In Laboratories

We're in the studio talking with Doug Leith, president of Melbourne Save Animals In Laboratories (MSAIL), about vivisection (animal experimentation) in Australia, as well as how and why it fails to meet its claimed objectives of improved human health outcomes. Doug also talks about the work of MSAIL. MSAIL


The case of the cassowaries and pig dog hunters

We chat with Ingrid Marker about how large bodied dogs, in particular hunting dogs trained to kill pigs, are lethal to the cassowary population who are already up against it with their disappearing habitat, roads, and fragmented landscapes.Mentioned in podcast & for more information: of the Earth FNQ: Panel of Experts in Environmental Law/APEEL:...


Consistent Anti-oppression

We speak with two activists from Melbourne, Trevor and Bess, about consistent anti-oppression. They unpack what it means and why it's important.You can find out more about Consistent Anti-oppression here.


Earthcare St Kilda & the Little Penguin colony

We speak with Dr Annett Finger, Dr Nikki Kowalczyk, and Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake about the colony of Little Penguins that live on a Melbourne breakwater in Port Phillip Bay. They talk about the circumstances that make this colony unique & about the important research conducted by Earthcare St Kilda. We'll also hear how a recent industrial fire in Melbourne's western suburbs may pose serious risks to the health of Port Phillip Bay & the penguin colony.Earthcare St Kilda...


ICAS Collective – Single Issue Campaigns and Veganism

This show features a talk on the debate in the animal advocacy movement around “single issue campaigns” that focus on one particular product or form of animal exploitation, examples include anti-fur campaigns and advocating against the dog meat trade. This talk ‘Veganism, Colonialism and Single Issue Campaigns’ is by the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania collective and you can listen to the whole talk, including audiences’ contributions that weren’t featured on the show,...


Darryl Jones on feeding wild birds

We speak with Darryl Jones about his book on why we feed wild birds & why it matters. Bird feeding says a lot about us in these challenging times so tune in and find out more.


Jacy Reese - The End Of Animal Farming

This podcast is of a recent presentation given at the University of Tasmania. "Reese will trace out a roadmap for how humanity is transitioning to the end of animal farming. The timeline has four stages: Foundation, Revolution, Stigmatization, and Follow-Through. Reese will trace out the most important developments of technological and social change in each of these stages, such as the advent of clean meat (real meat made without animal slaughter), a shift in outrage against factory farming...


Beth Allan and Brighde Kennedy – Challenging Sexism in the Animal Advocacy Movement

We are joined by animal advocates Beth Allan and Brighde Kennedy who discuss their own experiences of dealing with sexism in the movement and some ways we can work to overcome this problem as a movement. You can hear Beth discussing this issue at the recent Community As Activism event. The session is on Transformative Justice and Me Too, featuring Beth as well as Jess Ison and Anne-lise Ah-fat:


Support the 1080 Summit to ban this cruel poison

Andy Meddick tells us who will be speaking & on the panel at the upcoming 1080 summit taking place in Melbourne on the 25th August and Charlie Jackson-Martin from Sydney Fox & Dingo Rescue joins in on this chat for change so desperately needed. Please buy a ticket even if you don't attend-only $15- to support this important campaign.For more info on the summit & tix:…/animal_justice_party_nat…


Environmental Liberation Through Animal Liberation

FoS presenters recently gave a talk at the Students of Sustainability Conference 2018 called 'Environmental Liberation Through Animal LIberation'. We highlight some of the key points from that talk by covering the connections between animal and environmental movements, including exploring the environmental impact of animal agriculture. You can see the associated PowerPoint presentation for some references and visuals on the topic.


Jess Ison – Community As Activism

We’re joined by Jess Ison from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) who discusses the upcoming workshop-based discussion forum in Melbourne: ‘Community as Activism: Building Community within the Animal Liberation Movement and Beyond’. Event Details:Saturday 4 August, 1-5pm at Library at the Dock (107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands). The event is free but registration through the following link is essential to ensure your spot:...


Judi & Bryce Inglis - The misunderstood rabbit

We have Dr Judi & Bryce Inglis in the studio, describing their work advocating for the much-misunderstood house rabbit whose welfare is largely ignored in Australia. Their organisation, Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage, is dedicated to bringing education to all levels of government as well as the public, leading to improved welfare and legal change. Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage


Protecting Asian Elephants in Myanmar

We speak with Dr John McEvoy about his work tracking Asian elephants in Myanmar. We discuss the threat that that elephants are facing from poachers and how elephant-human relationships in local areas are key to keeping the elephants safe.


Jacquie Rand TNR & cat diversion

Speak to a vet & they will tell you thousands of healthy cats & kittens in our urban /peri-urban areas are euthanaised by the "bucket load" throughout Australia & this is NOT bringing cat populations down or improving conditions for our wildlife. What it is doing is making the job for animal health workers & rescue groups intolerable at times and creating a lot of dead cats. There is a much better way to manage these populations through TNR programmes & cat diversion. Jacquie Rand from the...


Mark Allen – Holistic Activism

We’re joined by Mark Allen who discusses his holistic approach that he has developed through many years of activism. According to his zine on holistic activism, this approach provides ‘some ideas about how we can reduce conflict among activists, create campaigns that are long lasting, reach out and connect with people who have different values to that of our own and work towards a meaningful shift in paradigm.’ You can read this zine at:...


Narelle & Nicko - On plastic rubbish & marine animals

We have Narelle, coordinator of the Melbourne chapter of Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign, and Nicko, founder of Scab Duty, live in the studio. They're talking about the devastating impacts of rubbish, particularly plastic, on the ocean's inhabitants. Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign Duty documentary