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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.




Celebrating Memorial Day and understanding what canine soldiers do

Celebrating Memorial Day week with Chris Willingham, president of U.S. War Dogs Association. This amazing non-profit sends care packages to currently working military dogs (MWD) but there’s a special focus on retired MWD, who ultimately do require veterinary care which they support. Also discussed is a history of MWD, and what the canine soldiers do, and […]


The importance of Dog Art and the Global Art Dog Gallery, heightened need to update dogfighting laws, and more

Michael Puck, founder K9 Photo and Global Art Dog Gallery explains that we know dogs are healthful. For example, in hospital, patients do better when dog therapy appears. However, that’s not always possible so the next best thing is dog art, even in an office setting to alleviate stress at work. President Animal Wellness Action and Center for Humane Economy Wayne Pacelle […]


Leptospirosis and how to prevent it, tips for taking care of your new kitten, and more

There’s nothing Dr. Natalie Marks would rather talk about – it’s leptospirosis. And why Chicago, named ‘the rattiest city,’ is so prevalent with this disease. Lepto can make dogs very ill or even be fatal, and potentially be spread to people – yet it’s also preventable. Registered veterinary technician specialist in behavior is Tabitha Kucera offers […]


The upcoming 29th Annual Bark in the Park on Saturday May 20th at Soldier Field, the best places to get dogs, and more

The 29th Annual Bark in the Park is around the corner benefiting Chicago’s oldest animal shelter. A discussion with Tracy Elliott, president of the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago Bark in the Park is Saturday, May 20 at Soldier Field at The Stadium Green (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). One option is a 2-mile walk along the Lakefront, or […]


The negative consequences of declawing, heart disease in dogs and cats, and more

Dr. Kelly St. Denis is a past president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. We discuss why declaw has negative consequence in nearly all cats, instead living with clawed cats is the way to go. And Dr. St. Denis explains how to encourage cats to scratch in all the right places. And she explains what Cat […]


National Therapy Animal Day and the winner of Pet of the Year

A special celebration of therapy dogs and the human animal bond kicking it off with Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller (6th district) proclaims April 30 Pet Partners National Therapy Animal Day in Cook County. Annie Peters, president/CEO of Pet Partners discusses National Therapy Animal Day and who what Pet Partners does changes and even saves lives. Steve Dale’s Pet World honored to make […]


Most common allergies among dogs, how characteristics in dogs occur, and more

Dealing with pets who have allergies: This is the time of year when seasonal allergies, so common in people, also begin to happen in dogs. You might be surprised at the most common allergies among dogs, as explained by Dr. Adam Christman, Chief Medical Officer DVM360. A fascinating conversation with veterinary behaviorist Dr. Leanne Lilly of the Ohio […]


What the After Hours Veterinary Crisis Care Program is all about, National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and more

Operations Manager at Chicago Animal Care and Control Angela Rayburn, and Founder of Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Charlie Propsom talk about how an abused dog named Sweetie was recently saved. Rayburn talks about prosecuting the abuser to the full extent of the law, and Propsom explains what the After Hours Veterinary Crisis Care Program is all about and […]


Western Veterinary Conference, alternatives to brushing your pet’s teeth, and more

Jackie Ott Jaakola, executive director of 55-year old non-profit EveryCat Health Foundation. She explains how this organization has had it’s paw in pretty much everything we know about cat health, most recently changing feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) from fatal to treatable. Also, about how EveryCat Health and especially a legendary researcher Dr. Niels Pedersen made it possible […]


Tick diseases and prevention, the correlation between aging in our pets and Alzheimer’s disease in humans, and more

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Chris Pachel talks about aging cats and dogs, and the correlation to Alzheimer’s disease in humans. He talks about signs to watch out for, and what you can do both help your pet and help family members to live with this impaired pet. Fear Free and pain and a swine on the lamb. Registered […]


A game-changer medication for arthritis in cats, 7 reasons to adopt a dog or cat, and more

