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Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.

Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.


Melbourne, VIC


Animal advocacy on the airwaves, hosted by a team of local animal advocates.






21 Smith Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065 (03) 9376 4728


Positive Animal News with Mexie!

This show features Youtuber and podcaster Mexie on celebrating the victories that have already been won for animals as well as imagining what future victories can be achieved. Links for Mexie: The Vegan Vanguard podcast: PLN (Positive Leftist News) Youtube: Mexie Youtube: Links to some of the articles discussed featuring victories for animals:...


Healing the World with Comedy (Rotations Musical Comedy Special)

This Rotations show features musical comedy songs with some kind of political or social commentary. It is hosted by Nick from Freedom of Species and his partner Katie. The show originally aired on Rotations on 3CR Community Radio on 22 August 2021. For more about the Rotations show, see: Music played: Comedy by Bo Burnham: Look Who’s Inside Again by Bo Burnham: HouseFyre by Briggs and Tim Minchin:...


Kate Hall, Xenotransplantation and Dystopian Fiction

Adam and Davita are joined by the wonderful author Kate Hall. Kate is currently working on a dystopian novel around xenotransplantation. She provides a powerful critique of the practice of using animal-to-human transplants. She also introduces us to her protagonist Mouse by reading a few vivid excerpts from her novel in progress. Kate's published novel Kate Hazel Hall - From Darkness: Kate's recommendations for animal focused books: Laura Jean McKay - The...


Anti-vax and Ableism

Trev and Davita are joined by seasoned activist Claire to discuss the crossover between ableism and anti-vax sentiment in the vegan community. We critique issues around the accessibility within the movement, especially for people with an immunodeficiency. This is particularly timely considering the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine hesitancy. Links: William Cooper (First Nations Anti-Nazi history)...


Animal Liberation Queensland - discussion with Chay Neal and Amanda Holly

Chay Neal (Executive Director) and Amanda Holly (Campaign Manager, Intensive Farming) from Animal Liberation Queensland speak with us about ALQ's approach to animal rights advocacy and some of their successful campaigns including their expose on live baiting in the greyhound industry, the amazing BEEF.ORG.AU campaign, their campaign for veganism Vegan4Life, rodeo campaigns and more. Links: Animal Liberation QLD Greyhound racing campaign


McDonald’s – Bringing Everybody Together (Because Everyone Hates Them!)

Harley McDonald-Eckersall from Animal Rebellion discusses their campaign demanding McDonald’s goes totally plant-based by 2025. This campaign has included a blockade of a McDonald’s burger factory and distribution centres. Links: Find out more about Animal Rebellion here: For more information on the McLibel case mentioned during the show, you can check out the documentary ‘McLibel’ and the following website: Music played: Frenzal...


Interview with Vanessa Letico

Trev and Davita chat with Vanessa Letico - author of the children's book Luca's Adventure From Table-to-Farm. Vanessa and the illustrator Diandra Hwan have published a compassionate and gentle book that vegans, vegetarians and vegan-curious people can read to their kids. Listen back for our interview with Vanessa about her book. Links: You can find Vanessa's book here:...


Stop Mocking Mock Meats! Interrogating Media Reporting on Plant-Based Meats

On this show we analyse mainstream media reporting on plant-based meats and discuss the benefits of eating plant-based rather than animal-based meats, for animals and the environment. Links: The article we discuss for most of the show is ‘Plant-based meat sales are soaring, but experts warn it may not be better for you or the environment’ by Cara Waters in The Sydney Morning Herald:...


Reducing Wild Animal Suffering (WAS)

Have you ever heard people discussing gene editing of predators to turn them into herbivores? Or to gene edit animals who have many offspring, to have them create far fewer offspring? These are some of the extreme suggestions coming from advocates to reduce the suffering of wild animals. So what’s up with WAS? Davita and Trev discuss ideas within this movement, and the many responses to it. Links: Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations: Herbivorize...


Lamb Care Australia and winter lambing

We speak with Robyn from Lamb Care Australia, a not-for-profit registered charity that resucues and rehomes orphanied lambs born during the lambing season in Victoria.We discuss how Robyn's experiences caring for newborn lambs prompted her and others to form the charity and how they help lambs in need with the support of exceptional carers. Robyn talks about some of the lambs that have really made an impact on her including Ben, Dawn and Mimi. Ben is pictured in the photo with Robyn...


