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Brett Singer writes for The Daily Beast, and other outlets. TV appearances include Fox News, CNN, and ABC News Now. Check this page for a complete schedule of upcoming shows, or sign up for the iTunes feed.

Brett Singer writes for The Daily Beast, and other outlets. TV appearances include Fox News, CNN, and ABC News Now. Check this page for a complete schedule of upcoming shows, or sign up for the iTunes feed.
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Brett Singer writes for The Daily Beast, and other outlets. TV appearances include Fox News, CNN, and ABC News Now. Check this page for a complete schedule of upcoming shows, or sign up for the iTunes feed.






Brett Singer Live with Dan Zisson

It's always fun to talk to people you know and find out stuff you didn't know about them. Also fun to explore more in depth stuff you already know about them. "All around entertainment mammal" Dan Zisson joins Brett to talk about opera (yes, really), movie fighting, writing movies, and probably more. Tune in!


Brett Singer Radio returns!

What happens when a comedian is attacked during his set? Yes, that happened, last night, and we're here to tell you all about it. Steven Cohen joins Brett Singer on the air for a live show!


Rocky, Creed, Black Panther

Today Brett talks about movies, specifically "Rocky" (I-V, or one through five for those who don't do Roman numerals), and also "Creed" (great movie) and "Black Panther", beacuse everyone has to talk about "Black Panther" - it's awesome. More to come. Enjoy!


Tom Brady, Resolutions, Super Creeps

Today I talk about Tom Brady (don't worry, non-sports fans, it'll be quick), the folly of New Year's resolutions (I'm not a fan) and two current creepy creepos - Barry Lubin, aka Grandma, from the Big Apple Circus, and Gordon Edelstein from the Long Wharf Theater. Also, the creepiest creep of them all - Larry Nassar, the vile USA Gymnastics doctor. Plus a few words about the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" (it fits!) and whatever else is on my mind.


Hamildrops, Star Wars, and The Airing of Grievances

Today, on my final podcast before 2018 (unless I do another one), I discuss Lin-Manuel Miranda's lastest project, Hamildrops, which is songs inspired by, sometimes loosely, by his mega-hit musical Hamilton (perhaps you've heard of it). The first is a song called "Ben Franklin" by The Decemberists. Listen to it, it's good. Yes, Christmas came and went... but so did Festivus! There must be grievances, and said grievances must be aired. And I will air them! (One could argue that every podcast I...


Brett Singer 12-22-17

There's a lot of things going on in the world and I talk about very few of them today. War on Christmas - NOT A THING. Ed Sheeran? Kind of a thing! Not a huge fan of the latter but I don't hate him and there was an article in the New York Times about how he and others wrote the song "Shape of You" and it made me think of stuff. As for Marvel and DC movies, I want them both to be good. Why? Cuz I'm gonna see them no matter what. And I want to know what your Movie Binkie is. What's a Movie...


Brett Singer 12-20-17

I'm back. Brett Singer is back. The podcast is now a podcast. It was live and now it's still live but pre-recorded and unedited. Give it a listen and give me feedback or just listen. Really it's about listening. Rock on. NOTE: Something happened towards the end and some words were cut out. I don't know why. The podcasts I was talking about that I liked is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast, and the guest I thought was so great is Jay Baruchel. The story about President Obama and the preacher sounds...


Please vote. It's important.

Guess what? It's election day. You need to vote. It's important. Also on today's show: I tell jokes, stories, and maybe even play music if I need a break from blabbing. Call in, check the chat room, come over and hit me with a whiffle ball bat... whatever works for you. We are a full service radio program.


Halloween! Get Scared!

Remember when I said I was back? I am. Today is Halloween and I need to get on the air. Not because it's Halloween, although that is a great excuse to go live. Topics today include: a guy who threw a dildo onto the field during the New England Patriots game (really), rumors that gay people are lacing Halloween candy with drugs that make children gay (yes, also really), and a political ad warning of the dangers of marijuana legalisation from this decade (again — yes, really). Maybe I'll get...