Dr. Mike Petty explains that cats are masters of masking pain, and so many behavior problems in cats occur because of a medical explanation, very often arthritis. Dr. Petty explains how cats offer subtle signs of pain. There’s now a medication – specifically approved for arthritis in cats, called Solensia, which Dr. Petty calls “a game […]


International canine welfare crisis, concerning trend in dog training, and more

Dr. Gerald Bell makes a surprising announcement about an “international canine welfare crisis” concerning some of the most popular dog breeds. He is the chair of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Heredity Disease Committee and adjunct professor Tufts University. Credentialed Dog trainer Steve Frost, President of A Sound Beginning Chicago on an unfortunate trend in dog training. Discussed […]


Veterinary Diagnostic Centers brings a new ultrasound facility to Chicago, the importance of telemedicine, and more

Dr. Jeffrey Bloomberg, medical director Veterinary Diagnostic Centers in Chicago explains what this new ultrasound facility will be, offering an option for the lack of availability for ultrasounds at 3114 W. Irving Park Road. Unfortunately, the current shortages in the profession and a record number of pet parents combine for a sometimes unreasonable wait to get the […]


Illinois State Rep Rita Mayfield talks new bill that will prevent insurance companies from discriminating against dog breeds regarding homeowners and renters insurance

Kara Burns, board member EveryCat Health Foundation and a veterinary technician specialist in nutrition discusses how medically urgent it may be if a cat goes 24 hours without eating. And the “finicky” cat might be finicky, but often there is a medical explanation. And she explains how important the texture of food is for cats. And the […]


The 61st Annual Benefit Lincoln State Cat Show returns to DuPage County Fairgrounds

Lincoln State Cat Club Show Manager Jeremy Basterash on the 61st Annual Benefit Lincoln State Cat Show, February 25-26, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at DuPage County Fairgrounds Building One, 2015 Manchester Rd, Wheaton, IL. Basterash explains what happens at a cat shows (beginning with explaining that cat shows are nothing like dog shows). Steve is speaking […]


How to easily clip your dog’s nails, recognizing arthritis in cats, and more

Taylor Rezvani, executive director and co-founder Whole Dog Academy and on the Education Committee of the Human Animal Bond Association discusses what consent or cooperative care dog training is all about, and how this approach supports the human-animal bond. Also, discussed is how to use this approach to reduce dog bites. And how to clip your dog’s nails the […]


Dr. Mary Gardner talks geriatric cats and the best ways to care for them in her book ‘Nine Lives Are Not Enough’

The first time likely talked about to the public: Dr. David Twedt, internal medicine specialist and professor emeritus Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine explains how a group of respected experts strongly believe that there is simply too much copper in dog foods – and explains what the significant health ramifications may be for […]


New Wildcat docudrama, what we know regarding the benefits of CBD products for pets, and more

Chicago’s own Dr. Dana Varble, chief medical officer North American Veterinary Community VMX Veterinary Conference talks with Steve from the Conference in Orlando, FL about new technology which will help your pets in 2023, including a new drug (Solensia) approved specifically for arthritis in cats and new ways to identify cancers early. Dr. Joe Wakshlag, professor Cornell University on […]


Dr. Tammy Grubb reveals secrets regarding cats and pain, Dr. Meghan Herron covers how to introduce a cat into a new home, and more

Cat doesn’t have Steve’s tongue – the entire program is devoted to cats. Dr. Tammy Grubb, board certified anesthesiologist, adjunct professor at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and President Elect International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, reveals secrets regarding cats and pain because cats aren’t going to tell us. And about a new drug now available […]


Dr. Natalie Marks predictions for pets in 2023 including new technology to better understand pain in pets

Dr. Natalie Marks pulls out her crystal ball and offers a veterinarian’s perspective of what she sees happening for pets in 2023, including but not limited to new technology to better understand pain in pets, a new drug for painful cats, and how more states will likely ban sales of dogs and cats at pet […]