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RNN040 - 12 Days of Fishmas (2018)

More coral spawning, a roast over the squid emoji and the 12 days of Fishmas. The Acan Lord spawning at Ultimate Corals is big news for all hobbyists, and Monterey Bay Aquarium gets a little troll like on Apple's Squid emoji. Jeremy says let there be light over his system and had a busy Saturday making it to a few local event's at Ocean State Aquatics and the CTARS holiday party. Peter had an adventure all his own that was a bother but ended up having a silver lining. All this and more on...


RNN039 - Used and Hopefully not abused: Part Duex (2018)

IVF for the GBR, The Best salts of 2018 and Used and Hopefully NOT Abused Part Duex. An amazing large-scale coral spawn collection project is taking place on the Great Barrier Reef. A quick look at a blog post about the best-selling salt mixes of 2018 from the SaltWaterAquarium Blog. The tip ties right into the report on salt mixes and provides some helpful tips for making your saltwater. Jeremy and Peter catch you up on their systems. Jeremy has made some forward progress on the lighting...


038 - Used and Hopefully not Abused (2018)

Sunscreen Warning, a Bad time for Sea Turtles and Used NOT Abused Part 1. A great video to share about the need for Sunscreen alternatives from BBC Earth. The Audobon Society of Massachusetts tells a sad story of cold stunned Sea Turtles. Jeremy and Peter give you a quick breakdown of what's going on in their systems. There is still a tiny little bit of time to vote for the Shrimp Bowl contest (ENDS TONIGHT at Midnight) and this is a real deal contest with a great amount of voting, get your...


RNN037 - Designer Genes (2018)

Big Ol' Filter socks?, Salt vs. Fresh and Designer Genes. An Australian town installs big nets on drainage pipes with great success and plans to expand this measure. We go over a blog post about the cost comparison in the short term and long term of Freshwater vs. Saltwater tanks. Jeremy and Peter are making progress on their systems. There is still time to vote for the Shrimp Bowl contest and this is a real deal contest with a great amount of voting, get your friends and family involved!!...


RNN036 - The Farnsworth Method! (2018)

Strategic Plan for Coral Reef Eco-Systems, Shimp bowl contest update and the Farnsworth Method all this and more on Episode 36 of the Reef News Network! Jeremy and Peter catch you up on their systems progress. A mini review on the Aquatic Life Hybrid T5HO / LED fixture. The news this week is all positive, NOAA updates its strategic plan for coral ecosystems, The RNN mobile studio is born, the event schedule is filling up for 2019 and it's time to fulfil your civic duty as a for...


RNN035 - Back to Basics! (2018)

Lose your socks, breaking the law and Back to basics with Mr. Afishionado himself, an exclusive interview with Richard Back! All this and more on Episode 35 of the Reef News Network! In this episode we get updated on Jeremy and Peter's progress with their systems. Jeremy has finished the stand put it in place and has the tank up on it, huge progress this week. Peter has finished setting up the video studio and picked up some more red hot frags for his Waterbox system. We bring your attention...


RNN034 - Don't react, setup a reactor! (2018)

MACNA Speaker videos drop, a listener call and don't react, set up a reactor! This week we catch up with Jeremy and a now healthy Peter and get the lowdown on what they have going on. Jeremy is still working on his stand but making real progress and should be finished with it before the next set of show notes. Peter is setting up a video production studio to add even more awesome content from RNN, eagerly awaiting another WWC delivery and updates us on the Waterbox. We help you to avoid any...


RNN033 - The Full Monti (2018)

This week we shake things up a bit and not only have a listener call in, we also call a listener & get down to business with The Full Monti. Jeremy has finally started to make some progress on his tank build and is hoping to build some momentum, Peter fills us in on his trip to Chi-Town and tries not to hack up a lung while recording sick (all for the good of the podcast). All this and more on episode 33 of the Reef News Network. Host Chat: Upcoming Events: Frag Farmer's Market -...


RNN032 - On the Road Again (2018)

20K Dream tank giveaway, Indo export ban lifted, a listener call about Algae and On the Road Again. This week Jeremy and Peter chat about some cool updates and plans for their systems, fill us in on an epic giveaway, speak with reservation about the Indo ban being lifted, and give us a quick breakdown on how they hope this episode will work. All this and more on Episode 32 of the Reef News Network. Host Chat: Upcoming Events: Aquarium Extravaganza -...


RNN031 - 99 Problems (2018)

Two New and Spectacular Anthias, HUGE news from Richard Afishionado Back and 99 Problems: Nuisance Algae, get out of our heads and out of our tanks, RNN's top 6 offenders in the category and how to handle them. This week Jeremy and Peter talk about a few of the gems they picked up at CTARS Fragtoberfest, and a few updates on their systems and Peter is about to be on the road again for the Aquarium Extravaganza. Our tip of the week covers a nice little tip on using rubble to replace a frag...


