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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.

The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.


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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.




Barry Livingston on being a childhood actor in Hollywood and how things have changed over the years

Steve Dale is joined by Barry Livingston, known for his role as “Ernie Douglas” on the television series My Three Sons, about his time in Hollywood and maintaining a healthy relationship with his wife through it all. Barry also shares details about book “The Importance of Being Ernie: From My Three Sons to Mad Men, […]


Chicago radio legend Tommy Edwards on telling animal stories and highlights of his career

Steve Dale is joined by Chicago radio legend Tommy Edwards to share how he got his start with “Animal Stories”; recalls some of his favorite experiences throughout his career, including working with Bob Sirott; and talks about his book “I Grew Up Listening to You: Stories from Behind the Mic”.


The benefits of CBD for you and your pets

Steve Dale speaks with Dr. Jennifer Weiss, founder and CEO of Cubbington’s Cabinet, about CBD and your pets. Dr. Weiss explains what CBD is, the benefits it has for humans and pets, and more.


The Great Ice Cream War between Steve Dale and Paul Lisnek has come to an end

Steve Dale speaks with John Manchester, owner of Windy City Sweets, about the Great Ice Cream War against Paul Lisnek. Steve shares the story about how the war came about; John provides us with the history of Windy City Sweets and tells us who the official winner is!


Steve Dale 2/21/2020 Full Show | How our pets are doing in the pandemic

So, how are our pets doing in the pandemic? Former Chicagoan, Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, Associate Professor Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Canisius College in Buffalo, NY found out the answers. Her study, “The Experience of Teleworking with Dogs and Cats in the United States During COVID-19” published in the Journal Animals. What are the upsides and downside of working […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 2/14/2021 | ‘Your Pandemic Puppy’, geriatric pets, and more

Dr. Marty Greer, author of Your Pandemic Puppy, talks about how pet adoptions have gone up as a result of the pandemic. And offers tips on what to do when you adopt beginning with socialization. And on how to do that, while keeping humans socially distanced. We also discuss crate training. Also, she says, keep in mind […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 1/24/2021 | Save da Hoomans Campaign, clinical trial for cats to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and more

Sara Serritella is the Director of Communications for the Institute of Translational Medicine, lecturer at The University of Chicago and Director of the Save da Hoomans Campaign. This is a collaboration among the top medical centers in Chicago to support breakthroughs in medicine, including promotion of clinical trials. This is about making health research accessible for everyone, […]


America’s Got Talent singer Branden James on his new book, ‘Lyrics of My Life’

Steve Dale speaks with Branden James, America’s Got Talent (AGT) singer, about his new book: “Lyrics of My Life”. Branden shares details about his experience on AGT, the impactful moment that inspired him to write the book, and much more.


Broadcast Legend Chuck Schaden on his new book “Chuck Schaden’s Radio Days”

Broadcast Legend Chuck Schaden joins Steve Dale to talk about his latest book, Chuck Schaden’s Radio Days! Chuck and Steve also dive into a conversation about Radio Theater and the undeniable importance it holds when exploring the history of radio.


Steve Dale Pet World 1/10/2021 | Cat scratching prevention, science behind the psychological effect of declawing, and more

What a great way to kick off the New Year! Dr. Kelly St. Denis, president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) discusses why AAFP now says Cat Friendly Practices can no longer maintain that certification if they practice declaw. And she explains why that is the case. We discuss the mounting science which supports the notion […]


Steve Dale Pet World 1/3/2021 | Alison Arngrim aka Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie, the greatest game change for cats, and more

Alison Arngrim, who way back, was Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie was voted TV’s number one B****. But she can’t be all bad because she’s a cat lover. We discuss her celebrity cat, Roswell. You can find Roswell – who Alison says is very strange – is a social media star who does interviews. […]


Steve Dale Pet World 12/20/2020 | Keeping your pets safe during the Howlidays

Dr. Natalie Marks offers tips of keeping our pets safe over the howlidays. I reveal that Santa might be on a diet this year, so if you leave out sugar-free cookies or brownies for Mr. Claus, that’s thoughtful. But if the dessert contains a sugar substitute called Zylitol, not to mention chocolate, you could wind […]


ENAZ: The Mother-Daugher Boutique makes it a point to highlight and support local designers

Steve Dale speaks with Samantha Shapiro, one of the Co-Owners of ENAZ (Energy, Nature, Attitude & Zest for life), about the history of the store and everything they offer. Samantha explains their positioning as a “mother-daughter boutique”, on-going efforts to promote local designers, and more.


Steve Dale’s Pet World 12/13/2020 | Separation anxiety in dogs, the importance of kindness in children, and more

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Debbie Horwitz talks about how dogs and cats might be anxious at this time of year, and what to do about it. Dr. Horwitz is a contributing editor to a pair of amazing books for the pet lovers in your family, Decoding Your Dog and Decoding Your Cat. I wrote the introduction to each book, […]

Steve Dale’s Pet World 12/6/2020 | Choosing the right pet for your family

At this time of year, the biggest question comes from the kids, “Can we get a puppy?” But as Dr. Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer of the North American Veterinary Community explains, maybe you’d be better off with a Guinea pig, a pet bird or a cat for Christmas. And then where do you get a Guinea […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/29/2020 | Are we benefiting by having pets in the pandemic?

Two legends in one show: Dr. Aubrey Fine, professor emeritus California Polytech State University, licensed psychologist, author of many books and chair of the Scientific Advisory Group at Pet Partners. He’s the guy to ask this question, and he answers “Are we benefiting in the pandemic by having pets since they lessen our stress? Or […]


Steve Dale Pet World 11/22/2020 | Human-Animal Bond Association, Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show, and more

Marc Ayers, Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States has two pieces of really good news which are causing him to be giddy with excitement. DuPage County passed two ordinances which make the county absolutely more humane. One involves DuPage County Fairgrounds – so we don’t see things like dancing bears or even big […]


An update on the Moderna Vaccine Trial

Steve Dale speaks with Dr. Richard Novak, Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases at UI Health and Principal Investigator for Moderna Vaccine, about the importance of the Moderna Vaccine trial and the results they’ve been seeing thus far. Dr. Novak explains the difference of this vaccine compared to others, how this vaccine works when […]


John O’Hurley on the National Dog Show and ‘Living by his imagination’

Steve Dale speaks with Actor and National Dog Show Host John O’Hurley, about his experience on Seinfield, the importance of “living by his imagination,” and this year’s Thanksgiving National Dog Show.


Doc Emrick on his book “Off Mike”

Steve Dale speaks with his good friend and legendary NHL broadcaster, Doc Emrick, about his new book “Off Mike“. Doc shares backstory you won’t find in the book, touched on the broadcasters he grew up listening to and the integral role they played as he began his career; and more.