Guess Who's Back?

Admit it. You missed me. Whether you did or not, I, Brett Singer, am back on Blog Talk Radio. This is a test show, meaning that after over 40 episodes I'm still insecure. But at least I own it. Let's go!


Brett Singer Live 11-6-12

Wanted to get in a show before the end of the world. Sorry, I mean Election Day. Why is Election Day the end of the world? You'll have to listen to find out. Also: Sandy, the marathon, the mayor, Whole Foods, Elmo's coconuts, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out.


Brett Singer Live

Note: I keep changing the time of the show because of external events. This time the reason is because I'm going to the Samsung press conference and it may go longer than I thought. I'll tell you what's up when I get on the air. --- I'd be lying if I said I had a specific plan for today's show. So let's try it out: "I have a specific plan for today's show." See what I did there? Honestly, I have reams of notes, mountains of news stories, and endless links that I have saved because I felt a...


Brett Singer Live 7-13-12

Note: New Day and Time Today we discuss Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show 'The Newsroom', sexism, and also Star Trek. Trust me, it's all connected. Plus why the geeks have already inherited the Earth and why you should just deal with it, and more. Tune in!


Interview with Wisconsin Parent Involved In Protests

Governor Walker's actions in Wisconsin have ignited a protest movement that no one could have predicted. Police estimate that over 100,000 people attended a rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol building on Saturday March 12. Today we will speak to a parent who became involved in the protests because many of the state employees that the Governor is attacking are teachers. If you want to know what's really happening in Wisconsin, tune in Monday at 3:30pm EST (2:30pm Wisconsin time).


Lots Of Things To Discuss Today

I've got a lot on my mind and I need to get it out. OUT! So I'm talking to you. Hoping that a couple of folks will call in so I'm chattering into the wind but if that's what happens, that's OK because, like I said -- lots to discuss.


Erica Jong And Attachment Parenting

Today we're talking Erica Jong and attachment parenting with Madeline Holler from Ms. Jong had some opinions about this particular mode of parental involvement, and I have some opinions about her opinions. My guest is Madeline Holler, who wrote about Jong's article for Tune in!


Government Cheese, The Tea Party, Schwarzenegger

Did you know that the US Government helped Domino's figure out how to get more cheese into their pizzas, while at the same time telling people to eat less fatty foods -- like, oh, I don't know... CHEESE?!? Big story in the New York Times, and we're talking about it. Also: why the Tea Party isn't really a party, why Arnold Schwarzenegger probably wasn't such a bad governor despite what people say, and anything else we have time for. Call in!


Interview: Nathan Rabin of The AV Club

My guest today is Nathan Rabin of The AV Club, author of the new book My Year of Flops, which Patton Oswalt called " Truly watching a genius nurse a score of frightened, wounded baby birds back to life--a superhuman level of care and compassion lavished on That Which Never Had A Right To Exist." We'll discuss the book, the nature of criticism, and why on Earth anyone ever thought making the movie 'Delgo' was a good idea.


Everybody Wants To Be Cool

Everybody wants to be cool. When did this start? James Dean? Earlier? Were there cavemen who tried to impress cavewomen with their designer woolly mammoth jackets? Today I'll talk about how everyone wants to be cool, including WikiLeaker Julian Assange and alleged blood diamond accepter Naomi Campbell, who testified at the Hague this week. Campbell succeeded in barring the media from taping her testimony, so I'll read some of her words, and imagine what else she might have said. (By that I...


Real Life Superheroes - No, Really

There are real life superheroes among us. No. Really. There are. They have an acronym - RLSH. They have web sites. I'm fascinated by these people, and you will be too. Also: Many stories have been told this week about George Steinbrenner, but one that I haven't seen mentioned is the saga of Steve Swindal, the moron who divorced the beautiful and beguiling Jennifer Steinbrenner, daughter of George. We'll remember Steve on the show today. Also on the docket: another stupid poll proves...