RNN030 - CopeGod!!! (2018)

A promising study for potential rehabbing of our coral reefs, a listener call and Peter gets us the inside scoop from the Pod God himself, Mr. Chad Clayton of Reef Nutrition. In this episode we catch up with Peter’s new system and his favorite subscription box, Jeremy is ready to take on his beast of a stand and gives a brief update about his rescued Discus. Our news article brings some positive news on rehabilitating the reefs. Our caller asks what makes a standout store in our opinion. All...


RNN029 - Movin on Up! (2018)

An improbable reef in Colombia, Images of a rare very deep-water species and Movers and Shakers, Moving on Up or to the east side, without bringing your tank certain demise. In this episode we catch up with Peters major upgrade, Jeremy is still talking freshwater but brings a bit of salt into the mix. Colombia's Veradero reef is an improbable reef that is at risk even with its adaptability. This reef could prove to be a major key to scientific discovery. Footage of a rare species from the...


RNN028 - Srub-a-dub dub and glug glug glug (2018)

A breath of fresh air for those emergency situations, positive signs for the great barrier reef and Scrub a dub dub and a glug glug glug ATS, reactors and vodka dosing. In this episode we catch up with your hosts, Peter has a major reveal about his NEW upgrade and Jeremy is making progress on his planted tank school build. In the news we cover some positive info on the GBR and Cobalt Aquatics brings a no brainer to own reef saving product to market. We go to the phones for our tip of the...


RNN027 Mushrooms got my mind, no were not trippin' (2018)

Pickling your reef, a podcast about straws and Mushrooms got my mind. This week we catch up with our hosts and talk about some setbacks for Peter and about a planted tank build Jeremy is doing. In the news we discuss a podcast that has an entire episode on the straw and talk a bit about Kessil's new light. Our tip of the week is full of homegrown goodness covering an alternative source for your Kalkwasser. For the main event we get into Mushrooms and you are gonna trip over all this great...


RNN026 - LEDs Please! (2018)

Seeing Star(fish), a whole new reef and LEDs Please with Logan Vanghele of ReefBreeders. This week we chat about Jeremy, Peter and Logan's systems. We hear a bit about some awesome starfish an amazing newly found Atlantic ocean reef off the coast of South Carolina and Peter talks cleaning LEDs with Logan for our tip of the week. For our main topic we find out a bit about Logan and ReefBreeders and tap into his brilliant brain to get a broad understanding of LEDs and your tank. All this and...


RNN025 - Doctor, Doctor (2018)

A new aqua-cultured angelfish, live events catchup, and Hospital Tanks 101. This week we catch up a bit with your hosts and what Jeremy and Peter have going on in their systems. Talk about some aquaculture awesomeness and scholarly aptitude in the news. Get the play by play on the adventures Peter had at Aquashella and Aquarium Care Center BASH 2018 and dive into Hospital Tanks. All this and more on Episode 25 of the Reef News Network! Host Chat Mentions: SUPER MEGA AWESOME SHRIMP...


RNN024 - All About That Scape, No Trouble (2018)

France jumps on board the no single use plastics train, Super Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build Contest & All about that scape, bout that scape no troubles! This week we get into scaping that tank, whether it is the substrate you are using, the rocks you stack or tips on things to think about when it comes to flow and scaping we got you covered! In addition, we talk news as usual and take some listener calls, all this and more on episode 24 of the Reef News Network! Host...


RNNSP2 - Team Fritz RAP NY (2018)

This week on the Reef News Network we have the long awaited and overdue Team Fritz interview from RAP NY.


RNN023 - Get on Your Cycle and Ride (2018)

Ban the straw, stolen sharks and get on your cycle and ride! This week special guest host Rachel Fogel joins us to talk all about tank cycles and common myths and misconceptions. In addition, we laugh a lot, screw up words, hear about stolen sharks and get updates on The Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build Contest. All this and more on episode 23 of the Reef News Network! Host Chat Mentions: AquaShella Chicago - MACNA Las Vegas -...


RNN022 - Rhythm & Flow (2018)

Ocean cleanup project, Sharkweek shark facts & Rhythm and FLOW for your reef. This week we get fluid and talk flow, we will get into power heads, gyres, closed loops and more. Many people consider flow one of the key if not THE key parameter when it comes to a successful reef tank. Hop in the undertow and take a ride with us as we talk about abut the hardware, why you need it, how to use it and as always some great tips and tricks, all this and More on Episode 22 of the Reef News...