Radiothon 2021 Animal Trivia!

On this show we are raising money to support 3CR Radiothon with our animal trivia show! Please donate via our GiveNow page: 3CR has supported Freedom of Species for over ten years. Anything you can donate is a big help! Thank you everybody who has donated already. Listen in and see if you can beat us to the correct answers! All hosts are live on air and the winner of this show is the sound effects. Music Played Magic Dirt 'Competition Girl' -...


Centering Animals in the News

The recent snap lockdown in Melbourne provided a good opportunity for Trev and Davita to stay put and review what has happened in the past months in the animal advocacy world. Listen in to the Freedom of Species News Show for current events in Melbourne and Victoria’s activism groups, international activism, legislation and culture and media. And please donate to our radiothon campaign, to keep Freedom of Species and 3CR on the air for another year!...


It’s Not Natural! Challenging Speciesism with Animal Rebellion

This show features the talk 'Anti-speciesism and the Fight for Global Climate Justice' by Harley and Jam from Animal Rebellion. The talk covers speciesism (discrimination based on species) and connections to other issues such as capitalism, colonisation and racism. Links: Check out the video of the full talk on Animal Rebellion’s Youtube channel: Find out more about Animal Rebellion here:


Animal Rebellion, Individual Veganism and System Change

This show features Harley McDonald-Eckersall from Animal Rebellion on the role of individual veganism and system change within the animal movement. Links for the show: Find out more about Animal Rebellion here: This show builds on the themes covered on our previous episode: 1 in 3 People Support Plant-Based Diets – Progress for the Vegan Movement!...


Animal Welfare in the Worlds Biggest Nation - China

We speak with researcher and author Dr Peter Li from the University of Houston-Downtown. Peter specialises in East Asian Politics whose research covers elite politics of China, Northeast Asian security, U.S.-China relations and China’s environmental and animal welfare politics. He also consults international animal welfare organizations. In march 2021, Peter published the book ‘Animal Welfare in China’ through Sydney University Press. The book explores the key animal welfare challenges...


‘Human liberation, animal rights, one struggle, one fight!’

Relisten to this show for a reflection on animal liberation, total liberation and the use of both legal and illegal direct actions. Trev and Davita are joined over zoom by Kevin Heller. Kevin used to be part of the support group of the Animal Liberation Front in the Netherlands and Belgium. We discuss the context and strategies of these actions in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and how antifascism and anarchism connected to these actions. We would like to hear from you dear listeners!...


Taking Action for Dolphins

Action for Dolphins campaigns to protect dolphins all around the world. We speak with Action for Dolphins CEO, Hannah Tait, about the risks faced by dolphins, the projects the organisation is working on and their past successes. You can learn more about Action for Dolphins and support their work through their website: During the show we showcased the Australian band, Grey Whistle Test.


Navigating Activism and burnout with Dr Ash Nayate

We speak with Dr Ash Nayate, clinical neuropsychologist, author and speaker about her book Staying Positive in a F*cked Up World, animal rights activism and activist burnout. You can find Ash on Facebook at Vegan Neurospychologist. Adam mentions a related book Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy by Dr Casey T. Taft. We play music by Katie White, a West Australian singer songwriter turn vegan cook and food photographer. The three songs on today's show are: All the Same, 106 and Brumby....


Discussing Seaspiracy

We discuss the recently release netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, with Bronwyn the organiser of advocacy group Melbourne Fish Save. We identify the good parts, some bad parts and some missed opportunities within the documentary.If you care about fish and want to get active to support them please consider joining Melbourne Fish Save, or your local fish advocacy group.


Vegan Fact Check (Part 1)

Davita and Trev fact check arguments for and against veganism in this show, related to health, ethics and the environment. We do not support an uncritical adoption of a vegan diet, so that's why often heard arguments within the vegan movement will be scrutinized too. Some of the arguments we discuss include: "It's natural for us to eat animals" - major red flags! What is this 'appeal to nature' argument? And how have other social justice movements responded to this 'nature' argument?...