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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.


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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.




Steve Dale 5/24/2020 Full Show | Dr. Dana Varble, heart disease in cats, and more

With conflicting information in social media, regarding the truth about what we know (and don’t yet know) about pets and COVID-19, Dr. Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer North American Veterinary Committee clarifies. Dr. Chris Menges, chief veterinary officer at Basepaws, talks about feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a heart disease which occurs in far too many […]


Steve Dale 5/17/2020 Full Show | Dr. Anne Beall, the issues with swap meets, and more

Dr. Anne Beall, author of Helpful and Caring Cats: Felines Who Make a Difference says cats can be every bit as heroic and loyal as dogs – they’re just misunderstood. She discusses how cats have changed lives and saved lives. She maintains cats are most often misunderstood. You’ve heard about the wet markets in China and elsewhere […]


Steve Dale 5/10/2020 Full Show | Upcoming Beverly Hills Dog Show, how to help your dog deal with separation anxiety, and more

By the end of the year, no more horse drawn carriages in Chicago. Jodie Wiederkehr of the Chicago Alliance for Animals discusses why the non-profit has been seeking this ban. But now what happens to the horses? Hooray for Hollywoof! Perennial dog show announcer David Frei talks about the upcoming Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented […]


Steve Dale 5/3/2020 Full Show | Dog bite prevention, best flea/tick products, and more

Immediate past President of the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. John de Jong offers an update on what we know about COVID-19 and our pets. Mostly, though, we chat about dog bite prevention. He explains why most bites are preventable, and he offers several useful tips. Fleas and ticks don’t much care about the novel corona virus. Internationally […]


Steve Dale 4/26/2020 Full Show | Virtual veterinarian visits, putting the best paw forward, and more

So with all that’s going on, what do you need to see your veterinarian for or not? I speak with Chicago’s own Dr. Natalie Marks, about using your phone or even a telehealth option (via video conferencing) with your veterinary professional. Josh Feeney is a professional photographer, who voluntarily shoots shelter animals, including Chicago Animal […]


Steve Dale Full Show 4/19/2020 | Ways to keep your dog occupied, Bark in the Park Fundraiser, and more

Arguably, the most authoritative and responsive when it comes to COVID-19 and pets is the American Veterinary Medical Association. I asked AVMA President Dr. John Howe questions you want to hear answers to. We also talk about how veterinary professionals – who are on the front lines of public health – are among the heroes […]


Steve Dale Full Show 4/12/2020 | Dr. Scott Weese, Avoiding impulse pet purchases during this time, and more

I have now officially proclaimed Dr. Scott Weese the Dr. Anthony Fauci of veterinary medicine. Truly when veterinary professionals get up in the morning, the blog they check is Worms & Germs Blog. I am honored to interview Dr. Weese, professor Ontario Veterinary College and an infectious disease specialist who is world renown. Warning: Before listening […]


Steve Dale 4/5/2020 Full Show: The benefits of quarantining with your pets, debunking internet myths, and more

Dr. Dana Varble is the Chief Veterinary Officer of the North American Veterinary Community and works to heal pets right here in Chicago. One of the most often asked questions is, “How do I know if I should go to the veterinarian, given everything going on?” “Are there safety measures I should take?” Steve and […]


Steve Dale 3/29/2020 Full Show: COVID-19 and how shelters are handling the pandemic

Going to the most authoritative source for information regarding COVID-19 and pets, Steve talks with Dr. John Howe, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Answering questions, like are pets susceptible to COVID-19 and can they transmit it to one another pet or to humans? And what about touching a pet after someone who is […]


Steve Dale 3/22/2020 Full Show: Pawsilates and the science behind your dog’s anxiety

Andrea Metcalf is nationally known as an exercise-diet-health guru, who happens to be both based in Chicago and a dog lover. Steve talked about her newest class, Pawsilates, held at StudioFUSE (2215 N. Halsted St.) This is a gentle and fun way to work out with your dog, and enhance your pup’s social life too. […]


Steve Dale 3/15/2020 Full Show: COVID-19 and your pet

So many of you have asked, can our pets get or give to us the human COVID-19 novel corona virus? Chief Veterinary Officer, Scientific Affairs and Public Policy at the American Veterinary Medical Association Dr. Gail Golab explains why transmission to pets is exceedingly unlikely, if even possible. Learn more at Senator Linda Holmes (42nd) is […]


Steve Dale 3/8/2020 Full Show: Pucks and Paws day

March 29 is an epic battle, Rockford Ice Hogs battle the Chicago Wolves, and it’s all going to the dogs – as the game is Pucks and Paws day. You can actually bring your (social) dog to a hockey game for two bucks more. Don Levin the Wolves owner is a huge animal lover, but Rockford is […]


Steve Dale 3/1/2020 Full Show: Ban on Homeowners insurance profiling breeds

The good news is that Illinois (and also New York state) are attempting to do something about insurance companies charging more money for homeowners or rental insurance for certain breeds, or even refusing coverage because you have a Doberman or pit bull-type dog or even Australian Shepherd, or a long list of random breeds, depending […]


Steve Dale 2/23/2020 Full Show: Dr. Janet Donlin of the AVMA makes a special announcement about Steve

Dr. Janet Donlin, CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association makes a special announcement about our own Steve Dale. She also talks about the importance of dental care for pets; after all this is Pet Dental Health Month. Also, how veterinary professional can help, and how you can help wildlife still suffering in Australia in […]


Steve Dale 2/16/2020 Full Show: The Lincoln State Cat Show

It’s that time of year, the big cat show – the Lincoln State Cat Show comes to Kane County Fairgrounds in St. Charles on February 22-23. Steve talks with Show Manager Cary Plummer about this year’s show, which includes the rare “Werewolf cat” or Lykio breed. Among the talks in the education ring, Steve speaks […]


Steve Dale 2/9/2020 Full Show: Municipal Employees Credit Union's new Lend-a-Paw program

Veterinary costs can be expensive, and Steve talks with Chris McAuliffe of the Chicago Municipal Employees Credit Union about the their new Lend-a-Paw program. This option might even be better than pet insurance, at certainly better than paying interest on your charge card. Steve also offers helpful tips to keep your pets safe as the […]


Steve Dale 2/2/2020 Full Show: A new space to honor fallen CPD members at the Gold Star Families Memorial and Police Memorial Park

Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo and Bridget Shuda from the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation reveal the new space being provided at the Gold Star Families Memorial and Police Memorial Park just east of Soldier Field for fallen K9 and Equine members of the CPD. Hear how you can help to support this new project, […]


Steve Dale 1/26/2020 Full Show: PetAirapy and everything you should know about declaw

Infectious disease has a huge role regarding our pets at home, and far more so when we kennel or board them. Annette Uda, president and founder of PetAirapy talks about how an ultraviolet germicidal system can clobber bacteria, viruses and mold. Also, all about declaw – amputating cats’ claws – is certainly not a good […]


Steve Dale 1/19/2020 Full Show: Legalization of marijuana and how it impacts your pets

Steve talks with Dr. John Howe, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association about how legalization of marijuana impacts pets. This is really is something you need to be aware of. Also, Steve asked Dr. Howe about CBD, and whether or not those products are beneficial to pets. Steve also reviews the recent coyote hysteria […]


Steve Dale 1/12/2020 Full Show: Answering your questions!

You can email Steve your pet questions: Steve speaks with Dr. Drew Weigner, feline veterinarian and president of the Winn Feline Foundation about adoption two cats, one with the calici virus. And Steve answers a two more listener emails, one about a Bengal Cat with various behavior issues and another about a barking dog. Steve […]